Poll result prediction: ‘to be or not to be ...’

Poll result prediction: ‘to be or not to be ...’

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It’s just a day left now. The whole world will know whom the people of India want to hand over the fate of the country. Across the country all preparation has been completed for the counting of the vote under strict surveillance of the Election Commission of India. District administration had already imposed prohibition order under section 2 of the 144 CrPC in all districts where counting will take place.
For the 543 Lok Sabha seats 8,049 candidates are contesting. Interestingly, out of the nearly 900 voters from across the country women’s turn out rate was reportedly high. However, number of women candidate still remain below mark even though bill for introduction of 33% reservation seat still is pending. There are 716 women candidates contesting this election which saw only a marginal rise to 9 per cent from 8 per cent in 2014.
The election  was held in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. The counting of votes will be conducted on 23 May, and on the same day the results will be declared. About 900 million Indian citizens are eligible to vote in one of the seven phases depending on the region. The 2019 elections attracted a turnout of over 67% – the highest ever in the history of Indian general elections, as well the highest recorded participation in Indian elections by women.
As soon as the last phase election concluded on May 19, almost all mainstream media run by multinational company in the country waited no time to complete the voting at some of the state and released the exit poll.
The result of the exit poll broadcasted in almost all media housed predicted return of Narendra Damodar Modi as the Prime Minister again. The lowest figure that the BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi is speculated to cross 272 numbers, which is indeed a magic number to get invitation to form the government.  Other report suggested more numbers which indicate that Narendra Modi is sure to return as the Prime Minister for the second consecutive term.
The poll prediction of the national news TV Channels creates a sense of joy to the Modi supporters but upset to many who are against the party. Its natural that a political worker get upset when they falls and have reason to be happy and in celebration mood if the party is reported rise.
But two days – it’s just two days left. Peoples’ Mandate on who will be handed over the responsibility to shape the fate of the country will be known soon.
The poll prediction by the TV channel has been criticized by many none-NDA leaders. Sashi Tharoor of Congress, Mamta Benrjee of TMC etc. are among the many who criticize the poll result prediction.
Some who talk nothing about the result of the exit poll also seems to have no care for the result as some of them have started looking for alliance to form an alternative government. The gesture of Chandra Babu Naidu who had been trying to bridge with leaders of Non BJP political party is a clear indication that he didn’t believe in the poll result prediction.
To be not, or to be – a phrase from the Shakespearean play Hamlet need to be reminded here. It’s not Hamlet’s tragedy, but a tragedy of the common people who consider TV news as their part of life. If the prediction goes right people will keep continue to have trust in media and if it turn out to be a motivational attempt to increase the TRP rating or to get more advertisement revenue, then the forth pillar is in the verge of crumbling.  

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  • Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Sanjenbam Jugeshwor 21 May 2019

    A beautiful & timely editorial for general awareness,our people are still in the helm of unfounded belief.It will take many years to go,for us to attain global level before that we may be extinct also.

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