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Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. In his spare time, he teaches He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University. Chingkheinganba is available via email at [email protected]

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Rally Hunger strike staged despite several disruptions by police 

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Imphal Aug 19,

Protest against the mysterious death of Babysana still continues. Today 10 JAC members staged rally hunger strike at the waiting shed opposite to the western gate of DM College, Thangmeiband.

The protestors were disrupted by the police personnel claiming that the area was under CrPC 144. 

Later, the protestors shifted their place at Thangmeiband Meisnam Leikai and continue the protest. 

Speaking to media persons President of Ema Konthounganbi Meira Paibi M. Ibeyaima strongly condemned the police brutalities and also their actions which disrupt the peaceful democratic protest staged against the mysterious death of Babysana. 

She stressed that the public won’t believed that a girl died hanging inside a dormitory living together with 37 students.

All they need to do is to find the culprit, hasten the investigation and clear the doubt the public have, she added.

Ibeyaima further urged the government to prove their works with actions and added that no process of CBI was initiated even after a month.

She concluded that they will continue to protest till dead even though police halted and disrupt their protest.

Meanwhile students of Saviour English Higher Secondary School Sanakeithel also staged sit-in-protest demanding justice to Babysana.

Also students of ATM School Lamding Cherapur Thoubal District marched rally in connection with the mysterious death of Babysana also demanding justice. Later the students staged sit-in-protest at the gate of the school.

Yesterday night Meira Paibis marched Meira rally at various places. Police personnel intervened and halted the rally. At Singjamei a woman protestor was injured by tear gas shell fired by police to dispersed the protestors. The injured woman was identified as L. Sobita from Chingamakha Liwa road.

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2nd Dr L. Bhaigyachandra (Ihilel) Memorial Lecture held; Various forms of war waged against the indigenous people- N Biren

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Imphal Aug 18,

Concerning about the indigenous population of the land Chief Minister N. Biren stressed that the  various forms of war and various warfare tactics has been used against the indigenous population of the land. 

This was said today while attending the 2nd Dr L. Bhaigyachandra (Ihilel) Memorial Lecture held at Kangla Hall.

Continuing his speech as Chief Guest of the function he said that the various wars were waged against the indigenous people of Manipur using drugs and population warfare and added that such war may lead to extinction of the indigenes population of Manipur. 

Biren further said that the government also tried to deal such warfare by establishing Anti Illegal Migrant Special Unit. 

He stressed that every community also need to take care of such war waged against the indigenous people. He added that all the communities should discuss and take a collective decision and further needs to think how such demographic warfare took place. 

He also urged the people to find a solution of the controversy between Meetei and Meitei and made to use only one accepted by the people instead of the two.

 He also raised concern about youths getting addicted to drugs deteriorating culture and traditions of the State while urging every communities in the State to give collective efforts in wiping out the drug culture. It is high time for every community to assimilate the rich culture and tradition, which is the backbone of existence of the state for thousands of years, to the youths, he added. 

While expressing the importance of the lecture programme with the present situation of the State the Chief Minister said that Government, with the motive of providing education about culture and traditions from the grassroots level, had started the development of Model Schools in the State. Citing the reason of present chaos in the State to the non perseverance of our own rich culture by the people, he stated that everyone should have an aim in their life and contribute to the development of the society. 

  1. Biren also praised late Dr. L. Bhagyachandra for his far vision and contribution in preserving and promoting the rich philosophy, culture and tradition of the State. Dr. L. Bhagyachandra is still remembered for his immense work in the field philosophy, politics, culture and tradition, he added.

Delivering the lecture on “”Status of Indigenous Peoples: A Case Study of Meetei” Retd Prof W. Nabakumar said that the globalization and technological advancement has destroyed the geographical barrier and thus give a huge impact on the indigenous people of the world.

He further stressed that the indigenous people of Manipur has faced political and economical marginalization after being merged with India.

Highlighting the status of Meetei Nabakumar said that Meetei people are now facing existential crisis or survival crisis and axiological crisis or value crisis and added that both the two are like the two faces of the same coin and both occur simultaneously.

He further said that an intellectual and political voyaging is needed instead of blaming others and resisting the tsunami like wave of globalization.

Nabakumar said that what L. Bhagyachandra did was an academic voyaging of the philosophy of Meetei. 

Sukham Premjit, General Secy. REFORM, said that the organisation has been researching on culture and tradition for over 15 years. He said that late Bhagyachandra’s works need to be discussed more so that people understand his ideology for the welfare of the state.

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Imphal saw mass sit-in-protest for Babysana

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Imphal Aug 17,

Imphal valley areas witnessed mass sit-in-protest demanding justice for Babysana today.

As almost all the Meira Paibis of every locality (Leikai)  staged sit-in demonstration; every community hall in and around the Imphal valley was filled with women in white clothes staging sit-in-protest to hasten the investigation and to deliver justice to Babysana who died in her boarding dormitory in a mysterious circumstances and also to release the arrested JAC members.

Khwairamband market, Paona market, Thangal market were all shut down for the day and the women vendors of Ema keithel staged sit-in-protest for Babysana. The protest at Khwairamband market was jointly organised by Khwairamband Keithel Nupi Semgat Sagat Lup and Khwairamband Keithel Nupi Sinfam Amadi Saktam Kanba Lup.

General Secretary of Khwairamband Keithel Nupi Semgat Sagat Lup Thingujam Ongbi Rani condemned the government for not finding the truth about the death of Babysana till now as a month has passed since her death. She said that the people don’t believe the claims from the investigators where Babysana died due to suicide.

How such a minor girl have the intention of suicide, Rani added. She further urged the government to hasten the investigation and let the people know the truth about the death of Babysana and added to give befitting punishment to the person responsible for the death of Babysana.

Rani also said that the mothers of the three Ema keithel will support all the steps taken up by the JAC for delivering justice to Babysana.

Meanwhile, a minor confrontation occurred between students of Imphal College as they tried to stage a rally in connection with the protest for justice for Babysana. Police fired Tear gas to disperse the students.

The irate students retaliated by pelting stones towards the police. A journalist was injured after he was hit by a stones.

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Anti AFSPA crusader Pebam Chittaranjan remembered on 15th Death Anniversary

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Imphal Aug16,

Commemorating the courage and sacrifice of Pebam Chittaranjan, the Manipur Students’ Federation (MSF) today paid fitting tribute to Athouba Pebam Chittarajan on his 15th death anniversary held at DM college Science ground.

Athouba Pebam Chittaranjan self immolated on Aug 15, 2004 protesting against the draconian act AFSPA at Bishnupur, when the country was celebrating Indendence Day. He succumbed to injury the following day after 80 percent of his body was burnt.

Speaking at the observance, President of Manipur Students Federation Ngariyanbam Milan questioned how the students can study when their basic human rights which is right to life is   violated.

He said that all black laws should be repealed and added that there should be no oppression of any forms and that the imperialism should be stopped.

Milan stressed that the sacrifice of Pebam Chittaranjan where he self immolated himself for the people of the land carrying the message that it is better to die than to live like a lifeless soul.

He further urged the government to first give the basic human rights which is right to life and can fulfilled the rights to education afterwards.

Addressing on the function Acting Chairperson of Manipur State Human Rights Commission Khaidem Mani stressed that the sacrifice Chittaranjan had made was to excel the right to life and to live with dignity.

Highlighting to use the Human Rights Commission he said that the students should not simply initiate movement regarding their grievances but to make complain to HRC and all due process will be done by them.

Mani further appealed the students to progress on the right side and added that if they can’t know what is right and wrong, they should asked to a more knowledgeable person.

While doing and initiating any movement the students should first clearly know what they should do and what are they fighting for, he added.

Mani also asked the students who are in student organization to be the guide of the common students.

He further said that we should have a clear idea to initiate before any movements.

The public meeting was attended by President of Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba lup Longjam Memchoubi, President of AMUCO Ph. Deban and President of MSF Ng. Milan as the presidium members.

Earlier floral tributes were paid to the statue of Pebam Chittaranjan situated at Athouba Pebam Chittaranjan Mangang Memorial Complex, Bishnupur.

A silent mass rally was also staged starting from Takhellambam Leikai and marching to DM College Science Ground.

Also a free health medical camp and a blood donation camp were also organized by MSF in relation with the 15th Death Anniversary observation of Athouba Pebam Chittaranjan.

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