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Ban on plastic use: More like an appeasement policy by fooling the common people

Much has been talk about the ban on plastic use. Maharastra has banned the use of plastic polythene bag, the central government is all set to announce plastic polythene bag in the coming days and in the state of Manipur, the government is looking for a way out to ban the plastic polythene bag.
The adverse impacts of plastic bags are undeniable. Almost all place of Manipur is being polluted by plastic. Plastic indeed is becoming a threat to the environment. Leaving on the roadside or anywhere – may be at the cultivable land or at rivers which finally falls at major lakes, will spoil the soil. Burning it is not an alternative as it pollutes the air and create health hazard to the human life. Almost all indigenous aquatic life at all rivers of Manipur and that of the Loktak Lake are in danger due to the excess pollution of the plastic product. That is visible to all and it is not only the environment activists that have been taking the plastic pollution as a threat to the people of the state but even the government is aware of the situation. Perhaps that is the reason for the government to felt that there should be a law to ban the plastic use.
However, what kind of plastic is the government is planning to ban? Is it only the polythene bag they are going to banned or is it all plastic products that threaten to the environment? A matter need to ponder.
The pollution created by plastic polythene is seen by all but the quantity of plastic products at pollute our environment is the package plastic container that has been polluting the environment is much higher. For example, plastic bottled package water, the plastic package of various edible commodities like Uncle Chips, Kulkure, edible oil, and also luxurious items like the plastic bottle that are being used for filling cosmetic items etc. these plastic items are not ever mention for banning. The quantity of plastic seen polluting the environment by the plastic polythene bag is very less when compares to those of the containers of commodities produced by multinational companies. If the government is serious and committed to free the environment from the plastic uses, then they should think of banning all sorts of plastic whether it may be the one use by multinational companies or small private factories which manufacture bottled water.
A decision to ban only the polythene plastic bag is more like an imperialist thinking instigated by fascist mindsets who are looking for market only by making the poor poorer. How inconvenient will a poor person who could not afford a bag of any kind other than the plastic polythene bags which is available with just Rs. 1 or even free when they go for marketing. And as for the rich people who could manage luxurious bags, the ban of the plastic polythene bags will not affect then in bringing home those costly luxurious items packed in plastic products.
It will not be justified to be partial in the banning of plastic to only the polythene bag only. If the government think that plastic, they should have the courage to close down all the licensed drinking water bottle industries in the state. The government should also work out a policy for restriction of all pack plastic items of the multinational companies from entering the state. If this cannot be done the idea of putting ban to plastic polythene bag should be thrown out from their mind.
Saying so, this write up do not support letting the used plastic (any plastic) thrown anywhere where ever they like. This write up only suggested to frame a policy on how judiciously the plastic are used. They should encourage re-cycling of plastic of any kind to experts by providing them financial supports. Moreover, the government should initiate a plastic collector group at which anybody who ever collected some quantity of plastic could be collected at any times of need. This may be done either by outsourcing it, but the government authority need to utilize its trained staffs to make the people easy in contacting those plastic pickers from anywhere in the urban area. This write up also suggest the government to organise awareness programme on how to judiciously use plastic instead of thinking for ban on only plastic polythene bags, as everyone knows the plastic that has been polluting the environment is more by those of the unbanned packet sent out by multinational companies.

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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