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Items filtered by date: Monday, 09 October 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

State observes 68th Territorial Army Day; Territorial army is the interface between army and people: CM

Imphal, Oct. 9: The 68th Territorial Army Day was observed at the Banquet Hall of 1st Bn. Manipur Rifles, Imphal today. The observation was organised by the Government of Manipur. Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar Singh graced the function as Chief Guest and President.  
Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that Territorial Army is often known as “Citizens Army” and act as a bridge between Army, Paramilitary forces and civil society of the country. Many a times, Territorial Army co-ordinate with the people at the times of war and internal aggression, he added.
Stating the significance of Territorial Army in Border States like Manipur, N. Biren Singh said that it is the responsibility of Territorial Army to maintain a cohesive and good relationship among the people and Armed forces. The State government would encourage and support Territorial Army in such aspect, he added.
To achieve good relationship with the public, Chief Minister stated that Territorial Army need to motivate the people by organising awareness campaign etc. so that people can feel the sense of security and oneness among themselves. Lauding the efforts and contribution of Territorial Army towards welfare of the country, he said that we should make people aware that Army and paramilitary forces are there to protect the people and Nation.

Chief Minister further stated that the State government would request the Central government for the expansion of the present Battalion Unit of Territorial Army situated in Manipur.
In his Presidential address, Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar Singh said that the role and responsibility of Territorial Army is to execute their task properly in a humane way. He mentioned that Territorial Army need to know and study the scenario and psyche of the local people and should know how things/issues are to be handled properly. With such efforts, we can achieve peace and harmony without causing any co-lateral damage, he added.
Mentioning that Territorial Army has various units such as Infantry Unit, Ecological Task force, Engineering unit, General Hospital, Y. Joykumar stressed that we need to set up an Ecological Task Force in Manipur so that we can make people aware about the importance of ecology and healthy natural environment in the State.
Later, General Officer Commanding of Manipur Terriers presented mementoes to Chief Minister  N. Biren Singh and Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar Singh.
Minister for CAF&PD Karam Shyam, Chairman of Manipur Pollution Control Board L. Radhakishore Singh, Parliamentary Secretaries Khasim Vashum, S. Subhashchandra Singh, MLAs Y. Surchandra Singh, S. Bira Singh, O. Lukhoi, Chief Secretary, DGP, General Officer Commanding, Red Shield Division and Deputy IGAR (South), officers of Territorial Army, top civil and police officials and families of Territorial Army attended the function.

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Imphal city is changing but traffic problem still a menace

Imphal city is changing, administrators and government official (except some few) are trying to make the city change towards the better direction. Everyone knows it will need time. After all Rome was not build in a day. It will take time but it will take less time if the present sincere officers in the government keep continuing their work the way they are doing at present under the leadership of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh.
Frequent road accident have drew the attention of the government and finally after finding some irregularities in the issuing of driving license, the state transport department is doing the appropriate way to issue driving license. Imphal Times had earlier brought up issues of school children riding motor vehicles, particularly two wheelers bike to their schools. Everybody knows students in schools are less than 18 years in age except for one or two who fails in the exam. Now as per the new regulation being seen taken up by the transport department, people now sees hope that those who are qualified/eligible to drive will only get the license to drive motor vehicle. This perhaps is another means to reduce the road mishaps, which was frequent in the state of Manipur.
Extending life by establishing Imphal Evening, Elected representatives simplicity and the coming down of VIP and VVIP culture is indeed a sign that shows that the new government is moving towards the right direction. Having said so there are certain area where people are not satisfied. There are demands, bandhs and agitation still seen. Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had rightly stated that in the running of the government there will be issues and problem. These issues and problems need to be look after and the government is looking on it.
Today we in the Imphal Times is bringing the notice of the state government to have some attention of the traffic regulation in Imphal city. Good works are seen being taken up by the transport department in qualifying individuals to drive their vehicles. Police department too help the transport department authority to give penalty to those driving vehicle without proper valid license for driving vehicles. These few initiatives are worth appreciations.

But who are actually following the traffic regulation in the roads of Imphal City. At any of the junction where traffic police are assigned none of the vehicle follows the rules and regulation of how to stop vehicle on the directives of the traffic police. Except for one or two drivers none stopped before the line drawn near the Zebra crossing when a signed to stop the vehicle was shown.
So far, no vehicle which violated the traffic rules has been given penalty. Above these some people riding big and luxuries car do not even care the signal to stop or proceed directed by the traffic police on duty.  These specific area should be a matter of great concern for those maintaining the traffic regulation and these personnel whoever be them should be empowered to give penalty to those violating the regulation.  
Recently the state government has appointed separate SP for the Traffic Control Police. To us, we consider the duty of the traffic police to enforce strict rule in driving and to punish those seen violating the traffic rules and regulation while driving or even parking the vehicles. They are not supposed to waste their time checking the documents of the vehicles as this is purely the duty of the transport department authority.
We are expecting better and systematic traffic control system in Imphal city at least.     

‘Imphal Evening’ makes way except for some minor problem

Imphal, Oct 9: ‘Imphal Evening’, an experiment to start night life in Imphal, launched by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh is making its way towards the right direction except some minor problem which could be handled by the concern government authority.
“Talented youths now finds way for exposures, old friends finds a way to meet after a long gap and busied family members finds place to relax together”, said Dr. Laishram during a discussion on television talk show.
The opening day was half mess as the authority failed to maintain proper traffic management. However the second opening on Saturday and Sunday was relieved for visitors. What is more excited is that indigenous food items are available, said Chandtombi Aheibam, a journalist by profession.
However all is not well when it comes to sanitation problem. Former Councillor of IMC, Ahanthem Romakanta was shocked to find a person peeing at the public roadside. May be because of lack of civic sense among some people or because there are no proper public toilet some people are seen urinating at the place where they should not.
Interestingly a bomb explosion that took place in the close proximity of the Imphal Evening street fails to give any impact.
With the restoration of normalcy in the state, foreign tourists are also seen walking freely in the street of Imphal. Yesterday morning, Imphal Times reporters show some foreign tourist roaming around the Kanglapat.

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Most drivers in Imphal have no respect for ‘Zebra’ crossing in Imphal

Imphal, Oct 9: In its effort to make Imphal city the best and smartest destination for the people around the world, concern government department has been doing a lot. Cleaning the roads day and night, making the city a garbage free zone and beautification of the city by plantation of sapling has been witnessed in the recent days, the authority is still yet to find a solution for the road traffic till today.
In an independent survey conducted by Imphal, traffic irregularities and congestion took place at every road between 9 am to 12 pm and later between 3 pm to 6 pm on every working days. During these hours almost all roads particularly the road stretch between Moirangkhom to Nupilal Complex witness the terrible traffic with 100s of vehicle sometime stranded for hours.
This reporter, also visited 4 traffic island to take a view of how the traffic regulation are being maintain.
Around 10 am at Keishampat junction, 5/6 traffic police personnel are seen controlling the movement. A halt signed by the personnel at the middle of the Island was hardly respected by any of the drivers driving vehicles. Some vehicles which were force to stop did not respect the Zebra crossing which were kept for pedestrian. Some of the traffic police men were seen taking rest at the road side without caring the law breakers who stop their vehicles by crossing the  zebra crossing. At  the traffic Island near western Kangla gate, one wonder why the government have spent money to draw the Zebra crossing when any of the vehicles do not rest it. Neither the traffic police said anything to the drivers.
The scene is also similar at the traffic Island in front of the Raj Bhavan. Except one traffic police personnel none of them performed their duty with seriousness. Thee one police personnel force drivers to roll back behind the zebra crossing. But others simply stop the vehicles without caring where they stop.
This one Traffic personnel need to be encouraged so that personnel of the department recognised their duty.

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Closing ceremony of “Punna Wakhal Taminnarashi” organised

Imphal, Oct 9: Closing ceremony of “Punna Wakhal Taminnarashi” organised by Manipur Friendship Organisation (MAFRO) was held today at Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound, Imphal East.
Toijam Itobi Singh, President of Manipur State Panchayat Parishad; Sm Ahsan, President of Manipur Friendship Organisation (MAFRO); Dr K Rajo Singh, Director of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Manipur; Professor S Shanta Singh, Director of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS); Professor Bhimo Singh, Director of Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Science (JNIMS) and PC Newton, Social Worker attend the event as Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honour respectively.
Chief guest and invitees of the event gave speech against the harmfulness of using drugs in our life and in our society. Blood donation camp under the theme “Sinmeesinda Katthoklaba Ee” was also open during the event.
Mention may be that since July 26, 2017 a poster campaign against the use of drugs was launched by Titular King Leishemba Sanajaoba under the theme “Punna Wakhal Taminnarashi” and today was the closing day of the poster campaign.

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FIFA U-17 World Cup: India to take on Colombia today

Imphal, Oct 9: Hosts India will take on Colombia in Group A match of FIFA U-17 World Cup today. The match will played at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from 8 PM.
In their opening encounter on Friday, India lost 0-3 to a much experienced opponent the US.
In another Group A encounter today, Ghana will take on the US at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi at 5 PM. Two other Group B matches scheduled for today will be played at Dr DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai.
In the first match encounter, Turkey will take on Mali at 5 PM, while Paraguay will clash with New Zealand at 8 PM.

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Private firm allotted for parking management cancelled

Imphal, Oct 9 A private firm M/S M.K.M. Vegetable Farming Yairipok Top Chingtha, Imphal East which has been allotted for parking management agent for parking slot at BT road for Imphal Evening on temporary basis by the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) has been cancelled for charging un-authorised rate of parking fees . The security deposit of rs. 10,000/- has also been forfeited. An order has been issued in the regard by the Mayor of IMC, L. Lokeshwor Singh.

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PREPAK celebrates 40th Raising Day

Imphal, Oct 9: Armed rebel group, People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) today celebrates its 40th Raising Day. The day is celebrated along with the people from both Hill and Plain of the region said a press statement made available to media houses.
The statement signed by LeibakNgakpa Luwang, Secretary-in-Charge, Publicity and Propaganda, PREPAK, thanks the local TV channel AIR and other print media for publishing the message of the acting chairman of the group on occasion of the 40th Raising Day.
The statement said that the 40th Raising Day celebration was also held at its Central head Quarter (CHQ), General Head Quarter (GHQ) and other Base Areas, transit camps and training camps.
At the main function held at the Central Head Quarter, the acting chairman of the organisation  Kh. Sathy hoisted the tri colour flag. Journal of the organisation “Kangla Sempung” Volume 3, published by the Department of Publicity and Propaganda was also released.
Speaking on the occasion, Kh Sathy recalled on how the PREPAK was born and elaborated on the changing face of the society. The acting chairman also stressed on the present socio-political scenario of the region to the Red Army and delivered the mechanism to implant sense of patriotism to the people of the region. He also called on the oppressed people to struggle for a sovereign socialist state from the hands of the colonist India.   The statement also added that, at the function held at its General Head Quarter, organisation secretary of the outfit graced as Chief Guest while G2 presided over it. Speaking on the occasion the chief guest elaborated on the need to have clear vision for the revolutionary cadres. He said the ideology of the revolutionary group will tell the present condition and the future of the revolution. Waging war without proper ideology the freedom struggle is like a home without foundation.
The organisation secretary also stressed on the need to change strategy for the revolution warfare. He said in this changing world political scenario fighting with guns only will not achieve the goal but revolutionary need to study the moved that is going on in today’s world.

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