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CRA condemns attack on activists

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Imphal, Nov 10,

The Centre for Research and Advocacy (CRA), Manipur has condemn the brutal attack on Ms. Agnes Kharshiing, President of Civil Society Women’s Organization on 8th November 2018 at East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya in North East India during her documentation of illegal coal mining and corruptive practices. Her companion Anita Sangma was also attacked.

A statement by the CRA said,  Ms. Agnes Kharshiing was brutally assaulted by a group of people at Tuber Shohshrieh, East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya on 8th November 2019, while documenting the illegal mining and transportation of coal in the area. The attack reportedly happened after Ms. Agnes took photographs of several trucks loading coal illegally in Tuber Shohshrieh area in Meghalaya. The attack has left Ms. Agnes with serious injuries in her head and body. She is under treatment at the NEIGRIMS Hospital in Shillong and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit due to her serious condition.

Ms. Agnes is a well-known human rights defender, proactive in denouncing illegal mining of Coal and Limestone in Jaintia Hills and other parts of Meghalaya in clear violation of the National Green Tribunal and other environment laws. There are serious concerns that the attack was carried out by the coal mafias operating in Meghalaya, who is opposed to exposition of illegal coal mining and corruption.

The Centre for Research and Advocacy, Manipur express concern with the increased case of targeting of human rights defenders across India’s North East, which involves direct targeting of community leaders and the curtailing of the functioning of human rights organizations, undermining the crucial role of civil societies in fostering a democratic, an accountable and human rights oriented development processes in Meghalaya and across India’s North East.

The Centre for Research and Advocacy, Manipur would like to urge upon the Government of Meghalaya to take urgent steps to Investigate and arrest those personal involved in the attack of Ms. Agnes Kharshiing and her companion Anita Sangma. The Government of Meghalaya should stop illegal mining of Coal and Limestone in Meghalaya. The Government of India should stop all forms of harassment and targeting of indigenous human rights defenders and curtailment of the functioning of human rights organizations and uphold the provisions of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, 1999. The Government should take urgent steps to protect the rights of human rights defenders in Meghalaya and across India’s North East.

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Ningol Chakkouba celebrated with traditional flavour

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Imphal, Nov 10,

Manipur yesterday celebrated Ningol Chakouba Festival with traditional flavour. The festival is considered the biggest festival of the state which strengthens the bond between brothers and married sister. Brothers hosted the finest feast for their married sisters. Married sisters come to their parental home with their children wearing the most beautiful traditional dress.

With the change of time, the Ningol Chakouba festival is also organised by various civil society organisations and also by brothers of Villages jointly. In Langdamei Villlage of Noney district brothers of Samper Clan invited their sisters who had married to different communities. Around 29 married women came and took blessing from their brothers after having a grand feast.

United People’ Front (UPF) Manipur in hands with Indigenous Minority Socio-Cultural Organisation , Manipur (IMSCOM) also celebrated the Ningol Chakouba at Sana Konung Palace compound.

Naoba Senjam Film Team also celebrated Ningol Chakouba with childrens of Yaibiren Children Home .

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Bangladesh election announced on Dec. 23

Siam Sarower Jamil,
Dhaka, Nov 10,

The 11th general election will be held across Bangladesh on December 23.
Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda announced the date while addressing the nation from the Election Commission office in Dhaka’s Agargaon on Thursday evening.
“The proper environment to organize the polls has been created (so) I urge all political parties to resolve all disputes or differences of opinions among themselves and participate in the polls,” Huda said.
“I also urge the political parties to remain alert so that competition and rivalry do not turn into retribution or violence.”

Huda’s announcement came amid repeated calls by the new opposition alliance Jatiya Oikya Front for the commission to defer the election schedule. The ruling Awami League, however, had urged the commission to stick to its plan.
Under the timetable announced by the CEC, candidates must file their nomination papers either online or manually between today and November 19.
The returning officers will then scrutinize the nomination papers on November 22, with November 29 fixed as the final date for withdrawals.
“There is a constitutional obligation to hold the election before January 28, 2019,” CEC Huda said. “The countdown has already started.”
The commissioner said the EC has almost bought all of the necessary election materials and has finished printing papers, while necessary issues were also being discussed with the concerned ministries.
The commission on Thursday also started sending nomination forms and other election materials to the senior district election officers and district election officers at its field level offices from the BG Press at Tejgaon.

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Of Indian Constitution

Something seems to be seriously wrong with the mindset of the people, not only in Manipur but in the entire country. In this 21st century – is the real power to govern this country is vested in its people? But the question that often arises is, does the constitution in true terms express the will of the people or is has it just become a tool in the hands of some hungry politicians? Are the people of India in real terms assured of Justice, liberty, equality and fraternity? Is the common man today receiving justice? Does equality really prevail? Is Liberty being exercised by all today?
In the wake of the changing times in the Indian society a constitutional review is highly required. The constitution, though a very impressive piece, has failed in some respects. And in this article, I wish to express my opinion on the need of an overhaul in our constitution.
The preamble says that we are a Democratic Republic. What does democracy mean to all of us? To define it in a layman’s language Democracy means that the power is in the hands of the people to decide how and by whom the country is run. But today does the real power lie in the hands of the people as it was believed when the constitution was applied? It is no more ‘by and for the people’. Now it is more or less a board game and the players are the politicians with personal profits as the winning amount.
Bo doubt, Indian constitution is a borrowed constitution. When the drafting committee drafted it, they adopted a major part of it from the Government of India Act 1935 with few modifications here and there. Besides this, many provisions borrowed from various other constitutions of the world are included. The Parliamentary System has been taken from the British Constitution and Judicial Review & federalism from the US Constitution. Many provisions need to be amended as they were adopted from the 1935 Act and maybe worked for that period; however in today’s time they have become obsolete. One of the biggest flaws of our constitution is the never-ending length due to the tough language in which it has been drafted. Being the sovereign document of our country it should have been drafted in a language easily comprehendible by the citizens. But unfortunately the legal jargon used can hardly be deciphered by the common man. With that length, the parliament today will never get the time to modify and simplify it but I feel this is something which should have been kept in mind at the time of its commencement.
Securing justice to all — social, economical and political, is one of the chief aims of our constitution. But this has hardly been actually put into action.
And most frustrating part is that when the constitution of India was framed, Manipur was a sovereign independent kingdom.

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