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Real face of Indian election

Ruling BJP showed apprehension of losing in the outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency seat even though they are confidence of winning the inner PC seat. This is being speculated in the move by BJP. If the party is confident of winning the seat they would not have move the Election Commission of India for re-poll in various polling stations.
The election of the outer Manipur PC was held on April 11, with a turn out rate of over 84% voters. Except for some minor poll related incident and a report about malfunctioning of EVM machines, the election was reported peaceful.  But the way the BJP alleged mass proxy being carried out at some of polling station by armed miscreants and its cry for re-poll speaks volumes to the level of confidence to the BJP party.  
On the other hand the complaint by the BJP for re-poll may be another counter measures to the complaint by a political party alleging opening of the strong room in Churachandpur district.  
As for the inner seat the BJP seems confidence of winning and people now talk about Congress and BJP forgetting the serious of fake encounter that had prompted the rights activist to take the matter to Supreme court and the mass uproar due to the passing of CAB in Lok Sabha.     
Not only in Manipur, but also the way people across the country are discussing seems to show that Congress and BJP is the only hope for the country.
In democracy, every citizen has the right to contest election or become a Chief Minister of Prime Minister on the condition that he or she fulfilled the eligibility criteria provided in the constitution of India.
Colonial mindset of the people across the country (except some few) never thinks of other alternative political party which will protect the country’s fate as well as what has been written in the Constitution of the country. When congress insult the equality and justice for all provided in the preamble of our constitution the BJP insult the same by forgetting that Secularism is one important content of the preamble of our constitution.
We should, we tried BJP but one man Government deceived people of India, it’s like “known devil is better than unknown God “.
It is an open secret that the Congress party is corrupt political party with scams after scams during their reign. The coming BJP to power except taking up some case where they could suppress the influential Congress leader, nothing which could be benefitted to all the people of the country have been taken up.

Well and good BJP Government punished Corrupt Congress leaders. In 2G scam also Raja got clean Chit from CBI court, BJP government could not punish Rober Vadhra so far. Every body in India knows Politicians and rich people kept their black money in foreign banks but no government dare to bring that Black Money back to India.
 If you talk about BJP Government, this is one man Government, many changes they have made, planning commission have been changed with Nity aayog government given clear cut instructions to Nity Aayog to put blind eye on dependent states like Manipur.
 BJP assured that they will bring black money from foreign banks and that money in individual account, regarding employment BJP Government given assurance that also not fulfilled. Demonetisation badly failed but people suffered, without any vision GST implemented but people are suffering because of GST till date.
Atrocities on women and girls increased drastically, and many time ignored if such atrocities and rape are committed by their loyal MLAs. It happens in Manipur, till now nothing has been taken up against an alleged rapist MLA by either enquiring into the matter.
But why the people consider BJP and Congress as the only party that will comes to power at the center.
 When it comes to NE states like Manipur and Nagaland which depend their economy to the central assistance, Congress MLAs or Ministers from Assam or Manipur will have no problem in changing the political party. It will takes only one night for change of political party in small dependent states like Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya , Nagaland to the political party which is in power at the center. The moment party change in the center the political party ruling in the smaller state will take no time for conversion.
Earlier , that is before the 2014 Parliamentary election people are fed up dynastic rule now people started pouring the anger over Hindutva domination.
A third front who will respect the preamble of our constitution is perhaps the need of the hour. Or otherwise the BJP so sacrifice their one nation one religion theory which people have been criticising as a hidden agenda.

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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