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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Finance Deptt Collapses; Not a single work programme taken up at any of the deptt.

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Imphal, Dec 15

Government of Manipur is likely to face serious financial crisis in the coming days as the State Finance Department has collapsed due to bankruptcy of the state exchequer. Source said that besides failure of the state government in taking up a single work programme in all the departments, except those in the regular government services, the government may not be able to pay salary for those engaged government employees who are under the category Work Charge, Muster Roll and Contract staffs. The source further added that after the payment of pre Christmas Salary for regular government employees state may delay in payment of Salary next month.
Talking to Imphal Times , Prof. Chinglen Meisnam, a well known economist said that December is a month for preparation of revised budget and it is possible that they may make some arrangement to sort out the financial crisis. However, the announcement for payment of 7 revised pay scale will be another burden for the government as the financial condition is in no way to improve as of the moment. And if the government implement the 7th Revised Pay of the 70,000 plus regular government employees than it is likely that the  state may land into serious financial crisis.
Government may target recovery of the financial deficits using certain increase in the revenue on essential commodities in the revise budget and this will only amount to inflation in the essential commodities.
In the present financial condition of the state major department like Public Works Department, Water Resource Department, Irrigation and Flood Control Department, Agriculture department have not prepared any new work programme which has to be done before the revise budget.
It’s also learnt  that only 30 % of the total estimate cost was put in the budget provision  work programme for last year, that is  2018-19 . The remaining 70 % has not been provided at any head for work programme even as the year 2019 in ending in 15 days.

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Manipur’s Citizens continue to show solidarity to Anti-CAB protest in Assam and Tripura; Oppose CAA

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Imphal, Dec 15

Citizens of Manipur who are working in different field including entrepreneurs, film makers, photographers, journalist, businessmen, teachers, students etc., today continue to show solidarity to the anti-CAB (CAA) uprising in Assam and Tripura. The solidarity stand began since yesterday with around 20 people but the number of people grows triple today. Many joined the solidarity stand with placards opposing Contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Act. All participants came and joined by themselves to support the cause of the people of Assam and Tripura besides opposing CAA. No organizations or civil bodies are involved in the solidarity stand but all came by their own and joined the solidarity stand.

At around 11 am the people started gathering and standing near Western Kangla Gate showing solidarity to the people of Assam and Tripura who are engaging in fierce protest against the Contentious CAA. As the people gathering near Western Kangla Gate started displaying small placards with slogans supporting the cause of anti-CAA protesters in Assam and Tripura and also opposition to CAA, a police team who were deployed at the area forced them not to display the placards. The citizens gathering instead of confrontation put the placards inside and remain in the site praying for NE states and those victims who had lost their live during the protest against CAB/CAA in Assam and Tripura.

Later at around 12 noon, the people gathered maintained a 2 minutes silence as a mark of respect to the departed souls during anti-CAA agitation in Assam and Tripura.

The citizens then moved toward Khwairamband Ima Keithel and staged a demonstration for the same cause using placards. Some passerby without hesitation also joined the demonstration on their will, after staging for around 20 minutes the people then moved towards Cheirap Court and staged a silent and peaceful demonstration.

The protest is likely to continue in the coming days until a final solution to the problem of the North East states on the issue of CAA has been brought.  

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By : Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

I have seen many and many more;
I have had felt many and many times;
I have had said it many and many repeatedly;
I know I did it all I did care and I do;
Seems you failed and may I know ‘am wrong;
Feelings are not you see and I pay for;
How bad I stay and many I do shall I doubt?
Let me stay and let me speak I really do;
Oh! Soul, do I be blessed I ask again and again;
Am I wrongly do I appreciate the way I feel really;
Hate me or kill me; catch me and stab me;
Still harder I do clinching on, life’s a great expectations;
Killing me inside so badly, unexpectedly my dear;
Journey so hard I do care of cutting off possibly sooner;

Your presence a monopoly,  your exit an empty vessel;
Clinching harder to fetching emotions I really don’t know;
Every step I adore blading me and cutting me every inch;
Oh well! You really pinching me so sharply
Shall I or shall I not? Exception a real dangerous emotions;
I do carry all along within my soul speaking thoughts;
Show me your move ; show me how you actually maintain;
Echoing through again and again piercing my ears so directly;
Hate or kill; treasure me or stable me harder;
‘I love you’ oh! So cutely design I may know how you perfectly perform;
Sincerely- you know why and what for isn’t that a lie?

How lone I do care; how crazy I do manage solitary egos;
Uncompanied and unescorted and detached and isolated;
I try and tired carrying all along my side;
Am I wrong with the way I really feel and worry about;
Every inch of thought I do dream and I dance with the rhythm;
Sorry ! I may find feeling and still it’s better sooner or latter;
Emotions! My opinions a damn sickly thing I can’t take off;
Every move you take I seek peace, please don’t stop;
Jealousy! A hatred, aan envy I really adore being with you;
Leave me or take me ; hate me or miss me forever;
I seek the way I do really do care, grudging my emotions;
Insecurity! I culture most and I’m defensive holding harder.

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A wake up call: Should we remain calm when our brothers are in frying pan

When some among the people of this state under the initiative of the government of Manipur celebrate for getting ILP that exempt CAB from the state of Manipur, our own blood brothers in Assam are dying. So far 6 people including students are reported died in police action while protesting against the contentious CAB that has been passed in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha which finally gave assent by the President of India. In Tripura an indigenous person was reported killed in mob action by immigrants supporting the CAB. The situation of the indigenous in both the states of Tripura and Assam is in critical juncture. The one time stand from other states where CAB has been exempted by ILP including Manipur has now seems diverted and the trust for a common platform for all the indigenous people of the region has been breached with the kind of attitude responded.

It is all right for the BJP government to be exited, but it not so when it comes to the so call civil society bodies to remain idled when our brothers and sisters whom we stand together folding hands one another are facing bullets and bomb of the security forces.

This newspaper, even though term the enactment of ILPS under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873 as an ‘interim relief’ as it is a tool that Contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 has been exempted. However, this newspaper Imphal Times will spare no pain in joining hands for our brother and sisters of Assam and Tripura.

When Tripura and Assam burnt we as brothers and sisters certainly feel the heat. And if we ignore the immediate heat we will surely feel the heat in the coming days. We the people of Manipur need to wake up and extend our helping hand to our brothers and sister of Assam and Tripura.