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Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. In his spare time, he teaches kids from his locality. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University. Chingkheinganba is available via email at [email protected]

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EEFVAM to launch intense agitation for justice to the victims of fake encounters

IT News
Imphal March 20,

“Extra Judicial Execution Victim Families Association Manipur (EEVFAM) along with different civil Society Organisations will launched an intense agitation to bring justice to fake encounters victims”, says Edina, secretary of the Association.
Speaking to Imphal Times today on the sidelines of one day public meeting on silence of the government of Manipur on Prosecution Sanction in connection with Extra Judicial Execution which was organised by EEVFAM at Manipur Press Club, General Secretary of EEVFAM Edina Yaikhom said that after filing 1528 cases of fake encounter to the Supreme Court, the Supreme court told to take up 6 cases to clarify whether they were fake encounters or not. Mukun Sinha the counsel of EEVFAM fight the case and declared that the 6 cases were not related to any criminal cases and are the case of fake encounter against innocent civilians.
After that 42 cases were investigated by CBI where 9 of the cases were charge sheeted, she added. She further said that out of the 9 cases eight cases were still going on without any prosecution sanction but one case from Thoubal can’t go further due to the lack of prosecution sanction.
Edina further asked to the authorities to either clarify that prosecution sanction is not necessary or if necessary let the authority issue the prosecution sanction.
The meeting was attended by General Secretary of EEVFAM Edina Yaikhom, President of Nupi Samaj Ema Ramani and Co-convenor of MANPAC Ningthouja Lancha as the dais member.

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Educational institution a complete mess at Jiribam

IT News

Imphal March 19

Even though the present government has been claiming to focus on educational institution launching ‘School Fagathanshi Mission’ but is a complete failure at Jiribam.

Addressing in a press meet held at Manipur Press Club President of All Manipur Muslim Girl Students Union (AMMUGSU) Khuleibam Rukshar Choudhury said that during the overall field visit to Jiribam on March 9 by their organisation along with All Manipur Muslim Women Development Organisation focusing on the issue of education and development, they find that the state of education and development is a complete mess.

She said that the only way to communicate the people is through Bengali and added that there isn’t any teacher which teaches Meetei Mayek in schools. The students were taught Bengali as their MIL. She appealed the Education minister as well as the government to implement a policy where Meetei Mayek becomes a compulsory subject to teach from Lower Primary to High School. She feared that Manipuri which is the mother language will surely be extinct from the area.

She added that the school conditions are in deplorable state, students can’t attend school even because of the lack of capacity. She further said that as most of the people don’t have a fine income the people of Jiribam like to attend in government school more than the private school which is a complete contrast done in Imphal and other areas. There is a huge difference between the teacher and student ratio and the school doesn’t have a principal but administered under an in-charge, she added.

She also said that they have seen a peon taking the role from principal to the level of Chowkidar.

Regarding Jiribam College Rukshar said that the teacher completed hastily the syllabus of the semester which is to be taught in 6 months in just 3 months and make themselves free for the remaining 3 months. And many of the students drop out because of inability to afford the fees.

She further added that the people weren’t aware of the various scholarship facilities given to them and weren’t known about the details of various schemes.

Rukshar further said that the local leaders clarified regarding the viral clips in the social media during the renewal of election roll that as the people to be enrolled were accompanied by family members, it seemed to be a mammoth gathering. She further appealed the government as well as the CSO to identify the people whether indigenous or non-indigenous.

Due to the deplorable conditions of the road, various inconveniences have occurred to the people and also it increases the drop out from their education.

 She further appealed the Chief Minister, Education Minister and related authorities to visit Jiribam and oversee the most underdeveloped area of Manipur.

She further warned that if the concerned authorities don’t take up proper action to enhance the most under developed region than they are well prepared for an intense agitation.

It can be mentioned that the educational institution in the region are Gorchand high School, Lanpani High School, Kasimpur L.P School, Kasimpur Aided junior High School, Jiribam Higher Secondary and Jiribam College.

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Expenditure observer inspects and interacts with Imphal east election officials

Imphal, March 19,

The Election Expenditure and Monitoring Cell of the Imphal East district today conducted a meeting with nodal officers and their staff in relation to the ensuing 17th Lok Sabha Election.
The meeting was chaired by ECI Expenditure Observer (Innrer-Manipur) Shri Subodh Singh; Imphal East Deputy Commissioner Dr Rangitabali Waikhom; SP Shri Yogeshchandra Haobijam and other top administration and police officials.
It can be mentioned that the district administration has set up nine different teams under the Election Expenditure Monitoring Cell for the smooth conduct of the coming election. The teams/groups are Expenditure Observer (EO), Assistant Expenditure Observer (AEO), Video Surveillance Team (VST), Video Viewing Team (VVT), Flying Squad Team (FST), Static Surveillance Team (SST), Accounting Team (AT), Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC), AND Complaint Monitoring Control Room & Call Centre (CMCR & CC).
Shri Subodh Singh spoke in length about the duties and responsibilities that the officials assigned for election duty should carry out for the smooth conduct of the LS election. He instructed all not to run away from the duties given to them, and to report to the respective nodal officers if any suspicious activity is seen and found. The ECI Observer specifically instructed the MCMC team to be extremely detailed in monitoring the media activities, especially of paid news and misleading advertisements.
District SP Shri Yogeshchandra appealed all to stay alert while reporting liquor-related and cash-carrying activities, as these areas invited the maximum danger to the enforcers.
District Election Officer/ DC, Dr Rangitabali Waikhom requested maximum co-operation from the election officials and appealed to perform their best duties so that the district becomes an example for others to follow.
Later, District Nodal Officer of EEM (Election Expenditure Monitoring) Khumukcham Renuka presented a detailed slide-slow presentation of the various preparations being taken up by the team of the district administration. She also appealed all, including the public, to report any mishaps and suspected cases to the District Control Room No. 1950

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Flowers planted at historic Ima Keithel stolen

IT News

Imphal March 17,

Flowers planted at pots and hanging in and around Historic Ima Keithel for beautification of the unique market complex were found stolen in the last couple of days by unknown miscreants.

The three Khwairamband Keithel is a unique market complex which is run only by women. Civil society organisations, political parties all talks of keeping the market shed clean. But it was Blooming Manipur which first took up the initiative to plant flowers  in and around Ima Keithel in association with the then Director of MAHUD, Nepram Gitkumar. 

As per report, various numbers of fully grown flowers hanging around the Ima Keithel market sheds were found  stolen along with the pots on the night of  March 15 by some unknown miscreants.

Speaking to media person Member of Blooming Manipur Elangbam Satyajit said that they were saddened and disheartened by the sight that many of the flowers that were planted by the volunteers and the people to beautify our land, our historic only women market in the world IMA Keithel were stolen time and again by some miscreants. He strongly condemned such an act and added that many people are trying hard using their valuable time by watering daily and caring the plants. He also said that their work is not only about beautifying the places but also enabling the people to participate in community works leading to a right thinking society. He further appealed not to repeat such act and also added to support their small effort to bring about a Beautiful Ima Keithel and led Ima Keithel bloom as their pride.

It can be mention that water storage tank (Sintex) that were fitted in the garden that was made under the Bir Tikendrajit Fly Over Bridge were also stolen few months back.

Blooming Manipur is an organisation which was first started as a Facebook group on 2012 with the objective of taking responsibility and transforming the land with many loving and caring acts into places of pride and instilled a sense of belongingness

Today the volunteers of blooming Manipur again replanted the flowers.

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