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 Imphal, March 8,

Hon’ble Governor of Manipur, Dr. Najma A Heptulla lauded the womenfolk or ‘Imas’ of Manipur for their genuine courage in times of challenging state issues adding that Ima market which comprises of about 5000 women is a symbol of economic empowerment of women. Empowerment of women means a state in which a woman’s opinion is taken seriously- be it at home or office or politics or public space and when she is free from discrimination and has a voice in the society. She expressed this at the International Women’s Day Celebration held at Sangai Conference Hall, Hotel Imphal today.
The event was jointly observed by the Manipur State Commission for Women with the State Social Welfare Department on the theme ‘Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change’.
Speaking at the occasion as the Chief Guest, she also stated that she has always been a great supporter of women’s rights and cause of women empowerment.
I move the resolution for 33% reservation of women in the Parliament as early as 1995. Let us be strong and judge ourselves on our own balances, she also said.
Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri N Biren Singh; Minister (Social Welfare) Smt. Nemcha Kipgen; Chairperson, Manipur State Commission for Women, Prof. Binota Meinam; Chairperson, Manipur State Development Corporation, Smt. S.Satyabhama Devi and  Chairperson, Manipur State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Smt. Sumatibala Ningthoujam also attended the function as Special Guest, President and Guests of Honour respectively.
Highlighting that women will have no problem if there is conscious leadership, Governor Najma Heptulla appreciated CM N Biren for rendering social work in empowering the marginalised women population of the State.
Stating that the present Government has stepped down at micro level for promoting the welfare of women, Chief Minister N Biren mentioned that loans were given to the women weavers and around more than 2500 free looms are also provided by the Industry Department.
About 6-7 ima markets are almost constructed in the hill districts, he added. He also stated that special courts are set up to deal crime against women and various schemes initiated by the Prime Minister like the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana and widow schemes have been launched to better the situation of women in Manipur.
Delivering the presidential address, Social Welfare Minister Nemcha Kipgen expressed that women empowerment is the key to strengthen their participation in the decision-making which is the most important key to socio-economic development. She further said that the International Women’s Day is an opportunity to transform this momentum into action, to empower women in all settings. “Gender equality is the first step to women empowerment”, she also stated.
As a Social Welfare Minister, she also appealed  the women-folks of Manipur to avail all the opportunities under the various programmes and schemes undertaken by the department for empowering women such as training programmes like tailoring, embroidery etc. apart from other schemes for protecting women facing violence both in public and private sphere lives.
In her welcome note , Prof. Binota Meinam appealed the Government to frame a separate policy and act for the welfare of women who are victims of various atrocities.

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Imphal March 8,

Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) regret to learn that the death of Pravish Chanam’s case have been disposed without any probe of the death by the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Gautam Budha Nagar after the I.O of the case Mr. Manish Saxena submitted its FINAL REPORT (FR) or FINAL FORM/ REPROT Bearing FR No: 535/18 on the 23rd of July, 2018 mentioning that none of the perpetrators could be booked or arrested till date.
One cannot deny the fact that just after two months from the date of disposal of the case by the CJM, the Superintendent of Police, CBI SCB, Lucknow issued a letter addressing to the President of Kanglei Ima Lup on the 20th of September, 2018 mentioning that “the State Police is well equipped and has professionally trained STF, CBCID and other specialized branch to either assist or undertake the investigation of better professional management of Investigation. Hence, this case was not found suitable to be taken up for the investigation by CBI and the decision of Govt. of India has also been communicated to the Chief Secretary, Government of UP”
On the other hand the Mr. Bhagwan Swarup, Secretary of Home, Government of UP issued a notification bearing its reference no. 326(2)P/VI-P-3-2018-4(36)P/17 dated 29th of January, 2018 mentioning that the matter has been recommended for CBI Investigation of the case crime no. 1023/2017 U/s. 302, 201 IPC. The CBI PROFORMA submitted by the Department of Home further mentioned in the CBI PROFORMA Point no. 6 that “There is a probability that persons from native state of deceased or neighboring state like Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan etc may be behind the crime hence it may be difficult for local police to unearth such conspiracy.”
Here lies the dilemma that
 Who is investigating the disposed case of Pravish Chanam by the CJM, Gautam Budh Nagar?
Is STF, CBCID mentioned by the CBI Lucknow Branch investigating the disposed case where the Final Report have been submitted by Mr. Manish Saxena, Inspector, Sector-20 Noida on the 23rd July, 2018?
Why Chief Minister of Manipur is silent when being fooled by the Government of UP and Central Government? 
All these circumstances clearly reveal that the death of Pravish Chanam is a high level serious political crime.
YFPHR, therefore, appeal the government of Manipur to pray before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to transfer the matter of Pravish Chanam’s murder case to the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur immediately and the trial be conducted in Manipur.

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Friday, 08 March 2019 16:57

BSF recovered arms and ammunitions

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Imphal March 8,

Based on specific input generated by the Field G Team of Shq, BSF, CI(Ops), Manipur and G Cell of 182 BN BSF regarding the presence of suspected Hill Based UG Cadres in and around Maphou area, a team of FGT, Imphal and G Cell of 182 BN BSF pursued the input by activating the source. As a result, at around Mid-night of 08/03/19, reliable source confirmed that  suspected  03 Cadres along with  two sympathisers have entered the area in the evening after hiding items  suspected to be weapons somewhere between Tamukhong and TCpokpi Village along the Maphou-Imphal main Road near a Culvert which has been frequently used by these Cadres. Following which combined team of BSF led by Sh M A Shishak, DC/G along with FGT troops, Unit G Cell 182 BN BSF, troops of A Coy 182 BN BSF under the command of Inspector K S Meitei, Officiating Coy Commander of CI Post Moirangpurel, Ex- 182 BN BSF and Maphou Police carried out search operation in the said area from 0430 hrs to 0645 Hrs. After thoroughly searching the area, at about 06:45 Am, a suspected bag was found near culvert in which the following items have been recovered.7.62 Ammunition Live Rounds – 41  AK 7.56 live Rounds – 22 9 MM live Rounds - 01

5.56 MM Live Rounds - 06  7.62 blank cartridge-01  AK blank cartridge-01  WRA 53 live rounds/ M1 Carbine Ammunition - 05

SLR magazine- 02 Small arm country made magazine- 01 Chinese hand grenade - 01. Wireless set with two antenna (Kenwood)- 01 PPT- 01  Opium- 70 gms. The recovered items have been handed over to the PS Maphou East and FIR has been lodged at PS Maphou-East in this regard.

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Imphal March 8,

As a part of the world wide celebration for international women’s day today mothers of Khwairamband Ema Keithel, Women action for development, Women committee united NGOs Mission Manipur jointly organised it honouring the brave mothers of Khwairamband Ema Keithel at Khwairamband Keithel under the theme think equal build smart innovative for change.

Speaking in a key note address Thingujam Rani secretary of Khwairamband Keithel Sinfam Amadi Saktam Kanba Lup said that the women of Manipur has been taking a vital role of the society during the monarchy era way before the women’s day was declared internationally.

She added that the women of Manipur have fought the mighty colonial British Empire and such events were well marked in the history.

Roni also said that as a policy to curtail the insurgency movement in the state the central government has been implementing the draconian law AFSPA killing many people. The mothers and the women has been taking a huge role in protesting against such law. Many of the important issues of the state and movements were spearheaded by the Manipuri women.

She also highlighted the histories of various women uprising for equal wages and equal voting rights leading to the marking of the day as international women’s day.


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Imphal, March 8,

While appreciating the commendable responsibilities shouldered by Manipuri Kanglei) women in the socio-economic, cultural and political realms, the CorCom has greeted has greeted all women who have been reeling under alien rule on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

In a statement CorCom media coordinator Leibaak-Ngaakpa Luwang pointed out that the United Nations has been observing March 8 as the International Women’s Day since 1975 and this year’s theme is ‘Balance for Better’.

Since the days Manipur was an independent kingdom, Manipuri women shouldered many key socio-economic, cultural and political responsibilities. At the height of the ongoing liberation movement which was responded by massive oppression, the land’s womenfolk came out and fought boldly against Indian military forces in the garb of the Meira Paibi movement, it said.

The Nupi Lan of 1904 and 1939 symbolise Manipur women’s war against oppression and human rights violation, CorCom asserted.

It also underscored the importance of sustaining and promoting the Meira Paibi movement in view of the long drawn armed and political confrontation.

At the same time, it is crucial to ponder over the changes seen in the characters and mental disposition of Meitei women. It appears that alluring worldly pleasures have been bargaining with the age old traditions, culture and beliefs of Meitei women, observed CorCom.

The rising incidence of marriage between Meitei women and non-local men cannot be dismissed as private matters. There are major lapses on the part of the families concerned, it added. The situation demands initiation of corrective measures at the level of the society for it challenges the very foundation of Manipuri identity and ethos, it said.

Even though Manipuri women always enjoyed a respected position in society, suppression and violence against women have been rising at an alarming rate since Manipur was taken into the political and cultural domain of India.

The alien rule has been vigorously imposing cultural imperialism and invading the dignity and ideals of Manipuri women. Manipur women need to guard themselves from this cultural imperialism and steadfastly protect the identity of the land, CorCom said. It then called upon all the people to work collectively so as to put an end to all forms of crime against women and create an independent, egalitarian and progressive society.

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The world celebrates International Women’s day under the theme ‘Balance for Better ’. The day is being celebrated across the world to show respect to the women community and also to uplift them from the crunch of the male dominated society. It is also celebrated to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe.
Well the observation of the day has its root at New York. The mass protest of the women garment worker in 1908 demanding improvement of their working condition had brought significant changes to the condition of women. Commemorating the day the United States of America observed February 28 as the National Women’s Day in 2009.
Since then various uprising across the European countries took place. The United Nations later deeply felt the need for recognizing a day particularly for women and since 1975, the March 8 has been observing as the International Day across the globe.
Like every nations across the globe, the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur had witnessed various historic events. The first Nupi Lal of 1904 and the 2nd Nupi Lal of 1939, are some of the events where Manipuri women contribution towards bringing a change in the society is worth remembering.
Unlike the western countries which celebrate International Women’s Day, the kind of observation being taken place in a place like Manipur is different – Women’s day being observed by various organizations in the state is rather to find a solution to the problems being faced by the women of today’s Manipuri society. And unlike in the mainland Indian states and other developed and developing countries, the issues are of the women here in Manipur are very different.
There are certain issues like domestic violence, rape and crime against women, issues of widows, orphan girl child may be somewhat similar in almost all human society. But the kind of subjugation being faced by the women of Manipur under the draconian laws and the women becoming most venerable object during conflict between non state actors and state actors is serious.
The practice of polygamy in the society and peoples’ acceptance to it, either willingly or unwillingly is somewhat suppressing the rights of women.
The issue about polygamy in Manipur have its root in the feudal character of the society.
If we look back in the history, it was the King and his subjects that were privileged to have wives more than one. The end of monarch does not end this feudal attitude.
Manipur has witnessed various dark phases which give tremendous impact to the society.
During 1980s the society was severely hit by drugs and insurgency related violence. Because of drugs many become victims of HIV and AIDS, and because of insurgency related violence many were exterminated. Thus the number of widows was on the rise.
Understanding the possible impact, government introduced various welfare schemes for improvement of the widows. For example widows of the victim killed in insurgency related violence were provided monetary assistance provided that the victim does not belong to member of any none state actor.
If the victim is proved to be member of any none state actors then the widow are left to live on their own.
On the other hand Manipur’s societal structure is always seen as male dominating society even after knowing that women have been always in the forefront – whether it may be fighting against immoral activities, drugs or wrongs of the government besides taking active role in supporting their respective family economically.
Culturally women are still forbidden to take the lead role. For example women are not allowed to do Keiyna dan during the marriage of her daughter when she is the only parents left. A widow with only daughters still has to wait some male relative to perform the last rite of her husband or near and dear one. In both Sanamahi and Manipuri Veishnavite culture women are always told to follow the male. They are not allowed to sit at ‘Phambal’- a place where head of the family often sit. This means that women are never considered as the head of family.
On the other hand women are deprived of their rights in getting their share from their parental family. The law of this land says that daughters or son should have equal rights when it comes to inherit properties. In Manipur society daughters once married are considered separated entirely from their parental family.
Out of the 60 assembly seat women can occupy only 2 in the state assembly. The people had witnessed the assembly house with maximum 3 women MLAs. There is hardly any representation of women in Parliament and it is unfortunate for a developing country to not include its women in the process. The observance of International Women’s  Day under the theme PressForProgress seems to have lost its significance as long as the women are not empowered to represent in the decision making body of the country as well as in the state.
Issues of the women are understood by women and without their presence it is useless to whatever welfare programme taken up for the women.  Beti Bachoa, Beti Padhao , Ujjawala Yojna, maternity leave schemes advertised today in some leading newspapers are valueless unless they are not empowered to sit among the male in the decision making body.

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New Delhi, March 7,

The Delhi High Court reiterated that the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) is the sole recognized body for boxing in India by restraining the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) from using the words ‘India’ or ‘Indian’ in its name in an interim order passed today. It was in response to a petition that the BFI had filed, seeking a permanent injunction against the IABF representing itself as a National Sports Federation for Boxing or falsely claiming itself to be recognized by the Indian Olympic Association, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and International Boxing Association (AIBA).
BFI opted for the legal course after it came to light that the IABF was in the process of conducting national sub-junior men’s and women’s boxing championships for which entry fees from budding pugilists too had been collected.
Following their plea, the bench of Hon’ble Justice Pratibha Singh not only barred the IABF from using ‘India’ in their name but also directed them to inform all participants that they are not a recognized national sports federation of boxing.
The court order further consolidates BFI’s status after it earned formal recognition from the AIBA, Sports Ministry and IOA in 2017 following its establishment on 25th September 2016. The BFI has worked tirelessly since in a bid to make India a boxing powerhouse.
With Mr Ajay Singh as the President, the BFI has restructured the domestic system, resulting in a steady flow of talent which has led to an increase of medals from elite international competitions in the last couple of years and have brought marquee World Boxing events to India for the first time since 2017.

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