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Items filtered by date: Friday, 02 June 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Part 2 of the 1st session of eleventh assembly begins; Finance Minister Y Joykumar introduces Manipur GST Bill in Assembly

Imphal, June 2: The 1st  session  (Part-II)  of the 11th  Manipur Legislative Assembly began today by taking up obituary reference on the demise of former member of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly from 6-Keirao  Assembly Constituency Karam Thamarjit Singh and Presentation of Committee report  and Introduction of  Government Bill also been taken up in  today’s session.
Deputy Chief Minister who is also in-charge of Finance portfolio Yumnam Joykumar Singh today introduced the Government Bill “The Manipur Goods and Services Tax Bill, 2017  for consideration and passing during the Assembly  session. While introducing the Bill, the minister in charge of Finance  also highlighted the objectives and merits of  the bill and said that the short coming of the tax structure are multiplicity of Central and State tax and prevailing of uniformity of tax.  
Deputy Chief Minister further said that passing the GST bill is essential and urged all members of the house to study minutely before passing the bill.
Chief minister N Biren  Singh  while initiating the obituary reference said the untimely demise of Karam Thamarjit Singh  is very unfortunate. He was elected as Member of the house in the year 2012 under the MSCP ticket.  He was soft, mature and prominent person. He had a good academic record, before joining the politics he worked as an entreprenuer and set up many Self Help Groups mainly for the unemployed women. He always deals the public with a smiling face. Saying that his loss will remained a void, leader of the house also shared to the sorrows of the bereaved family.
Opposition leader O. Ibobi Singh recalled the good time he spent with late Karam Thamarjit. He said that Thamarjit was a talented enterprenuer who possessed high quality. He is a qualified young energetic with his main interest is skill development. His death is a great lost not only to the people of  Keirao Assembly constituency but for the entire state  too.  

CAF & PD minister Karam Shyam said that Thamarjit begins his education from Class I to V in an Ideal High School and from Class VI to XII from  Sainik School. He got position during his school days in Sainik School. He had completed MBA (Marketing) from Bombay University and later served as Sales Manager in a renowned private firms. Before entering into politics, his main concerned are unemployment youth basically the women .
PHED minister Losii Dikho said  before entering into politics he and Thamarjit worked together as social worker. He used to visit Mao and motivate the farmers. I found in him, affection, love, peace and harmony. I share my condolence to the bereaved family, he added.
The obituary reference was also participated by Works minister Th. Biswajit Singh, Social Welfare minister Nemcha Kipgen, Parliamentary Secretary L. Rameshwor Meetei and MLA P. Brojendro.
Later, the Speaker, Manipur Legislative Assembly Y. Khemchand moved a resolution that the House express grief and sorrow to the demise of Karam Thamarjit and also 2 minutes silence by standing was observed as mark of respect to the department soul.
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh presented the Second Report of the Business Advisory Committee, 2017 stating that the house agrees with the allocation of time recommended by the Committee.

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Drainage system: draining resources

During the best of times, the drainage system in the state, particularly in the valley areas has been a makeshift one. The activities surrounding the development of the drainage system has evidently been focused on distribution and management of the work rather than on the real purpose or end result of the work. The result is for all to see. Cracked and seeping walls, crumbling concrete, disjointed drains and chocked channels. Of all these unfortunate aberrations being practiced by various government departments from the prescribed procedures of implementation, the one single biggest eyesore would undoubtedly be the unending works on the ‘Imphal sewer project’ even after more than twelve years of listless execution and clueless implementation. While the IFC Minister publicly declared that the project is heading for completion in a couple of months, the ground reality tells a different story.
For the lakhs of residents who have been subjected to much inconvenience and even physical perils for more than a decade due to the unsystematic and haphazard working methods being carried out at the sites of the project, the projections of the IFC minister, made a few months back carries very little hope and certainly rings hollow, as had happened umpteen times in the past.

The incessant rain over the last few days has caused flooding and overflowing of rivers in various parts of the valley resulting in extensive damages to crops and properties. The incidence of flood in the state was quite uncommon, if not rare a few years back. But the increasing frequency and regularity of the disaster should be taken note of and accord the seriousness of consideration it deserves. Makeshift embankments, last minute frantic exercises in containing seepages and commencement of drainage works to coincide with the arrival of the monsoon have become the norm rather than the exception when it comes to activities of the concern departments in dealing with the recurring flood situations in the state. Inspection visits to flooded areas and show of sympathy to the flood- affected victims are all very well. Better still is the financial largesse shelled out from time to time to a few of these unfortunate victims and adequately covered by the media.
But in its overarching effort to cultivate a caring image, the state government failed to address the reality. While contract works were drawn up with practiced efficiency, the actual implementation or objective of the work was lost in the melee.
The new state government has so far shown promise and a positive vibe to suggestions. And the suggestion Imphaltimes would very much like to put up through this editorial is that the much delayed Sewer project should be looked into and made necessary changes and alterations in consultation with technical experts so that the whole exercise can be brought to a beneficial conclusion and that the practicality and objective of the project is achieved. The public is prepared to extend any and all assistance and cooperation to see the project through thereby bringing to a closure an unending bad dream.

KIM says NSCN (IM) is trying to distort history of Kukis

Imphal, June 2: The concerted propaganda made by NSCN (IM) that the Kukis are nomadic and refugees is nothing but a shallow and cheap attempt to distort history of the Kukis which will not serve any purpose, according to Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM).
The statement of NSCN (IM) also shows how desperate they are to justify the unjustifiable greed of for land of the Kuki people, KIM political affairs chairman Sominthang Doungel said in a statement on Friday.
The NSCN (IM) and their assertion that the Kukis reached the Naga territory in Manipur in the year 1885 must be based on the writings of Sir James Johnstone, who stated that the Kukis came from Southern part of Manipur between 1830  AD   and  1840  A.D, the statement said.
If the history of Kukis of Manipur began only with the writings of Sir James Johnstone from 1830 AD, then, the history of Kacha Nagas of Manipur should begin from TC Hudson’s Account of the ‘ Kacha Naga tribes of Manipur’ in 1911 AD, the KIM statement said.
“So logically and historically the Kuki people have always inhabited their territories before the British and Kacha Nagas and Tangkhuls had been their subjects,” it claimed.
According to the statement, the present day Kukis had settled and reigned in Manipur from the pre-historic time and the Manipuri language called Meiteilon, which is a mixture of Kuki-Chin-Mizo language is another proof that the Kukis are aboriginal race in Manipur.
It said the Kuki Inpi (The Kuki Traditional Government) had defended the entire country for its indigenous inhabitants since 1761 AD, adding that the greatest battle was fought between the year 1917  and  1919  which the colonial writers  called “ The Kuki Rebellion” or the “ Kuki Uprisings”, “The Anglo-Kuki War.”
It said the ethnic cleansing on the Kukis in 1992 – 1994 led to the death of 905 innocent Kukis, 360 Kuki villages uprooted and more than 1 lakh  Kuki People were displaced. The Th Muvah-led NSCN (IM) hijacked the politics of Nagaland to Manipur with the objectives of satiating the despicable hatred that the Tangkhul Nagas of Ukhrul District has against the Kuki people, the KIM statement further said.
It further claimed that the NSCN (IM) also exploited the Zaliangrong  people of  Tamenglong district to turn against the Kukis.
According to the KIM statement, most of the tribes within the Kuki Chin Mizo fold were known by the generic name of Kuki which was a nomenclature for all and the tribe wise recognition/designation came about only in 1956 – 57, when the Government of India came out with a list of Scheduled Tribes which accorded recognition of group identity.
The statement said that the refugee relief, pushed by Suisa, was in the context of internally displaced Kuki villages, whose villages had been burnt down by the Burmese Junta within Kuki territories now under Myanmar.
As an MP, as late R Suisa did, a Kuki M P would do the same for any hill people, it said.
The Kukis have never resorted to any kind of aggression on the neighbouring tribes and that the often conflicts between the Kacha Nagas and Kukis are usually caused by the Tangkhul to this day, it the statement further claimed.
The Government of India must deal with NSCN (IM) leadership as terrorists, not as legal entities of an organization, which claimed to represent the collective political aspirations of the Nagas, unfortunately in reality which is not the case, the KIM statement demanded.

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Bomb discovered

Imphal, June 2: A bomb wrapped in brown paper was found in the frontal side of a hardware shop at Sugunu Lamkhai under Sugnu police station in Kakching district. The owner of the shop was identified as Sangi Gun. Personnel of 39 Assam Rifles and district police have cordoned off the site in anticipation of the arrival of bomb disposal squad.
Later the police bomb disposal squad safely detonated the bomb at Yaithibi Loukol in Thoubal district at around 11 .15 am today. No organisation or individual has so far claimed responsibility of of the bomb.

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GOC 3 Corps visits Manipur

Imphal, June 2: Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan, AVSM, SM, VSM, General Officer Commanding 3 Corps, arrived in the state on a three-day visit from 01 to 03 June 2017 to review the prevailing security situation in the state  
The GOC accompanied by IGAR(S) called on the Hon’ble CM of Manipur Shri N Biren Singh and conveyed his warm greetings & good wishes to the people of Manipur. The GOC appreciated the endeavours of the new government in reaching out to the hill districts, resolving long standing issues and initiating development projects in the state in a short time. During the meeting lasting more than 45 minutes, the General Officer discussed the security and law & order situation in the state with the Hon’ble CM and assured him of full cooperation by Assam Rifles to the state administration in all its endeavours to bring peace and development in the state. The General Officer also visited Assam Rifles units located in the border areas at Chandel, SajikTampak and Moltuk. During his interactions with officers and troops, the GOC complimented all ranks for their high levels of operational preparedness and exhorted them to conduct people-friendly operations while remaining alert to thwart the designs of insurgents.

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Safe drinking water provided to flood affected villagers

Thoubal, June 2: With the objective of preventing possible outbreak of water related diseases, a local club, United Progressive Club, today distributed safe drinking water in localities around Wangjing in Thoubal district that were affected by floods since evening of last Tuesday after the Wangjing river bank developed breaches at multiple locations, primarily at Wangjing Wangkhei.   
In a press statement, the club said the measure was taken up immediately after the recent flood as previous sources of safe drinking water become unusable in most areas in and around Wangjing due to the inundation. Reaching out to the flood affected villagers, UPC has promised that it will continue its engagement in relief activities during this time of distress.   Pointing out that the situation that emerged in the aftermath of the flood has raised apprehension of many water-related diseases breaking out, the statement called upon the district medical department to give extra emphasis on the needs of the flood affected villages.   
The spots where the breaching of banks occurred were Wangjing Wangkhei, Wangjing River View area Wangjing SK Loukol, Wanging Tekcham Leikai, Heitupokpi amd Wangjing Hodamba.

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Contractors refute MSF claim of black marketing

Thoubal, June 2: Transport contractors have categorically refuted the claims made by Manipuri Students’ Federation that the PDS items found in the godown of Maisnam Bimola at Sangaiprou were stocked by businessmen for selling it latter in the black market.
Addressing a press conference on the matter, a representative of the firms in concern, Elangbam Enterprises and Soraisam Enterprises, clarified that the PDS items consisting mainly rice, were stocked temporary by the FCS as the godowns of FCS were full.
He backed up his claims by exhibiting photo copies of the official order authorizing the temporary dumping of the PDS items at the private godown.
He contradicted the MSF on the volume of PDS items found inside the private godown asserting that altogether 2700 quintals of PDS items were stocked there and not 2506 quintals as announced by the student’s organization. If any deficit is discovered in the volume of PDS items then the missing amount will be recoverable from the MSF. The MSF initially rejected the authenticity of the dumping order but today after the director personally gave them his words, the debate has apparently been put to rest, he stated.   
Disproving the vandalism by volunteers of MSF during the raid at the godown yesterday afternoon, he castigated the former for resorting to goondaism and asked them to verify facts in the future before taking up actions with repercussions.
The contractors made a threat that the police will be approached with a request to arrest the volunteers of MSF for their illegal activities committed at the godown.

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Minister Biswajit inspects Government buildings in Moreh

Imphal, June 2: Public Works Minister Shri Thongam Biswajit, yesterday, inspected the PWD Inspection Bungalow, Moreh to initiate process for the Works department to regain control of the bungalow which has been occupied by the Assam Rifles for long since 1986. The Minister’s exertion to regain control of the bungalow was in accordance with the effort to develop the border town of Moreh.
The Minister’s visit, yesterday, was part of his two-day inspection tour of government buildings in the border town which began day before yesterday.
Minister Biswajit inspected both the Power IB and Trade Centre at Moreh, on Wednesday. Following his inspection of the Integrated Trade Information and Stay Facility Centre for Traders inside the Trade Centre, the Minister expressed much dismay at the condition of the building and proposed certain structural changes. At the Moreh Trade Centre the Minister expressed disappointment that there was no power supply although the concerned were already instructed of his visit.
Speaking to the officials concerned of MANIDCO and Trade, Commerce and Industries, the Minister said certain changes needs to be made to make the facilities available in the building meet international standard. He also asked the officials to shift the washroom from near the dining hall and kitchen and to renovate the VIP rooms. The trade Centre was inaugurated on April 20, 2000. Minister Biswajit also inspected the Multi-Storeyed Market Complex, Moreh, yesterday. The complex was constructed under the ASIDE Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries. It was inaugurated on November 25, 2015.
Speaking to the officials concerned including Managing Director MANIDCO and Joint Director Trade, Commerce and Industries, the Minister enquired whether there was lodging facilities in the building and observed it will attract people only if lodging facilities are available.
Later in the afternoon, the Minister also inspected a plot of the State PWD and expressed concern on finding a private property constructed there. He instructed the concerned officials to erect a boundary wall around the plot and to demolish the private property. The Minister and his team also inspected another building which was already handed over to the District Administration and utilised as official quarter.
He also visited and inspected the Ima Nongpok Panthoibi temple. The Minister was accompanied by the Tengnoupal SP Shri Moirangthem Mubi and PWD Chief Engineer Shri N Sarat during his inspection visits.

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