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Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam, Resident Editor of Imphal Times hails from Singjamei Liwa Road. Has been with Imphal Times since its start. A National level Rugby player and  a regular Trekker and Nature Lover, loves spending time in lap of Mother Nature. Jeet is the father of two lovely kids. Jeet can be contacted at [email protected]

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Left Parties to launch intense agitation against BJP led govt.

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Imphal, Jan 20

Left wing Opposition Political Parties in Manipur is all set to organise 10 days series of protest programme to safeguard the Constitution of India, Secularism and Democracy.
The leadership of the Left Parties and other Secular Opposition Parties are holding a Joint Press Meet at Irawat Bhawan, BT Road, Imphal today announced their stand today.
The agitation will be followed in par with the resolution adopted by National like minded political parties.During the course of discussion  leaders of parties expressed their graved concerns at the alarming deterioration in the livelihood status of the vast majority of our people due to the complete mismanagement of the Indian economy by the Modi  government.
The  economic crisis has pushed the economy to the verge of a recession with a record fall in the country ‘s GDP,unemployment levels higesh in the last half a century ,agrarian distress deepening with rising farmers’ suicides ,massive closures and lay off in industrial units accompanied by rising prices of petroleum products, cooking gas ,vegetables and all essential commodities is making people’s lives more miserable . Modi government has created an economic disaster.
Instead of addressing these issues and providing relief to the people ,soon after assuming office ,the BJP has embarked on a dangerous course of sharpening communal polarization and attacking democratic rights and Constitutional guarantees of the people affecting millions of people and marginalized communities.
The abrogation of Article 370 in a hasty hurry has left the State of Jammu and Kashmir ,nowbifurcated into two union territories under a virtual siege for over 5 months. Human right have been trampled upon and people’s lives ruined.
Communications continue to be disrupted ,its economy ruined ,free movement of the people curtailed. Three former J&K Chief Minister along with hundreds of political leaders and thousand of people continue to be detained .
Soon after ,the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was passed without any  meaningful deliberations in the Parliament by the BJP exercising its electoral majority in a tyrannical fasion.
The CAA,NPR and NRC is a package that is unconstitutional ,which specifically targets the poor ,the downtrodden ,the SC/STs and the linguistic & religious minorities. The NPR is the basic for the NRC.We demand the withdrawal of the CAA and the immediate stoppage of the  nationwide NRC /NPR.All the Chief Minister ,who have announced that they will not implement NRC in their State ,must consider to suspend the NPR  enumeration as this a prelude to NRC.
Peaceful multy – religious, popular protest the CAA,NRC and NPR have eruted all over the country. We stand in solidarity with all such peaceful protests to safeguard the Indian Constitution .
These protests are being met with violent repression in BJP –ruled Stated and in Delhi where the police is under the Home Ministry .All the deaths of peaceful protesters have occurred in BJP ruled states (Uttar Pradesh(21),Assam (5) and Karnataka(2).The police brutalities in Universities ,Institutes of Higher learning and research bodies across the country must be condemned in strongest possible terms.

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Popular Front welcomes Chhattisgarh Govt. plea before SC against NIA Act

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Imphal, Jan 18

Popular Front of India National General Secretary M Mohamed Ali Jinnah has welcomed Chhattisgarh Government’s decision to challenge the constitutionality of the draconian NIA Act in the Supreme Court and urged other non-BJP State Governments also to approach apex court to strike down the act which is against the spirit of federalism.
The plea filed by the state government under Article 131 of the Constitution against the law expresses highly serious concerns that had already been raised by various political parties and civil rights groups since its introduction in 2008 and upon its amendment in 2019 by making it even more draconian. As, Chhattisgarh Government rightly pointed out, the law undermines the federal character of the country by conferring excessive powers to the centre to interfere in the prerogatives given to the states by the constitution.  As stated in the plea of the state government, there are no rules governing the exercise of these powers and no room for coordination with state in law, and it does not even require the consent of any form from the states. Besides, that fact that serious complaints in the past years regarding the misuse of the law by those in power at centre to hunt down its political opponents and to quell dissent only affirms the existing fears.
There is no denying the fact that our mainstream opposition parties played a major role in creating this situation. It was UPA government that first enacted the law in 2008, despite criticism from the human rights organizations and activists. It is , however, highly hopeful, that states government are finally waking up to the reality. Kerala government has set a good example by officially approaching the apex court against the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act. As a state where there are many instances of the misuse of the NIA Act and UAPA, Kerala state government can be in the forefront to follow the example of the Chhattisgarh government and challenge both the laws. Taking the seriousness of the situation into account, Popular Front appeals to other non-BJP state governments to align themselves with Chhattisgarh in raising this demand and to save the constitution and federal character of the country.

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Vision 2020 for Tml District highlighted in District Level Officer meeting

IT News
Tamenglong, Jan. 17

Vision 2020 for Tamenglong District was discussed during the District level officers (DLOs) meeting which was held at Deputy Commissioner conference hall Tamenglong district headquarter.
During the meeting the concern departments share their vision for the Tamenglong district.
In the 2020 vision, Tamenglong road will be monitored every week so that the villages in the district is motorable throughout the year.
In order to perform some major vital operations in district hospital, through HADP the hospital will get new equipment’s and not only that it will also ensure CHC and PHC are connected with tele-medicine facilities which will be linked with the district hospital.
Under the school “phagat hansi” mission two government schools will be selected for a good number of students with a maximum of 700 students. Since no kids are to be left out from schools, the district administration will also select 10 government schools for a model schools so that atleast 2500 students get the benefits out of it.
2020 vision also highlighted that in order to declare more forest under the community forest reserve project the forest department will target100 sq kms forest areas in Tamenglong town areas so that the people make a viable income from this project. To prevent the business of the timber cutting the forest department will also check the limit of the cutting in the district.
The district administration of Tamenglong will also make an effort to declare as the free use single plastic soon stated the DC of Tamenglong.
During the meeting it is also highlighted that by May 2020 the ongoing water supply project will be completed so that the residents of Tamenglong have a sufficient drinking water.
During the meeting the Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong also share the good news in which the MNREDA will be providing 100 lamps each free of cost for Tamenglong sub-division for lighting up especially the old age and orphanage home, residential schools and hospitals.
Since sports play’s an important role in our society under the TATA Grassroots Football school’s projects it will continue to train to train at least boys and girls between at the age of 15 years in Tamenglong district.
Armstrong Pame, DC of Tamenglong also highlighted that ONGC will be funding about Rs 2.5crore for building up the Tamenglong ground in which PWD will be taking up this project which will be completed before 15th August 2020 if there is no problem in implementing this project.
Altogether 31 department took part in this meeting.

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Monika Ingudam appointed as the National Ambassador

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New Delhi, Jan 14,

Youth Icon, Monika Ingudam from Manipur was appointed as the National Ambassador for the India Volunteers by the CEO, Mr Manoj Kumar Dash of the Integrated Volunteer Network to support and advance the core Mission of INDIA VOLUNTEERS in securing 2 human hours of contribution per volunteer per week and 100 Human Hours per volunteer per Year, to save and help in the nation growth.

India Volunteers Day is observed & celebrated on January 13, 2020 to recall our core commitments as a volunteer for India. This day is dedicated to all India volunteers who have been voluntarily contributing to help and save the prospective development of the country to make a resilient India. The Integrated Volunteers Network, IVN observed  January 13, 2020, India Volunteers Day at Deshbandhu College, Delhi University marking a new dawn in the aspect and ethics of Volunteerism in India.

Monika is a development professional, currently working at Action Aid India. She has been working towards attaining UN SDGs for the last 5 years. She is a climate Action Fellow of  Youth Ki Awaaz, also serving as the youth Ambassador for India by International Youth Society. 

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