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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 09 May 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

2 BSF personnel killed; another 3 civilians injured in IED blast at Koirengei

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Imphal, May 9,

Barely 20 hours after twin blasts  at IGAR (South) PRO office (Sanjeevani) gate, near Hotel Imphal in North AOC which injured an Assam Rifles Jawan, another IED explosion at the gate of BSF camp at Koirengei kills two BSF personnel today afternoon.  Three  civilians  including  2 women also sustain serious injury.
Report reaching here said that the IED blasts occurred at around 1.30 pm today afternoon inside a variety store owned by one Ichan Meitei. The variety store is located on the roadside of Imphal Dimapur road, at Koirengei at the south eastern corner of the BSF SHQ campus.

Beside, destroying the variety store 4 persons including a woman and 2 BSF constables who were on RP duty sustain serious injury. One of the BSF personnel was severely hit by the splinter of the blast below his knees that it almost amputated on the spot. They were immediately rushed to RIMS Hospital but succumbed   to injury.  The deceased BSF personnel have been identified as NN Meetei constable No. 10633129 and constable No 120905384 Sanjay Tirkey.
The 3 injured have been identified as  Mangshatabam Premlata Devi 40 years, D/O M Ningthemjao of Luwangsangbam Makha Lekai;  Heishnam Mubi, Heishnam Manglem of Maiba Khul,  Van driver of Public School and Bindya Thakuri 19 years, D/O Tilak Bahadur of Koirengei BSF Gate. Bindya sustain minor injury however the other two are undergoing treatment at Raj Medicity . Condition of the lady is stated to be critical.
Mention may be made that 2 simultaneous blasts occured at the IGAR (South) PRO office (Sanjeevani) gate, near Hotel Imphal, North AOC injured one Assam Rifles Jawan yesterday evening at around 6.30 pm.  
The first bomb blast occurred at the front of the PRO office gate, while the other at the northern side of the gate near the wall.  
The injured Jawan was identified as N. Prem Singh of 22 AR, Tamenglong, presently attached with IGAR (S) liaison cell PRO. He is a resident of Kakching.

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Still no solution: Are we going to face the anger of Mother Nature was again?

The last few years, People of the state are experiencing the furry of flood every year. Breached of River embankment, submerging of residential areas living thousands homeless, landslide due to incessant rains are phenomenon which is in the news of today’s generation every year.
Many lives have been lost due to the flash flood, many have been killed due to landslides in the state’s Chandel district last year, Highways have been blocked every now and then due to landslide, yet the government still fails to take long term measures to fight the problem of flood.  
Well, when men starts disregarding the subtle balance of nature or neglect its inherent importance to the very existence of other life forms, she sometimes showed her wrath to make the humans refresh their fickle memories and reemphasise her importance.
For decades the people of the region have totally forgotten that it is Mother Nature that has been making the lives of every living creature enjoy the temperate and lush green atmosphere.
In a world where technology had reached its height, where leaders of the western nations talk about building modern cities under the sea or somewhere in the sky, we in this portion of the earth do not know how to make good use of what Mother Nature has so generously gifted us. It is a known fact that during dry season people of this region faced acute shortage of water and during rainy season the place is usually flooded.
 This phenomenon has been experiencing by the people for the past few decades. No people of this generation have ever heard our great great grandfathers facing such a disastrous phenomenon. This clearly shows that the present vicious circle of floods and droughts is the creation of this generation. One cannot simply blame on the mass deforestation as a result of the drastic situation being faced by the people. Politicians and those who are running the government cannot make their way out of this by blaming the citizens for not following the orders of the government. Draughts and floods which were once only learnt through geography books and newspapers have now become routine event of this little state since the last two three decades.
As for the Imphalites from a small child who can read and write to those who hold top post in the government departments or those doing doctoral degree in any discipline, everyone knows that the kind of flood or draught that we the people of Manipur are facing every year is a man made one created by lack of proper planning and/or implementations on water management. Every time when the people faced such a situation there will be much hue and cry from the side of the general public demanding the government for a proper water policy for the state. Even at the state assembly, some of the MLAs had brought up the issue and drew the attention of the government for proper management of water by framing a water policy. Concerned Ministers in the government assured to look into the matter without fail but no visible action has been seen taken up.

This is perhaps because those in power and are responsible for looking after this section of department – say , for example the Irrigation and Flood Control Department (IFCD) which has been now converted as Water Resources Department and Public Health Engineering Department  (PHED) seems to be deliberately waiting for occurrence of flood or draught.
Everyone knows that when there is flood the Ministers or the authority of the government department looking after it are entitle to spend huge amount of money in the name of taking up relief measures. This fund so reportedly utilized, only benefitted those who are actually assigned to utilize it.
So, if there is no draught or flood then there are no special packages or huge relief funds to be utilized or rather managed to arrange in predetermined shares amongst themselves. Which means that those in the government never wanted a pragmatic solution to the floods or draughts in this state which have adequate amount of rainfall every year.
Hopefully, the new government, continuing with its no-nonsense approach towards accelerating the pace of progress in the state brings about that much required change for the better. However, even though intension seems to be clear – lacked of proper study for a long term plan failed the government again making a mockery of the people of the state.
We do understand criticizing the government for the flood that people of the state faced in just one or two days would be wrong as it will take time in taking up the programme that they are taking up for managing flood. However, it is not late for the government to present a long term planning to manage and control flood. May be it will take some 5 to 10 years but until and unless a master plan has been formulated , the future generation will blame today’s so called leaders or those who are running the government.  

Thank you Mangaal Rural - as long as entrepreneur like you exist, Manipur still have hopes

From the desk of the Editor

It’s not because, your team honoured me for bringing up issues of public importance or neither for the costly gift your team presented me as a token of encouragement to our profession, but it is because of the Samaritan service that you have been rendering for the welfare of the state without any financial assistant from any government or non-government organisation.
For five years we have been running the newspaper, since then we had brought up many issues of corruptions and major government departments to the notice of the concern authority. We had published news report on how people of Imphal East may face artificial flood but due to mere negligence in the pipeline being constructed from Mapithel Dam to Chingkheiching. We had many times reported how public money sanctioned for the welfare if the proletariats are being sucked out by those higher ups authority in the state Horticulture department. Recently team Imphal Times carried a news report which highlighted the moral of a lady police. It is not that we in the Imphal Times wanted to receive appreciation for the work we have been doing for the welfare of the public. But when some organisation, or businessman personally came and presented a gift to honour us – than we have no words – which we think could thank him.
On Monday evening, a young friend called me up saying that an entrepreneur called “Mangaal Rural wanted to honour me with some gifts for a news we reported in our May 4 edition. I said okay, and I invited some of friends in media circle to join me as my office does not have many staffs. Next morning when the Founder of the Mangaal Rural – Ningthoujam Surjit came along with his team, I was surprised to see that the gift was a costly LED Television, which I had never dream of having one. A few minutes talk with the Founder of the Social entrepreneur group Ningthoujam Surjit said that his team has been honouring me for the risky news report which went viral on social networking site. Well, on further conversation, in front of my media colleague, I came to find out that – the Mangaal Rural had already done many appreciating job for the people of the state without any financial support from any government or non-government agency but from the little income he earned from his business.
A year after its establishment, the Mangaal Rural team began social service from 2011. The first mission they launched was to select one village each year and converted it into model village with the resource they get from their business.
Atom Khuman Village in Imphal West district of Sekmai Assembly constituency was converted into Solar Power Village by the Mangaal team under the leadership of Ningthoujam Surjit. With the success the team having more confident in taking up more work for the people. The team then move to far flung village in the interior district of Churachandpur and then make a village called Nungthang Tampak – a 100% computer literate village. Incidentally the village turn out to the first village in the entire North East state and second in India.
Following year, that is in the beginning of 2017 the Mangaal team then went to Kak Mayai Village in Heirok Assembly constituency of Thoubal district. 450 LED bulbs were installed, besides conventional bulb used in the villagers have also been replaced without taking any charges. The village is the only village which use LED bulb (power consumption is less compare to conventional bulb) in Thoubal district or perhaps in the entire state of Manipur.
Imphal Times had never expected that Manipur would have high thinking business personality until we come across Ningthoujam Surjit, the founder of Mangaal Rural.  

CM inspect Kangla Fort, convene meeting

IT News
Imphal, May 9,
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh chaired the 27th meeting of the Kangla Fort Board which was held at Kangla today. The meeting discussed about the shifting of the present Helipad from the premises of Kangla. During the meeting, Chief Minister, who is also the Chairman of the Kangla Fort Board instructed that no new construction should be allowed inside Kangla.  
It may be mentioned that according to the ancient manuscript ‘Puya’, the current Helipad site was called ‘Manung Kangjeibung’, one of the oldest Polo ground. It is believed that King Kangba used to play the game of Polo in that ground. The polo ground was later developed during the reign of King Marjit (1813-1819).
MLA Th. Satyabrata Singh, Chief Secretary Dr. J. Suresh Babu, DGP Shri L.M. Khaute, Commissioner (Art and Culture) M. Lakshmikumar Singh, Director(Art and Culture) Ng. Uttam, Superintendent of Archaeology Department and among others attended the meeting.

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7th Pay Demand Protest Continued

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Imphal, May 9:

As part of the continuous protest staged by the employees and staffs of state government offices in connection with the demands made by the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO to implement 7th pay commission in the state, staffs and employees of Agriculture Department, Porompat, Imphal-East also stage sit-in-protest at the gate of the office building, today. M RatanKumar, Assistant Agricultural Officer expressed disappointment over the current BJP led state government for failing to sort out any solution to implement the 7th pay commission in the state despite more than 150 state government run department has staged the protest sit-in for 49 days till date.
Almost all the states in North-East has implemented the 7th pay, whereas Manipur is the only remaining state where no sign of implementing the commission is not yet shadowed, which creates a baffling thoughts to the employees weather the commission will be implemented or not, he added.
RatanKumar mention that though there has been directives from the executive committee who assemble the election manifesto of BJP Manipur, which clearly mention that the 7th pay commission will be implemented once the party come into power in the state in the recent general election, to recommend the commission to the state government whereas those manifesto has been kept aside rather than fulfilling what they have promise to the employees.
With the soaring rates of all the daily needed products in the market and essentials items, the employees’ appeals to implement the commission at the earliest as they are facing problems running their families with their current salaries.

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2 Day National Seminar cum Workshop on ‘Atomic Energy & Radiations for Societal Development’ begins

Imphal, May 9,

 Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam inaugurated the 2 Day National Seminar cum Workshop on ‘Atomic Energy & Radiations for Societal Development’ at the Multi Purpose Hall of D. M. College. He said that the participants should try to gain knowledge and understanding of the topic which will be thoroughly discussed in the seminar.
Speaking as the Chief Guest of the function, he stressed that every types/kind of education should be able to address the issues and problems prevailing in the society. Education, he further added, is not just to get a degree and job. It is imparted to nurture oneself by gaining deeper understanding of the subjects and problems. Th. Radheshyam urged the young students to attentively participate the seminar and approached the experts to clear their doubts, coming from both the state and outside. He said that the future lies in their hands and is important that they update themselves with information and understanding to make the State as well as the North East Region progress.
The Seminar is organised by the Dhanamanjuri Community College, of the recently enacted Dhanamanjuri University, Imphal, in association with Study Forum for Advanced Technology NE, India under the aegis of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India, held.
Vice Chancellor Dhanamanjuri University, H. Deleep Singh said that the seminar will highlight the utilities of the atomic energy and radiation in terms of health, medicine and agriculture sector. The seminar will give an opportunity to the budding scientist to come in face to face with the eminent scientist from prominent institutions in field of the atomic energy and radiation.
Head, Public Awareness Division, Department of Atomic Energy, Ravi Shankar, Eminent Scientists, Principals of different colleges of Manipur, professors and students attended the inaugural function.

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Chief Minister appeals to work with commitment and determination

Imphal, May 09,

Chief Minister  N. Biren Singh said that if we are committed and determined, we would be able to achieve anything for the welfare of the State. This was stated by him at the ‘One Day Workshop on SBM(G) for attaining ODF in Manipur’ held at Sangai Hall, Imphal Hotel today. The workshop was organised by Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Manipur.
Addressing the gathering, Chief Minister appealed the capable and talented officers to leave aside the ego issues and co-operate, co-ordinate and to work collectively for the development in the State. He further advised the officers to work sincerely and honestly and to do away with contract oriented mindset. Contract oriented working style delays to accomplish various schemes and programmes in time. We need to prioritise our workload, he added.  
Chief Minister said that under the ‘Go to Village’ mission, we would construct toilet and bathroom especially for women and girls in each and every village of the State. He asked the officials to work towards attaining Open Defecation Free in the entire State by 15th August of this year. A review meeting with all the officers from Chief Engineer to Section Officer would be held to work out the modalities to attain the ODF in the State in time, he added. He mentioned that a DPR for construction of Recycling Manufacturing Unit would be sent to Government of India soon.    Minister for PHE L. Dikho said that we have seen a huge progress in SBM(G). However, we need to create sensitization programme and awareness campaign about SBM across the State, he added. Let us commit to make a Clean Manipur and to promote and preserve ecosystem, he added.
Secretary of Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India Parameswaran Iyer said that the Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) is not just a toilet construction programme but to bring a behavioural change among the people of the country. He stated that we could see a great shift in the behavioural change in the entire country. The sanitation coverage for Rural India in 2014 was only 39 percent and it has been substantially increased to 83 percent now, he added.
He mentioned that according to a research conducted by Gates Foundation, diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery are very much lower in ODF villages. He appreciated the State Government’s recent initiative ‘Go to Village’ as it would help in the Swachh Bharat Mission (G). He said that around 40,000 dysfunctional toilets would be constructed in the State soon.
During the function, Secretary, PHE Government of Manipur Smt. Nidhi Kesarwani gave a detailed power point presentation on Open Defecation Free Manipur: Roadmap and Challenges.  
It may be mentioned that Senapati and Bishnupur Districts have been officially declared ODF district in the State.
Deputy Director General of Ministry of Water and Sanitation, Government of India Hiranya Borah, Chief Engineer of PHE H. Sunil Singh, Deputy Commissioners of various districts and others attended the function.

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Positive attitude brings positive opportunities in life - Minister Biswajit

IT News
Imphal, May 9,

Positive attitude brings positive opportunities in life, said Information and Public Relations Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh on Tuesday.
Minister Biswajit was speaking at the World Red Cross Day, 2018 observation organised by the India Red Cross Society, Manipur State Branch at its M.G. Avenue, Imphal head office.
Addressing students attending the observation, the Minister said that one cannot achieve success without hard work. He said that we should also understand that luck favours only those who are hard-working. He said that we should also have a positive mindset to attract success. We may get all the guidance and support from our parents, elders and teachers, however, we will succeed only if we act our part and be hard-working, the Minister added. He also said that inspiring, encouraging and guiding the younger generation is also very important in building a society. “Life is full of uncertainty, and we much act our part during our lifetime for the future generation”, Bishwajit said while adding that peace is important to bring development.
“Without peace there will be no development and to bring peace in the society, we should bring unity amongst ourselves”, the Minister said.
“We should bridge the communication gap amongst the different communities to bring unity and peace”, he continued.
Biswajit also lauded the society and its volunteers for the service it has rendered in the State.
The observation was also attended by IRCS-MSB chairman, Management Committee, Dr. R.K. Nimai Singh IAS (retd.) and General Secretary, IRCS-MSB Dr. Y.Mohen Singh among others. Meanwhile, prizes were also distributed to winners of various competitions including painting, debate and extempore for various age groups held on April 6 as part of the observation.

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1st Ayush Medical Camp for AR

IT News
Imphal, May 9,
27 Sector Assam Rifles is organizing  first AYUSH MEDICAL CAMP for the Assam Rifles troops at Churachandpur, an initiative which was supported by Ministry of AYUSH. This holistic treatment focused on traditional forms of medicine and healing therapies to improve the health of Assam Rifles soldiers. These soldiers, mostly from North Eastern States including Manipur suffer from various ailments which was aggravated due to the tough service conditions of containing insurgency in the North East.
A team of 18 doctors & staff from the Department of AYUSH, Govt of Manipur will offer counseling, treatment on Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga session is also planned.
This unique camp will benefit 450 soldiers of Assam Rifles. Yoga techniques and life style changes will be suggested along with alternative medicines from Ayurveda and Homeopathy. This initiative will also uplift the morale and motivate them towards their health and duties. Its also aimed at improving the LMC state.

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Th. Radheshyam attends ‘go to village mission’

Imphal, May 9:

Education,  Minister Thokchom Radheshyam  attended the Go to Village - Khungang Chatse Mission camp held at Leirongthel Community Hall, Heirok A/C, organised by the District Administration, Thoubal. As part of the ‘Go to Village’ mission, PMAY certificate for housing, old age pension (Social Welfare Department), ration cards under NFSA (CAF & PD), Smart cards for Chief Ministergi Hakshelgi Tengbang, Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (CAF & PD ), UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable Lighting for All) Scheme etc. were distributed to the beneficiaries today. Stalls of different departments were set up. A health camp and ADHAAR enrolment cantre was also organised.

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