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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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Election euphoria: dirty game sometimes is a threat to Democracy

With just a day to go on poll, campaign for the 2nd phase Lok Sabha Election has been ended yesterday. But informal campaigns are going on using all means of communication devices as well as by talking with voters directly.
Perhaps for the first time, voters in the state seem to realize the importance of the Lok Sabha Election, this time. Earlier, people are not very much interested in the Lok Sabha election as people are not much aware about the significance of the Lok Sabha election. However, with the advancement of information technology the importance of parliamentary election has been felt, and the 17th Lok Sabha election this time is not going to throwing stone at the wall for the ruling regime.
This Lok Sabha election is going to be one of the toughest election ever witness in Manipur.

Matured people of the state are now busy campaigning for election for their favourite candidate leaving aside the peoples’ movement. Issues of the state like the CAB which the state witnessed mass uprise and others including Freedom of speech etc. seems to be forgotten and many ladies and gentlemen are seen going from door to door begging for votes for their respective candidates in Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency.
With the polling day just a day left, picture of the political gambling emerges clearer showing who are with whom. It is also notice that some political party are laying with fire taking advantage of the first-past-the-post electoral system where India is following. A division among the supporters gains some specific candidate. And this has been noticed easily as it is wrong to assume that 60 to 70% of the people of the state are not aware of the issues being faced by the people. If the voters of the state blindly accepted the game played to the people than democracy f today will be a different one tomorrow. Let us think and vote for the future.

Campaigning for 2nd phase of LS polls ends; Political parties intensify efforts to woo voters

IT News

Imphal April 16,

Last day of the election campaign for the 2nd phase poll of the upcoming 17th Lok Sabha Election witnessed intense campaign by various political parties at various part of the Inner –Manipur Parliamentary constituency which comprises of 32 Assembly constituencies.

All together 11 candidates are in the fray for the inner parliamentary constituency of Manipur. The ruling BJP, main rival Congress, CPI and other Independent candidates organised series of election rally cum campaign meeting at various part of the constituency to woo the voters.

The candidates contesting for the inner seat are - RK. Ranjan Singh of BJP, O. Nabakishore Singh of Congress, Dr. M. Nara of CPI, RK. Anand of Northeast India Democratic Party (NEIDP), Oinam Jugindro of Manipur People’s Party (MPP), M. Tonsana Nongshaba of NEDP, RK Somorendro @Kaiku, W Pobitra and Md Illyash Khan as independent candidates

97 constituencies spread over 13 States and one Union Territory will go to polls in 2nd phase on April 18. Along with the Inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency, 39 Parliamentary constituencies of Tamil Nadu, 14 of Karnataka, 10 in Maharashtra, 8 in Uttar Pradesh,  5 each in Assam, Bihar and Odisha, 3 each in Chhattisgarh and West Bengal, and 2 in Jammu and Kashmir and one each in Tripura and Pondicherry will be covered in this phase. 

In the Inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency, a total of 9,28,626 voters (4,47,843 males and 4,8,0751 females),  8,838 service voters and 32 third genders will cast their votes for the Inner election at 1300 Polling Stations.

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An idea without fear

With the increase in reach and dependence on information technology in the present world, detailed descriptions and knowledge on any subject matter can be had at the touch of a button. The virtual world has shrunk to such an extent that anyone can receive and relay information on someone or something as it happen, anywhere in the world. This has led to an unexpected broadening of one’s views and opinions of other people, places, religions, beliefs and customs. A more tolerant temperament is the result of the ever shrinking virtual world today.
 The world as we know now is ever evolving and changing, and it is upto us to adapt and make the best of it. But just as everything that is continually changing, there emerges a breed of hardliners who are insisting on carrying on with the traditional way of life, and even thinking. While the concept of preservation of culture and tradition for posterity and more importantly, for the preservation of one’s own identity and those of the community is without doubt, a vital part of our responsibilities to the future generation, yet the insistence on keeping up and following the traditional way of thinking, to restraint ourselves to the set dogmas and beliefs is nothing short of denying ourselves the freedom to grow- spiritually and intellectually, to think and use our rationality and to pursue our dreams. It is basically denying ourselves the freedom to life as we see fit, so long as our beliefs and practices does not infringe on that of others. Change is inevitable, and the sooner we accept and embrace it, the better will we be prepared to face the future, uncertain and unpredictable as it will be. Resisting change and attempting to cling on to the old ways of thinking which at one point of time would have served its purpose or even prove vital for survival would prove futile and even regressive. Our way of life changes with the changing times. What was once a necessity, like the caste system which was vital for preservation of communities and races, becoming more rigid to keep the increasing intruders and invaders from mingling and diluting a particular race, has now become a major roadblock in the effort to integrate the nation which is intrinsic to its progress. The time to walk the line without questioning the rationale behind the diktat is well and truly past. It is time to develop and encourage a scientific temperament which questions and provides a reason for the things we do and think.
Tolerance and understanding other’s point of view, while, at the same time, retaining the liberty to follow and practice one’s beliefs and principles will pave the way for a more inclusive society bound by trust and understanding. How one lead one’s life should not be a subject of discussion, it should rather be an accepted personal judgment that needs to be respected. There are more important and pertinent things to occupy our minds and collective concerns in these volatile times. Progress is not made by adjusting the changes to suit our needs and beliefs. It is through accepting facts and adjusting ourselves to the best we possibly can to these changes that we can prepare for a better future- our true gift to mankind.

People now realise the false promises of the BJP – Gaikhangam

IT News

Imphal April 15,

Congress President Gaikhangam slams BJP saying that the people have now realised the false promises made by BJP.

Speaking in a election campaign for INC Candidate at Mekola Ground, MPCC President Gaikhangam said that there was a great realisation and a great awakening of the people of the state after knowing the false claim and empty promises made by BJP. He added that such belief in the false promise has led to suffer the nation and the state at a great extent.

Gaikhangam stressed that in previous years people were afraid of the insurgents groups but now the people are afraid of BJP  as there is an apprehension of getting arrested anytime.

Saying that this election is a fight between the people and the BJP, Gaikhangam said that Congress victory in this election is the victory of the people.

Highlighting the diversion of secular forces he said that they believed such diversion were B team of BJP.

Questioning the BJP government he asked what achievement has been done by them other than promoting anti people issues and doing anti people works.

He added that the only achievement of BJP is none other than the achievements of failures and again such failures piled up which even formed a mountain of failures.

He further slapped the BJP as a party without a vision, agenda and a dream and added that they have done only the politics of temple, hatred, statues and lies.

He concluded that BJP has been snatching the democratic rights of the nation.

Inner candidate O.Nabakishore slammed BJP stating that BJP has made history as the first to misuse National Security Act.

He further reminded the recent incident of Kishorchandra where he was detained under NSA. He added that it was very shameful of the BJP government where the NSA charges imposed by the government was again withdrawn by the court. He concluded that BJP government is a government which can’t be criticised.

CLP leader O.Ibobi said that he was ashamed of the BJP government’s propaganda and advertisement in TV and radios.

He added that the developmental works can’t be covered if they truly did it.

Reminding the previous MU issue he slammed that BJP is a party who even handcuffed the teachers of MU like a terrorist.

It can be mentioned that as 17th Lok Sabha election for the inner parliamentary is at the door step election campaign mushrooms at every nook and corner of the inner constituency.

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