Why Manipur faces extreme difficulties in containing the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Even the most developed countries across the globe are facing extreme difficulties in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. As for developing countries the situation has to be naturally worst than those developed countries. Italy which is known for its high tech medical facilities was perhaps the worst-hit country. The United State of America (USA) which is considered as the most advanced country across the globe perhaps bears the worst impact of the Nobel Coronavirus during phase 1 and phase too. Interestingly most communist countries like Cuba, Vietnam, etc. fill lesser hit of the dreaded virus that has its origin in China. India is no exception. The situation was not that alarming when the pandemic starts spreading across the world. The total lockdown called by the Prime Minister of India on March 24, midnight perhaps was an effective measure to break the chain for the spread of the virus. Many western countries appreciated India’s measure to fight the COVID-19 pandemic at the initial stage. But as many people are left with no choice but to violate the lockdown due to hunger. Today, India is becoming among the top countries that have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Manipur is no exception, the state now has a more positive case of COVID -19 to locals with no travel history than those coming from outside the state. This perhaps is also because of hunger. Many people who are living on hand to mouth are left with no choice but to go out in the street using any means as they felt that it is no difference to die either by Coronavirus or due to hunger. In addition, the number of death due to the unavailability of proper health care due to the closure of the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic is also on the rise.
Until March 24 there was not a single positive case reported in the state. It was the next day that the first positive case has been reported. In six months the number of COVID-19 positive cases has reached over 6300 with 29 death cases. Saying so the recovery rate is also good but what is more, the concern is the spread of the virus at the community level. Because of this, every locality is taking up extreme measures to check the entry of people who went outside the locality and for some who are daily wage workers and construction labourers the locality were even stopped them from going out for work. Preventing them from working outside is reasonable at this crisis time however, forcing them to stay at their home without any work for a long time may create another crisis.
The social problem being faced by the people may not have happened had the various schemes for the welfare of the marginalized people are implemented properly without biasness. Had benefit provided under the PM KISAN scheme, or the PMGKAY, or NFSA, etc been implemented properly the chain of the virus could have been easily broken. Besides, had the shelter home constructed for the laborers be completed and benefitted judiciously, construction workers could have taken shelter at those homes to earn for their family.
Misappropriation of government funds for mere benefit is the cause for the failure to take up measures for containment of the virus by the state authority. What is more surprising is that even during the pandemic some people are trying to suck the blood of the people. Even testing kits for COVID -19, which is an emergency requirement during this crisis time have been converted as supply works to individuals. Individuals who had supply sub-standard masks to frontline warriors are still not punished. No action has been initiated to Health department authority who effuse to answer the media’s query despite the fact that media also equally take responsibility in containing the virus.
The people of Manipur today suffer due to the selfish bloodsuckers. With this pandemic, people should now uprise for a new Manipur free from corruption.

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