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Items filtered by date: Friday, 07 June 2019 - Imphal Times

Tension grips Kairang area in Imphal East after an alleged drug peddler died in mob action

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Imphal, June 7,

Tension runs high between locals of two neighbouring village in Kairang area in Imphal East, after an alleged drug peddler, who sustained serious injury in mob action, succumbed to his injury on the way to hospital yesterday evening at around 11 pm.

Large number of people from the locality of the deceased vandalized 2 houses belonging to two members of the Anti Drug Committee today morning. Two of its members, Md. Punaam and Md. Achou Shah of Keirang, who took the alleged drug peddler injured in the mob action for treatment at the Hospital located near Heingang Police Station, were detained in police custody and another 10 members including President of the Anti drug body were also pulled up by the police today morning.

Large number of locals and relatives of the deceased vandalized the office of the ‘Anti Drug Joint Committee, Kairang, Khudok, Khabeisoi’ located at Kairang Mamang Leikai and two of the houses – one belonging to Md. Punaam who is in police custody and another belonging to Md. Ibohal Shah, President of Anti Drug Committee. Following the news large number of state security force rushed to the site to contain the situation. As the situation was hostile the security team fired several rounds of gun shots in the air and fire tear gas shell to disperse the mob.   

The victim identified as Md. Abdul Helim Shah (61) son of late Abdul Majid , a resident of Khumidok Jama Masjid Maning, which comes under the jurisdiction of Khurai Assembly Constituency was reportedly picked up by the organization - ‘Anti Drug Joint Committee, Kairang, Khudok, Khabeisoi’ at around 11 pm yesterday. Report said that the Anti drug Committee members has been keeping strict vigil in and around the area after receiving complaints about the presence of drug peddlers in the area. It added that two drug addicts were rounded up by the committee last night at around 10 pm and on their revelation it was known that Md. Abdul Helim Shah was the man they were looking for quite some time. The members of the Anti Drug Committee hauled him and interrogated him at PYA ground at Kairang. During the course of the interrogation some of the members turned hostile and started assaulting him resulting serious injury. It was at that time that some among them intervene and took him to the hospital at Heingang. The two persons (drug users) who were caught were reportedly set free after they identified the peddlers.

The report further said that following the news about the dead of the alleged drug peddler and subsequent arrest of the two members, a meeting was convened today morning to discuss the issue. As the meeting was attended by locals from both localities – one belonging to Heingang Assembly Constituency and the other Khurai Assembly Constituency differences of opinion put the meeting into a chaotic situation. While some opines for staging a rally against the dead terming it as mob action some refused on the ground that they don’t need any such rally.

The confrontation began and turning the situation into hostilities. The office of the Anti Drug Joint Committee, Kairang, Khudok, Khabeisoi’ was vandalized and turn to another house but the arrival of security team on time prevented further untoward incident.

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Traffic along both National High ways in Manipur affected due to the 24 hours general strike called by KSO

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Imphal, June 7,

Traffic along both National Highways of Manipur connecting Manipur with the rest of India as well as the National high way connecting border country Myanmar through Moreh has been severely affected due to the 24 hours general strike called by the Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO) demanding release of its 10 office bearers of KSO Gunpi Block who were arrested by police in connection with the arson of St. Joseph School Sugnu.

Report reaching here said that all inter-state transport service remained cancelled and private vehicles, goods trucks and oil tankers too stay off the road due to the general strike.

At Imphal-Dimapur road large number of KSO supporters stopped all sort of vehicular movement from Motbung to Taphou Kuki Village near Senapati.  Around 100s of passenger buses and mini taxi coming from Dimapur and Kohima have been reported stranded at Senapati district head quarter.

Talking over phone a passenger, who is stranded at Senapati expressed displeasure over the inconveniences created to them due to the bandh.

“I have been told that Manipur is today a bandh free state and I wander how such a claim turn out to be joke”, Sumant Singh , a passenger said.

He questioned the government on why the state government makes no security arrangement for the vehicles coming from Dimapur.

All sort of Imphal-Moreh transport service have also been suspended for today as bandh supporters blocked road at many places along the route. The bandh also hit Indo-Myanmar border trade and Namphalong Market which used to be crowded everyday looks deserted today.

On the other hand report said that the bandh hits hard disturbing normalcy in Churachandpur district. As many as 3 passenger Diesel auto were vandalized by the bandh supporters. Market place, shops and all sort of establishment remain closed in the district during the 24 hour general strike.

Vehicular movement along the Imphal Jiri road has also been affected as all transport service suspended today due to the bandh.     

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Shirui Lily Festival 2019 to be celebrated on October

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Imphal, June 7,

State flower Shirui Lily is not going to bloom in October month - everyone knows , but the state cabinet had resolved to celebrate it in the said month.

The decision was taken in the first meeting of the Organising Committee of 3rd State Level Shirui Lily Festival 2019 , held at Chief Minister’s Office yesterday where Chief Minister N. Biren Singh chaired  the meeting.

MLA of Chingai AC Khasim Vashum, MLA of Phungyar AC K. Leishiyo, MLA of Ukhrul AC Alfred Kanngam S. Arthur, Chairman of Ukhrul ADC Dr Yaronsho Ngalung, Principal Secretary (GAD) V. Vumlunmang, Commissioner (Tourism) Smt. Nidhi Kesarwani, Director (Tourism) W. Ibohal, members of various CSOs of Ukhrul, Headman of various villages of Ukhrul district attended the meeting. 

The meeting discussed about the tentative dates for the 3rd State Level Shirui Lily Festival 2019 in the month of October this year. The meeting further discussed the identification of venues for the festival and formation of District Level Shirui Lily Festival Co-Ordination Committee etc. 

It may be mentioned that the 3rd State Level Shirui Lily Festival 2019 was postponed due the enforcement of Model Code of Conduct of 17th Lok Sabha Election 2019.

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KCP MC claims bomb at Bishop House

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Imphal, June 7,

Armed group Kangleipak Communist Party- Military Council, today claimed the bomb that was placed at Bishop House, Mantripukhri, Lamlongei, yesterday.

A statement signed by Comrade Lanchenba Meitei, Secretary, Information and Publicity, Military Affairs said that Educational Institutes which are running  under the Catholic Education Society, Manipur should not spread Christian religion using the educational institutes. The outfit said that they had attack to stop the action of cultural imperialism. Coming of Hindutva fascist in Manipur led by the BJP and the suppression of the people taking advantage of the present position of the revolutionary movement,  many activism to engulf the Indigenous people has been noticed .
The statement further said that the catholic school society stand against the statement of the outfit and continue to spread Christian religion using educational institution as a tool.
The statement added that to save the indigenous people of Manipur the outfit will stand against the cultural imperialism.

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Maoist claim bomb at Khurai; says last warning

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Imphal, June 7,

Armed group Maoist Communist Party Manipur today claimed responsibility of placing the bomb in front of the gate of contractor Yumkham Sitesh Singh, at Khurai Thoudam Leikai, who is also the brother-in-law of present RIMS Director. The armed group said that the bomb was placed as last warning for converting the Health Care service institution into a market for contractors.
The statement signed by Comrade kyonghan Mangang, Coordinator, Standing Committee, said that Maoist has given the final warning to Yumkham Sitesh Singh in relation of corruption charges about the RIMS contract works. Earlier, Maoist and Kangleipak Communist Party- Military Council (KCP-MC) had already stated in a press statement about him ( Yumkham Sitesh Singh) and his brother in law i.e, Present RIMS, Director.

The statement further said that the person is close nexus  with the Director and with some of the formal leaders of the CSOs, claiming and threatening as outfit’s to the people by expressing what will they (MAOIST) do. Maoist added that the person is accused in the large amount of corruption of RIMS, contract works and appointing jobs in the Health care services.
The outfit added that they keep eyeing on the person from earlier and he also criticized KCP-MC by saying how many of them are in the group. The Director has appointed his own men in the Engineering Cell Consultant from Oinam and one SE from Sagolband Meino Leirak  awarding contract works to his brother in law and relatives, the statement said.
The statement added that the Engineering Cell Consultant  and SE should not continue to stand against the outfit’s if other otherwise the outfit’s is ready to give punish to the duo but Maoist will not compromise RIMS, Director and his brother in law Yumkham Sitesh Singh.
The statement said that the action of Yumkham Sitesh Singh is very reactionary so that the outfit comes to a decision of  giving a penalty to the person. It appealed the locals of Khurai to stay away from the Sitesh family.

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YFPHR denounces re-commencement for construction of Imphal Railway Station at Sagoltongba

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Imphal, June 7,

Youths Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) expressed strong condemnation to the re-commencement for construction of Imphal Railway Station at Sagoltongba, Imphal West.  The announcement was made by NK Prasad, General Manager N.F. Railway along with other officials keeping aside and neglecting the demands of indigenous peoples, who are deprived of their rights over their lands and resource since the railway work was commenced destroying the natural environment.

“We all have witnessed the facts about the violation of Indigenous People’s Rights by not conducting social and environmental impact assessment , safeguard measures and not respecting the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous people wherein  free prior and consent of the people was neglected before any  developmental projects starts in the land of indigenous  peoples”, a statement   by its   convenor Phajaton said.                                                        
It added that the ongoing construction of railway tunnel had affected many villages, water sources and indigenous means of livelihoods where the ongoing construction of railway line passes through. It also highlighted fact about the Tairenpokpi Village which is suffering from acute shortage of potable water and also for agricultural & domestic purposes as the natural source of water from the stream have been diverted for their construction purposes of TT12 and further releasing the cemented waste to the streams which leads to the agricultural field. As a result of the same the water supply project which runs under the PHED Department   remained defunct since the last two years. The major area is that the paddy fields of Kadangbi loukol is damaged by the cemented and contaminated water, the statement said.
“Viewing the facts about the environmental & agricultural destruction, the affected villagers from different districts along with human rights organisation condemned and protested against the construction of railway line without proper steps are taken up”, the Youth Forum said and added that it is unfortunate that without meeting the demands of indigenous people, the N.F. Railway along with Government tried to complete the project as soon as possible. It is very clear that the ongoing railway project is not for the welfare of the people but to destroy the indigenous peoples of Manipur.
The Youth forum also urged the NF Railway and government to stop the construction works until proper social and environment impact assessment and safeguard of indigenous peoples rights and livelihood are assured.

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Of our identity

One would not need to struggle to find appropriate adjectives to describe the state- except for descriptions like “Dull” or “Normal”.
The slew of activities keeping the public on tenterhooks, albeit for reasons seemingly unrelated for the last couple of days is not something out of the ordinary in this place. It might even be called the eternal spring of delusion- for all the expectations, hopes and opportunities that has been dashed and wasted. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the present social developments, as had always been in the past, present a dual aspect, depending on one’s perspective.
One is the unfortunate yet necessary reorientation of social priorities and order, as would the authorities and administrators put it. The other would be the festering law and order situation which is slowly yet surely morphing into a collective attitude of suspicion and mistrust made worse by a sense of alienation and demarcation between the influential and the powerful on one end with the commoners on the other.
Perfection is often said to be an impossible ideology- proven more often with glaring shortcomings by even the most well-meaning and more resourceful states and leaders. Yet it is not the failure to achieve perfection that is picking at the conscience of the public and stirring undesirable emotions, but the failure of those who have been entrusted with the power and the authority to make a sincere and determined attempt at making the best out of whatever is being received or offered, or is endowed as the case may be. While the law and order situation in the state, or more precisely, the cause of it is very much debatable, it is beyond the comprehension of one’s rationale when a government fails to even sit up and take notice, much less act on it, when its existence is  threatened.

The succession of incursions and intrusions into the territories of Manipur either by Myanmar or neighbouring Indian state on various instances is but a manifestation of the persistent effort of a greedy entity taking undue advantage of a lethargic and reluctant authority which is still not able to make up its garbled mind on the sequence of actions to be taken up, if it is to be taken up at all.
The acute indecisiveness of the state government has become rather viral, seeping down to every ancillaries of its machinery.
Then again, the uncomfortable development is the recent threats to the existence of the identity of the state and its people due to various policy who are in power at the center. The identity of the indigenous people is at stake with the government planning to introduce certain legislation in their effort to make sure that India of today will by a Hindu nation tomorrow. No doubt many or say majority of the Meitei follow Hindu religion but it should be noted that being Hindu does not say that we are part of their culture. Manipur adopted Hindu in late 17 century but then it had its own history and religion.

Manipur at a Glance : AN ETHNIC DILEMMA

Khulakfam Altab Ali
Imphal, Manipur

It’s time to Solve
It’s time to Unite
For a New Manipur
For a Peaceful Civilization

By Ethnic conflicts we mean those domestic, inter-state or transnational political conflicts in which the actors involved focus on issues relating to Ethnicity. Ethnic conflicts are the main forms of political instability in the multi ethnic societies like Manipur during second half of twenty century and beginning of new century. The goal of this study determinates social context of ethnic conflict in multi ethnic societies with the rise of nationalism based organisation. Balancing ethno cultural diversity and dignity with national integration and cohesion has been a constant challenge for the state policy-maker. Also, This study is to predict the future direction of Ethnic policy in the political system as opaque as the state fight with difficulties.
Manipur, a sovereign Kingdom came under British rule as a princely state in 1891 and existed until 1947 as an Independent Princely Country. However, in 1949, Maharaja Bodhchandra was summoned to Shillong, the capital of the then Indian province of Assam, and on 21 September 1949 signed a Treaty of Accession under which Manipur was to be formally merged to India on October 15, 1949. Under terms of this agreement, the government of India announced the formal annexation of Manipur on 15 October 1949. Manipur was a union territory from 1956, becoming a full-fledged state in 1972.
The state Assembly and the council of Minister which elected by the people of Manipur under the provisions of Manipur Constitution Act 1947 by practicing the Universal Adult Franchise were forcibly abolished on the same day by an executive order of the Indian government.
It consist of 9 districts viz. Bishnupur, Churachandpur, Chandel, Imphal East, Imphal West, Senapati, Tamenglong, Thoubal and Ukhrul. And later on divided into 16 districts on 8th December, 2016 which 7 new districts are Tengnoupal, bifurcated from Channel district, Kamjong from Ukhrul, Pherzawl from Churachandpur, Kangpokpi from Senapati, Kakching from Thoubal, Noney from Tamenglong and Jiribam from Imphal East districts. The creation of the new district comes after a long struggle and at the cost of 7 lives lost during the agitation for the same.
Manipur is a state inhabited by several ethnic groups, which have their unique culture & tradition. Some of the major communities are Meitei, Pangal, Naga and Kuki in which Naga and Kuki belongs to Schedule Tribe whereas Meitei and Pangal live in Valley in which these two ethnics groups are classified as Majority & Minority based on demography and social status. It can be