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Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam, Resident Editor of Imphal Times hails from Singjamei Liwa Road. Has been with Imphal Times since its start. A National level Rugby player and  a regular Trekker and Nature Lover, loves spending time in lap of Mother Nature. Jeet is the father of two lovely kids. Jeet can be contacted at [email protected]

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National Women Social Award conferred to Mayanglangbam Diana

IT News
Imphal, May 2,

International model and Social Activist Mayanglambam Diana was Conferred National Women Social Award by Progressive Thane Residency Welfare Association, Thane on the Occasion of Maharastra Day which is observed every year on the first of May.
The Award giving ceremony was held yesterday at Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruha, Auditorium, Thane in honour of the Socially Dedicated Persons of the country.
Mayanglambam Diana was chosen for this Award in recognition of her dedicated humanitarian services she rendered at Delhi for the last three years. The award carries a citation, cash and Shawl.  Mayanglangbam Diana had also received different Awards earlier.

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Awareness Program Organised on Agri, Allied Activities and Kharif Campaign

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Imphal,May 2,

 FXB India Suraksha, Imphal and KVK, Imphal East jointly organized a one day awareness program on “Agri and Allied Activities and Karif Campaigned” at Conference Hall of Kanghuchingjin Village, Imphal East, Manipur on April 30, 2019.
The main objective of the programme was to sensitise the villagers about the available services under Krishi Vigyan Kendra,KVK; latest technologies in agriculture, and other available short and long term vocational training courses on vegetable, floriculture, beekeeping, dairying, mushroom, organic farming and protective cultivation etc. for rural youth for self-employment. Over 50 villagers especially women and men participated during the a day long awareness programme.
Smt. Monibala Devi, I/C Head KVK, Imphal East; Nandini Chongthama, SMS, KVK, Imphal East; Gunajit Oinam, SMS, KVK, Imphal East; Dr. Th. Sushikumar Singh, Prog. Asst, KVK, Imphal East; Dr. H. Ramananada Singh, SMS, KVK, Imphal East; and Dr. Priyadarshini Salam, SMS, KVK, Imphal East, were the chief guests cum resource persons for the programme.
The sessions were organised on crop strategies for increase productivity of crops, diversification during Kharif for doubling farmer’s income, water harvesting for increase productivity, integrated pest management, High Value horticulture crops, value addition for enhancing rural livelihood and economy and entrepreneurship development through livestock and poultry.
The day long training programme started with a session of Mr. Sunil Meitei, Project Officer, FXB India Suraksha introducing the purpose and objective of the training programme. He stressed upon the fact that People in the rural area are mainly believe on their hard works. Most of them don’t know the advance method of agriculture, and the allied activities they can do beside the agriculture. They don’t know the available existing government services which leaded them not to get the services.
He further said that such awareness program is very much important so that people can know and tide up with the government schemes. But, most of the people in rural area don’t feel interest in any awareness program by losing their daily wages.
Dr. Th. Sushilkumar Singh, Prog. Asst. KVK Imphal East (Andro) delivered that the KVK, Imphal East trained many famer on Livestock farming like piggery, dairy farming, poultry and Duckery etc. Many farmer club have been facilitated to get fund/loans in convergence with other institution like NABAARD & other Banks.
He further encourages the villager to have similar facilities under KVK. Nandani Chongtham, SMS, KVK, Imphal East (Andro) delivered her speech on crops strategies for increasing productivity. She said many new verities of paddy have been introduced by Central Agricultural University (CAU). Selecting the best paddy for agriculture is good idea and it will increase in productivity.
The SRI methods will also help the farmers to get more products. People should aware the required quantity of fertilizer for the crops. The department now have the rice transplantor which can be used in advance cultivation. She also introduced some other livelihood activities like Soya beans & green gram cultivation, Mushroom farming which can be done at home beside the main crops which may help the family to get more income. Mr. Gunaji Oinam, SMS, KVK, Imphal East (Andro) introduce the difference structure of wall water harvesting in three different type of land like hills, upland & lower land.
Smt. S. Molibala Devi, Program Coordinator I/C, KVK, Imphal East (Andro) delivered that people can earns money from food processing and adding the values. Villagers can established food processing unit with the available resources like tomato, Mango, Gooseberry, plums and other seasonal food and vegetables. She also suggested following the precaution and guideline under FSSI. It is good that people of Manipur have started earning money through food processing.
She also suggested to all the people who are doing the food processing to mention the integrants, manufacturing and best before date. She further said that people can do banana plantation from where fruits can be sold to the market, yarn can be produce from the banana trees and many products can be made of the yarns.
Dr. H. Ramananda Singh, SMS, KVK, Imphal East (Andro) took his session on important of integrated pest management. He said farmers may get lost if the pests are not managed in time. So integrated pests management is required. People used to focus on control of the pest which leaded side effect to present cultivation. Dr. Priyadarshini Salam, SMS, KVK, Imphal East (Andro) delivered her speech on important of high value horticulture crops. It includes growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. Nowadays strawberry, which was considered a fruit can be grown only in other state; have been produced in our state Manipur.
The day long programme which was jointly organized in association with KVK, Imphal East, CAU, (Andro) in with suggestions and recommendations. The villagers were asked to select suitable livelihood activities for vocational training program. The KVK, CAU, Imphal East (Andro) gave their commitment for organising the vocational training on their selected livelihood activities soonest.

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Poster campaign against corruption begins

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Imphal April 28,

With the main objective to eradicate corruption Manipur People Democratic Front (MPDF) all sets to begin poster campaign at various significant places.

Speaking in a press meet Secretary of MPDF Sapam Samungou said that fighting against corruption and eradicating it is the only hope for the people.

He said that even though everyone said that they don’t want corruption but everyone lacks the knowledge on how to remove and eradicate it. He said that how to eradicate corruption should be the question everyone should asked.

He further said that pamphlet will also be distributed to highlight the details of the corruption and also the drawbacks of corruption. He said if the corruption is not stopped that there is no future for the nation and added that eradication of corruption is the only way to achieve good governance.

Highlighting the needs for a firm stand by the legislature regarding corruption Samungou said that legislatures firm stand can eradicate it easily in a few minutes time.

He also said that the government has already sanction huge amount to deliver safe drinking water to deliver to the people by Singda project but it fails to deliver  it and added that such is the example of corruption.

He further questioned who else rectify such wrongdoings and added that it should be done by the government.

President of MPDF N. Nodiachand said that not only Manipur, India all its states under it faces a lot of problems because of corruption.

He added that in order to remove corruption he highlighted the need for the intellectual to eradicate it.

He said that if the intellectual plays an important role in it.

He further stressed that if corruption is not eradicated than younger generation will become a habit and subsequently becomes hereditary to the younger generation.


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One Day Awareness Programme on Schemes/Programmes Implemented by Government

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Imphal,April 27,

One day awareness programme on “Schemes/Programmes Implemented by Government for the Welfare of Minorities in Manipur” organised by Manipur State Minorities Commission was held today at Harvest of Jubilee Church, Patsoi, Imphal West.
Addressing key note to the media by Secy.Manipur State Minorities Commission, Abdul Hakim said that the minority people should take the opportunities of the various welfare schemes of the Central government. .
He said that different types of schemes are implemented by the state and central government. Educational scheme such as Pre-matric scholarship that provide scholarship from class 1 to 10, Post matric scholarship that provide upto rupees 5lakhs to the students for higher studies and should have the annual income of rupees 2 lakhs, Merit cum base scholarship which provide to the students on low interest.
He added that the Ministry of Minorities and Affairs also started a scheme on skill development namely Sikho aur kamaowo which provide to the students after class 10.
Upgrading the Skills and Training in Traditional Arts for Development(USTTAD) scheme also launched by the government to enhance the traditions and arts, he added.
Various schemes such as Nayi Manjil scheme for handloom and handicraft, Women empowerment schemes for women to have power on leadership quality and Area Development scheme for minorities to monitor themselves in education and development, he added.

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