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A R Maj Bob Khathing Tournament To Commence

IT News
Imphal Feb 17,

The Assam Rifles Major Bob Khathing Tournament 2019 is commencing from 18 Feb 2019 to commemorate the 107th Birth Anniversary of Major Relengnao Khathing, MC, MBE popularly known as Bob Khathing. A war hero, administrator, dedicated teacher and a diplomat, all rolled into one, this true nationalist and legend from Ukhrul will be lovingly remembered during the event.  
 The grand tournament has gained in proportions since its exception in 2012 and is today a household name in Ukhrul. This initiative of Assam Rifles has found growing support of the local people and remains a much awaited event for everyone. The willing participation of the people and their selfless contribution in the year by year success of this collective efforts is testimony to the trust and faith among the people and Assam Rifles.
This year’s edition will be 13 men’s football teams, 08 women’s volleyball teams and 07 church choirs adding glory to the event. Men’s football and women’s volleyball finals will be played on 23 Feb, while the Choir competition will be held on 21 Feb 2019.

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Hole in the bag

By:- Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

I wonder I carry a hole in my bag all the way around,
It’s something unnoticed; I need all along seriously;
Bag o bag! You’re sometimes heavy full,
With bills and documents, unnecessarily;
You hold strong upon my shoulder hanging tight;
You hang up and you lay down, with no intension;
All I do and all I control, Dirty and dusty;
You a tool with all my tools holding in around;
Pen, pencil, ball pen, sharpener, eraser, stapler;
Lipstick, lip liner, eye liner, green, black and red;
Money Purse, mobile, coins one, two, five, and ten;
Rupees Ten, twenty, fifty, hundred and all;
In at the corner, far inside drop down;
I lost one a penny, two a pen and three a pencil.

I wonder I carry a hole in my bag all the way around,
It’s something unnoticed; I need all along seriously;
Day after day, week by week, month to year;
I hold onto it so dearly; I thought of not changing;
Switching after switching; upon and beneath;

Part by part, portion by portion filling and engaging;
Hardly have I reached a hole in my bag for a few days;
Rain and wind; Heat and sweating I conduct toss;
I witness I drop hard on the ground dirty,
It rushes into the busy congesting street and buses;
Ah! I lost one a coin and two a rupees,
I worried and I got angry, tensioning;
In and out I search repeatedly hands over;
Lies a hole digging inside the pocket of the bag’s pocket;

I wonder I carry a hole in my bag all the way around,
It’s something unnoticed; I need all along seriously:
Lovely as I walk down the routine work hastily;
Full I carry witnessing umbrella, hanky and shawl;
Water bottle, blade, biscuit and vegetables;
Sweater and shirt; Ah1 I dump in and inside my bag;
I know not, its locking chain all split out wide open;
In and out I search repeatedly; I lost money within those;
Can’t able to reach hands out far inside, coins underneath;
I lift heavy on my side, right to left shouldering;
Pinning and handling; holding front and side ways;
I walk back home quickly, tired and heavy.

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Without a Womb

By :-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Happy she was, she was alive most extremely;
She blooms widely, with all those scented fragrances;
She painted ‘Red’ as though she owns a ‘rivulet’;
Her flattering favors so befitting; she grosses no profit;
 How wonder she was? She jumped around into the air;
She waves through excitement; joy and smiles;
Oh! I remembered how she cares her body;
Inch by inch; rubbing and sanitizing;
She smells as she went, she blooms like a rose;
Her petals scattering, she can’t hide it all;
Covering and hiding; so scented so fleshy;
I witnessed She loves her curves too plump;
She’s too expensive; she’s too precious glad;
She holds within a ‘cosmos’; a womb within her glow.

She cries and she weeps, the pains within hurts;
She bleeds heavily, deep and dark ‘red’ floating;
I can’t witnessed standing by ‘her pains’ as she groans;
She murmured and she sigh; ‘it’s hurting inside’
She flattens as she moves; on the right and to the left;
Her building bridge collapsed, walls’ shattered; She witnesses a pattern; she’s injected half death;
Ah! Pale pink she’s lying on her scented bed,
Deck with tubes and piping; she feels so empty,
Out taken her womb; out goes her strength;
Out drained her clotting; she’s survive all with wimp;
 She’s all empty, she’s all weak;
Oh! Woman, how great you’re without ‘you’?
Nah! Nah! She turns to the right and to the left.

She tries and she manages, getting up holding;
Like first baby’s step, she steps one an again;
Flush after flush; sweep after sweeps
Her body on ‘hot’ so flaming; jingling chik chik;
Countless hair falls and too many sleepless nights;
She suffers endless, side effects all inviting;
Fallen down She’s so barren; her hairs growing white;
Her bones so weak, so bleak and her joints crushing;
Ah! She recalls she isn’t the same anymore;
Her body isn’t her; she’s so tired and so dull;
No blood shaded; her ‘period’ no longer survives;
I witness her scanty she’s all dries up, falling apart;
No motherhood stands long; without her ‘womb’;
Without a womb, she isn’t a woman, too hurting
She’s all in pains without her ‘womb’.

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Veewon Thokchom arrest sparks criticism from across students’ communities and Rights Bodies

IT News

New Delhi, Feb 16,

Right activists and students from the North East state of Manipur along with members of the MSAD has been waiting at Patiala House Court waiting for student leader Thokchom Veewon who was picked up by a police team from his rented room at Saket around 5.30 pm yesterday.

The former MSAD President was arrested under charges of Sedition (Sect 124 (A)  IPC).

Unaware of his whereabouts till early morning on Saturday, his family and friends feared he would be presented before a magistrate in Imphal, not New Delhi, as the protocol mandates.

Veewon’s brother and sister were at home at the time of his arrest. As per reported from Delhi his sister was given the special cell address and two contact number by the cops who came in civil dress.

“The cops at the Special cell told us that the Manipur police took him away and they do not know where he is and gave us two phone numbers. When I called up the number they gave us, the Manipur police personnel said he cannot disclose the location for security reasons”, Veewon sister told activists and media persons..

According to Venus, brother of Veewon,, there’s a clear attempt to conduct the entire procedure in Manipur.

“A Sub-inspector of the Manipur police told me that if he can be presented in Manipur within 24 hours, then he doesn’t have to be produced in Delhi,” he added.

The police team also seized Veewon’s laptop and mobile phone at the time of arrest.

The former President of Manipur Students’ Association Delhi was picked up from his residence in Saket at 5.30 pm by four police personnel, two of whom were from Manipur police. A case under Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code was registered at Lamlai police station (Imphal West) for a Facebook post criticising the recently lapsed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. Thokchom’s friends and family say that he was picked up by the police without an arrest warrant.

Veewon was scheduled to be produced at Patiala House Court at 11 am but again postponed at 2.00 pm. Manipuri students and supporters from across the country waited till he was produced. Human Rights Law Network members are already present for his bail application at the court since 11 am.

As he was not produced in the court till 2 pm Veewon supporters moved to the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate under  Section 97 of CrPC requesting him to search for Veewon as he is not produced before the Magistrate till 2 pm. As per a report in a web portal Javed Mehdi, Thokchom’s friend and fellow student leader, alleged that the state Chief Minister Biren Singh directed the state police to raid Thokchom’s home in Imphal on February 12, the day when the controversial Bill was listed for consideration and passing in the Rajya Sabha.

“That day, he put up a post on Facebook speaking against the Bill and called the CM ‘a puppet of New Delhi’. The police told his family that they had come on the direction of the Home Minister,” he said. Thokchom’s Facebook account was deactivated hours after his arrest although it isn’t clear on whose behest. Mehdi says that the police had similarly paid a visit to his family residence in Imphal about a month ago.

Imphal East SP, on the other hand, said that Veewon was booked under sedition for his call for independence, not his criticism of the CM.

“It was based on his Facebook post, where he wrote, ‘Since the citizenship amendment bill was going to be passed by the Central government in the Rajya Sabha at any cost, people in Manipur have no option but the right to self determination i.e. independence’”. This has been the very demand of separatist organisations in Manipur, he added.

He said that Veewon’s Facebook post had prompted a suo moto inquiry by the criminal investigation department of the crime branch, who then submitted a report based on which the case was filed in Lamlai police station.

Despite several attempts, CM N Biren Singh and the BJP state spokesperson could not be reached for a comment.

Thokchom completed his Master’s Degree from Ambedkar University and was preparing for UGC NET and M Phil programme. Barely two weeks ago, he was in a panel discussion in New Delhi with Supreme Court lawyer Colin Gonsalves and Justice (Retd) Markandey Katju protesting the detention of Manipur journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem under the National Security Act.

Lamenting the use of draconian laws against journalists and political and human rights activists, he had said, “This has become a norm to detain someone under NSA as far as Manipur is concerned. And this is disheartening to know that this is the kind of society we are living in. What freedom means for us is Lingthamba - the right to protest without violence.”

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