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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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Malpractices in Veterinary Department, CM urged to replace Director

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Imphal, June 15,

Commissioner of Veterinary Department promoted 40 Grade III officers on 18th February 2014. However, out of these 40 officers were not selected by the DPC selection committee. There is no evidence that the minutes and proceedings of DPC meeting held on the 18th of February 2014 at MPSC for the promotion of these 40 people were received by Commissioner Veterinary. Director of Veterinary Department has not received MPSC’s concurrence letter dated 18th Feb 2014 which includes the DPC proceedings till now. Given all these malpractices, Chief Secretary filed a vigilance case in 2014 on this matter after the direction of Manipur Governor Secretariat Office.

While the vigilance case was going on, 7 more grade III officers were given promotion on 28th of Feb 2015. One veterinary officer, named Dr M Dillipkumar Singh who got promoted on the 28th of Feb 2015 retired on the same day. It points that the official was given promotion to increase the benefits the person will get after his retirement. 

A person who joined Veterinary Council as Assistant Livestock Development Officer, named Dr. T Indumati Devi, was promoted as Deputy Director of Veterinary Department. There is no order of appointment of Dr. T Indumati Devi in the Veterinary Department. How did the Director proposed a person working in Veterinary Council for promotion in the Veterinary Department? Vigilance Department has filed a case against this malpractice and is looking into the matter.

The current government has formed a special investigation team (SIT) to look into the appointments done just before the last elections in different departments. SIT was looking into this department too. After that Director in charge of the Department ordered on the 12th of March 2018 to cancel the appointments of many people who joined the department just before the election. But after a month, he again order that there appointments are not cancelled as the due process was done before the election code of conduct. The whole investigation done by SIT has turned into a joke.

Now a high powered committee is formed to investigate the matter. In order to investigate the matter with transparency, the complaint letter states that Dr H Chaoba Singh who is the Director of the Department should be replaced by an IAS officer. There are no regular Joint Directors also in the department. If the government again fails to look into these malpractices, the efforts to reduce corruption in the departments will become a joke. A source told Imphal Times that Chief Minister has informed the Chief Secretary that an IAS is appointed as the Director of the department on the 7th of June this year.

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Left leaning CSOs observe “Che” Guevara’s birth anniversary

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Imphal, June 14

Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU), Proletarian Feminist Movement Manipur (POFM), Socialist Students’ Union Manipur (SSUM), Young Communist league (YCL) and Socialist Women Association (SWA) today observed the 91st Birth Anniversary of Che Guevara at Manipur Press Club. Bijenti , President SWA, W. Kameshow , Convenor YCL, Rinku Khumukcham, Editor Imphal Times attended as Presidium members.

Speaking on the occasion Rinku Khumukcham said that Ernesto ”Che” Guevara, a major figure of Cuban revolutionary movement, a doctor by profession, but later radicalized by the poverty, hunger and disease he after personally encountering them, is today a world figure, who inspire youths of today’s generation. He was born on June 14, 1928 to middle class family at Rosario of Argentina, to Ernesto Guevara Lynch and Celia de la Serna y Llosa.

He further said that everyone knows Che Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author,  guerrilla  leader, diplomat and military theorist. And the rise of his popularity day after another among the youths of today’s generation showed that his ideology of fighting the capitalist group/regime will be considered as the one and the only option of a better world where people will live without disparities.

A Dhananjoy, Assistant Editor of Imphal Free Press, popularly known as Paojel Chaoba also elaborated on the life of “Che” Guevara. He compares today’s leaders of Manipur with Che saying that there is none like Che in the state of Manipur. Che was the Finance Minister in Fidel Castro government of Cuba.

He died in October 9, 1967, but he is still alive to the thousands of people across the world. Many youngster who are conscious of the quality of this left ideology leaned leader, are proud of wearing T-Shirt with his photo printed. The symbolic cap he wore has now become the favorite of many young people across the globe. In Manipur too there is rise of Che Guevara fans.

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Taming the traffic

One of the most prominent albeit inconvenient indications of development and economic progress in the state would have to be the increasing congestions on the streets. And now, things have come to such a state that it has become impossible for the public to find proper parking space anywhere in the city. The problem has been felt for quite some time now, and the irresponsible nature of parking by many of the vehicle owners and drivers have added to the woes. On the other hand, we have yet to see any positive changes by way of development of dedicated parking spaces in strategic points in the city, as every and all measures to regulate traffic and parking has been evidently temporary in nature. The recent measures taken up by the state traffic police have yet again evoked mixed response from the public.
Setting aside the perceived inconveniences and drawbacks, the traffic control authority must have to be applauded for its efforts to streamline and ease the increasing problem. It is true that a lot needs to be done and adjustments made to make the system as perfect as humanly possible, given the not so insignificant limitations in terms of space and resources being faced by the department, but the enthusiasm and professionalism with which the personnel are going about their duties cannot be mistaken.

But streamlining and regulating the flow of traffic and parking norms is just a part of the larger problem plaguing the state. With the manifold increase in vehicular traffic, accidents and injuries due to distractions resulting from use of mobile phones while driving is another concern that needs to be addressed at the earliest. Using hands free accessories or pulling up by the side to attend to important calls, while enforcing strict observation of the law against using phones while driving with fines and other applicable penalties could reduce the danger significantly. Another aspect that could improve the scenario is the strict regulation and enforcement of emission rules. The state Pollution Control Board at present exists only on paper as emission checks have all but become redundant. It would be an understatement to say that the small capital has already began to be chocked by the grime and toxic fumes from the vehicles, some of which have posed serious pollution problems while nothing has been done so far in this regard. Reintroducing the use of signal lights instead of deploying traffic personnel amongst the speeding traffic could definitely help in improving the regulation of traffic and would go a long way in educating and familiarizing the hereto ignorant public to the universally accepted traffic norms and rules.
The problem of traffic congestion and pressure on parking spaces is bound to increase with time. The state government should waste no time to set up dedicated parking spaces and make provisions to provide an enduring solution to the problem. For now, the most positive outcome is perhaps the unexpected opportunity for the public to take that much needed walk.

The battle line is drawn CM relieves major portfolios from Minister Bishwajit ; sets enquiry on financial irregularities; Finance, Power & PWD now vested to the Chief Minister

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Imphal, June 13,

The battle line between Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and IPR Minister Th. Bishwajit has been drawn crystal clear today. At what could be termed as a shrewd political move, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh attempt a check mate to Th. Bishwajit and his team, by removing major portfolios from him. Power department and Public Works department, which was vested to Th. Bishwajit has been removed today.

An official press statement from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat stated that in the wake of the financial situation prevailing in the State, an urgent Cabinet meeting that was convened yesterday authorized the Chief Minister, to take all necessary disciplinary actions to imbibe a culture of financial prudence in key Government departments.

The meeting was held following huge overdraft and ban on the sanction of funds by the RBI, a source said.  Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar was present in yesterday’s emergency cabinet meeting however, source said that Th. Bishwajit did not attend the crucial meeting.

The official statement from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat stated that as an interim measure, the Chief Minister, Manipur has vested the charge of the Department of Finance (including Taxation & Excise), Public Works and Power department with himself.

The statement also added that a thorough investigation of the sanction procedures and financial management would be conducted for all key departments.

“The Government is committed to bringing a new phase wherein financial discipline will be the hallmark of governance. The Government also assures its employees that timely disbursement of salaries and benefits will not be impacted”, the statement added.

In another interesting development is that, an office memorandum issued by the OSD to Chief Minister, Nidhi Kesarwani, it has been stated that huge amounts were withdrawn by the Public Works and Power Department during the period of March to May 2019 while Model Code of Conduct was in force. The statement is a serious blow to Th. Bishwajit as he holds both the key departments till the Chief Minister relieved him from holding the post today.

The official memorandum also said that a three member committee comprising of V. Vumlunmang, Principal Secretary as the Chairman, Ms. Nidhi Kesarwani, Commissioner cum Secretary and W. Ajit Singh, Deputy Secretary as members to immediately examine the details of funds withdrawn. This committee has also been entrusted to examine large fund withdrawal from other departments.

It may be mentioned that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh was supposed to leave Imphal for New Delhi for important meeting of the BJP, however he cancelled the travel for reason only known to the public after he posted at social networking site Facebook about the reason for the cancellation of the journey. He wrote that he was supposed to leave Imphal for New Delhi at 2.20 pm by Indian Airlines but has been cancelled as he felt uncomfortable.

However, the emergency cabinet meeting was held yesterday evening.  Chief Minister N, Biren Singh leaves for New Delhi today afternoon.

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