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Items filtered by date: Monday, 06 November 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

CM N. Biren lambast Congress and other Political Party who are against demonetization and GST

Imphal, Nov 6: Chief Minister N. Birem Singh today made slashing criticism to Congress and other opposition party who are voicing against the demonetization and GST by Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that such political parties misleading the general public are addicted to scams and black money.
N. Biren Singh was talking at the inaugural function of Yuva Sammelan organised by Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha  at Khundrakpam Lainingthou Panganba Community Hall in Kundrakpam Assembly constituency. The Yuva Sammelan is being organised in support of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization and GST.
Lambasting the Congress party, N. Biren said that in 60 years of congress ruled the country has been broken into pieces and a huge amount of black money have been deposited at Swiss Bank as blank money in foreign Country. Money which were sanction for the welfare of the poor people have been hijacked by the past government. Inorder to deliver justice to the poor the BJP led government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken up the demonetization move and introduced GST.

The chief minister further said that political parties which were rejected by the people by not electing even single representatives should remain quite as they are no longer accepted by the people.
“BJP is a now the peoples’ mandate, the party has been doing many welfare programme, have bridge the differences between the Hills and the plain people, and will continue the good work.
Works Minister Th. Bishwajit who also attended the inaugural function of the Sammelan said that power sector will be improved in the state and electrification across the state will be completed in the coming days. He said connectivity is a serious concern of the government however, due to rainy season repairing works of road connectivity could not be implemented. As rainy season has been over the government will start works for improving of the road connectivity on war footing.   

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Nurturing the future

Great revolutions seldom start with a bang.
They evolved and came into being according to the needs and necessities to salvage or turn around a particular situation. It involves various radical changes and often is seen as a turning point- a step towards the untrodden path, a new approach and thoughts. An element of calculated risk is inherent in such revolutions.
Steps initiated up by the Education Minister of the BJP led government, to turn around the declining state of education in the state, especially those of the State –run educational institutions can be viewed as nothing short of a revolution in the spheres of education in the State.

Different experimental changes have been mooted, some implemented, and despite objections and disturbances from certain quarters for the unorthodox approach in the search for an answer to the ailing system of education, the bold and earnest nature of the steps taken, even to the point of risking his popularity and position is an altogether uncommon and commendable display of courage of conviction. But the tag of “do or die” to the steps being taken up, as reported in various dailies reeks of desperation and a last ditch effort on the part of the concerned authorities to salvage the last remaining shreds of pride and position. The new initiatives, in order for it to show the desired results, should be pursued relentlessly. While the media may seem unjustly critical of the various development works being planned and carried out in the State, the stand may be attributed to the dismal show of commitment and lack of follow-up in almost all the public projects and developmental works carried out so far.
The onus to prove everyone wrong lies squarely on the shoulders of those empowered to carry out these projects. It is common knowledge that the education scene in the state is being increasingly dominated by the private players and institutions, in spite of the high tuition and admission fees collected by them which shows the level of confidence and demand they command. Meanwhile, the scene within the state run educational institutions is in stark contrast to the ones being witnessed amongst the private educational institutions.
A lackadaisical attitude, lack of enthusiasm and an almost negligible student participation and attendance marks these schools and institutions. The very thought of starting a massive turnaround of these maladies is indeed a daunting task. To draw up the courage to actually implement these changes is indeed a mark of unstinted sacrifice and a willingness to take risks for a higher purpose. The rest of those in the helm of power need to wake up to the commendable deeds of such extraordinary leaders, and to try and better them. It remains to be seen as to the dedication and tenacity with which the leaders pursue these steps. Instilling a sense of achievement and encouraging incentives coupled with a system of rewards could pave the way for a changed attitude amongst the overpaid and underperforming government appointed teachers of the state.
A concerted effort from everyone involved in the system needs to be made in order for the new initiatives to effect any real and sustained change in the State. It would seem too early to warrant a guess about the outcome of the whole exercise, but the initial picture is a rosy one. Hope the good run continues.

History will not forgive us

By: Heikrujam Nabashyam

“ Chahi Lishing Anigi Mamangdagi Meitei Phooroop Asi Nation Amagi Thakta Masagi Civilization leijaraba Amasung Chaokhatle Hairiba Jattisingdagi Tadraba Phooroop Amani Maram Asina Meiteising Indian Constitutiongi ST Listta Yaoba Haibasi Maram Sukcha Chade “
— the Meeteis have been living since the last 2000 years as a nation ; they are no less than any other civilized nation. Therefore it is truly unreasonable to include the Meiteis in the ST lists of the Indian constitution.
The above is the stated position of PPCM (Protection & Preservation Committee Manipur) which came in the media yesterday, November 4, 2017 in regards to the demand of STDCM (Schedule Tribe Demand Committee Manipur) to include the Meiteis in the ST lists of the Indian constitution. The statement is certainly pleasing to the ears of the Meeteis, because it kindles their pride of being the descendants of those brave men and women who had lived gloriously in the past in this part of the world.
It is true that Meetei were no less than their neighbours of Awa & Kabow (present north west Myanmar) and Takhel and Tekhao (present Assam and Tripura) etc. In fact, as late as the 19th century our sovereignty over the Kabow Valley, that is , the swathe of land upto the Chindwin of present Myanmar, was recognized by the 1826 Treaty of Yandaboo that ended the first Anglo-Burmese war, until the lapse of British suzerainty.
Our forefathers had the courage and the spirit which the present generations hardly match. To keep their words and commitments our ancestors could play with their life. “Nongmada Pokpa Machana Nini Shiba Hounade” these were the honour words of our forefathers which may be equated to the English saying, a coward dies many times before his death. This was the principle of their life. To them their honour and self-respect was more valuable than their dear life.  That was the value and the way of life that our forefathers followed.
However, today we often talk of our “Naat-Chatnabi” —— our culture and values which can hardly be related to values of our ancestors and their culture.
First, let us try to understand our Naat-Chatnabi in common man language. One’s Naat-Chatnabi is one’s value, philosophy and way of life.
Now, what can we observe in our present social mores and values —— our integrity, discipline morality, social spirit and our sense of commitment, etc.
Now let us take the example of mob justice in our society, among the youths and the students — since this aspect is most visible. Today mob justice is the rule of the day. What does it mean ? It means the law enforcing machinery of our Meitei nation has lost their credibility. It means our leadership have not or unable to discharge their duty to the public. It means the words and commitments of our leaders have no meaning. But how can it be so? How can our leaders afford to disregard the public and yet get the mandate of the people. The answer is simple, the people sell their votes.
This is the comparison between the present day value and the values of our ancestors, that is, between us, the present generations and our forefathers.
Let us see how we could understand this paradigm change. The values of social hierarchy in our Hindu culture which had so subtly taught us the Mantra “You are small, he is big” had gradually destroyed the honour and self-respect that our forefathers had so dearly loved and lived with. The fact is the Meitei had experienced a tectonic shift from an egalitarian society — like our hill brothers do till today — to a vertically divided society.
Now what could one expect from a community of people who have no honour and self-respect. This is the reason why we are what we are today. Scientific studies on human behavior had proved that a community devoid of self-respect and integrity has no future. Anyway everybody is free to refute what I have said about our present social values.
Today we seem to be living in our past glory, telling the world that the Meiteis are as good as any civilized nation on this planet. But the reality is otherwise; we have started losing confidence in ourselves, in other words cynicism has gradually taken the place of our confidence and self-respect. This metamorphosis in our value and culture is absolutely unpropitious for our children and the future. The truth is such a situation certainly calls for immediate attention and initiative especially from social scientists, academics and most importantly enlightened social workers who would work relentlessly among our women, youths and students so that we can bounce back to the position of honour and self-respect that we had lost so thoroughly.
Today we have landed up at a critical crossroads. It is time for all of us including PPCM and STDCM to have our moments of quiet introspection. We cannot afford to forget the fact that the Meiteis are the smallest and the most vulnerable among our three indigenous brothers — Chin-Kuki, Meitei and Naga.
Thus far, we have come from a historical vast swathe of land from Chindwin to Takhel to the valley of hardly 700 square miles.
However we need not lose our hearts; we would find our ways. But we need to change our attitudes and our mindsets and certainly we need to get rid of our mob culture, which I am afraid has taken over our youths and the students. This must be stopped and instead we need to expand our horizon.
The need of the hour is to understand where do we stand; it is needless to say that we need to sit across the table for serious discussions or else we will only hurt ourselves more and more and history will not forgive us.   

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Constable appeared body called bandh from Nov. 10 to 13

Imphal, Nov. 6: All Manipur Police Constable Male Civil Viva Voce completed candidate 10+2 has called total shut down from 5 am of November 10 to 5 pm of November 13 against the non fulfilment of their demand by the state government.
The bandh was announced today by the General Secretary of the body, Manichandra at Manipur Press Club today. Speaking to media persons Manichandra said that the Constable Requirement candidates have been demanding declaration of the result as the viva voce has been completed. The body had met the government authority time and again however till today the demanding has not been listened by the government, he added. He also added that the body of the candidates appeared in the recruitment test had set dateline on November 4, however as no response has been  given the body called the total shut down in all the state including the National Highways.

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State Level Painting Competition on Energy Conservation

Imphal, Nov. 6: In connection to “The National Energy Conservation Day” held every year on 14th December since 1990 with an objective to propagate the message of energy conservation among the general public as well as various sectors of the economy, NHPC Limited is entrusted the responsibility by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Ministry of Power, Government of India to organise a State Level Painting Competition on Energy Conservation-2017 on 14th November, 2017 in two categories with Hon’ble Governor of Manipur Dr Najma Heptulla as Chief Guest of the competition Category A is for standard IV to VI and category B from standard VII to IX. The competition will be held at Darbar Hall, Raj Bhavan, Imphal from 9:45 am onwards. Guidelines is issued by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Ministry of Power. (https://beeindia.gov.in)

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Combing operation

Imphal, Nov 6: As a part of security measures ahead of the upcoming Sangai Tourism festival, state police today conducted search operation at Khomdram Selungba Leikai in Imphal West district from 5.30 am to 6.30 am.
The search operation was conducted by a team of Imphal West Police Commando led by Thangkochon, DSP (Ops) under the supervision of SP Imphal West. As many as 350 people  from around 100 houses were verified during the search operation. However, no person has been arrested.   Mentioned may be made that the President of India is also attending the Sangai Festival on the second day.

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Tiddim road to be repaired ahead of Sangai Festival

Imphal, Nov 6: Potholes on Tiddim road will be repaired by November 15, ahead of the upcoming Manipur Sangai Festival 2017, said Chief Engineer of National Highway and Buildings, PWD, Government of Manipur.
N Noren Singh, Chief Engineer of National Highway and Buildings, PWD, announced the repairing of the Tiddim road will be completed ahead of the Manipur Sangai Festival during a media interaction at his office chamber of Public Works Department (PWD), today.
N Noren Singh said that the repairing works of the Tiddim road were put to halt due to the heavy rains and bad weather conditions in the state but his department is trying their best to fill up the potholes and repair the condition of roads in-order to provide good roads for the public conveniences.
N Noren Singh also said that recently some local dailies had published that there are more than 20 potholes on the road stretch of Imphal to Keibul Lamjao at such a crucial hour which is very unfortunate while his department is putting their sincere and best effort to fill up all the potholes and repair the road stretch of Tiddim road. Such demotivating information should not be published by the local dailies which can tarnish the image of the engineers in front of the public when they putting their best effort to complete the pending works left behind due to the bad weather condition ahead of the festival, Noren urged.
N Noren Singh further said that no appreciative information were shared to the local dailies when the PWD Engineers work day and night during the landslide occurred along the Imphal-Mao road inorder to assured essential commodities and items could reach on time.
N Noren Singh assured to repair the potholes and the road condition of Imphal-Mao and Imphal-Moreh roads within the next two to three months.
Efforts are on to convert the old Lokchao Bridge which is still in existence since World War 2 into an Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Bridge, Noren asserts.

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Annual day celebration of Green Valley Academy

Thoubal,Nov.6: Green Valley Academy, Thoubal today celebrates its 2nd Annual Day Celebration at its school campus. The function was attended by Thoubal district SP K Meghachandra, TMC Councillor W. Sanathoi Devi and W. Ibomca and the Founder of the School S. Heramani as dignitaries on the dais.

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Vigilance Awareness Week observed at RIMS, Imphal

Imphal, Nov 6: The Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal observed Vigilance Awareness Week 2017 yesterday.
Prof. A. Santa Singh, Director, RIMS, Imphal administered the Integrity Pledge to a gathering faculty members, officials and staff. The Director highlighted the major obstacles to economic, political and social progress of our country due to corruption. “We need to lead from the front in eradicating corruption”, he said.
The Medical Superintendent, Dean (Academic), Principal of Dental College and College of Nursing, faculty members, officials and staff attended the function.

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Manipur Muslim Mirror conducts Food drive campaign

Imphal, Nov 6: As a part if the Food Drive Campaign being initiated by the Starland Foundation campaign across the state, Manipur Muslim Mirror today distribute edible items to over 1000 children at various part of the state. A press statement of the group said that children under poverty line at Lillong Haoreibei Cahndakhong, Haoreibi Makha Leikai, Salam Manung, Haoreibi Mayai Leikai Hayelbuk and Irong of Thoubal district; Hatta and Kshetrigao in Imphal East district  were distribute the edible items under the campaign.

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