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Bloody battle for greed

Humans, like any other living beings, are a creature of habit. Add to it the evolved mentality and concepts like aesthetics, power and pride- the resulting mix is one which threatens to change the very nature of the spontaneity of evolution and natural progression.

The human brain- the one incredible enabling our race to control and manipulate everything else around us- living and non-living alike, except for one important and very interesting drawback- the inability to control oneself- rather the senses and urges that makes us who we are. This lacuna in our physiological make up which is apparently inherent is becoming more prominent with the passage of time.

The uncontrollable greed for power and land that led to wars being fought throughout the world, the unnecessary struggle for increasing power and control- all points to an irrational urge manifests into deeds that go against the very grain of human behavior- or is it so? Nothing can be further from the truth. These bloody battles and physical challenges for power, supremacy and wealth of the early days have stopped- only to re-emerge in a more virulent and sinister yet subtler form at present.

Equality- the very premise on which our present society was founded remains to this day an illusion, a convenient pacifying tool for those at the helm of affairs to keep the common public at bay so that they- some if not all- can continue with the activities induced by the very weaknesses afflicting every human. Is there any other rationale, however remote it may sound, to explain the widening chasm between the common public and those who are in power and influence- though everyone is equal- or so we are told to believe. A number of politicians serving themselves while doling out rhetoric speeches proclaiming their efforts for the public, armed forces personnel abusing their power and using force to get their demands from the frightened and defenceless public,  drug peddlers and their sources being shrouded in mystery behind a façade of power and money impenetrable by the public or the discretion of those who walks the hallowed corridors of power to speak out and express only those that they wish to be made heard- more often their own achievements and trivial triumphs blown out of proportions.

Is there a thing such as being more equal than equal? Why are so many seemingly mundane and simple problems being made so complex and tangled up as to make them impossible to solve? Isn’t there any other way for the disturbed and concerned voices of the common man to be made heard other than be forced to resort to mindless destruction and mayhem- a natural, though unwanted, reaction of the frustrated and agitated souls who are made to feel less equal and cheated. This feeling of discontent is made all the more intense as the public believes that solutions to a lot of wrongs in the society is so clear and right within their reach while those who are entrusted to act accordingly chose to look the other way. The need of the hour is a bunch of people with rational minds and the resolve as well as the self-control to stick to the set plan with the habit to finish what has been started with the dignity to shoulder responsibilities for the same, and above all, a bunch that really regards the remaining majority of the population as equals.

Will the search prove to be an exercise in futility- yet again?

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IT News

Imphal, Feb 5

The Manipur High Court has quashed a writ petition challenging the validity of the appointment order of the Chairperson for Manipur Commission for Protection of Child Right (MCPCR) yesterday but directed the Social Welfare Department of the Government of Manipur to initiate the process of selection for appointment of a new Chairperson, in accordance with law, by giving wide publicity to the general public.

An order issued by the Deputy Secretary (SW), Government of Manipur dated 29-09-2017 appointed Sumatibala Ningthoujam as the Chairperson of MCPCR. Petitioner Sanoujam Shyamcharan Singh challenges the validity of the appointment order on the ground that it was not made public and no advertisement of the post has been published at any of the media.

What is more interestingly noted by the judgment and order by the court of Justice Kh. Nobin Singh is that the petitioner Sanoujam Shyamcharan Singh who challenged the govt. order for appointment of Sumatibala Ningthoujam as Chairperson of the MCPCR happened to be a candidate who had applied for the post.

In judgment and order, as per affidavit filed by the counsel of the Principal Secretary/ Commissioner of the Social Welfare Department which is also a respondent to the writ petition, Justice Kh Nobin Singh observed that the petitioner has concealed material facts.

“Although the petitioner submitted his application for appointment to the post of Chairperson of the State Commission, he concealed it and therefore, the writ petition deserves to be dismissed”, the judge noted the affidavit filed by the state government.

Regarding the validity for the selection process, the judgment order observed that in exercise of the power conferred by the Child Rights Act, 2005, the State Government framed the rule called “The Manipur Commission for Protection of Child Rights Rules, 2011” wherein there is no provision of Rule 6(A). It is nowhere provided in the said rules that for selection of the Chairperson or its members of the State Commission, the State Government ought to make an advertisement or wide publicity for submission of application. In other words, it is not mandatory for the State Government to make advertisement or wide publicity for the selection of the Chairperson or member of the State Commission. Rule 6(A) referred by the petitioner concerns about the selection and appointment of Chairperson or member of the National Commission and not with the selection and appointment of Chairperson of the State Commission.

The judgment orders Sumatibala Ningthoujam to continue as Chairperson of the MCPCR till the completion of the term of three years and not beyond that.  The court also directed the state government to initiate the process of selection for appointment of a new Chairperson within six months prior to the expiry of three years from 29-09- 2017,  and the selection process be done in accordance with the law, by giving wide publicity to the general public.

Mention may be made that in February 2014 the Supreme Court of India in its ruling had stayed the appointment of members for the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) over failure in following proper guidelines.

The Supreme Court bench led by Justice T S Thakur prohibited the government from issuing notification for appointment of members for the NCPCR, after noting there were no norms and guidelines in place for selecting such members, who were being paid out of the public money. The court underlined neither any advertisement had been issued for inviting applications from people at large nor any criteria with respect to a candidates’ eligibility and suitability was laid down.

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IT News

Imphal, Feb 5

5 days district level Expo organised by Manipur Apex Handloom Weavers & Handicrafts Artusans C.C. Ltd begings today at Kha Potsangbam in Bishnupur district.

Chief Guest of the inaugural function Govindas Konthoujam, who is also a former Minister of Commerce and Industry, Manipur while speaking on the occasion expressed his happiness in joining such a function.

“I am always very happy to be with the weavers at all times and I have associating with the weavers while serving as Minister of Commerce and Industry inclusive of Handlooms and Handicrafts. He said that he had done many development activities for development of the state’s Handlooms and Handicrafts. During his time a separate directorate of Handlooms and Textiles was opened in2016, Manipur State Textiles Policy 2016 was formulated and three fabrics of the state namely Sapphire Lanphee, Moirang Phijin and Wangkhei Phi were able to get Geographical Indication registration and more than 100 Handloom clusters were brought to the state but no new Handloom clusters are seen implemented during the present government. H.K.Baro Deputy Director, Weavers Device Center spoke about the importance of weavers’ getting India Handloom Brand and using of the Handloom mark and he added that WSC will extend all possible assistance to the state’s weavers.

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Imphal, Feb 4

Representatives of the Federation of Government College Teachers’ Associations, Manipur (FEGOCTA) which has been undergoing class boycott agitation held meeting with the Education Minister, Commissioner and Director of Higher Education today.
The FEGOCTA members were invited by the Minister. As per source from the members of the FEGOCTA the meeting had detailed and productive discussion on the terms of the implementation of 7th UGC Pay and Regulations 2018. The meeting agreed to speed up of final decision on 7th UGC Pay and Regulations 2018 at the earliest.
The College teachers’ body have been demanding implementation of 7th UCG Pay and Regulations , 2018.

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IT News
Mumbai Feb 5

Over 160 organisations, women and men, across various fields of profession and activism – have written an open letter urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take note of his constitutional duty to protect all citizens, especially in the light of the charged rhetoric that BJP leaders have been employing against anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)  protesters.
Drawing attention to the fact that most of the protesters are women and that BJP has gone about campaigning for the Delhi assembly election with speeches that call for violence on  women protesters, the signatories have requested Modi for his intervention.
Prominent among the signatories are economist Devaki Jain, DASTKAR chairperson Laila Tyabji, former diplomats Madhu Bhaduri and Navrekha Sharma, historian and filmmaker Uma Chakravarti and former member of the National Commission for Minorities, Zoya Hasan.
The text of the letter says “ We speak to you as women of this country and the women of Delhi – Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Adivasi and Dalit – who are horrified at the atmosphere of violence against women that members of your party have created merely to try and win an election”.
“Union Minister Anurag Thakur, says “Desh Ke Gaddaronko” and exhorts a crowd to yell “Goli Maaron Saalon Ko”. Please remember that in this case the ‘saalon’ is lakhs of peacefully protesting women, sitting in parks and maidans across the city, with young children on their laps”.
“Another campaigner for your party, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Ajay Singh Bisht aka ‘Yogi Adityanath” kicked off  his campaign in Delhi by saying ‘Boli se nahi to goli se maanenge”.
“When the Union Home Minister Amit Shah asks people to push the EVM button on February 8 with such force “that protesters feel the current”. Is he wishing to electrocute the women?”
 “BJP MP  Parvesh Verma, said, “lakhs of people gather there (at Shaheen Bagh). People of Delhi will have to think and take a decision. They’ll enter your houses, rape your sisters and daughters, kill them.”
“ Is the BJP openly endangering the lives of India’s women and children? This is what history will record and India will not forgive. The nation saw the direct result of this violent atmosphere created by members of your party, which inspired a young man to open fire at “innocent” students in Jamia Millia Islamia on January 30, and another terrorist weaponised by the hate being spread by your party, fired at the women of Shaheen Baug on February 1".
“Your government may disagree with the reasons for this nation-wide uprising against the NPR-NRC-CAA. But peaceful protest is our constitutional right. Lakhs of Delhi’s women are not just part of this movement, they are leading it. Empowered women are on the front lines. We will not be silent when women are labelled terrorists and traitors, when all that they are doing is to fight to protect and preserve the Constitution of our country”.
“Mr Prime Minister, you may belong to BJP, but you are the PM of the country and have a Constitutional obligation to protect the rights of all citizens. When members of your party exhort mobs to use violence and bullets and you remain silent or support them, remember it is you who is responsible”.
“You need to speak out against such targeted violence and hate speech and take immediate action, under all relevant provisions of IPC, against these violence mongering members of your party. You need to fight the Delhi election in a manner that upholds the dignity of our Constitution and ensures the security of India’s women”.
The organisations who have signed the letter to PN include: Saheli Women’s Resource Centre, Pinjra Tod, Women against Sexual Violence and State Repression, All India Democratic Women’s Association, All India Progressive Women’s Association, National Federation of Indian Women, All India Queer Association, Centre for Struggling Women Mahila Kisan Adhikar Manch, Makaam- Mahila Kisan Adhikar Manch, Aman Biradari, Delhi, Jamia Queer Collective and Karwan-e- Mohabbat.

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It’s generally said that education up to Higher Secondary level in Manipur is to some extend considerable though majority of our students are not up to national Standards (as qualifying in IITs & getting within 1000 ranks in NEET by our students is rarely heard).In fact bringing our students at least up to this level (in higher Secondary) is also the tooth and nail efforts of parents at Private Coaching centers as well as due to private tuition, at the same time by the private Schools.. Yes ,in terms of scoring good marks in HSLC as well as in HSSLC examinations seems to be improved but there is still a big question mark i.e. is scoring good marks in these examination is conformable with the quality that we expect? Anyway, let us hope that quality may improve in the time to come soon. After 10+2 some students have Chosen career of their choice like Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, Nursing   etc. etc. But this is very few out of many who passed 10+2.Majority of the students who did not opt theses career have to go for further studies in what we call general line i.e. BA , . Etc. These are the people who are going to become teachers in the Schools, Professors in the Colleges and Universities as well as administrators of Our State. But the Higher Education system in our state is in a very bad and deplorable condition, (if I am not mistaken). Teacher- Students relation seems to be stressed,coordination among teachers are not conducive and in many Institutions authoritarian act by the head of the Institution /Staff close to politician are seen.It is fact that except some Colleges in the greater Imphal and elsewhere classes in majorities of colleges in Manipur are not conducted regularly and smoothly. If this is the situation, what will be the fate of our future generation? The dream that our Youths dreamt will be simply a “NIGHTMARE”.  If the classes in the colleges continue in this manner, how can our youths be fit for any type of competitive examinations conducted (like UPSC, SSC, Banking, and Railways etc.which is the need of the hour for employment generation of our youths) in all India level? General people knows what is going on in most of the Colleges even if I don’t explain further during exam time.At the same time recent buzz about the exclusion of Manipur University in the ranking among the Indian Universities further escalate the apprehensions the fate of higher education in Manipur. Attention of all concerns is also high time to monitor the infrastructure, the quality and system of imparting technical education in all the technical institutions of Manipur. My humble appeal to the students Organizations of Manipur is that kindly look into Education system in the colleges and technical institutions right from regular conduction of Classes, attendance of the students, smooth conduct of examination without unfair means as they do in HSLC and HSSLC examinations so that the quality of our youths may be in a better Position for a better future. 
               On the other hand in this age of hi-tech and era of ITes, what is the fate of many Engineering graduates in Manipur? Number of engineering graduates (even M.Tech/M.E) in Manipur is increasing like floods in the last decades and continuing the same trend still today. In fact this is the sign of development in the field of Science and Technology in Manipur. But no development in this sector is visible yet. The question is why? Many young and dynamic Engineering graduates(some of them are excellence of international level) who are  desirous  to do something for this land are living like a lay man in frustration with no hope and no future. Tireless efforts of parents to make them an engineering graduates with huge investment have become like a business of acute loss. All of us know that parents run here and there from dawn to dusk taking their wards for private tuition and coaching in the hope that their children will do well in examination and score good marks to be eligible for undergoing engineering course. Yes ,children also tried all their best and did  well  in  the  examination  and  fulfilled  the  dreams  of  their  parents.  They underwent the said course, put the efforts at their wits end. In fact ,Engineering studies is not a joke as compare to other course of studies  (I experienced as I was an  Engineering  student),it  doesn’t  mean  other  courses  are  not  tough.  After graduation  ,what  where  and  how  is  the  questions  they  themselves  and  their parents asked? But no answer yet in Manipur. One reason I suppose, could be no factory, no industries no Institutions, no organizations nothing for them to work and to show their expertise. The flagship schemes like skill development, make in India, start up under PMKVY seems to be tiger on the paper as opined by many and generally said that these schemes are like ‘operation success but patient dies’ as suggested by many. Answer from authority will be –Manipur is a land lock area, so heavy industries is not possible. If this trend continue, isn’t appropriate to coin Manipur as the dumping ground of excellent engineering graduates and post Graduates as waste products? Just to survive many such people are working in Private schools deviating their line of study in different directions.  This, in fact is not the sign for development in our land. Government should choke out the plans and strategy to harness the endless potential of our youths for a better and highly developed as well as advance among other states of India. Simply shouting in the public platform and theoretical analysis and discussion in the media will not help to transform into action and reality. It’s high time for the government to take up serious and sincere action before its too late as today is the beginning of 20 year of 21st century. It is said that “NO ATOM BOMB” is required to destroy a society, simply failure in education is enough to destroy a society. Let’s wake up now to free our youths from the “NIGHTMARE” in higher education in Manipur and formulate possible way to fit our high quality technical youths.

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IT News
Mumbai Feb 5

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) workers have began threatening ‘Bangladeshi Infiltrators’ to leave the country immediately or else they will be thrown out and will face the action in “MNS” style.
The posters asking illegal ‘Bangladeshi immigrants” to quit have surfaced in some parts of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel and adjoining areas, even as MNS Chief Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) President Raj Thackeray  is slated to take to the streets on Sunday, leading a procession to throw out illegal Pakistani-Bangladeshi migrants.  The posters have asked the  infiltrators to go back to their country.
On 9 February, Sunday, the procession will be taken out from Girgaum Chowpatty to Azad Maidan in South Mumbai demanding that the illegal citizens from the neighbouring countries must be identified and driven out of India. Earlier, the Mumbai Police had declined permission to MNS to take out the procession through the Mohammed Ali Road in Muslim-dominated south-central Mumbai.
The party has launched teasers for the campaign and Raj Thackeray will be joined by his son Amit Thackeray, who was formally launched as a ‘’leader’’ at the MNS mega-convention in Mumbai on 23 January.
MNS had declared its support to the Narendra Modi government over eviction of Bangladeshi and Pakistani infiltrators. On January 23, while unveiling his party’s new flag, which is saffron in colour, Raj Thackeray had defended the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and had sought eviction of illegal migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh. However later he backtracked saying that his support was only to the extent of throwing Pak and Bangladeshi infiltrators out of the country.
In the meanwhile the police have continued action against illegal Bangladeshis in and around Mumbai. It is a concerted exercise between the local police and the intelligence bureau of the Maharashtra state CID. On 17 November 2019 10 Bangladeshis were arrested from Dhakta Khanda(Panvel), on 14 December 2019 seven Bangladeshis were arrested from Arnala(Virar), followed by the arrest of 12 Bangladeshis from Nalasopara near Mumbai. In 2018, eight Bangladeshis (5 from Panvel and 3 from Pune) were arrested.
The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data shows that around 245 cases were registered in Maharashtra between 2014 and 2016. While according to data provided by the Union Ministry of Home affairs, between 2015 and March 2018, as many as 1,770 “Bangladeshi nationals” were deported.
The stretch between Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Wadala, which is also knows as the “harbour railway route”, has metamorphosed into contiguous, larger settlements for Bengali-origin Muslim migrants who have moved to Mumbai for work.Most of the Bengali-speaking Muslim from a border town in West Bengal in large number have been working at Digha, Rabale, Turbhe, Shirvane, Vashi, Karave and adjoin areas right up to Panvel for the last few years. Since they are prepared to work on low wages, they are given a preference by local populace. For example if a local maid demanded Rs 700 to Rs 800 per month for domestic work like washing clothes, cleaning utensils, rearing children, these Bangladeshis maids are prepared to work for the wages as low as Rs 500-Rs 600 per month. They also found it easy to get rented accommodation in the villages adjoining Navi Mumbai at cheaper rates.

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