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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Opportunity for investment in food processing sector


The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India is inviting Proposals under Scheme for Creation/ Expansionof Food Processing/ Preservation Capacities (CEFPPC) Of KISAN SAMPADA YOJANA for setting up 250 units for creation of processing and preservation and modernization/expansion of existing food processing units which will help in increasing the level of processing ,value addition and there by lead to reduction of agri wastage.

Proposals may be submitted online at http://sampada- mofpi.gov.in/cefppc/login.aspx by the potential investors/promoters willing to set up food processing industry. Preference will be given to units in Mega Food Parks  sanction by the MoFPI. The project proposal should be submitted as per guidelines of the Scheme for CEFPPC available on www.mofpi.nic.in latest by 15.09.2017 upto 18:00 hrs.

 Interested investors/promoters can contact Joint Director/ Officer on Duty ( Food Processing Industries) . Contact no. 9436025478.

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Life is to be lived, not to merely survive

The present era of information Technology has ushered in such irrevocably radical changes that the world is viewed as a global village, and rightly so.

Unrestrained and instant access to knowledge and information as well as coverage of communication facilities throughout almost every nook and corner of the world has indeed demolished the barriers to communication and information. Yet in such an era, ancient habits and archaic practices tend to subdue the logical and contemporary mindset which can only explain the developments in such a small and geographically challenging state as ours.

The Nagas, in their quest to bring together naga inhabited regions, using various means both fair and foul, are sculpting a new region as per their wisdom, which they claim is essential to fulfill their end without proper understanding of the repercussions and the collateral damages.

Same is the case with the Kukis who are demanding a unified kukiland, and if tomorrow, the other groups like the Manipuri Muslims, Kabuis, etc. were also to start demanding a separate region out of this state, leave alone the Meities, what rational could support such a demand or demands? Shouldn’t it be better to leave Manipur for the Manipuris the Nagas, the Kukis, the Kabuis, the Muslims, the Meiteis and whichever group is residing in it? Regressive thinking, although might benefit a section or group of individuals, ultimately will only hamper even their own development-mentally, spiritually and financially.

A staggering amount of efforts and expenses have been utilized in rising and sustaining such issues as is evident from the scale of operations of these demands. What if these precious resources-financial and manpower-had been used for finding pragmatic solutions and answer to alleviate the way of life for everyone in this state-be it the scarcity of water almost every modern equipments and gadgets are based on, the dismally prepared roads hindering travel and transportation- to be at par with the rest of the world and to prepared roads hindering travel and transportation- to be at par with the rest of the world and to prepare the future generation to compete and strive with fairness and intensity rather than  to bide one’s time and survive on another’s misfortune and circumstances, as did our forefathers during the stone age.

Life is to be lived, not to merely survive, and to strive and grow and progress should be the endeavor of every human. Succumbing to rhetorics about one’s filial pride and privileges will only leave one behind in the quagmire one so deviously schemed to trap others in. Is everyone up for it?    


Naga settlement soon says Kiran Rijiju; solution skeptical as main demand of the NSCN-IM has been derailed

IT News
Imphal, Sept 6: Final settlement of the decades long conflict between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India is likely to find a settlement soon as per the statement of the Government of India. However, it is unlikely that the NSCN-IM collective leadership will go on to the conclusion designed by the government of India as the press statement delivered by Indian authority like Minister of State for Home, Kiren Rijiju overruled effecting of the neighbouring states of Nagaland.
According to report appeared at some of leading newspapers of the region,  Minister of State for Home, Kiren Rijiju was quoted as saying that - “The Naga framework agreement has been drafted and the agreement will be finalised soon. Talks are in a very advanced stage and there is a hope of an early breakthrough.”
But some days back the Minister of Home Affairs had stated that the agreement will not affect any of the neighbouring states of Nagaland, which means that if a settlement is made on the line that that the India government wants then the dreams of NSCN-IM leadership will be shattered as the final agreement is not going to fulfil the main demand.
The top priority agenda of the NSCN-IM is the integration of the so call Naga inhabited areas in the NE states of India particularly the areas of Manipur.
The conclusion is still a mystery, as no one is let known the content of the frame agreement signed between the two entities on August 3, 2015. The framework agreement was signed with the prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the collective leadership of NSCN-IM including its general secretary TH. Muivah.
Naga civil societies in Nagaland had earlier opines that without a consensus of all the Naga Stakeholders there cannot be any final solution. RN. Ravi the Indian Interlocutor of peace talk had series of talk and is all set to talk with left out Naga civil societies and other rebel groups operating in the region.
And moreover the task of framing the final agreement is a daunting one. It is a sensitive issue as it concerns other north-eastern states like Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh that have vowed not to part with an inch of their respective territory. Besides, the other formidable militant group of the NSCN (Khaplang) is not on board.

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Security measures at Indo-Myanmar intensified; 3 rebels arrested

IT News
Imphal, Sept 6: Security forces along the Indo-Myanmar border in Chandel district under the initiative of the Manipur Police have intensified its counter insurgency operation in the last few days. Source said that with the Government of India is on the move to speed up the ambitious Act East Policy have directed the state government to take up every measures to check flow of rebels in the Border area from Myanmar side to India through Moreh. This directive comes following various report received by the Home Ministry about the intrusion of rebel cadre from the other side to Indian Territory through Moreh.
India Government is planning to make Moreh Town a stretegic location for successful implementation of the Act East Policy.
Following the directives, the state force has been alerted and various counter operation measures has been taken up in the border area particularly in Moreh area. This time the Union Home Miistry have directed the Central Force to coordinate the state force , the source added.
Meanwhile, as a part of the counter insurgency operation the state Police and 11 Assam Riffles team under the supervision of OC Moreh Police Station Inspector H. Chaoba Singh  under the command of SDPO Moreh Lawrence K. Munluo  arrested  three cadres of PREPAK (PRO) from Sunrise Ground, Moreh at around 7.30 am today. Police source said that all the three cadre are self style Corporals. They have been identified as Waikhom [email protected] (25)S/O W.Iboyai Singh of Thoubal Mayai Leikai , army no. 44974, Kongrailatpam [email protected] (24)S/O K.Ramananda Sharma of Uripok Haobam Dewan Leikai, Army no. 41931  and Pebam Kokngang @Kathokpa (23)S/O (L)P.Ningthempishak of Nambol Tera Makhong. Army no. 42950.
The report added that the three are coming out from B-2 Camp, Taka, Myanmar to commit prejudicial activities at Moreh.  A case has been registered at Moreh PS against them.

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