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Another effort to make our leader understand

There are not many people who would not agree that an adopted child must be told that he or she is adopted. In the rare case where adoptive parents have, for one reason or another, refrained from doing so, the consequences have been disastrous. With so many people involved in the exercise, an adoption can never be kept a total secret, and sooner or later the child involved will discover the truth. It is not difficult to imagine his or her reaction to this belated discovery. So shattering is the experience that youngsters in this situation have been driven to suicide.
In fact, such is the importance placed on a child knowing that he is adopted. There is a strong movement in the West to encouraged White parents to adopt a negro or Asian child rather than one of their own kind. The rationale is that since the child looks so different from his parents, there is no doubt in his mind, or anyone else’s that he is adopted and from the very start he is accepted as such. With the shroud of secrecy thus removed, the whole business of telling the child of his antecedents becomes easier to handle.
Yet the temptation for adoptive parents to suppress this information must be considerable, if only to protect the child from hurt. Their own feeling for an adopted child cannot be any different to those they would have for a biological child. The parental bond are as strong and their love as great. For them, nothing can made the child less their in any way.
Yet for the child, it is different. Much though this child may love the adoptive parent and feel a secure, intrinsic part of the family, there are two factors that are bound to influence his or her reaction to the situation a natural curiosity about the biological parents and an over whelming feeling of rejection at the thought of having been abandoned or given up by them.

This last is what makes telling an adopted child the truth so difficult.
The issue of adopted child is being brought up as this issue is felt necessary to make our leader understand the reality and importance of telling the truth.
A nation, if compare like a parents, need to explain the root of all states and how it accumulate instead of making stories by manipulating history. Like the adopted child, if told the truth, a state which merged to form the nation will certainly be happy to be a part of it but if manipulated history it would be another problems.
To be more open, Manipur was a nation and become a part of India only in 1949. Bridging it as a part of India which was only created as a nation by the British would be no difference from sabotaging the history.

Govt’s inability to announce HQ location of newly created Kakching district fuel anger to the demand Committee

Imphal, April 05,

State Government failure to listen the plea for construction of the newly created Kakching district Head Quarter at a convenient location for all the people of the four assembly constituencies which comes under the jurisdiction of Kakching district is fuelling anger to the people of the Sugnu and Hiyanglam assembly constituencies.
Members of the Kakching district Head Quarter Demand Committee Waikhong Thongjao (KDHQDCWT) during a press conference held today at Manipur Press Club said that state government’s measures to construct infrastructures at Kakching for the district head quarter despite the commitment by the CM for consideration of the demand by KDHQDCWT is nothing but an open invitation for an intensified agitation.
The KDHQDCWT has been demanding the construction of the district HQ at a convenient location for all the people of the 4 Assembly segments under Kakching district. The committee urged for establishment of the head Quarter at Waikhong Thongjao. The demand for keeping the HQ at Waikhong Thongjao area is being supported by 1/3rd of the Wabagai Assembly constituency too.

Speaking to reporters, Sureshkumar , convenor of the Kakching district Head Quarter Demand Committee Waikhong Thongjao said that people of the Hiyanglam, Sugnu and some parts of Wabagai Assembly constituencies had staged protest on February 25 demanding the district head quarter be located at an equidistance place for all the people of the district and that falls at Waikhong Thongjao. The newly district was announce on December 8, 2016 by the then congress government.
Sureshkumar said many were injured in police action to distort the protest and some are still undergoing treatment at Hospital.
“During meeting with the Chief Minister, the committee member had been assured to look after the problem and as per the appealed of the CM to suspend the agitation in view of the examination for students, the committee suspended the stir for some times”, he added.
During Assembly session too, revenue minister had also assured to look into the matter. However, as no measures for construction of HQ at Waikhong Thongjao as demanded by committed has been taken up and instead of that constructions for the head quarter are seen taken up at Kakching the Committee is left with no other choice but to intensified the agitation.

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Total shut down announced at DMC Arts

Imphal, April 05,
Student Union of the DM College of Arts today announced total shut down at the DM College of Arts. Following the announcement the students’ union leader Arambam Bikash , General Secretary of the DMC Arts said that all shorts of construction works going on for the college and all academic activities has been stopped from immediate effect.
The general secretary said that, the students’ Union has been demanding for proper fencing of the college campus since the last few months and a memorandum regarding the matter has been submitted to the Director of Education (U) and the matter has also been put to the notice of the Chief Minister on Meeyamgi Numit Day. During the meeting with the CM on Meeyamgi Numit the students’ body set deadline for construction of fencing on or before 12 noon of today. As no action has been initiated regarding the demand of the student, a protest has been staged today by burning the desk and benches of the college.

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MPCC hit back to Bishwajit; demands NIA probe on forged CDA

Imphal, April 5,

Hitting hard to the state government spokesperson , Th Bishwajit, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) today demanded NIA probe over the issue of withdrawal of huge amount of money using forged Check Drawal Authority (CDA)
Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhavan, Harishwar Goswami, Spokespersons, MPCC said that MLA Bishwajit responds MPCC have already submitted with full evidence for the withdrawal of fund.
“Bishwajit’s clarification at which he stated that no fund have been withdrawn using forged CDA is unacceptable”, Goswami said.
He added that as per response by the government spokesperson Bishwajit , MPCC now finds three versions which actually showed that financial misappropriation has been committed. “The contention by MPCC against the withdrawal of fund using forged CDA which showed that a controversial liability inside the department just for their own benefit”,  he added.
Tilotama Loitongbam, President Mahila Mandal MPCC clarified that MPCC have not put up any allegation against BJP but what they have arise is a question to bring out the truth in white paper against the misuse of fund and withdrawal using forged CDA.
Government must understand and work wisely if Manipur State faced financial crisis due to deficit or overdraft of funds as this would make the people into deep trouble, she added.
Tilotama questioned why Works Department is denying about the withdrawal of fund while the Finance Department and PWD had clearly said that there have been withdrawal of funds for four works though they were manage to hold on other fund that were about to be withdrawn.
“Government should bring out in white paper that exactly how much funds have been withdrawn and how many have been misuse”, said Tilotama.
MPCC demands that if the case on the missing guns which were flash in front of public by Chief Minister can be handed over to NIA, similarly the fresh case of the misuse of funds and withdrawal of funds using forged CDA should also be handed over to NIA and transparency should be shown to the public, Tilotama asserts.

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Let’s make Manipur a ‘Model’ state : CM

Imphal, April 05,

“Let us make Manipur a ‘Model State’ for development in the country”, said Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. He appealed to work together towards maintaining transparency to help poor and needy people and bring positive change in the State. This was stated by him at the during a meeting regarding the discussion of the ‘Go to the Village’ mission held at Darbar Hall, Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.
Speaking at the meeting, Chief Minister said, under the ‘Go to the Village’ mission, we would visit every village in each and every constituency of the State. He maintained that infrastructure mapping of villages would be done soon. He directed all the Deputy Commissioners to identify the number of villages at their respective districts. He further directed the DCs to create wide awareness campaigns about the mission in every district of the State. He assured that there would be no financial crunch under the ‘Go to the Village’ mission to bring inclusive development in the State.   Chief Minister advised the Administrative Secretaries, HODs etc to co-ordinate, co-operate and share knowledge among them to make the mission successful and to bring inclusive development in the State. He informed that ‘teamwork’ is a must to overcome any problems. Sectors such as Agriculture, Power, Education, Health etc. would be given foremost priority under the mission. To make the mission successful, a Committee would be formed with Chief Minster as Chairman, Deputy Chief Minister as Vice-Chairman, PWD Minister as Convenor, MLAs as Members, he added.
During the meeting, Chief Minister announced that there would be an interaction session cum meeting regarding the ‘Go to the Village’ mission at City Convention Centre, Imphal East on April 8, 2018. He further informed that all the Cabinet Ministers, Administrative Secretaries, DCs, HODs and other top officials should attend the interaction programme to chalk out plans for the successful of the mission. He informed to all the HODs to undertake preparations within this month. The mission would be launched in the first week of May, 2018, he added. Chief Minister assured that the government would provide alternative livelihood to those farmers who were engaged in poppy plantation in the past. He further stated that the government would identify and encourage promising entrepreneurs especially those living in villages.
Chief Minister mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is indeed happy and appreciated the efforts and achievements of the new government made during last one year. Various Ministries of the Union Government have also appreciated the efforts of the present government too, he added. Such success of the government was possible with the support, co-operation and blessings of the people of the State, he added.  
Later, many officers gave their suggestions and opinions regarding the implementation of the mission during the meeting.
Cabinet Ministers, Chief Secretary, Administrative Secretaries, Deputy Commissioners, Head of Departments and various officials attended the meeting.

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Mentally unsound lady raped

Imphal, April 5,
Tension runs high among the villagers of Nongdam Khul in Imphal East under Lamlai Police station after a 29 years old married lady was allegedly rape by a person. Identity of the rapist has been suspected but, Imphal Times withhold the identity as it is yet to be confirmed. According to report the rape victim is mentally unsound and she held from Nongpok Keithel Manbi. The report added that the condition at which the lady was found at Nongdam Khul near a paddy field made suspicion to the villagers who found her and when enquired by some lady it was revealed that some youths rape her. But her mental status could not make sure who were those involved in the heinous crime.
Today morning a meeting was conducted and the villagers of Nongdam had resolved to find those culprits involved to the raping of the lady and to punish them/him as per the law of the land.  

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Seminar on “Role of Cooperative for the Economic and Skill Development of SC & ST”

Thoubal, April 5’

A one-day District Level Seminar on the theme “Role of Cooperative for the Economic and Skill Development of SC & ST” was organised by Manipur State Cooperative Union at Kshetri Sanglen, Thoubal today. The seminar held under the sponsorship of National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) New Delhi was attended by Registrar of Cooperative Societies H.Rupachandra Singh,IAS, President of Manipur State Cooperative Union Lamphelpat Imphal L.Tompishak Singh, Vice-President of MSCU Valley Smt.Jeena Potshangbam, Vice-president of MSCU hills Jangkhongam Haokip, Members of MSCU board of management Shougrakpam Hemanta Singh and L.Basanta Sharma as members of the dais.
Technical session of the seminar was held with Former Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies Manipur Kh.Tomba Singh, Deputy Director of Directorate of Tribal Affairs and Hills Imphal M.Pheijao Singh, Project Officer of NCUI Women Education Field Project Imphal Smt. B.Joyshree Devi as the resource persons.

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