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Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. In his spare time, he teaches kids from his locality. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University. Chingkheinganba is available via email at [email protected]

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REFORM observes 13th foundation Day

IT News

Imphal, Nov 21

The 13th Foundation Day of Research Forum Manipur (REFORM) was held today at Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound.

Addressing in his Keynote speech General Secretary of REFORM advocate Sukham Premjit highlighted the objectives of the forum. He stressed that REFORM continue to make aware of the cultures of the various indigenous communities of the land and also to bring forth at international level.

Highlighting the reasons for the sinking indigenous population Premjit said that the lack of trust among the indigenous communities and the strong external force that swept against the indigenous communities disintegrate various indigenous communities. He concluded that the only way to save the land is to communicate among the communities at the earliest and to march forward for a progressive Manipur.

Chairperson of Manipur State Minority Commission Anwar Hussain said that the present generation should take care and preserve the historical things the ancestors has left for us or else it will all disappear if the people are careless.

He also stressed that the people of the land should feel pride for their culture and identity.

Mutua Bahadur also read a paper title “Lamdamsida Ningthourolsingna Lairik Mayek Eeba Yunglamba Nungsing”.

The event was attended by Social Activist Filson Y. Lunghar and President of REFORM Mangsatabam Lokendro and Chairperson of Manipur State Minority Commission Anwar Hussain as the dais members of the function.

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Cease work strike of FEGOCTA defunct college atmosphere

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Imphal Nov 21,

The cease work strike protested by the government college teachers against the government’s failure to implement 7th UGC  pay for the teachers has defunct the normal environment of the colleges. 

Classes ceased to function as the teachers hold protest inside the college campus. 

Speaking to media persons at DM College Campus, Vice President of FEGOCTA K.Indramani warned that their protest will continue until their demands to immediately approve the implementation of the National Higher Education Policy of India of 7th UGC Pay and Regulations, 2018 for the government college teachers of Manipur by the State cabinet.

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10 days filmmaking course at MU concludes; Smartphone filmmaking a legitimate way of storytelling - Ajmal Jami

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Imphal Nov. 14

Exploring the potential of smartphones as a powerful filmmaking device, Course Director of 10 days film making course which was held at MU, Ajmal Jami shared that smartphones film making is a legitimate way of storytelling. He was interacting with the media persons on sideline of the valedictory function of the film making course organised by Dept. of Mass Communication MU and FTII.

He continued that smartphones were underrated as a film making device and mostly used for other purposes and added that it can be extended further as a powerful film making tools.

Ajmal further said that cameras on smartphones are getting better.

Highlighting that the idea is the paramount in film making he stressed that phones can translate the ideas into reality through its capabilities to capture both audio and visual. 

Ajmal concluded that the even though smartphones film making have both pros and cons the net outcomes of it is ever presentable.

Speaking at the event Registrar in charge of Manipur University Prof. Chandbabu stressed that the course will help in the teaching learning process of higher education. 

He added that it will explore untouched areas and will have good impact to the society, state and the world through the films.

As many as 37 participants participated in the film making course. 

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MU community staged sit-in-protest demanding not to disintegrate Manipur 

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Imphal Nov 12,

Echoing the demands of the COCOMI in connection with the Indo Naga peace talk, Manipur University communities staged a sit-in-protest inside the varsity demanding restoration of communal harmony and integrity of Manipur.

Speaking to media person, executive member of Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA) Dr. N Sanatomba said that the people feel apprehension that the Indo Naga peace talk will surely disintegrate the territorial, emotional, cultural and administrative integrity of Manipur. 

He stressed that the varsity community felt the same as similar to the people and COCOMI where the deployment of various paramilitary forces in the states and the closure of NSCN IM designated camps signifying that the integrity of Manipur is disintegrated in one way or other.

He urged that the integrity of the land should not be compromised at any cost.

The people of the land should unite and save the integrity with the strong motive of ‘Do or Die’ or else such integrity cannot be replenished in the future, he added. 

Sanatomba further said that the government should never try to disturb the communal harmony among the communities and the integrity of the land.

President of Manipur University Students’ Union K. Lebanan said that even though several assurance were given by the government that the talk will not affect the integrity of Manipur, people of the land still fails to trust as the assurance were not given in written form.

He further said that the union will follow the future course of action taken up by the COCOMI for a unified and integrated Manipur.

Slogans such as ‘Long Live Manipur’, ‘We want peace’, ‘integrity is our soul’ and ‘Don’t Destroy Harmony’ fills the air around the varsity campus.

The protest was jointly organised by Manipur University Teachers’ Association, Manipur University Students Union, Manipur University Staffs Association and Manipur University Women Association. 

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