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More irregularities on MCSCCE (Main) 2016 exam unfolds; Forensic report raised doubts over the genuineness of examiner signature

Imphal, Jan 12: Group of aspirants sent only 5(five) samples (Photocopy of the answer scripts) of the signature of the examiner of essay subject for the MCSCCE (Main) 2016, to the “Truth Labs : Forensic Services” on 1/12/2017 for verifying whether the signatures are of the same examiner. The said report was received on dated 8/01/2018. It can be mentioned that, The Truth Labs: Forensic Services is India’s first independent forensic science laboratory whose advisory board has former Chief Justice of India, former Chairman Law Commission of India, former Vigilance Commissioner etc.
The candidates who got their RTI copies of the answer scripts observed that there is a wide variation in the signature of the examiner of the essay paper which according to the MPSC was evaluated by only one expert/examiner. On suspicion of forged signatures by different persons other than the assigned examiner, the candidates pursued on their independent capacity to verify the alleged matter. The forensic report proves the contention of the candidates.

The forensic report is of the view that out of the 5(five) signatures that had been examined, only 3(three) signatures (Q1[candidate with code 62938], Q2[candidate with code 93686] & Q5 [candidate with code 50950]) are of the same person while for the remaining 2(two), the report raised serious doubts whether they are of the same person or not. For Q3 [candidate with code 61384], the signature could not be analyzed as the signature shows some discontinuity. And one important finding of a report is that, the signature Q4 [candidate with code 86815] is done slowly and is a defective reproduction. It may be noted that the signatures which are done slowly usually leads to case of forged signature. Upon consulting the experts of the lab regarding whether they could give a definite opinion whether the signature Q4 belonged to a different person other than the examiner, they told that they can give a definite opinion only when the specimen/original signature of the examiner is provided to them. Moreover, the expert(s) of the lab is/are willing to testify their findings in any court of law if summoned during the course of legal proceedings. It is important to point out here that the Group of Aspirants could afford to send and verify only 5(five) signatures due to financial constrains. We are of the opinion that if appropriate authority directs to conduct a thorough investigation into the said matter, many more cases of such forgery will unearth. Nevertheless, now the onus lies on the MPSC to explain why there was a need to engage other person(s) other than the examiner for evaluation.

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IMC , now another hurdle to traffic management

Any road sides in crowded Imphal town are parking space for vehicles and Imphal Municipality Corporation (IMC) permits to collect parking fee to specific agent.
When talk about traffic control wing of the state police department remains as hot topic for every concern citizens of the state, Imphal Municipality Corporation has been providing permission to some specific NGOs for collection of parking fee.   Proper regulation for parking of vehicles have also been not let known to the vehicle owners and those parking fee collectors allowed vehicles of any kind to park at any place disregarding of how much space of the road has to be restricted.
As of now, no official notification over the allocation of parking space at crowded Thangal Keithel, Paona Keithel, Keishampat area MG Avenue, Khwairambandh Keithel area, Nagamapal etc. has been let known to the general public through any medium. The Imphal Municipality Corporation allowed the agent to collect a sum of Rs.10 per hour for two wheeler vehicles, Rs.20 per hour for three and four wheeler vehicles, Rs.70 to 100 per hour for loaded vehicles and Rs. 30 for DI trucks. Such collection is done at any places of Imphal city and those agents said that they are authorized to collect parking fee by the IMC authority.
Traffic problems has been haunting Imphal city for the past many years and till now traffic police are blamed for the menace by critics. Much has been discussed and it has been put to the notice of concern government department many times.

It is true that the rise of vehicles is one problem for mismanagement of traffic regulation. Besides the government’s inability to provide proper equipments like electronic traffic signal systems, speed meters and man power is also another factor that create inconveniences to the general public. Above these few things VIP culture of parking anywhere, anytime at any places of the Imphal city is also another trouble face by the general public. These are few of the problems need to be stream line however the way that the IMC is allowing some agents to collect parking fees from any places of the Imphal city need to be check.
How could the IMC allow any place as parking space without properly discussing the matter by convening meeting of the Traffic Regulations & Parking Committee (TRPC)? It has been around 9 months that no meeting of the TRPC has been conducted then how the IMC permit parking at any space could.
Something seems to be not right to the way that some of the IMC authority are issuing permit for collection of parking fee. This needs to be seriously looked into by the present government. Or else the already deteriorated traffic system will turn into the worst.  
On the other hand the IMC authority should also issue public notice on which areas are allotted as parking zone and how much space of the road is permitted for parking besides publishing of the name of the NGO or agents who are given permission for collection of parking fee.

Art and Artist, a creative space

By : Moirangthem Monali
Manipur, a tiny state in the north-east region of India is well known to the world for its rich cultural heritage in the field of art and cultureand sports. Every year Manipur celebrates the Sangai Festival –the biggest festival in the state which is held from 21st till 30th of November. And as a part of it, the 2nd International Imphal Art Camp 2017 was organised by North East Brothers Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in association with Department of Tourism, Manipur to promote the art of Manipur.
It is important to lay an insight on the art discourse of Manipur before I begin to discuss the works of artists from different parts of the world. Modern art practises in Manipur became active only around the 1970’s and this is mainly because of two reasons: first, the establishment of State Kala Academy and second, the setting up of Arts Society Manipur, the only pioneering art organization. Manipur State Kala Academy and Arts SocietyManipur has been playing an important role in the art movement of Manipur by organizing various art activities such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions and symposiums. Apart from this, Imphal Art College, the only FineArt College in the state has also been contributing a major share in the art scene of the region. Due to the advancement of technology, transport system became more easily accessible and as a result, local artists started to move out of Manipur and were being trained from well established institutes of India. After being exposed to the mainstream Indian art, they began to bring in new waves in the contemporary art of Manipur. And these artists began to search for a ‘new’ identity trying to create their own individual style. Now, let me connect the contemporary art of Manipur with the participants of 2nd International Imphal Art Camp 2017.Imobi Sharma, a well known artist from Manipur is greatly influenced by the Impressionist artist- Gustav Klimt. He incorporates Manipuri elements in his painting and tries to create his own individual style. His works are on great demand in India as well as abroad.Golmei Gandampu’s series of paintings represent the dance forms of Kabui community to which he belongs. He skilfully employs the brushstrokes with swirls to signify the beautiful dance movements. He expressed the Kabui dance is losing its foot and desires to preserve it,through his visual representations.Chandam Lalit is more inclined towards the social issues which prevent him from painting the beauty of nature. Ultimately, he prefers to symbolize the social events through the depiction of female figures with swift brushstrokes. Meena Laishram, the only female artist from Manipurin the Campwho is based in Delhi expressed the fond memories of her childhood days through her canvas. Meena’s representation of art is more closer to naive art with the techniques and the elements that she employs.
The visual arts constitute a language and one can approach an image in terms of its formal elements: line, shape, space,colour, light and shade- and consider its aesthetic impact on the viewer. The exhibition provided a space to reflect back on the contemporary art of Manipur as it gives an idea on how the viewing public perceived it. And interactions with mainland Indian artists provided a glimpse of it. Getting information that Laxman Aelay was participating in the camp, the next day, I went straight to the hotel lobby and told the receptionist, ‘Can you please send a message to Laxmam Aelay that his daughter’s classmate is waiting for him at the lobby.’ After few minutes, we introduced ourselves and began our talk about his works and the art discourse of Manipur.Coming from the weaver’s community of Telangana, Laxman uses local elements to look the world through art. His works are focussed around the socio-political and contemporary situations. He developed his works through his preconceived ideas and subconscious elements. A man of multi talents, he has done video art, photography, installations and logo designs. He feels the contemporary art of Manipur is at its initial stage and need to have discussions, seminars and art documentationmore often. On this note, I would also like to urge both young and old artists and people from different walks of life to share the creative space together and interact with one another. This very simple yet big step, will definitely contribute for a place in the mainstream Indian art through a larger perspective.After our conversation, Laxman introduced me to other participants from India -Sobha Broota,Nilen Sen Gupta and Prabhakar Kolte and we sat down together over a cup of tea. Sobha was impressed by the natural beauty of Manipurand of the important role that women play in the society. She praised the hard-working nature of the people of Manipur.Sobha works on oil medium using basic techniques and is inclined towards abstract art. I put up a question to her which is both simple and complex ‘what does art mean to you?’ she replied ‘it is difficult to answer and beyond explanation’ instantly, Prabhakar turned to me and said ‘that is the answer to your question.’ And we all had a good laugh together. The nature of art has been a vexing question for centuries and it has been discussed by artists,poets, philosophers and others. Their views have given us an insight into the creative process but they have not produced a universally acceptable definition of ‘art’. My second interaction session was with foreign participants from South Korea, Russia,Turkey and Haiti. Song Keun Young, female artist from South Korea uses traditional techniques and concepts. She uses Korean ink and paper which she either makesit by herself or buys it from the market. Her paintings depict the love of reading by the noble man in his study room. To Kim In Tae, Manipur reflects his childhood neighbourhood scene. He paints on acrylic medium and expressed his love for nature. In his painting, he uses flat planes with bright colours and symbols. Julia Zhukova and Elena Brazhunenko from Russia expressed their love for landscape paintings. To Julia, the streets of Imphal city gave her the inspiration to paint and for Elena, Post-Impressionism influences her works.  Emine Tokmakkaya, a female artist from Turkey is more into the traditional and mystic concept. Her works focuses on dreams and women. Her painting is more absorbed towards the mystic elements of her cultural background and portrays fish as a good omen. She feels that Indian art and her art has the same concept as both arts are rooted to their traditions. Garry Laurent from Haiti paints as a therapeutic treatment to his country’s sufferings.Garry works on acrylic and most of his works are associated with the play of texture. In his paintinghe depicts Sangai,the state animal of Manipur from wherethe Sangai Festival takes its’ name.
The 2nd International Imphal Art Camp 2017 served as a platform for sharing creative ideas and learning each other’s culture and traditions which gave a great impact upon the art fraternity as well as the masses of Manipur. It also played the role of bringing awareness among the intellectuals and common people of Manipur. The camp also gave a space for documenting the artworks of individual artists from across the world. Organizing such camp provides a place for Manipur in the national as well as the international art movement.
Artists, art lovers and the people of Manipur felt the Camp was a laudable experience and expects it with more participation from all disciplines in the future.

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Local liquors seized

Imphal, Jan 12: Bishnupur police team today seized around 70 litres of local liquors while checking an auto rickshaw in between Bishnupur Chothe and Nachou area. The registration number of the auto transporting the liquor is MN05-B-4741. The owner of the liquor identified as L. Satrajit Singh of Nachou Maning Leikai was paraded along with the seized liquors.

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Manipur Maoist greets Drivers’ Day

Imphal, Jan 12: Rebel group Maoist Communist Party, Manipur (MCPM) today greets the workers of the region on occasion of the Drivers’ Day which falls on January 14. In a statement the rebel group which paying respect to the role of the drivers stated that observing Drivers’ Day shows that Communist movement in the state is marching ahead. The party also extended its gratitude to the publishers of Calendar for inclusion of Drivers’ Day. The statement further said that changes have been seen to the state of the farmers and labours of the state. It said that the Maoist has been standing for the poor farmers and the labours at time of suppression. On the issue problem being faced by the driver’s community the Maoist said that there was not even a case at which the outfit remain quite when attack or threats came to drivers’ community. The Maoist further added that the authority still fails to deliver PDS items to the poor and needy. It also added that some people are also hijacking the rice issued for mid day meals. It said that the Maoist will not continue to voice against the non-distribution of PDS items instead it will start taking action against those responsible.  

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National Women’s Boxing Championships: Sarita Devi, Sonia Lather advance to finals

Imphal, Jan 12: Former world and Asian champion L Sarita Devi (60kg) and world silver-medallist Sonia Lather (57kg) advanced to the finals of the National Women’s Boxing Championships in Rohtak today.
Report reaching here said that Sarita defeated Haryana’s Monika 5-0 to set up a clash with Railways Sports Promotion Board’s Pavitra. Pavitra got the better of Uttarakhand’s Priyanka Choudhary 5-0. Sonia, on the other hand, defeated All India Police’s Sandhya Rani 5-0. She will be up against reigning youth world champion Shashi Chopra, who edged past Andhra Pradesh’s Sonia.
Former world silver-medallist Sarjubala Devi (48kg) also entered the finals, beating RSPB’s Meenakshi. However, it was curtains for former junior world champion Nikhat Zareen (48kg), who lost to Haryana-girl Ritu in a split verdict.

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Workers’ programme concludes

Imphal, Jan 12: 2 day special programme for unorganized workers organized by Youth Welfare Club Patsoi Part-1 concludes yesterday. The closing function was presided by Wahengbam Lily, Member of Patsoi GP. Around 40 unorganized workers attended the 2 days programme.

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