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Diversion – the age old shrewd game

Diversion - is common technique use by autocratic rulers. It may be directly or indirectly those in power use it as a means to subside the core issue of the people. Not every technique however was not successful depending upon the wisdom of the people, when it is utilized in politically civilized society. This generation of Manipur’s society, having experience life in various conflict situation now realized that the genuine cause of the people and simultaneous uprising sometime face stumbling blockade due to unwanted issues arises. Some among the people knew it but effort to make people the shrewd technique for diverting the people issues often went in vain. For example when the people’s uproar and protest demanding removal of draconian act – The Armed Forces Special Powers Act, the multi-core Loktak scam, Human Rights issues among others always was diverted by creating another issues making it overlap with the issues that was nearing its goal. 
Today’s Manipur is haunted by complex and multiple issues. Knowing that the core issue of the state is the failure to recognize and respect the history of Manipur as well the non recognisation of the sequence of events that happen after British left the erstwhile kingdom Manipur as well as other colony in the Mainland India, those in power are making things to provoke anger to the people using many means. This was well understood. But again people of the region are divided by spreading fabricated stories by spewing venoms among them. Today’s Manipur is virtually divided into three – one the idea of Naga- two the idea of Kangleipak and three the idea Kuki or Zomi. 
Before the people have been divided, the ethnic people of the region – whether it may be the Naga , Kuki or the Meitei – joint hands and fight for the common cause . To free the region from the clutch of the India. 
To recalled few – the whole of Manipur stand up for the rights of the tribal people who were killed , raped and tortured in late 80 at Oinamlong in Manipur.  Irrespective of which tribe they belongs to, the people of Manipur joint hands to fight for justice when a Tangkhul girl was sexually assaulted, rape and murdered by Indian Army. 
The voice of the people of this reason makes no differences until late 80s.  After the division of the people into three – now there are again division being made among the majority Meitei.
When the people are demanding for a legislation for protection of the Manipur , section of people emerged and started demanding Schedule Tribe status knowing the fact that such a demand will not only divide the majority Meitei people but also face strong resistance from the Tribal people. 
Today, the state is haunted with the India government’s attempt to appease a rebel group NSCN-IM in the wake of introducing a contentious Bill called Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019. Everyone in this region knows the impact of this Bill if implemented. Since the last couple of years the people of the region have been voicing against the introduction or implementation of the Bill. However, those in the centre ruling the country knows that until the people of the NE are divided they will faced a strong and joined resistance. Perhaps this is the reason that they are moving in hurry to inked a final settlement with the rebel group NSCN-IM. It is not that we are against any such settlement but it is the technique that is being taken seriously.
With the people of Manipur opposing any settlement that affect the state of Manipur, the virtual line of division between those opposing and those in favour of the NSCN has become more clearer. Having drawn the line it seems next to impossible for all the people of Manipur to jointly fight the CAB. 
It is at this juncture , that an issue which is more likely a family matter of a high profile Minister of Manipur is trying to divert the mind of the people. Such an issue which is being spreading in social networking site seems a well plan act to defame and sabotage the career of the Minister as well as to divert the main issues of Territorial integrity of the issue and the CAB. It’s time we the people understand any act of diverting the peoples mind.


Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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