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COVID- 19 and its impact to community

The death of a twenty three years old girl on her last day of home quarantine has once more raised many questions on the way that the government in particular and the people in general is fighting the dreaded COVID 19 pandemic. Is there a missing part that the government erroneously had forgotten to take up in the war against the virus or is it the people’s irresponsible attitude that gives way the virus to either attack human kinds directly or indirectly. Is preparing more ventilators, hospital beds or setting up of more quarantine facilities in addition to the opening of more COVID care hospital are all that is required for fighting the CIVID 19 pandemic besides distribution of daily needs during lockdown. An issue that needs to be pondered by all sections of people as well as those framing policies to fight the COVID 19 pandemic.
It is a matter of fact that not only the people of Manipur but also people across the country are getting heat due the invasion by the invisible enemy. The sociological implication of ‘man is a social animal’ is becoming an irony. People are directed to maintain social distancing. Schools, colleges and universities have been shut down since the spread of the pandemic, maximum patients who are suffering from non-Covid related illness but required routine attendance to medical consultant are deprived of getting the health care service facilities as all major hospitals including JNIMS and RIMS are occupied for COVID 19 related illness.
When it comes to preparedness for fighting the COVID 19 pandemic, the state is somewhat doing well and good. Except for some minor complaints over mismanagement in quarantine centers run by district administration as well as under the supervision of the local MLAs, the state government’s initiative needs appreciations. Saying so, even as the motives is well noted, many questions if the state government is going in the right direction to fighting the COVID 19 pandemic. Is the state authority are acting on their own wisdom without consulting the subject experts, is what has been asking from various sectors.
This is being imagine after some important sectors which should have been taken up in par with other measures to fight the COVID 19 pandemic have been left out erroneously due to negligence from the part of the government. May be some did advice and the government had taken it but the way was rather like measures taken up just for name shake. Yes, this is about taking care of mental health issues of the people during COVID 19 pandemic. Talking to a local television programme Dr. Lenin had stated that the state had established Psychological Support Group to assist those having mental problems due to the COVID 19 pandemic. But due to ignorance from the part of the government on the importance of this support group, service provided to the target group could not be reached out effectively.
Until yesterday, before the death of a 23 years old girl while on home quarantine, the community as well as the government seems to have completely forgotten that such a pandemic will have psychological impact to all section of people. The only solution to this mental problem is strengthening the support group for boosting psychological state by deploying all staffs related with the discipline.
What is most unfortunate is the closure of Psychiatry department at both RIMS and JNIMS as well as at other district hospitals of the state. Manipur being in the conflict torn region had already crowded with number of people who have mental problem. In addition to this the number of people affected by novel coronavirus is also on the rise the number of people who cannot keep their mind under control. Not only those directly affected by the virus have these problem but the community at large has been affected due to various reason associated with the pandemic.
Now the question is, had those government machineries ever put up proposal for mass awareness programme to the people. This cannot be done by any A,B or C but this need to be done but experts who are qualified in the field.
Let the case of the 23 years old girl who had recovered from COVID 19 and had been on home quarantine be the last case. And as for that government, they need to take up measures to assure that the community is safe and secure.

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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