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Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. In his spare time, he teaches kids from his locality. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University. Chingkheinganba is available via email at [email protected]

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MUSU form committee to restructure crumbling Academic Environment of Manipur University

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Imphal, Jan 13

Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU) had constituted a Development Committee headed by Kh. Nabakishwor Singh, Finance Secretary MUSU to restructure the crumbling academic atmosphere in the University by abiding the constitution of MUSU.

A statement of the MUSU said that some individuals violated the constitution of the MUSU and renders services at their own personnel interest which ultimately shattered the sanctity of the academic environment of the Manipur University. It said that if students are found violating the constitution while taking up works in the Manipur University in the own interest then the committee will urge the authority to take action against him or her.

This committee will have eye on every kind of works being taken up in the university to make sure that the wrongs committed inside the university could be corrected

The committee said that they will look into the matter of allege foul play during the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff of various department in the Manipur University. It appealed the authority to be sincere while recruiting staffs. Qualification, experience and other eligible criteria advertised in mass media (newspaper) for the job should not be corrected in favour of students of their choice. The Committee also appeals the authority to hand over the recruitment process to the recruitment committee while appealing the members not to render their duty on personal interest.

The Committee further appealed the recruitment committee member not to go on pressure. It also urges the authority to investigate the misappropriation University fund. 

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AMSU demands regular VC, Dean and Academic council for DM University; warns agitation

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Imphal, Jan 9

All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) today warns serious agitation over inaction of the government to the agreement reached between the two sides in connection with the establishment of DM University.
“Since the establishment of DM University the government still has not appoint any regular Vice Chancellor (VC), Dean and never filled vacant post teaching and non teaching staffs”, Bruce Pebam, HRD Secretary of AMSU told media persons today at AMSU head quarters.
He said that undergraduate students of the colleges affiliated to DM University are having tough time as the syllabus that they are studying now fails to get approval due to non existence of Academic Council. Exams are not conducted on time and results of the examination are also kept pending. Because of this there are several drawbacks in applying scholarship either under the state or central government including the UGC. Bruce also said that notification for undergoing PHD to students issued on October last year remain meaningless as nothing has been taken up for converting it into action.
“Earlier too we have submitted memorandums to the government to field all required staffs, regular dean  and vice chancellor besides installations of all required equipments that is necessary for running a University and after reaching an agreement with the Education Minister we had suspended agitation”, Bruce said adding that as the government had failed to fulfill our demand even after two years and as the career of the under graduate students under the DM University is at risk, the AMSU along with other students’ unions of colleges affiliated to DM University – DM Arts, Science, Commerce and GP Women college will left with no choice but to launch a, intense but democratic agitation.

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Alumni and various other Students stage protest demonstrations condemning the attack on JNU

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Imphal, Jan 7

Police today dispersed the protestors which hold peaceful protest demonstrations condemning the attack on the Jawaharlal Nehru University Community on 5th January  at Manipur University.
Alumnis of Jawaharlal Nehru University and various other students participated in the protest demonstration. They  also showed solidarity with all the campuses all over the country which have been victims of violence unleashed on the University community.
HOD of Political Science Department, Indira Gandhi Tribal University who is also an alumni of JNU Dr. Homen Thangjam stressed that resistance shall be with them and will stand by with the Alma mater of JN University.
“Times are dangerous today and Winds of Change seemingly is blowing to tumble down even the walls of learning and centres of wisdom and knowledge,’’said Homen.
He stressed that during such times, domain of knowledge can never be captured by the fascist.
Homen further added that they will stand together and resist the menace which will eat us up together.
Placards like “Down with state sponsored Goondaism”, “Shame on Delhi Police”, Save Public Education” were held by the protestors.
The JNU alumni, Manipur stressed that they were alarmed at the happenings in various universities and other campuses which have been subjected to violence and terror in an effort to subdue and discipline the democratic right of all to freely debate and dissent from the majoritarian opinion.
It also added that the midnight raid by state security forces at MU have laid bare the anti-intellectual, anti-student, anti-education spirit of the present dispensation and reaffirmed a commitment to democracy, dissent and debate.
Slogans were also raised, protest song was also sung during the protest demonstration .
Last night Manipur University Students Union also staged a candlelight vigil showing solidarity with the JNU community and condemned against assault unleashed on the University community

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Today’s generation needs to follow the idea which is dear to Lamyanba NK Sanajaoba ‘One for all, all for one’”

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Imphal Dec 30

The 83rd Birth Anniversary of Lamyanba NK Sanajaoba organised by NK Sanajaoba Memorial Trust was held today at Lamyanba Shanglen. 

Remembering Lamyanba NK. Sanajaoba and his work for the land, Vice President of NK Sanajaoba Memorial Trust, Sh. Shamu said that today’s generation needs to followed the idea dear to NK Sanajaoba ‘One for all, all for one’.

He pointed out that the memorial trust believed that there is the need for the demand of self determination relentlessly.

Speaking as the speaker of the memorial lecture, Professor of Anthropology Department Manipur University, MC Arun said that NK Sanajaoba was not a fundamentalist or a Meitei centric, he hated the political scenario of his time. His vision was to have a new idea of Manipur different from his contemporary ugly political system. 

Defining patriot as selfless love of one’s country and its polity Arun claimed that Sanajaoba was not a patriot as he hated the political scenario of his time but wanted to leap forward for a new Manipur. 

What Sanajaoba wrote and investigated was not just to highlight the wrongs in the system but the system itself which is the problem inherent in the system, he maintained.

Arun stressed that he was a political revolutionary garb in a journalist coat with a mission and a political vision. 

Claiming that NK Sanajaoba was a thinker, revolutionary, ideologue and a journalist he said that remembering him only as a journalist would be an injustice to him. 

He further stressed that NK Sanajaoba is a brand name of a new idea in the history of Manipur and the new idea grew out of the struggle and the experimentation taken up within itself in the new historical conditions, tirelessly, fearlessly and courageously without ceasing.

He also questioned what would NK Sanajaoba highlight with the present crisis of Citizenship Amendment Act.

Earlier Floral tributes were also paid to late NK Sanajaoba.

Associate Professor HOD Philosophy Laimayum Bishwanath Sharma and Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Manipur College Lairenjam Gojendro attended as the discussants of the memorial Lecture and Chairman of NK Sanajaoba Memorial Trust, Lokendro Arambam moderated the Lecture.

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