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Truth, sincerity and commitment with reasonable action is the only way left now Mr. Chief Minister

Seems like the present impasse in the state of Manipur against the contentious CAB and also large scale movement warning the government of India for keeping intake the political boundary of the state is gaining momentum, with the ruling government instead of felling the heat of the people while trying to defend the CAB as well as doing around false play to the demand of the people for disclosure of the content of agreement between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India.
Having understood the sensitivity of both these issues, the two apex bodies – MANPAC which is spearheading large scale agitation against the introduction of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and the COCOMI that is spearheading the alert demonstrations demanding disclosure of the content of the agreement reached between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India, are making no U-turn. When COCOMI’s demand fears a virtual wall for division among the brothers of the state, the MANPAC’s initiative not only bridged between the brothers of the state but also the entire indigenous people of the state. However, the defensive move of the Manipur government by re-defining CAB and reinterpreting as a legislation that will not affect the people of the state by the State government , is now confusing some people of the state who still love those in the government but have no option when it comes for the land, people and integrity of Manipur other then voicing against them.
People of the state at present never want to miss the Sangai Festival, the International Polo tournament not just for entertainment but for moving forwards this state towards development. People do understand that cancellation or postponement of this Sangai Festival will be a huge lost of the state that will be hard to reorganize it in the near future. But who is compelling the people to agitate even at the cost of losing such a big opportunity of the state.
If one remember, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had stated that he and his government would urge the center to insert a clause in the CAB so the state of Manipur is not affected at any course. That was before the last Lok Sabha Election. The statement by N. Biren Singh the Chief Minister of Manipur is a clear indication of CAB affecting the state. Now, when the BJP led government at the center is all set to introduce the Bill for passing it as a legislation without consulting any chief minister including N. Biren of Manipur (subject to correction), the spokesperson of the government said that the CAB will not affect the state of Manipur. And some of the BJP leaderships are also echoing to what the Spokespersons of the government. On the other hand instead of feeling the pulse of the people and acted as per the desire of the people, the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh keep on insisting the people to remain calm, when he himself is not certain of what are in the agreement between the NCSN-IM and the Government of India. Why the government fails to convince the people about the safety of this state is because Mr. Biren Singh had never told that any consequences that occurred due to final settlement will be the responsibility of the government. He only called upon all section of people to have faith in his government and  said that he will come to the people for help if his government is helpless.
How could the people have faith in the present government with many doubtful appeals? Had not there a people protest either in CAB or the Naga issue what would have been the situation of Manipur in the post October 31. That was the day where government interlocutor RN Ravi assured to inked the final settlement.
The government of Manipur needs to understand that the people of Manipur are not going to rest until it is assured either in act or writing at parliamentary level that a legislation for special protection be given to the state of Manipur whether the government inked the final solution with the NSCN-IM or in the introduction of CAB. The government should make public that they are not in the position to stop the passing of CAB as it is to be done in the parliament and make sure that they will stand up for the cause of the people to pass certain legislation to make meaningless of CAB when it comes to the state of Manipur. Yes, urge the center to give assent to the Manipur Peoples’ Bill or joined the voice with other North East states to re-introduce the Eastern Bengal frontier Act model, even as they feel necessary to be on the side of their central leadership.

Last modified onWednesday, 20 November 2019 20:12
Rinku Khumukcham

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