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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 07 April 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

On forged cheque issue: Opening Pandora Box

‘War of words’ between the opposition Congress party and the ruling BJP led government over the issue of forged Cheque Drawal Authority (CDA) is finally reaching catastrophe with some important issues finally unfolding to the public sphere.
First it hints about the probable involvement of Ministers, second it unfolds on how middle men are easily made scapegoats and thirdly it reveals the tendency to spark anger to government employees.
Not bad,  the state government authority is not remaining silent to this issue and a person who was involved in the forgery has been detained and investigation is being carried out to punish whoever is responsible in the heinous crime. As according to the spokesperson of the Government of Manipur Th. Bishwajit, the state government will not tolerate any form of financial misappropriation and that no funds using forged cheque were withdrawn. On the other hand when the congress party which brought up the issue said that, hadn’t the congress party revealed about the forgery, the government would have remained quiet.
Well silence, is no good, government’s quick response to the scam is worth appreciation and the role being played by the congress party is also laudable. For sure some people who have been cheating and misappropriating the public money will be behind the bar.
The ‘war of words’ between the ruling and the opposition is now an eye opener to the public on how those in power misappropriated public money.
The case over the forged CDA may be solved but what is more interesting is that, this issue is the opening of the Pandora box.
The forgery committed here is for the Public Works department. The Works Minister, who is also the spokesperson of the BJP led government, had stated that the government had found more case of forgery and 9 more contractors are being questioned over this issue.

Small time cheaters, contractors or sub contractors are sure to face the music. But what is more worrying is - will this case wind up with the punishment of this few people without going on how and what gives these people such a crook mind in misappropriating the public money.
As per government source, the PWD account was exhausted on March 28 this year. Congress said over Rs. 30 crore have been withdrawn from the account after March 28. Funds for payment of salary for the government employees and other non-plan head have been diverted to this account, as alleged by the Congress. If this is what actually happened then those contractors or sub-contractors which are been investigated for the forgery are no different from putting as scape-goat.
A contractor or even top level bureaucrats will not be able to divert fund from non-plan head without the knowledge of Chief Minister, Finance Minister or the concerned Works Minister. The way the fund is being diverted will certainly have some motives which indirectly suggests that those three (mentioned above) in the government are certainly involved.
As this issue is being unfolded, the investigation over this at the level of District police superintendent or say at the level of top police DGP will not be able to drill the whole issue. In case if it is done then no public are going to believe to their findings.
What the BJP and those alliance political partners in the present government should understand is that - Congress had been in power and govern the state for 15 years and they have all experience on what and how things are going on in the government.  
Now the ‘war of words’ has already begun and the Congress is not going to make U-turn until it unfolds the truth.
If BJP and its alliance wants to save themselves, it is better that the government constitute an independent enquiry committee headed by at least one retired Judge. The idea of inclusion of an opposition MLA as well as two Journalists, as suggested by the Opposition is also not bad.   

MLA Md. Abdul Nashir’s unparliamentary slang words wrath Nagaram locals; forced to tender apology

Imphal, April 7,

Wrath over the use of unparliamentary slang words to the locals of Nagaram residents by MLA Md. Nashir, large number of people thronged to the newly constructed house of the MLA today morning. The angry mob nearly burnt the residence of the MLA but timely intervention of the Nagaram Village Authority, All Manipur United Club Organisation and state police prevented from turning the scene ugly.
The MLA later tendered apology to the public of Nagaram area on the request of the civil society representatives and state police. After the MLA’s apology, the anger of the mob was somewhat cool down but a meeting of the village authority of Nagaram will be held tomorrow to discuss the issue as the attitude of the MLA directly insulted the Nagaram Villagers which comprises of Tangkhul, Meitei, Anal etc.
Report said that the incident happened at around 7 am today. MLA Md. Nashir already owned a residence at Block C of Nagaram Village in Imphal East and has been constructing another new house at Block E of the Village. Nagaram being a village of indigenous people here in Imphal Valley have been following some customary law to protect the identity of the people.
Chairman of the Nagaram Village Authority, WS Lungshim, while talking to this reporter said that if somebody wants to buy land or want to construct house than they should get permission from the Village Authority. This has been followed since 1981 and has been following till today. As MLA Nashir started constructing the new house without prior permission from the village authority, members of the authority has been asking the worker to stop the construction work since the last 2 / 3 days.
“Today morning he came along with large number of security escort and order to continue the construction of the building, when some of the locals tried to explain about the customary law being practice in the village, the MLA instead of listening scolded them using unparliamentary slang words”,   Lungshim said.

In a post at social networking site, a user (name withheld) said Nasir called the people “Haothu”. But the chairman did not directly told this reporter what exactly was the language he used.
“That MLA even threaten us by ordering the security escort to arrest us”, Lungshim added.
Wrath over the attitude of the MLA, people of the area called the people by ringing the electric post. As many as 500 people gathered. Our reporter said that some were too angry that they started collecting fuel to burn it.
Meanwhile, Imphal West district police team led by Additional SP and civil society body AMUCO came. Along with the members of the Nagaram Village authority, MLA Nashir was requested to tender apology to the public as the situation was worsen.
Earlier MLA Nashir refused, but as the situation seem to be going out of control, he came and tender apology in front of the mob.
“I am sorry for I had said and I will also respect the customary law of the Village”, MLA Nashir said. He also requested to forgive him if his language hurt anybody.
Even though the mob returned back, a decision on what action should be taken up will be considered by a meeting of the Nagaram Village Authority scheduled tomorrow , Lungshim, the Chairman said.

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Lets obey the paddy land and wetland act 2014 for future sustenance: Minister K Shyam

Imphal, April 7,

CAF & PD, Revenue Minister Karam Shyam expressed happiness over the  outstanding performances of the two female weightlifters Saikhom Mirabai Chanu and Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu who have brought laurels to the country by winning gold medals in weightlifting at the currently held 21st Commonwealth Games in Australia. He was speaking as Chief Guest at the inauguration ceremony of the public toilet at Laiching Meipou village, Pallel today.
An image of utmost sincerity can be seen from the villagers of Laiching Meipou village who have constructed a 3-room public toilet sanitation centre with proper facilities of ground levelling and water supply out of Rs.3 Lakhs they got at last year Christmas, he said.
The new BJP led Government has been trying its level best to maintain peace and solidarity amongst the different communities and ethnic groups of Manipur and minimise the hill-valley divide and communal conflicts, he said.
Manipur will never break if the people of the State has love, affection and concern for one another and share strong bonding under any circumstances, he assured.
He assured that as  Revenue Minister, he will talk with his Council of Ministers to look into the welfare activities of the village in connection with construction of playground and other amenities and take initiative in this regard even by discussing the matter with Sports Minister Letpao Haokip. If I get  the chance to work with any other department in future that can give me the opportunity  for maximum contribution, I will extend help to my biggest  level not just for the betterment of Meipou village alone but also other parts of the State, he also convinced the gathering.
On a serious note, the Minister highlighted the importance of the enforcement of the Manipur Conservation of Paddyland and Wetland Act 2014 after witnessing various construction works and establishments in the field and paddy-land areas along the route to Lilong and Thoubal and beyond to Pallel today.
He appealed the public to respect and follow the laws by leaving behind personal gains for the food sustainability of the future generations. We also need land to grow crops to feed ourselves, he addressed. The public should understand the situation and support the Government to avoid conflicts and destruction of public property in future, he said.
In his welcome note, village secretary Kh Leirung thanked Minister Shyam for creating a sense of unity at their village saying that the Tengnoupal Constituency is just like a parentless village.
A memorandum was submitted to Minister Karam Shyam for construction of playground & gallery of Manipur Village Authority(MVA), waiting shed, community hall, road bridge of dam, drainage etc. in their village.
The Minister was presented a traditional Maring waistcoat and neck tie at the function.
Cultural Dance was performed by Napuiya Yinglam as part of the inaugural function.

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PDCC demands white paper over the shifting of district hospital from Sagolmang to Kiyamgei

Imphal, April 7,

The shifting of Imphal East district Hospital from Sagolmang to Kiyamgei has been strongly protested by Peace and Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) Imphal East.
In a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club, Secretary of the Committee, Th. Hemjit said that in 2011 the then government had laid foundation stone of the Imphal East district hospital at Sagolmang. However without giving any information the government yesterday laid foundation stone for construction of the same at Kiyamgei Mamang Leikai by the Health Minister L. Jayantakumar. Hemjit said that the state government should produce a white paper on what ground the hospital which has been already laid foundation stone at Sagolmang by the then Health Minister that time.
“He had given assurance for construction of the Hospital at Sagolmang on July 12, 2017 by the Health Minister Jayantakumar”,  Hemjit said.
He said the PDCC will launch series of agitation if the government fails to provide white paper over the shifting of the hospital.
He further said that the government should construct the district hospital at the place where they had laid foundation stone. He alleged the health Minister L. Jayantakumar for fooling the people of the area. He said already a protest was staged demanding speedy construction of the hospital now the agitation will be intensified.

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Booth Level Training Programme for BJP Workers


A one-day ‘Booth level BJP workers training programme’ was organised today at Yairipok Bishnunaha Pukhri Achouba Ground by BJP Wangkhem Mandal  as a part of Rastriya Abhiyan Prashikshan campaign that will be held till the month of April with the purpose of strengthening the party, and to build efficient workers.
The training programme was attended by National Vice President of BJP Mahila Morcha A.Sarda Devi, Former Minister Dr.Nimaichan Luwang, State Organisation Secretary P. Premananda, President of BJP Thoubal District L.Deven, BJP Candidate of Wangkhem AC O.Haridash, President of BJP Wangkhem Mandal L.Sunilkumar Meitei, Former Speaker H.Borbabu and Secretary of BJP Thoubal Distrcit Rajen Singh as dais members. National Vice President, BJP Mahila Morcha, A. Sarda Devi stated about the works and deeds of the party, and narrated the life story of Pt. Deendayal Upadhaya and Dr. Shyam Prasad Mukherjee who took part as a resource person, laid down the works accomplished by NDA government at the Centre and the State BJP government.
Secretary organisation, BJP Manipur Pradesh, P. Premananda Meitei said the training programme being launched today is not related to any form of election; the goal of the programme is to give trainings to BJP workers so awareness is spread to the people about the schemes introduced by the BJP government and to make them reached the people.
The workers who have received training will further spread awareness to households that comes under their respective booths, he stated.
BJP Mandal Members and Presidium members Paid floral tribute to Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay on one-day ‘Booth level BJP workers training programme.

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Dhanvantari Seva Yatra concludes

Imphal, April 7,

The five-day long Free Medical Health Camp from 1st to 5th April, 2018 has been concluded.  The free medical health camp was conducted at the different parts of Manipur and it was organised by National Medicos Organisation, Manipur in collaboration with Seva Bharati, Manipur. The Valedictory Function of this “Dhanvantani Seva Yatra 2018” was held yesterday at the  Mini Auditorium RIMS, Imphal at 4:30 p.m.
Prof. Aday Prasad Pandy, Vice-Chancellor of Manipur University graced the function as Chief-Guest and Mr. Rajen Singh of Seva Bharti attended the function as Guest of Honour. Prof. Th. Bhimo Singh, Former HOD Department of Medicine, RIMS presided over the today’s valedictory function.
The function commenced with a floral to Bharat Mata and Swami Vivekananda.
The Welcome address was delivered by Prof. Th. Naranbabu Singh, HOD Department of Anatomy, RIMS. Delivering the Chief Guest’s speech, Prof. Aday Prasad Pandey, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Manipur University cited the ideology of ‘Nar Seva is Narayan Seva’ and said philanthropic services to society amounts to servicing ourselves. Doctors are treated next to God said professor while elaborating integral values of doctors.  Their devotion to the service of poor, needy and patience is the essence of the noble cause which they can only fulfil in the society.
Keynote address of today’s function was delivered by Prof. Bishembar Singh. In his speech, professor touched upon the history of the organisation and its main aims and objectives ‘Dhanvantari Seva Yatra’. He stated that the goal of the 15 years old organisation is ‘Health for All’ to give medical assistance to remote areas of villages every year. The main objective of the organisation is ‘Swastha Seva Rastra Seva’ and the activities of these camps are looked after by the Seva Kendra, he added.
Presidential address was delivered by Dr. Th. Bhimo Singh. He said that the aim of the NMO free health programme is to create awareness about health with special emphasis to rural areas.
Prof. A. Devadutta Sharma, Prof. & HOD of RT, RIMS delivered the report of “Dhanvantani Seva Yatra 2018”. He laid down the future plans and prospects of National Medicos Organisation (NMO) State Unit. He maintained that 1247 patients were examined in the five-day long medical health camp with coverage of 18% children in hill areas and 48% of children in valley areas and total 63 doctors were engaged in six parameters.
The Valedictory function concluded with Vote of Thanks proposed by Prof. Sachin Deva.

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