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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 15 April 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Are some Forest dept. officials trying to sabotage the good effort of Forest Minister Th. Shyamkumar?

Imphal, April 15,

Except from a vested interested civil society body, who openly opposed the effort of Forest and Environment Minister, Th. Shyamkumar, almost every people of the state applauded the recent drive by the minister against illegal timber transportation.
However, after this reporter found huge quantity of timbers hiding at some places of Heirok in Thoubal district which is not far from Forest Office as well as a BSF Camp. At first the reporter speculated the timbers to have been seized items, but on learning that some people are transporting it from the place using trucks at around midnight, our reporter drilled the matters by spending times until he finally found out that these timbers are being kept and smuggled out in the nose of the Forest department and the BSF.

At a time when Forest Minister Th. Shyamkumar, spent sleepless night to check the smuggling of timber in the state, it is disheartening to learn staffs of some Forest department turning blind eyes to the smuggling of timbers right under their nose.  
The timbers , stated above are being piled up at a foothill near Khulsaibung (Karongthel) Village which is about 200 meters from a BSF Camp located at Heirok Chingompok in Thoubal district. Opposite to the BSF camp is a Forest Office. Our reporter found out that the timber were smuggled from Machi side and piled up here.  
The timbers were transported on Heirok to Keirembikhok route which is under the nose of the Forest office located opposite to the BSF camp at around 11 pm on heavy trucks. A numberless Gypsy guarded the truckload timbers while transporting the timber, our reporter added.
Promises of the present government to protect forest and to enforce the Forest law is likely to be another mockery if staffs don’t co-operate with the Forest Minister.

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Collective determination is key to bring a change: CM

Imphal, April 15,

Speaking during the Samajik Nyaya Diwas (Ambedkar Jayanti) at Sangai Hall, Hotel Imphal yesterday
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had called on people for collective determination to bring about a change in the society.

The Chief Minister said that people need to cooperate to the Government’s effort towards bringing a change because legislators and executives alone can’t make it happen without mass support. He said that the State Government’s ‘Go to Village’ mission would promote social harmony, spread awareness about pro-poor initiatives of the Government and reach out to poor people.
N. Biren urged the Government officials to put in wholehearted effort to make Central Government’s ‘Gram Swaraj Abhiyan’ and State Government’s ‘Go to Village’ mission a success. The Chief Minister said that people had witnessed what the present Government could deliver in the past one year. As the Government had noted people’s wishes, it is the time to deliver service by the Government, he added.
In line with the interaction programme with those who are in the organised sectors held a few days back, the Chief Minister said that similar interaction with police officers who are from Sub-Inspector level would be conducted soon.        Expressing concern over apparent rise of crime rates due to coming of new technologies and gadgets, the Chief Minister said that education and awareness are the key areas where one should focus to check it.
The State Government had begun dealing with evils like crime against women with an iron hand by setting up a Fast Track Court. However, it is seemingly not deterring the criminals much, he said. As such, there is need for imparting proper awareness and education to the people, the Chief Minister observed. 

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DAMMS on rise of sexual violence

Imphal, April 15,
DAMMS and the Manipuri Students community living in Delhi showed serious concerned with the rise of sexual violence against women and children happening across India. The recent rape and murder of Asifa Banu, an eight-year-old girl belonging to the Backward community of Jammu and subsequent communalization of the case to divide the people for political gains has shaken and anguished us to the core, a statement said.
The students’ body also expressed shocked by the gang rape case of a woman in Nagaon, Assam and the Unnao rape case in UP.

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Manipur Maoist warns students’ union and teachers’ body of Manipur University to stay away from contract works

Imphal, April 15,

Rebel group Maoist Communist Party today warned the office bearers of the Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA) , Manipur University Students’ Union and the research scholars of the University to refrain from joining in the contract works for construction of the University’s infrastructures. The outfit also appealed other rebel/arm group not to force and threaten the teaching community for awarding of contract works in the Manipur University as well as at any colleges and educational institution of the state.  On the Private schools, the outfit said that it would not interfere to any action to the owner of private schools earning money from the people but said the Maoist will not remain silent if the teaching community of the private school are made scapegoat. The statement of the Manipur Maoist said that the outfit is ready for protection of the intellectual rights and said that no kind of pressure from any groups should be given to the students, teachers and research scholars of the University. The Maoist also said that this is the last warning for those in the academic circle of the university to stay away from joining the contract works for construction of infrastructures.
The Maoist further said that the division seen in the university among the students and teaching community is reflected to the society. It also criticise the movement of the MUSU saying that it is going to the wrong direction. As the MUSU now seem to a place for power hunters of getting contract work.  At the moment the student union of the Manipur is now a union without any movement. The outfit further appeal to all not to disturb the academic atmosphere of Manipur University due to clash for contract works among different groups.

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KCP observes 38th Foundation Day with pledge to continue arm struggle

Imphal, April 15,

Armed rebel group Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) observed 38th Foundation Day with pledge to continue the arm struggle against the government of India.
A press communiqué by S. Mangal, Member-in-charge, Information & Publicity, KCP said that the 38th Foundation Day of the KCP was held at the CHQ, GHQ, 141 Bn., Training Centre, Mobile units and at united base camp yesterday. At the observance held at United Base Camp of the outfit Dy. Finance Secretary -1 , Ng. Khuman, Camp Commander, N. Chan and Second in command Guliver attended as Chief Guest, President and Special guest respectively, the statement said.
The observance begins with the hoisting of the party flag by the dignitaries.
As per the statement, the Chief Guest of the observance called on the fellow revolutionaries to struggle in the right direction to correct the mistake committed during the course of struggle. He said that today’s revolution movement is the outcome of the strategy prepared by the revolutionaries since a very long time. He also stressed on the need to follow the correct ideology then the activities will also be in the right direction. On the effort to suppress the movement by reactionaries, the Chief Guest said that when water and milk are mixed together it is hard to separate, but when it is heated in fire then the water will vaporise and the milk will remain. This way with the struggle becoming more serious the reactionaries will be submerged.
Other speakers also focus on the need for protection of identity, culture  and discipline during the course of revolutionary movement.

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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Always I do, as always I did,
I stand aloof silently, cool and calmly;
I love the way, I was and I am and I use to,
On one seems understand ‘me’ and desire motifs;
Understanding far left behind; some seems awkward,
Some seems hopeless; friends with foe, surprisingly!
Left out alone nowhere; sitting, standing and waiting;
Come closer no body, alone I draw my path;
I choose not, stay ‘away’, nor I design living,
My ‘moves’ an ‘attitude’ too biased;
My ‘looks’ an ‘attitude’ dull and boring and wicked;
What may comes, which may goes, I intrude lesser;
Neither I seek the truth; I may be dismay,
Numbers countless, wandering hither and thither;
Should I? Should I not? Silently I do concern.

I pray enough dutifully; healthy and wise
I suggest staying happy and join ‘them’ loudly;
I smile for a cause; and I laugh bitterness, just as I do
Morning’s a friend, smooth and serene, I witness much;
I think not a cause and not for a cause; silently as I stay, I cried no bloody; No vicious I choose to friend;
Help me not merrily; Held me not harshly; I bray
Understanding! ‘They’ took away from me,
My ‘gestures’ an ‘attitude’ motionless and mindful;
Lone I walk, distant as I go, I carry ‘attitude;
Swinging all my way, I pursue dreams living high;
 I bother not any, friends and family,
Still, they doubt ‘me’ in, I have ‘attitude’ silently.

Asking myself hundreds and thousands,
Lesser the words, I speak of humanity’s kindness;
‘They’ knows me little effortless, I doubt all egos,
What makes ‘them’ so? I know nothing,
How carefree I am? Wrap within those solitude;
Seclusion! I know some; still I company all peace,
‘Think’ all I could, walking through the rhythm
Judging onto, fancying and engaging I go wildly;
 Lie! Lie ‘me’ not to; I hate the worse
I see friendship and all a lot best friends,
My ‘No’ to an ‘attitude’ simply,
My ‘yes’ to an ‘attitude’ so daring unfair;
Have I touch them sharing? Crazy I go unpopular;
Freaking out sadly I console ‘me’ soothingly,
How may? What may I be? I have ‘attitude’ silently.

Formation of (TBCA) from (TBL) - A greed for Leadership and to concealed monetary corruption: MNPF

IT News
Imphal, April 15,

Armed rebel group Manipur Naga Peoples’ Front (MNPF) have exposed an aged old issue which have been concealed for years. The issue highlighted the division created be some vested interested persons among the Tangkhul community.
A statement by the outfit said that the fight to change the Tangkhul Baptist Churches nomenclature from TBL to TBCA is a complex issue and only the tip of the iceberg is known by many of the other MBC Churches leaders and that is the very reason why the conflict is not being resolved after such a long fifteen years and more of conflict. It involves a monetary fund awarded to one Mr. N. Shangkahao of Mapum village by the California ministry funding agency which was undeniably misused by the Association leaders namely, Wungnaoting Konghar and group who were by that time was working under TBL leadership but also became a TBCA leader and also an MBC leader along with the NSCN IM leaders. Taking the advantage of Mr. N. Shangkahao’s simplicity, sincerity and ignorance, the leader of TBL diverted the United Team Leadership Ministry (UTLM) fund directly under UADP in collaboration with TBL and withdraw the money in the first phase a sum of rupees fourty lakhs (40 lacs) in the month of December 1995 without the consent of Mr. Shangkahao to whom the monetary fund was awarded.  In the process uncountable incidence of force were used by the NSCN IM to the church leaders and the public who were aware of the issues, for e.g. Nine pastors were taken captive forcefully and make them sign to withdraw the fund without the proper consent of the owner Mr. N. Shangkahao,  seven times the church leaders were summon to Hebron in which two of the meetings were chaired by Th. Muivah himself, Phungyo Baptist Church women were beaten up, Mr. Wungchipai and  Mr. Shangam shipro were taken captive to Sirui jungle during the time of Christmas and new year, Mr. N. Shangkahao himself was threatened and was asked to surrender his funding agency file etc. so on and so forth and all this were done by the NSCN IM in lieu of Wungnaoting Konghar and friends. And after such a chaotic mess of corruption and betrayal the vested individuals who are working hand in glove with the NSCN IM came up with an idea of creating a new nomenclature called TBCA instead of TBL, base on a call to start a new beginning as the Tangkhul Baptist Churches along with the whole world step into a new millennium just to cover up the crime and corruption committed by them. Formation of TBCA has nothing to do with the better future of the Tangkhul Baptist Churches but it is just to cover up the crafty struggle of evil schemes and crimes of corruption among few Tangkhul Christian leaders which in turn is the root cause of attitude for creating the Tangkhul Baptist Churches Association (TBCA) even though there are some good fabricated elements attached to it.
The prevailing conflict in the Tangkhul churches are an aged old conflict caused due to the egoistic mindset among the leadership of the western Tangkhuls, especially by the somdal village. The Tangkhul churches were under one administrative association called ‘North-east Baptist Association Manipur (NEBAM) from 1929 among the Tangkhul Baptist Christians until 1959. On the occasion of convening a general meeting at Lungphu village in the year 1959, fro, 27th Jan. to 1st Feb. under the banner of NEBAM, the vested elders from the western tangkhul churches tabled the agenda to segregate the tangkhul Christian association into four different associations as per the jurisdictions of the tangkhul landmark. But on that auspicious occasion, the Southern Tangkhuls especially opposed the agenda and pleaded the rest of the tangkhul Christian leaders not to accept the agenda and continue to work together under one administrative association, but sadly in response to the plead of the Southern tangkhuls, one of the elders from somdal village, namely Mr. Ringkahao Ruivanao openly declared before the congregation with a defaming statement that, ‘is not the southern Tangkhuls a man born with a testical organs? Are not the southern Tangkhuls born as a man? With such statements, the Tangkhul Baptist churches were segregated into four different associations and the southern Tangkhuls Baptist were left with no option but to struggle as an orphan, as an ignored Christian group within and without from the rest of the more versed and experienced Tangkhul Christian groups. The reason for such plead was since, the southern Tangkhuls villages by that time was mostly on the process of converting and new to Christianity and were poorly educated in most of the field and was lacking every essential leadership quality in Christianity. So, with every possible means of enduring shame and hardships that one could ever bear, the southern Tangkhuls endured and was affiliated to MBC as an independent association in the year 1963 forcefully since no other option was left for them. Following the last North-East Baptist Association Manipur (NEBAM) meeting at Lungphu village the ‘Tangkhul Naga Baptist Convention’ (TNBC) was adopted under the resolution no. 18 clause ‘C’ within a certain frame of constitution which allows Northern Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association (NTNBA), Western Tangkhl Naga Baptist Association (WTNBA), Eastern Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association (ETNBA) and Southern Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association (STNBA) to exist as an independent association with each of them affiliated to MBC within the parental body of Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association (TNBC).    After enduring many hardships of experiences, in the 1980’s the tangkhul nagas decided to re-structure its Christian administration under one administrative umbrella called the ‘Tnagkhul Baptist Long (TBL)’ in which, the Southern Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association (STNBA) was also invited, but the STNBA leaders openly and bluntly refused to join the formation since they were forcefully caste out at first hand without any consideration for their instability to exist as an independent Christian association at that time of initial stage. Under the banner of TBL, all the three Tangkhul Christian associations which was previously formed as North, East, and West Tangkhul Christian Baptist associations as a result of 1959 resolution at Lungphu village withdrawn its region wise affiliation from MBC and came to affiliate under one administrative association called “The Tangkhul Baptist Long (TBL)” at MBC.
Even the celebration of the Tangkhul Baptist Christian centenary was proposed by most of the leaders to celebrate under the old banner of TNBC since there was some disunity among the sections of Tangkhul leaders but the response from the western tangkhul Christian leaders were the same of old repeating that ‘the STNBA will come like a dog wagging its tail, so just keep the decision to organize the centenary in the name of TBL’, as a result the STNBA wasn’t a part of the Tangkhul Baptist Christian Centenary celebration. But soon later, when the new millennium 2000 AD hit its new journey, the Tangkhul leaders were consulted due to some political leaderships influences and monetary corruption as mentioned above was calling the three corners of the Tangkhul Christian associations to re-structure the association as TBCA, at which the East and North Tangkhul associations refused to accept the proposal of forming another new Association but to remain as it is, which is within the banner of TNBC, since it was so uncertain and cheap before the whole Christian community to change its set-ups and nomenclature now and then.
The Tangkhul churches caste a mandate vote in those days either to accept the new association called TBCA or to stay as NTNBA, ETNBA, STNBA under TNBC and the churches in absolute majority preferred to stay as it was under TNBC and its voice still remains the same. Even the STNBA were approached and threatened to join TBCA, the new union, but STNBA executive secretary of that time Mr. Samuel bluntly replied that “until Christ came for the second time, STNBA will exist as an independent association and will never be abolished no matter what”. Therefore, it is the prayer and the voice of the whole Tangkhul peace loving Church members that MBC will honor the CBCNEI president’s letter of 19th Feb. 2018 and revoked NTNBA and ETNBA’s affiliation without delay. This agenda has been prevailing during the tenure of Peter Chothe, the then the president of MBC but because of the threat from NSCN IM that the process of revoking NTNBA and ETNBA’s affiliation was withheld.

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74th Anniversary of Flag Hoisting Day of I.N.A. martyrs observed

Imphal, April 15,

Remembering the historic moment when the tri-colour flag of India was first hoisted on this soil on the 14th April, 1944 that marked the beginning of the end of British Rule, Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla stated that the occasion evokes a deep feeling of pride in her because the INA traversed through the State of Manipur on its historic campaign to Free India from the British on the call given by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
“The occasion carries a special meaning for me as my grand uncle, Maulana Abul Kalam Saheb was also a freedom fighter for India’s Independence, a contemporary of Netaji”, Dr. Heptulla said.
The Governor of Manipur also wished the people of Manipur - a very happy new year on the occasion of Cheiraoba and also congratulated pugilist MC Mary Kom on winning gold in the women’s 48 kg boxing final held last Saturday at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.
She was speaking as Chief Guest at the 74th Anniversary of Flag Hoisting Day at I.NA. Martyr’s Memorial Complex, Moirang on Sunday. The event was observed to commemorate the historic event of the first hoisting of the Tri-Colour Flag of Free India at Moirang under the leadership of freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
Art & Culture Minister, L Jayantakumar Singh; MLA & Govt. Chip Whip, P. Sharatchandra Singh; Commissioner, Art & Culture, Transport & Power, M Lakshmikumar Singh; Member of Lok Sabha , Prahlad Singh Patel and & grand nephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Kumar Bose shared the dais with the Governor at the function.
This 74th Anniversary also reminds us of Netaji’s clarion call ‘Delhi chalo’ at Singapore on October 21, 1943.Slogans in pre-independence period reverberated with great themes like Purna Swaraj, Quit India, ‘Do or Die’ and ‘Delhi Chalo’., she said. Let Subhash Chandra Bose’s life and that of other freedom fighters continue to be a beacon to all Indians, lighting up the path they follow, she also said by reminding Netaji’s remarkable contribution & the saga of valour and sacrifices he did to free India from the British clutches.
Speaking as the President of the function, Minister L Jayantakumar said that Moirang has remained a great historical significance in India’s freedom struggle as it was made the Advanced Headquarters of the Provisional Government of free India.
Guest of Honour Chandra Kumar Bose who is also a Social activist said that Moirang is the sacred place where Bharatiyas of the Ajad Hind Fauj fought for the freedom of our nation.
Governor Dr Najma has mentioned the relationship and close ties that her ancestors and my ancestors have during the freedom movement, he stated.  Maulana Azad and Netaji were two national icons who fought for a united India and in fact this is the place where Colonel Shaukat Malik hoisted the National Tri-Colour for a united India, he said by reminiscing the importance of Moirang in the Indian freedom struggle from the historical point of view.
Prahlad Singh Patel Member of Lok Sabha , said that the day is a memorable in the history of the country as it was on the 14 April 1944 , the Indian tricolour flag was hoisted for the first time on a liberated Indian soil.
The Indian Tri-Colour Flag was hoisted along with the rituals ceremony.
Floral tributes were paid to the giant statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose while Khamba Thoibi and Dhol Cholom traditional dances were also presented during the function.

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MAHUD Minister assures to fill up vacant posts at local bodies

Kakching, April 14,

MAHUD and Town Planning Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar had announced that cabinet decision will be taken up soon regarding filling up of the vacant posts in Imphal Municipal Corporation and other Municipal Councils to increase the staff strength in order to carry out various schemes/flagship programmes. He was speaking at the observation function of the Samajik Nyaya Diwas (Social Justice Day) organised by the District Administration Kakching at the Kakching Municipal Council (KMC) conference hall yesterday.
Addressing as the chief guest of the function, Minister Shyamkumar said that Chief Minister will chair the cabinet meet on April 16, 2018 at Senapati district headquarters where a decision will be taken regarding filling up of the vacant posts, including those approved by the previous Government. Minister Shyamkumar said he is aware that full staff strength is needed for successful implementation of various schemes and flagship programmes. On the demand for the construction of Kakching Women’s Market in place of the vacant area of No.1, Kakching Bazaar, Th. Shyamkumar said he will inspect the location as soon as possible. Acknowledging that there is congestion in the market place, he said he will consult with the department officials and check records whether there is any dispute case over the said land. Assuring that he will look into the issue of non-payment of honorarium for the skilled and unskilled labourers for the Ward Development Kakching Council, he advised all the urban local bodies to timely address the issues for immediate action by the concerned department.
Stating that the Forest Department has sufficient fund for tree plantation drive, he appealed for sincere participation from the officials of the District Administration Kakching, elected members, students and other stakeholders to carry out successful tree plantation drive in the Kakching district to help in the mission to save the environment of the State.
MAHUD Minister also appreciated the Kakching Municipal Council for the proper maintenance of the area, for which he also announced that a special award will be given to the KMC. Stating that people of Kakching are hard working, he advised all the citizens of the State to inculcate the culture of hard work for the progress of the State.
Speaking on ‘Samajik Nyaya Diwas’ observed in honour of the Father of the Indian Constitution, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Th. Shyamkumar said we should follow the footsteps of the great leaders and take part in welfare activities to carry forward their visions.

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Who are Meeteis

Heigrujam Nabashyam
Political Commentator

Meetei is one of the indigenous communities of North East India, who had its kingdom for centuries, like the Tai-Ahom andTipra or Tripuri. And after their conversion to Hinduism, in the 18th Century, they assumed the name ‘Singh’ for men and ‘Devi’ for women and  this was how Meetei became Aryan Kshetriyas- ridiculous !  This is wrong. One can embrace any religion if one so wishes, but that does not change his ethnicity. This is basic knowledge.
During the series of debates that I had with ATSUM (All Tribal Students Unions Manipur), whose objection to STDCM’s (Schedule tribe Demand Committee Manipur) demand to include the indigenous Meitei tribe in the ST list of Indian constitution, that had reached the level of fanaticism that cannot see anything beyond their own self-interests, had also raised this issue.
However I had stated with full responsibility that the Meiteis are neither Aryans nor Kshetriyas, but they remain Meitei. The simple idea is you don’t cease to be a Kuki or a Naga when you embrace christinity or for that matter any other religion say Budhism, Hinduism, etc.The fact of the matter is, the Meetei are a people made of seven big families or clans— Salai Taret namely Khuman, Luwang, Mangang, Angom, Moirang, Khaba-Nganba and Sarang –Leishanthem.
Here it may be pertinentto mention that in the early period ethnic Chinese andlater with the arrival of Hinduism, Hindusthanese came and assimilated into the Meitei fold and became Meitei. Such things happen in many communities because of their historical experiences.
Now, what is interesting is that some intelligent and honourable people whose intentions are obvious praise the Meitei as “a highly developed society”.  The fact is Meetei, including the Hindu converts still worship natural objects such as rocks, stones, trees, caves, etc. the basic elements of animism, beneath the veneer of Hindu religion. It maybe noted that during the Laiharaoba ritual which is observed every year at a  particular period of time the highly developed Meitei would connect themselves and associate with their creator -  their God by performing certain rituals by the Maibi - a sort of a Shaman and eventually, the god would tell them what to do for their well being till the time of the next season. The truth is, till today, the 21st century the Meitei and their God are very much in touch with. This is the way a tribal lives. However such traits and characteristics of tribalism are no more found among the Nagas and the Kukis. Now, ask any Meitei, he will tell you he has a deity at home that takes care of the family; they  will also have another common deity for their clan for  which the Piba – the eldest son on  the patriacal line of the clan  is in charge, etc.  Such is the degree of tribalism that the Meitei still live with. The fact is, Meiteis are more tribal than the Kukis and the Nagas.
As regards Meitei’s talents in horse riding, it is only natural for a people with a small population of around a lakh or so in those days who control the vast land stretching from the area of the present Cachhar in the west to Burma in the east. The fact was the pony the local horse was a necessity in every household, like motorcycles in todays time,it was used for multiple purposes from transportation to that ofthe perennial warfare. It was also the most favourite thing for the boys. There was an old saying, “Eppa sini khanglamlabadi sagol leijaramgadabani” — if I knew that father is dying I would have bought a horse.Not only boys even among girls horse riding was popular.
In their leisure time the boys played riding their horses hitting rounded dry bamboo roots with long cane sticks. That was how Sagol kangjei, the progenitor of modern Polo was born in the fields of Chingleipak, the home to all of us.
Regarding Meitei’s dance talent , as a matter of fact tribals love to dance and sing and thus it so happened that a Meitei dance master invented a dance form based on the folk dancesand adopted the movements of the hands, fingers, legs and feet to portray the love story of Radha-Krishna of the Hindu epic. And after independence, that dance form struck the chords of the Indian  dance gurus and thus the gurus ordained ,that dance form to be classified as a classical dance –whichis now  called Rasleela. So what’s so great about it!
It is also noted that the intelligent and honourable people have expressed their fear that in the event of Meitei being enlisted in the ST category, the Meitei would gobble up the lion’s share in the state’s job sector. Frankly,I believe the intelligent people are deliberately acting ignorant. The STDCM have clearly stated that they would agree to continue with the existing quota system, of course with new nomenclature, like  the case of Nagaland where each group have their respective shares of quota within the quota. This should not be a problem, as it can be agreed upon among the stakeholders.
The truth is Meitei’s concern is for its survival, where a population of a few lakhs and whose only habitat is the 700 square miles valley - the home to all of us, is being exposed to global competitions and contests. Indeed Meitei do not have any constitutional protection whatsoever in the face of the serious challenges  that come with the coming of the railways and the opening of the Trans-Asian highway in a few years time.
    But very unfortunately ATSUM and its associates, adopting a tone of moral righteousness, have been codemning STDCM’s demand to include the Meitei in the ST list. This is wrong.
The demand to include the Meitei in the ST list is genuine. This is a question of survival of the Meitei.And  given the facts, nobody should have any issue with the Meitei.

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