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Issues of women’s rights should be priority

The world today celebrates International Women’s day under the theme ‘PressForProgress’. The day is being celebrated across the world to show respect to the women community and also to uplift them from the crunch of the male dominated society. It is also celebrated to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe.
Well the observation of the day has its root at New York. The mass protest of the women garment worker in 1908 demanding improvement of their working condition had brought significant changes to the condition of women. Commemorating the day the United States of America observed February 28 as the National Women’s Day in 2009.
Since then various uprising across the European countries took place. The United Nations later deeply felt the need for recognizing a day particularly for women and since 1975, the March 8 has been observing as the International Day across the globe.
Like every nations across the globe, the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur had witnessed various historic events. The first Nupi Lal of 1904 and the 2nd Nupi Lal of 1939, are some of the events where Manipuri women contribution towards bringing a change in the society is worth remembering.
Unlike the western countries which celebrate International Women’s Day, the kind of observation being taken place in a place like Manipur is different – Women’s day being observed by various organizations in the state is rather to find a solution to the problems being faced by the women of today’s Manipuri society. And unlike in the mainland Indian states and other developed and developing countries, the issues are of the women here in Manipur are very different.
There are certain issues like domestic violence, rape and crime against women, issues of widows, orphan girl child may be somewhat similar in almost all human society. But the kind of subjugation being faced by the women of Manipur under the draconian laws and the women becoming most venerable object during conflict between non state actors and state actors is serious.
The practice of polygamy in the society and peoples’ acceptance to it, either willingly or unwillingly is somewhat suppressing the rights of women.
The issue about polygamy in Manipur have its root in the feudal character of the society.
If we look back in the history, it was the King and his subjects that were privileged to have wives more than one. The end of monarch does not end this feudal attitude.

Manipur has witnessed various dark phases which give tremendous impact to the society.
During 1980s the society was severely hit by drugs and insurgency related violence. Because of drugs many become victims of HIV and AIDS, and because of insurgency related violence many were exterminated. Thus the number of widows was on the rise.
Understanding the possible impact, government introduced various welfare schemes for improvement of the widows. For example widows of the victim killed in insurgency related violence were provided monetary assistance provided that the victim does not belong to member of any none state actor.
If the victim is proved to be member of any none state actors then the widow are left to live on their own.
On the other hand Manipur’s societal structure is always seen as male dominating society even after knowing that women have been always in the forefront – whether it may be fighting against immoral activities, drugs or wrongs of the government besides taking active role in supporting their respective family economically.
Culturally women are still forbidden to take the lead role. For example women are not allowed to do Keiyna dan during the marriage of her daughter when she is the only parents left. A widow with only daughters still has to wait some male relative to perform the last rite of her husband or near and dear one. In both Sanamahi and Manipuri Veishnavite culture women are always told to follow the male. They are not allowed to sit at ‘Phambal’- a place where head of the family often sit. This means that women are never considered as the head of family.
On the other hand women are deprived of their rights in getting their share from their parental family. The law of this land says that daughters or son should have equal rights when it comes to inherit properties. In Manipur society daughters once married are considered separated entirely from their parental family.
Out of the 60 assembly seat women can occupy only 2 in the state assembly. The people had witnessed the assembly house with maximum 3 women MLAs. There is hardly any representation of women in Parliament and it is unfortunate for a developing country to not include its women in the process. The observance of International Women’s  Day under the theme PressForProgress seems to have lost its significance as long as the women are not empowered to represent in the decision making body of the country as well as in the state.
Issues of the women are understood by women and without their presence it is useless to whatever welfare programme taken up for the women.  Beti Bachoa, Beti Padhao , Ujjawala Yojna, maternity leave schemes advertised today in some leading newspapers are valueless unless they are not empowered to sit among the male in the decision making body.

Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla hails Manipuri women on International Women’s Day

Imphal, March 8 : On the occasion of the International Women’s Day Celebration held today at Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan, Governor of Manipur, Dr. Najma Heptulla hails Manipuri women and exclaimed that Northeast women especially Manipuri women are very much empowered than the women from the rest of the country. This is because they are traditionally better placed in the social rung than their counterparts in other parts of the country. She further stated that women in this region have grown up in a more liberal society, facing less hostile challenges unlike in a male dominant environment.
Addressing the gatherings as Chief Guest, Governor, Dr Najma Heptulla stated that she is taking initiatives for making the women sufficiently skilled for earning a certain quantum of economic independence. She lauded the various civil society organizations and women’s associations or organizations in the state for their relentless efforts to fight against such anti-social evils against women in the state. She draws the attention of all the women on this auspicious day to contemplate and ponder on what we can do more for the development of the state as a woman.
Highlighting the achievements of achievers like Mirabai Chanu and Mary Kom, she said that women of this state are leading in all spheres and have earned recognitions too in the national as well as international levels, be it sports or in any fields or professions. They have had more economic independence, even supporting the family without help from the male members, she asserted. For this, she cited Ima Keithel as a clear example of the economic independence of women in Manipur.
Gracing the occasion as President, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen stresses on the theme - “Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives” and expressed that women should be empowered in all settings, rural and urban, and celebrate the activists who are working tirelessly to claim women’s rights and realize their full potential. The agenda behind celebrating this day is to empower the women who have gone through number of hurdles all through her life be it their social, political, religious, and cultural rights simultaneously. It also calls for “gender equality”.  So, empowering women is very necessary for bringing gender equality, she added.

Minister Nemcha also urged women to identify their strengths and abilities, and move towards a world of empowerment and contribute equally to the betterment of the society.
As part of this celebration, 16 women from different parts of the state were also honoured.
Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Karam Shyam, Chairperson, Manipur State Women Development Cooperation, Samurailatpam Satyabhama Devi graced the occasion as Special Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. The function was also attended by Commissioner, Social Welfare, H Dileep Singh, Director, Social Welfare, Jacintha Lazarus, women achievers from different parts of the state, amongst others.

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Police arrested four suspect involved in the killing of Jagat

Imphal, March 8 : Police have arrested four persons suspected to have been involved in the Killing of T. Jagat at Khuyathong during Yaosang festival. Jagat was shot dead by some person who came in one I -20 car. The incident was caught on CCTV camera an the video went viral on Social media.
Local Clubs of Thangmeiband have been demanding arrest of those responsible and had even threaten to call bandh. The Local Club of Thangmeiband had even announced a sum of Rs. 1 lakh to whoever provide information about the killer. Follwing the incident police have been investigating over the matter. Source said that A transgender was in the car at the time of the incident and the police track down the culprit by picking up transgenders from various area of the city. All I-20 car owners and Gun License  holder were screened and later police picked up the prime suspect. 

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Respect to women should begin from family – Edina Yaikhom

Imphal, March 8: General Secretary of Extra Judicial Execution Victim Families Association (EEVFAM) Edina Yaikhom today said that women of the state should begin upholding the dignity of women from family.

Speaking during the International Women’s Day observance at Manipur Press Club organised jointly by the Manipur Proletariat Peoples Democratic Union (MPPDU) and Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM), Edina Yaikhom said that it is the women themselves who should fight for their right.

“We women should not wait for male to fight for our rights but we the women should come forward to fight for our rights”, Edina said.

The general secretary of EEVFAM, a body of victim families of fake encounter killing in Manipur also shared her pains and anxiety due to subjugation and suppression by male counterpart in family and society. She said that the way the society look at her is a hurdles in performing her duty.

Dr. Dilip Sapam, Lecturer, LMS Law College elaborated on various issues of the women. He stressed on the issues of polygamy, Hindu Marriage Act and highlighted on how the International Women Days started celebration across the Globe. Achouba Sharma, Editor, Sanaleibak Daily Newspaper and Rinku Khumukcham Editor , Imphal Times and and Nongthombam Sarjubala, Convenor , International Women’s Day Observation Committee also attended as Presidium member.

On the occasion 5 members of EEVAM were honoured by assuring Looms within March this year. Sarjubala also announced a new body called Feminist Movement of Manipur. She said that a new chapter has been opened today and the women of the state will begin a proletariat Feminist Movement in the state to assure the rights of the women.

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Bishnupur Dist. administration honours 5 students on Intl. Women Day

Bishnupur, March 8: International Women’s Day was observed at the Conference Hall, Mini-Secretariat, Bishnupur today. The five students from the district who bagged medals in the first edition of “Khelo India” were also facilitated in the program.
Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Commissioner Mr. Pawan Yadav IAS highlighted the need to promote gender equality by presenting bouquet of flowers to the girl students brought pride to the district – Konsam Ormila Devi, Lamabam Nilam Devi, Potshangbam Umeshwori Devi, Warepam Sapana Devi and Arambam Anju Devi who won medals in the first edition of “Khelo India”  He also encouraged them excel in their own category of sports even at the Olympics. He further said that the administration will leave no stone unturned to assist them in any way possible. The function is attended by district level officers, public leaders and leaders from different women organizations.

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NEFIS condemns rising vendetta politics and hooliganism in North-East

Imphal, March 8: North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) has strongly condemned the rise in hooliganism and vendetta politics in the North-East since the BJP’s coming to power in several states. A statement of the forum said that the latest incident of destruction of Lenin’s statue in Tripura by BJP workers epitomizes such a rise.
“Lenin was a source of inspiration for the greatest Manipuri leader, Hijam Irabot who is revered as ‘Father of Manipur’ and the destruction of such a revolutionary’s statue is unprecedented in North-East. Destroying Lenin’s statue signifies falsification of Hijam Irabot’s revolutionary legacy and such sinister efforts might be even extended to Irabot in the coming future”, the statement said. It further added that the North-East is comprised of different communities who have evolved a system wherein different thoughts co-exist with each other. The rise of BJP in the North-East threatens to destroy the delicate social fabric by pitting different communities against each other. Moreover, it should be known that different anti-colonial struggles in various parts of the world especially in India and its North-East were inspired by 1917 Russian Revolution, especially by Lenin. The struggle against monarchy in Manipur was inspired by Lenin and such a legacy continues to inspire people’s struggle in the North-East. It should also be noted that the former Soviet Union under the leadership of Lenin, had decolonized the colonies of Russia after the Russian Revolution.
The statement further said that such open destruction of Lenin’s statue reveals an attempt to silence different political views which co-exist in the North-East. The destruction of Lenin’s statue signifies an attack on people’s legacy of anti-colonial struggle. Hijam Irabot’s statues installed in different areas of Manipur may now become a site of attack from such powers that be who want to demolish his legacy. NEFIS while condemning the rise of vendetta politics had resolved to intensify its struggle for saving the revolutionary legacy of Hijam Irabot and his inspiration, Lenin.

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Free Education for fatherless NE Childrens in Delhi & NCR

By: Nanda Samurailatpam Imphal, March 8: For providing free education, Helping Hands NGO in association with one reputed school in NCR run by Philantrophic Organisation have made an agreement on 27th February 2018 to admit abandoned or fatherless NE Childrens of cheated, battered NE females. However, the admission process will be done only on recommendation of HH-NGO. For this initiative, IGP Robin Hibu, IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police and also the President of HH-NGO was invited by the school authority to visit the school boarding. As per his visit, it was truely impressed by the facilities provided for holistic educations for these childrens. In this connection, HH-NGO will be the mentor and guardian for these children by visiting them regularly. It is now looking out for such helpless NE childrens in Delhi and NCR to get admission under CSR initiatives in this school. This small gesture will be helpful in molding and nurturing them basic education and the NGO will be helping them in future education as well.

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