The promised and the present political scenario: But you can still act

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Four years back, this newspaper vow to the people that it will expose all forms of corruption and clean the society. The campaign was launched in connection with the 3rd Foundation Day of this evening daily. Not many people come forward to support what we in the Imphal Times had pledged. But senior journalist Rupachandra Yumnam , who is also the editor in chief of the Impact TV (a local cable TV service) openly come out to support the cause and arrange a discussion programme by inviting me and two other important leaders political parties – BJP and the CPI(M). Then was when the Congress party was in power when the BJP led government hold the center.
Since this newspaper had taken pledged to fight corruption, our dedicated staffs have been exposing every form of corruption that has been exploiting the state.
BJP’s representative Basanta Sharma , the then General Secretary, whom IMPACT TV had invited for joining the discussion (Agenda Manipur) had promised that the BJP will support all move to eradicate corruption from the soil. Same was the promise by Shanta Kshtrimyum who represented the CPI-M while joining the discussion session.
That was the time when the BJP started gaining its popularity as it has power at the center. As the party had geared up for election campaign of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly , the party that time had been exposing multi crore scam of cleaning bushes from the Loktak lake, the misused of multi crore rupees by the MDS, actions against drug smugglers etc. The BJP that time even pin point many prominent persons including close relatives of the then Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh and many top government officials for misused of government fund.
It was not easy for the BJP to defeat the deeply rooted Congress party who had ruled the state for three consecutive terms, but some changes did take place and even though they cannot get the required number to form government in the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly, they somehow managed to form the government using means which constitutional experts had never expected. There were not many hue and cry as most people of the state who could not be influence by muscle or money power were fed up of seeing the 15 years ruled by the congress regime.
Now the irony is that, all those whom the party had targeted to save the people have now been given a place to the party on the ground and explanation saying that – this is politics.
As of now it is the need of the hour to make sure that the government strengthened using any means. It is also the need of the hour for the leaders of the party to control dissents from among the BJP family members. And the politics of survival that the government is playing with may not required criticism as of the moment. Who is playing Chanakya in the N. Biren Singh government is not known to anyone, but one can see a Chanakya doing pretty well to ensure the government in the safest position.
Well, there is nothing wrong in playing game for survival in politics but politics at the cost of justice for the people can never be accepted by the people.
It is okay accepting some / many people in joining the BJP but to make it clear the BJP should first think of the people rather than those who joined for mercy.
Four years back the BJP had promised that they will eradicate corruption from the soil if come to power. Now they are in power and they should act to what they had promise to the people. THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO TEACH ALL THOSE WHO COME FOR MERCY TO HIT BACK WITH A BEFITTING REPLY .


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Rinku Khumukcham

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