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Overshadowing issues by CAB

Well and good the CAB was not table today at Rajya Sabha. But the issue of dissent has been almost made forgotten. Almost everybody seems to forget Kishrochandra who is being detained under National Security. The “little dictator” as called by the retd. Supreme Court Justice Markende Kaju seems to provide some relieved to Mr. Chief Minister. The issue of Kishorechand appears to be almost forgotten by almost media  houses . The ‘Print’ a media network still provides space written by our mentor Pradip Phanjaoubam – about the issue. But people seem sidelining it for reason best known to the so call CSOs or the media fraternity. Mr. Biren, the Chief Minister of Manipur seem relieved, as no none talk of Kishshorchandra Wangkhemcha. People in the journalism profession too have forgotten the issue of Kishorechandra , the TV journalist . The Chief Minister seems to be mentally unstable as promises made by him to give justice to 1528 victims of fake encounter was never heard from his mouth since he hold power. Corruption – which he promised to eradicate was caught in red handed and punishment to corrupt official were never heard of giving any punishment.
CAB is an issue of the entire North Eastern states and his shrewd gambling in tackling the peoples’ uproar is supposedly working a way out to safe him and his party from the wrath of the people. Nevertheless , Kishorechandra’s detention is also thrown out of the mind of the people with the coming of the CAB. One way he seems happy on the other way he forget the consequences he might face if CAB is passed.
Kishorechandra’s issue is more like his personnel issue  but CAB is no different from the issue of the 2001 people’s uprising. Assembly was burnt, Speaker of the the then legislative assembly was garland with shoes and insulted in public, many offices of the political parties as well as quarters of the MLAs and Ministers were burnt. If CAB is passed there is no guarantee that similar uproar would strike back. The only option left to the Chief Minister is ‘sacrifice’. Our chief Minister has done many good thing but it would be wrong if CAB sabotage and destroyed his career, because people will target him and he will be another victim as people will ignore his good deeds because of CAB.

No matter it is his party that brings up CAB, people will sport and stand by you if you strongly object and even sacrifice your seat by challenging the CAB. The kind of act will again restored you back to the top most seat of the state as people will have more confident in you.
Resign if they say ‘no’ to you, a simple request. On the other hand , the detention of TV journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhemcha under NSA cannot be carpeted with any issue. He was already released on bail and it is time that a person ruling the state think positively and released him without any condition. Kishorechandra is indeed no threat to the government (your’). Ignore what he spoke against you and release him by givig some good advice to him. He started just as a journalist and at young age they talk and the talk should not be make as an internal issue. After all Mr. Honourable Chief Minister was once an editor of a popular newspaper which is dedicated for the cause of the Human Rights.

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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