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From Democracy to Dictatorial government

It is becoming increasingly clear that the ruling regime is becoming more like dictatorial form of government. There is no room for dissent and those up against any government policy are treated as criminal or anti-national. Bhaks of the regime fear not in using loud speaker to threaten common people of dire consequences, if fails to attend reception function of their leaders. Voices against government policy or programme are being treated as anti national. ‘Secularism’ which is in the preamble of the Indian constitution is now being interpreted in different way.
Fed up with the Congress regime, people had high expectation to the BJP and the peoples’ aspiration had given mandate to change the country to BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi. But sooner he became the Prime Minister and led the country’s administration things that have been expected turn out to be a far away dream.
Concerns of the environmentalists and their voices for stopping of degrading the environment have not been listened. Oil exploration, Mine digging and big dam constructions which have been challenged as it would devastated the global environment have not been listened.
The day BJP was given mandate by the people of Tripura, the statue of CPI icon Lenin erected in the capital Agratala was dismantle and the administration of the area turned blind eyes and take no action to the goons.
Coming back to Manipur, since the BJP came to power with the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh at the top, things have also been change. Many good things were taken up like ending of the band and blockade, meeting with the people and bridging the gap between Hill and plain people have been witness. But after completion of one and half year the similar thing seen at other BJP ruled state under the behest of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi started showing its colour.
Almost all people speaking against the government have been started taking as enemy and anti national. Democratic protest staged were considered violent, protest by throwing eggs at the portrait of Prime Minister or Chief Minister have been detained put behind bar.
One Imphal based journalist who showed his anger about the relevant of celebrating Jhansi Rani Day here in Imphal by the ruling BJP attended by Chief Minister himself was detained under seditious charge but the words he use and uploaded was later term as not attracted to sedition Act and the court released him. But then the was detained under National Security Act (NSA) after the released him. The matter is being challenge to the High Court.

It was on record that how the people of the was put under serious turmoil as the state government led by N. Biren Singh was helpless in interfering the matter at which the Manipur University went on strike for several months against the then VC Pro. A P Pandey, the person whose wife is the president of BJP women wing at the center.
Later, comes Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 which put on fire the entire North East states. Manipur witness serious crisis as agitation intensify day after another. Criticisms against CAB filled the air and still continue to fill the air of suspicion even as it was not presented at the rajya Sabha which was adjourned sine die on February 13.
Luckily, lucks seem to favour N. Biren Singh and the matter was settled.
But for reason best known to the government, the state government has again invited another unrest in the state. Former President of the Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD), Veewon Thokchom was arrested by Delhi police associated by a team of Manipur Police for his facebook post at which he reportedly wrote “Self determination as the only means if CAB was passed. If Veewon was arrested for the post no wander why Akhil Gogoi of Assam was not put behind bar as he had also stated that Assam will be separted if CAB was passed.
Almost all media had reported Mizoram people carrying placard “welcome China, bye bye India”. As people know that the protest, the statement and the anger was in protest against the passing of the CAB, no action taken report has been heard.
Then, why N. Biren Singh government has been arresting former president of MSAD, at a time when people hope that normalcy has returned by the grace of the almighty. But then Veewon’s arrest by police is inciting anger to many thousand youths accept those bhaks of the BJP.
It would be wrong to underestimate the power of the common men while fighting for justice.

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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