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Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. In his spare time, he teaches kids from his locality. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University. Chingkheinganba is available via email at [email protected]

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Re-poll in 12 polling stations of Inner Manipur PC concluded; Poll related violence reported

IT News

Imphal, April 24,

Re-poll in 12 polling stations of 4 Assembly Constituencies of the Inner Manipur Parliamentary election today concludes at 4 pm, however polling at some station continues even after 4 pm as voters were on queue inside the complex at the final hour.

As per report at 3 pm, voter turnout is recorded to be 73.8% which is relatively higher than the last polling. The voter turnout is expected to cross 80% after the completion of the polling as many are seen waiting on queue at around 3.30 pm. There were reports of poll related violence outside the polling station at Yambem area in Andro Assembly constituency. A vehicle (EECO Van) of CPI was vandalized by a group of people near 7/32 -Yambem(C) polling station of 7-Andro A/C. Speaking to reporters a CPI worker said that they tour the polling sites where the re-poll took place today, however when they were on their way to Yambem (C ) polling station some goons alleged to be worker of Th. Shyamkumar stopped them near the polling station. The goons started blaming them for trying to disturb the polling which they are not and started vandalizing their vehicles. Back Shield Glass of the van was destroyed in the goons attack, said Lairenjam Ongbi Shantibala.

Even though there are reports of minor scuffles between workers of Political party at one or two polling stations, polling was reported peaceful as it was conducted under strict security surveillance. Total number of voters in the 12 Polling Stations is 9006. Out of this 4353 are male while 4642 are female voter. There is a transgender voter in the 7/32 – Yambem Upper Primary School Polling station.

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Questions regarding the installation of CCTVs at polling stations not answered till now - Sotinkumar

IT News
Imphal April 23,

Focusing on why there weren’t CCTV cameras installed at the polling stations of Heingang Assembly Constituency, CPI state Secretary Sotinkumar questioned the CEO about the information regarding the webcasting equipments or CCTV cameras installed on the polling day at various polling stations of Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency.
Speaking to media at Irawat Bhavan Sotinkumar said that the CEO hasn’t reply the questions enquired by them till now.
Highlighting on the information sought to the CEO he said that even though the CEO assured to install all the polling stations with CCTV cameras to conduct the election free and fair only 200 to 250 polling stations out of 1300 polling stations were installed. He further questioned why camera was not installed in every polling station.
On another issue he said that any valid identity card is compulsory to cast the vote in addition to EPIC but unfortunately many were allowed to vote without such identity proof. He added that Form 17-A should be than signed along with the evidence of identity proof other than EPIC and it should be packed and sealed in front of the inner agents.
Sotinkumar stressed that rule 49U Conduct of election rules 1961 was violated at the time of scrutiny held of 19th of April as the production of packets containing the registers of voters in Form 17-A in respect of the polling stations were in unsealed conditions.
He added that with the above evidence it was confirmed that most of the Assembly constituency and especially the areas where re-poll will be conducted were all well planned booth capture.
Sotinkumar alleges proxy voting in some of the polling station at Heingang on the ground that 90% plus voters cast their votes.
He said that many of the polling stations where they complaint were not re-polled and added that the whole of Heingang needs to be re-polled.  He said that the re-poll seems to be announced only for name sake.
He finally appealed the people for a movement against people who use muscle powers and violates the right to vote of the people.

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Announcement of Re-poll has proven that Election was not conducted free and fair – Dr. M Nara

IT News

Imphal April 22,

Claiming that the recent 17 th Lok Sabha election was not conducted free and fair, Inner Parliamentary candidate Dr M.Nara said that it was proven by the re-poll announced by the ECI which is to be conducted on April 24.

Speaking in a press meet, jointly organised with independent candidate RK. Somorendra @ Kaiku and PRJA convenor L. Erendro at Manipur Press Club, Dr M. Nara said that almost all the re-poll to be taken place are in the constituencies of the ruling parties. He added that the ruling government should be held responsible and should also be shameful for such misdeeds. 

He also appealed to let the people vote without fear in choosing their candidate.

Dr Nara also said that free and fair election should be the main objective of the people as well as the candidates.

He said that he was a victim of injustice till today.

He also appealed the people not to be misled by some powerful groups and take a dig to the leader of the civil society group who had played important role in various important issues saying that none were found during the time of election.

Dr. Nara said that the announcement of re-poll in 12 polling stations out of the 28 polling station complaints is a moral victory of him.

He appealed the youth to participate in the electoral politics and added that they should choose a party and engulf to its ideology and its principles to do justice for the people.

He concluded that the present electoral system is the root cause of all the corruption in the election and added that electoral reforms is the need of the hour and the need of the nation.

Feeling discontent regarding the rigged election and not being free and fair Independent candidate RK Somorendro (Kaiku) said that his inner agents were frightened and not able to sit in the polling rooms as they were being threatened.

He also said that the rights of the people were violated even though the candidates assured to participate the election on the basis of free and fair election.

PRJA’s convenor L Erendro strongly condemned the rigging of election and the use of unfair means by capturing booths and proxy voting.

He said that the two national parties by all their means used money and muscle power.

He further concluded by saying that the people can take money offered if they are being threatened but should vote the candidates they wanted. He appealed the people to make good use of the secret ballot.

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State BJP sought action against Congress MLA K. Meghachandra and MLA K Ranjit

IT News

Imphal, April 21,

State BJP today lodged complaint to the ECI seeking action against Congress MLA K. Meghachandra and MLA K Ranjit for threatening to a police constable who was on election duty on the polling day of Phase II 17th Lok Sabha Election at a polling station Nongpok Keithel Maning Primary School in Thoubal district.

The BJP Manipur Pradesh alleged that the Congress MLA K Meghachadra and MLA K Ranjit had threatened a police constable on election duty in front of Public using un-parliamentary language.

In a press conference held today at Nityapat Chuthek Keishampat, former General Secretary of the BJP Manipur Pradesh K. Saratkumar said that the BJP Manipur Pradesh strongly condemn the act of the two representatives of the people – MLA K Meghachandra and MLA K. Ranjit at which a policeman on election duty was victimize in front of public.

“Even after knowing that the Police constable was assigned on duty by the Election Commission the two MLAs threatened the constable in public”, K Saratkumar said and added that such an attitude of the MLAs is strongly condemned by the BJP Manipur Pradesh.

He further said that an MLA or an MP cannot move out of his constituency during polling days. As a result of it the BJP Manipur Pradesh had lodged complaint to the CEO Manipur and ECI to take up appropriate legal against the two MLAs, Sharatkumar added.

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