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Root of Peoples’ anger to Doctors

Doctors are not God. But every time a patient died in mysterious circumstances the doctor who are on duty often got the blamed. In the state of Manipur there are several cases that patient party vandalized hospitals for any fatal incident blaming negligence to the part of the doctors. It is natural that human being crosses their limit when someone near and dear one lost their live. But act of vandalism inside a hospital complex makes no different from attempt to murder of patients who are undergoing treatment in the hospital. The kind of action may even cause serious impact to patients undergoing treatment at the hospital wards. If the patient has multiple problem associated with cardio related disease than there are chances that the patient may landed to fatalities. Why shouldn’t the mob pouring anger alleging doctors’ negligence to the cause of any dead of patient is equally blamed if a patient dies out of their action?
Saying so this writing does not justifies or stand with those in the medical profession while rendering their service to the patient. But as stated earlier doctors are no God, they make mistakes and if the quantum of mistake they committed is harsh then they deserved punishment but not by hostilities. During a panel discussion at a local cable TV, Dr. Ch. Narendra, a senior advocate and also a visiting lecture of the LMS Law College Imphal said that if in case a patient party suspect negligence of doctor for the cause of dead of patient they can take the help of the court. He also stated the Consumer Court as the best forum for filing case against the doctor.
The number of attack to hospitals and the doctors after the dead of patient is on the rise. The month of April witness several such incidents which prompted patient party to go hostile. Interestingly almost all the incident happened at the premier Institutes – JIMNS and RIMS. Less report about patient party alleging doctors of the Private hospital appears.
Well, if one ponders on why the patient party felt that the doctors at JNIMS and RIMS are very careless in providing medical care service – it certainly is the due to the inefficiency of those administering the Institution. Every person who had visited at both the hospital knows things that are happening. Both the hospital which are run by government – (RIMS is under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare while JNIMS is run by the state government) are perhaps the only two government hospital in the entire country where patient are referred to private hospitals. Most of the time the patient are advice to take CT Scan, MRI, and others to private clinic even though the hospital have the equipments. The patient party usually have to follow the doctors’ advice as they fear negligence if fail to follow the advice.
Besides, high ego among the head of departments of each section at both the hospital also harasses the patient many a time. At RIMS, lack of coordination between medicine department and the Radiology department had force many patient to leave the hospital.
Another serious matter is that, there is no proper guidelines display for the public on how a cancer patient will get the benefit of the hospital. There are numerous stories about cancer patient who had already undergone treated outside the hospital but have to come back at RIMS , perhaps due to lack of adequate money, have to return back disappointed.
In November 2017, a PG student at RIMS, wrote to the Prime Minister stating that the institution which he came with high hopes is the most corrupt institution in the entire country.
This newspaper had reported about procuring medical equipments at JNIMS which are not fit to be utilized at a premier hospital like JINIMS.
Having stated so, it is told that RIMS and JNIMS have the best doctor which have good name in the medicine world. But then, these doctors now get bad name due to mistake committed by some. Almost all doctors are enjoying the none-practicing allowances even though they are seen in private hospitals.
The root of negligence among the doctors in rendering their service to the hospital is perhaps this attitude of them. Well the private hospitals like Shija , Raj, City, among others have more advance equipments is sometime a justification from doctors who are dealing with complicated illness.
One wonder why the Premier hospital which the government spent crore of money could not afford to buy better equipment from those of the private hospitals. Why there is a break down to the CT scan and MRI machine quite often in RIMS and JNIMS when such are not heard in private hospital.
When the patient party have to think twice before committing any vandalism to hospital, the hospital authority at RIMS and JNIMS should know their duty.

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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