Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam, Resident Editor of Imphal Times hails from Singjamei Liwa Road. Has been with Imphal Times since its start. A National level Rugby player and  a regular Trekker and Nature Lover, loves spending time in lap of Mother Nature. Jeet is the father of two lovely kids. Jeet can be contacted at [email protected]

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IT News

Imphal, Sept 10:

JAC formed against the rape and murder of a 14 years old minor girl today accepted the dead body after conducting post mortem at RIMS Morgue and performed the last rite at her birthplace at Mayang Imphal Today.

Hundreds of peoples with tears on their eyes brought the dead body from RIMS morgue shouting slogans for punishment of the rapists involved.

“We want capital punishment of the rapist”, “hang them”, “Finish them”, deliver justice to the victim minor were some of the slogans shouted while taking the lifeless body of the minor girl.

Manipur police kept a strict vigil to prevent any untoward incidents. Mayang Imphal MLA L. Robindro and Ex Minister Kh. Ratankumar also joined the people while bringing the lifeless body of the minor girl to perform last rite.

 It may be recalled that the brutally raped minor girl was found unconscious in an open field on September 2 and she was immediately rushed to RIMS hospital. But she died on September 3 afternoon. Special Judge (POCSO) Imphal West yesterday sent 6 accused in the brutal gang rape including the parents of the prime accused to judicial custody. Chief Minister N. Biren had also assured that befitted punishments will be accorded to the rapists.

Various civil society organisations across the state has condemn the rape and murder of the minor girl and has been demanding appropriate punishment of the culprits involved.

At Kwakta large number of people had staged protest demanding punishment of the culprits.

Several organisation from Chandel district had also demanded immediate arrest of all rapist involved in the brutal act and demanded speedy trial.

It may be mentioned that police had so far arrested 5 persons in connection with the case and has been remanded in police custody.

IT News

Imphal, Sept 9:

All Tribal Women Organisation- Chandel, Chingtam Nupi Apunba Lup- Pallel and  All Tribal Women Organisation, Chandel have expressed strong condemnation to the Gangrape of a minor girl in the night of 2' September 2020 and later succumbed to her injuries on 3" September 2020.

A statement said that the girl was called out assuring her that they will elope by her alleged boyfriend named Mohd. Maza Khan @ Arish S/o, Sikander, Heibong Makhong Mathak Leikai under Mayang Imphal Police Station, Imphal West District. Next day on the 3' September 2020, victim was found lying unconscious near a fish farm viz, Yendao Pali near Maibam Pali by the villagers. It is clear that she was left by the gang with an assumption that she died already

This incident is not the first instanced in the state; the state has witnessed of 30 cases of crime against women and girls from 1' January till 3rd September 2020. Out of 30 cases, 5 were murdered, 8 raped cases and 2 were gang raped. The ever increasing crimes against women and children in the state are alarming. It is unfortunate that most of the criminals are protected by some u and elite and powerful groups.

The three bodies demanded immediate  arrest of the entire gang members who were involved in the gang raped and brutal murdered of (L) P. Wasila and booked them under POCSO Act, 2012 and other relevant Acts.

The organization also demanded free and fair trial as per Law of the Land to the criminals without any interference of the politicians and vested interest individuals.

It also urged the State Government to ensure protection of the family members of the victim until justice is being delivered.  

 State Government must adopt stringent policies to protect women and children from all forms of crimes and violence in future, the statement added.

On the other hand a mass sit in protest was staged today at Kwakta today demanding justice for the minor victim who was gangraped and murdered.

The protest was organised by the Kwakta Sabal Leikai development organization. The protestor demand immediate punishment to all those rapist involved.

IT News

Imphal, Sept 5:

The Centre for Research and Advocacy Manipur (CRA) has expressed serious concern with the Power purchasing Agreement (PPA) signed between the Government of Manipur and Loktak Downstream Hydroelectric Corporation Limited,-  a joint venture of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd (NHPC) and Manipur Government to construct the 66 MW Loktak Downstream Hydroelectric Project on September 1, 2020.

A statement said that NHPC envisaged to utilize water discharged from the Loktak Project from its Leimatak Power Station for Loktak Downstream project.

CRA said that the NHPC’,s push for the Loktak Downstream project constitute a disrespect and rejection of the prolonged demands of the indigenous peoples of Manipur to review and decommission the Ithai Barrage of 105 MW Loktak Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project (Loktak project).

It added that the signing of PPA for Loktak Downstream project is despite the appraisal of the Chief Minister of Manipur to the Prime Minister of India on August 2, 2017 and also by the Governor of Manipur earlier in September 2017 to remove the lthai Barrage of Loktak project due to its impacts. NHpC rather than assuming responsibility for the loss of land and livelihood of communities in Loktak wetlands insisted on seeking more profits by constructing Loktak Downstream Project, which will entail submergence of forest and agriculture land along Leimatak River. The NHPC’s Loktak Project instead of irrigating 50,000 hectares of agriculture land submerged similar area of agriculture land and reduced Manipur to a food dependent state. NHPC failed to conduct cumulative impact assessment due to operation of both 105 MW Loktak Project and Loktak Downstream Proiect.

The price of energy from alternate sources other than Hydropower has dropped drastically and indeed, the Government of Manipur for long refused to sign the PPA for the project due to high cost of the power. Hydropower building is already redundant and the colossal resources to be invested in large dam building  like. Loktak Downstream project could be better utilized to promote alternative energies like micro hydel and solar energies, that would minimize social and environmental impacts. The construction of 66 MW Loktak Downstream Project is still pre-mature and should be put on hold as the continued operation of 105 MW Loktak Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project will only complicate the woes and suffering of indigenous communities of Manipur affected by large dams. The MoU signed between the Government of Manipur and National Hydroelectric Power Corporation on 26 Sept-ember 2008 should be revoked. The power purchasing agreement should be revoked- The Goveinment of Manipur and Government of India should urgently initiate steps to decommission the Ithai Barrage of 105 MW Loktak Project conceding the prolong demands of the people of Manipur.

Thursday, 03 September 2020 19:49

Irritating season

Irritating season
Incidentally or otherwise, if anyone would care to ponder over, there is this thing with trouble which come calling in the middle of the year like an unwanted guest who stays back for dinner. There has been this inexplicable and uncanny coincidence of all sorts of things that could go wrong actually going wrong most frequently in the middle of the year for a while now. It does not mean to indicate a happy, calm state for the rest of the time- just an increasingly visible and consistent pattern that was not given much thought about before now. This year’s phenomenon is even more worst. Not because COVID-19 had intruded to human kind but because the state is witnessing extraordinary unwanted phenomena when people are facing extreme suffering. Could it be the change in the weather that drives most people to commit crimes and offences, the Government to be crowded out with scandals and revelations of misappropriation of funds, inaction and false promises. The public, not to be outdone, has been bringing up issues- some genuine and some blown out of proportion, jumping in amidst the fray that makes the whole scene rather ironically comic.
One thing is for sure- good or bad- the season for excitement and enthusiastic agitations is just round the corner once again. We can pretty much expect, without fail, an increase in the blockades and bandhs- to the point when three or four blockades are being imposed on the same road on the same day concurrently. We can then be seeing almost everyone out of their homes and into the streets to have a first-hand taste of the bandh. The rains will be bringing another set of issues from floods to accusations of apathy by the Government and delayed help- or no help as the case might be, to allegations of distributing live tadpoles, toads and other living organisms through the water supply system. A positive way to look at it would be to take heart in the fact that the water so supplied, though apparently undrinkable, proves for itself that it has not been poisoned. Could it be the logical explanation as to the question of why so many in the State have been taking to drinking from the local breweries? Social activism will be taken to with renewed vengeance by seasoned as well as wannabe social minded individuals and organisations. Power cuts will be on the rise once again- raising the temperature and lowering the tolerance level of the common people, while the fortunate ones will be hogging the meagre supply of power so generously provided after allocation to the less fortunate neighbouring region has been made.
 All in all, the season promises to be anything but idle. After all something is better than nothing and normal is as boring as always. For those of us in the news media and journalists, a hectic yet
rewarding period. What we really have been wanting to say all along is “Keep up the good work people!”

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