Mr. Chief Minister,  clean the dirt that will stand as obstacle to your government

Mr. Chief Minister, clean the dirt that will stand as obstacle to your government

Written By: / Editorial / Thursday, 10 October 2019 17:27

Turmoil in the political theatre of Manipur over the demand for replacement of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has finally been settled. October 2, was perhaps the Judgment day and N. Biren Singh, after meeting with the central leadership of BJP came out with smiling face while the dissident MLAs camping at Delhi for over two and half months were left with no choice but to restore at the position that they have been before waging the war for the change of Chief Minister. N. Biren Singh victory, at this crucial juncture, is not worth celebration. Politically he had proved himself as the best among the equals , but things will not be the same to that of his two and half years of his government. During the said period the opposition political parties (Congress) was the only hurdled but after his victory he had created many enemies who are capable of organizing negative force without making their presence to any kind of works taken up under his initiatives.
From a footballer to journalist then politics, there has never been any U-turn for N.Biren Singh. He was a successful football players, as a journalist, when he was the editor of the highly demanded Imphal based local daily “Naharol Gi Thoudang” , N. Biren Singh’s personality in leading the state media fraternity is known by everyone. In politics too, he has now reached to the top. In ground level politics too he is still the master. When most Muslim community across the country particularly in the state of Manipur are soured with the ideology of BJP, N. Biren Singh’s years long  experience with grass root community succeeded in winning the heart of thousand Muslims particularly from his own Heingang Assembly Constituency in the Lok Sabha Election. Issues of contentious CAB was successfully subsided, the demand for the ST status as well as the ILPS like legislation by two different groups is being handle with extreme care using all his resource he gained during his association with the Civil Society members of the state, when he was the editor. Having understood the ethos of the common people he had introduced many programme to get in touch with the common people. The entire country is lauding N. Biren Singh for his “Meeyamgi Numit” and “Hill Leaders Day” where he personally met the common people and listened to their grievances. Setting up of Anti Corruption cell, establishment of Lok Ayukta, filling of vacant chairperson for Manipur State Human Rights Commission and also vacant members of the RTI commission and not the least, the strengthening of the State Vigilance department . The various activities of N. Biren Singh as the Chief Minister of Manipur reflected his aspiration to make or change the state of Manipur to a welfare state. There are other things like introduction of the CMHT, Go to village Mission, Go to Hill mission , which the Chief Minister launched to felicitate Health care facilities to the poor and also to provide all benefits that are provided for the poor people under various schemes of the India government. Indeed two years is a short period to take up so many programme for the welfare of the state. Perhaps, N. Biren’s achievement in the two years of his government for the people of the state and the kind of appreciation that he gets from the common people of the state may be the reason for denial of replacing him.
The later part of two and half years of his government is going to be a tough period. Even though the dissidents BJP MLAs had defeated, the wind seems not settled yet in the N. Biren Singh led Ministry. People across the state as well as the center knows that N. Biren Singh was able to form the government with support from MLAs of other parties including one from the main opposition Congress Party which got 28 seats in the last assembly election. BJP got only 21 seats. Of these 21 BJP MLAs half the numbers have wage war for replacement of N. Biren Singh. These MLAs might felt humiliation in front of their voters of their respective constituency and if one analyzed the character of Elected representatives by conducting Indian Democracy election, almost all MLAs have some capacity to do anything good or bad.
Point bringing here is that, these dissidents will now stand as obstacles to whatever good pragramme being taken up by the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, as defaming him will justify and save them from the humiliations they face due to the recent defeat. As reported there are some Ministers who are among the dissidents BJP MLAs and these Ministers will in no way cooperate to the Chief Minister willingly. This suggestion is speculation but it is possible as we are human being. As of now majority of the Manipuri people both from the Hills and the plain like N. Biren Singh to be the Chief Minister. Except for those middlemen and middle women who act as bridge to the Chief Minister, N. Biren Singh is still clean Politician with no scams or charges of criminal act. And besides, he only has one legal wife, that gave him support in every work he did.
Point wanted to bring here is that N. Biren Singh needs urgent reshuffle of his Ministry. Drop out those who will remain as obstacle and replace them with those who are loyal to the people of Manipur – no matter young or old. “In politics everything is possible”, former Chief Minister Radhabinod Koijam once said.      

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