Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam, Resident Editor of Imphal Times hails from Singjamei Liwa Road. Has been with Imphal Times since its start. A National level Rugby player and  a regular Trekker and Nature Lover, loves spending time in lap of Mother Nature. Jeet is the father of two lovely kids. Jeet can be contacted at [email protected]

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Novel Coronavirus- the deadly virus that brings disaster to human kind across the globe is finally pulling out the humane in every human being leaving aside some few people who believe that politics is their religion. Information gathered from internet that has been happening across the world shows thousands people extending helping hand to one another to make sure that human kind survives by defeating the dreaded virus that cause COVID-19, killing thousands of human kinds irrespective of caste, creed, rich poor. These attackers know no religions or community – they attack any human whom they can access too.
The only means, left with the human kind as of now is social distancing and total lockdown to break the chain of spreading the pandemic.
In the state of Manipur which have around 30 lakhs population (Subject to correction) from no case in March now reached over 3000. The number of death due to COVID -19 has reached 8. Saying so may have recovered and there are around 1197 active cases at which 502 are from the Central security forces.
Doctors in the state who were always criticized accusing them for all wrong reason, before the invasion of the virus, now proves that they risk their lives to save people no matter the state has poor medical equipment like PPEs. At time of crisis due to the invasion of the virus the humanity in all the medical practitioner finally showed and is notice by everyone.
It is over 5 months , that the state has been put under complete lockdown even though it was relaxed for few days. There are daily wage earner who lives on hand to mouth in the state of Manipur, but then the fortunate part is that almost all indigenous people have a place to stay. Whether they come from villages to work or to study they have place to stay indoors. The only problem is the shortage of food and other edible items due to the total lockdown. Knowing the problem it is fortunate for the state that irrespective of who is in the voter list the is trying all its best to make sure that people don’t remain hungry during the lock down. The unfortunate part is that some people still are not getting what they deserves. But leaving aside these narrow minded people, Manipur is glad to have many individuals who have distributed the essential edible item by buying from their own pocket money. CSOs, students’ bodies are trying to help people who remain hungry and provided them assistance whatever they could.
Manipur still have people (who always think of making money) at time of crisis. There are suspicion that whether the so call agents nominated by MLAs and some MLAs are taking advantage in this crisis period to make money looting the share of the people.
Remember award winning Hollywood movie - A Thousand Heroes (also known as Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232) , bases on a true story of the crash landing of Flight 232 at Sioux City, Iowa on July 19, 1989. Each and every one of the citizens of Sioux City came out and help the crash victims with whatever they can. The citizens of the city is still remembers as a city of thousand heroes.
Why not Manipur be another city of thousand heroes

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Imphal, Aug 5:

Students’ Union of the constituent colleges of Dhanamanjuri University (DMU) has strongly reacted to the notification for submission of registration fee of Rs. 100 while applying admission online for various undergraduate courses for the academic session 2020-21 at the constituent colleges of Dhanamanjuri University.

A statement issued by representatives of the students’ union of DM College of Arts, DM College of Commerce, DM College of Science and GP Women College said that even the Manipur University does not require registration fee for application of admission to various colleges. The statement said that due to the ongoing lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic across the country, students have been seriously affected threatening to their career . In the meantime, as those students who were studying outside the state have to admit in the state because of the pandemic the students’ bodies has been urging to increase the intact capacity at maximum level.

The students’ body said that the motive of the DMU for Registration fee is against the interest of the student community and is purely with business motive. The students’ Union appealed the DMU and the Education (U) authority to cancel the requirement for submission of registration fee while applying online application for admission. 

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Imphal, Aug 5

The All Tribal Rights’ Protection Forum Manipur (ATRPFM) has expressed disapproval to the inaction of the State Government for non-disbursement of funds to the beneficiaries of Family Oriented Schemes under Tribal Affairs and Hills, Government of Manipur for the financial year of 2018-19 and 2019-20 till date. The union government has already released the sanctioned amount to the State Government, however, the State Government has withheld the disbursement of funds to the beneficiaries who are ignorant of the schemes and also poor section of the society. It has become a routine for the State Government to divert the funds meant for Scheduled tribes under TA & Hills including scholarships of the students which is highly condemnable. No fund meant for ST communities has been disbursed on time by the present State Government which negates the whole objects of this Department and defeat the actual spirit of the Constitution.

The fund for scholarship has been diverted, the funds for family oriented schemes have been diverted and all other funds meant for ST communities of the State under TA & Hills have been diverted consistently which is a clear indication of suppressing the rights of the poor tribal people and play with their livelihood. TA & Hills is the only Department which provide some kind of economic reliefs and also allow to carry out some important family oriented activities for implementation of various programmes like Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Flower Fisheries, Piggeries, Industries, Women’s & Children Programmes, Medical and Health, Education etc. However, the State government has not disbursed the fund to the beneficiaries till date even after a lapsed of more than a year and 5 (five) months from the end of last financial year.

The ATRPFM demands the State Government and the authorities/department concerned to disburse and credit the approved amount to the bank account of the beneficiaries, failing which we shall be seek remedies before the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs and also file PIL before the High court of Manipur.

IT News

Imphal, Aug 4:

The curb of the COVID-19 infected patient has not flatten in the state of Manipur even though various measures have been taken up to contain the  spread of the virus . As per a statement from the state Health department a total of 98 (ninety-eight) persons including 34 (thirty-four) from the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) have been tested positive with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

39 male and 25 female from general population were infected by the virus. Among them only 1 (one) persons from Tamenglong district has travelled history. The remaining 63 persons tested positive with the virus are locals without any travel history , the health department statement said.

The Health department statement said that among the 98 persons tested positive at VRDL of RIMS, JNIMS, SDH Jiribam and Imphal West RAT , 25 are from Imphal West, 23 from Thoubal district m 2 from Kakching district, 5 from Chandel district 1 from Tamenglong and 8 from Imphal East.

The statement further said that all those tested positive have been shifted to COVID Care Facilities and all necessary medical precautionary measures like containment and contact tracing are in place . One good news for today is no report of death today from any part of the state. Already 7 have been died of COVID-19 in the state .

Total number of people tested with COVId-19 reached 3018 . Among these 1197 have been recovered and the active positive COVID-19 case stands at 1814. The recovery rate has been down to 60.10 % today comparing to yesterday with 48 persons discharged after they have been found free from COVID-19 while tested on RT PCR.   

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