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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 07 October 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Booth capturing, poll violence, clash between candidates’ supporters mark the fifth Panchayat Election

Imphal, Oct. 7: Voting for the fifth Panchayat election began at 8 am today. Early hours report said that voting was conducted in a peaceful manner at almost all places however, later stage of the voting was a direct blow to the democratic election with supporters of candidates capturing ballot boxes, clashed between workers and firing by police at different places are reported.
At Khabeisoi area and Heigrumakhong area of Khurai Assembly constituency the supporters of a specific candidates did not even allowed news-reporters to enter the polling station.
At Kiyamgei Maning leikai Heibong Makhong in Keiroa Assembly constituency polling officials had to left the station before 3 pm as some of the miscreants allegedly destroyed the ballot boxes.
At Kairang in Heingang Assembly constituency police had to resort firing of tear gas shell and rubber bullet. At least two persons who throng in a polling booth with batons were reported injured. Some others were also reported injured in stampede as the mob runs here and there.
Report added lately also said that re-poll is likely at 8/20/11 Mecca Sangaiyumpham Cherapur Mathak Leikai of Wangjing and at 2/3/16 Irong Thokchom Moirang Sangom L.P. school .

Panchayat election is held to elect new local body representatives including Zilla Parishad, Pradhan and ward members. In case of any election misconduct, re-polling will be held on October 9, 2017, a report claimed.
A total of 7,16,813 voters including 3,68,691 females and 3,48,139 males will exercise their franchise in the election. Each voter has to cast his/her vote in secrecy in three ballot papers of three different colours. Ballot paper for Pradhan is in yellow, for Zilla Parishad in pink colour and Gram Panchayat member in white.
Voting will take place in all six valley districts of Manipur – Imphal West, Imphal East, Bishnupur, Jiribam, Kakching and Thoubal – across 1,521 polling stations to elect 60 Zilla Parishad Members, 161 Pradhans and 1,513 ward members.
60 Zila Parishad Members, 158 Gram Panchayat Pradhans and 1118 Gram Panchayat Ward Members will be elected in this election. Altogether 3180 candidates are in the fray for the rural body elections.
The counting of votes will take place on October 11. The election process would be completed by October 16 before the expiry of the term of the existing representatives on October 23.

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Tonsuring the nature

Crimes against humanity deserve the worst form of punishment. Different nations have different legal system to protect the interests of their country. The enforcement of certain laws – like capital punishment; Special powers act to armed forces may have strong and supportive argument as it is about the security of their respective nations. Gross violation of human rights at certain parts of the country and other parts of the world may receive severe criticisms from many who are concerned for Human values. Arguments may continue for certain human causes permitting each sides to stand tight with their act. But what about some issues like global warming, water scarcity and deforestation?
There is no wrong in saying that environment has no boundary. A massive destruction of forest or extraction of crude oil or mismanagement of natural water is among the issues which no nations could give reasonable arguments as it affect regions beyond politically drawn boundaries. After all, these issues are about human beings across the globe.
Reports about the scarcity of usable water have been top news at almost all newspaper in Manipur. As for the state of Manipur there is adequate rainfall every year but faced acute shortage of water almost every year in the last couple of decades. Interestingly, during rainy season the state also witnessed flood almost every time. In short the state suffers the ugly face of flood during rainy season while they had to bear drought in the remaining days. In view of the arising situation that we are facing right now, there is an urgent matter that needs to be pondered on what went wrong?  Is it the people or is it the government who is responsible for the present crisis?

Deforestation that has been taking place illegally at different parts of the state has been often blamed – both by government and the many social activists which is universally accepted by all. One thing we at Imphal Times suggest is that we cannot completely blame the people who are responsible for cutting the trees for their livelihood. It is the government which is responsible and why shouldn’t it be? It was all about their survival and mind it some people do not have any alternative for survival. On paper government had passed many schemes to substitute the livelihood but it is an open secret that none of this schemes meant for the poor people had never been benefitted by the targeted beneficiaries as the money meant for them had been pocketed by government authorities who were assigned for implementation of the projects.
Another matter, which we at IMPHAL TIMES is concerned is the poor understanding of the government department about the need for storage of natural water underneath the earth. There seems to be complete lack of knowledge by the government authority about the need to let the earth absorb any source of water. Clear example is the drain constructed under huge funding from the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNURM). The cubicle shaped drainage construction has no mechanism to let the drain water absorb underneath the earth. This is not only the case with any government infrastructural development work there is no sign of the government authority showing concern about the importance of harvesting the rain water. Harvesting rain water does not mean that it should be stored in a tank or some man-made water storage tank. It is about harvesting inside the earth core which can be reused using other means.
For a state endowed with resources, such abject failure to utilize and benefit from the gifts of nature only undermines the apathy and complacency of the state government.

Imprudence of ATSUM

The press statement of the All Tribal Students Union of Manipur(ATSUM) that came out in the media on Oct 5, 2017 saying that “ it will fight to the end against the inclusion of the Meiteis in the ST list “ of the Indian Constitution, is stupid.
ATSUM’s reason for their stand is “The Meiteis have no criteria to be in the ST list”. They are also very worried that if the Meiteis are included in the ST list it would “bring more inequality in the State in all respects”.
Now, talking about the criteria for being a tribal – the fact that the social mores of the Meiteis such as the absence of respect or reverence for the leadership – political or otherwise which is so profound & natural within the Meitei community is an unmissable trait of any tribal community not only in India but in all the seven continents on the earth.
The myth and the reverence for natural objects such as stones, trees or a particular spot like a hilltop e.g Koubru, Khallong, Thangching or a water body e.g Poorook shoubi in the foothills of Nongmaiching  hills etc., which the Meeteis, including the Meitei hindu believe to be sacred, tell the stories of a tribal society.
Laiharaoba – the ceremony of genealogy for the Meiteis which is observed since time immemorial where the Maibee(s) – who in some way similar to the shaman of the Native Americans – take an essential part is a Meitei ritual that still connects man with the God who creates us even today. This Laiharaoba ritual is observed every year during a specific period of the year. During the ritual ceremony God will come among us and we can hear the voice of God through the mouth of the Maibee.
These are some of the important characters of a tribal community which are still found in the present day Meitei community, even though some among the Meitei hindus do feel shy to admit it openly. I believe the committee constituted by the Manipur government in this regard could have easily found these tribal characters of the Meiteis. Therefore the committee can unambiguously come to the conclusion that the Meeteis are no less tribal if not more, than any of the scheduled tribe groups of the northeast.
Regarding the fear of ATSUM that if Meeteis are included in the scheduled list it would “ bring more inequality in the state” is absurd. Because Meeteis’ asking for the ST status is to get a level playing field in the national context. Secondly, since Manipur becoming a part of India in 1949 the Meeteis, having a few lakhs population are competing in every field with the mainland Indians having an estimated population of 1.3 billion plus, without any protective gear. And lastly, Meeteis are not rightful citizens in their own home state. The Indian Constitution forbids the Meiteis to reside rightfully in ninety percent of the land areas of Manipur. On top of it, the remaining area where Meeteis can reside, that is the valley is flooded with unchecked influx of Bangladeshis, Nepalis and other non-indigenous migrants and threatened the indigenous population, particularly the Meiteis with extinction.
This is a very serious injustice done to the Meiteis by the Indian Constitution and the government of India. Any community would not tolerate such an injustice done to them. Come what may, the Meeteis should be fighting for their survival. The Meiteis’ asking the government of India to include them rightly, in the scheduled list is because it is the most effective means to protect themselves from complete annihilation in the face of unchecked and unhindered influx of migrants. Anybody including ATSUM should be doing the same if they are placed in the same position.
Therefore it would be in the best interests of all of us not to create any room for animosity among our people in the matter of the very survival of the Meiteis. Let there be no doubt in everyone’s mind that the Meeteis would not take any move from any quarter that would help or assist or cause to threaten its existence lying down. We all know, divided we fall, so why should we go to fall.

Yours faithfully
Heikrujam Nabashyam  
Ex-Candidate, Singjamei AC

NSCN-IM warns hotels and restaurants

Imphal, Oct 7: The CAO Caretaker UT-I Mr. Rangkhamung Anar, Dy.Kilonser, stated that inspite of repeated cautions it has become a daily routine and continued practice of serving unhygienic food stuff, daylight robbery by changing tags (MRP) and immoral activities in the Hotels and restaurants.
Further, NSCN/GPRN UT-I cautions manufacturing and using of non-recyclable multilayered plastics by most of the business establishments, shops, and vendors under its jurisdiction. The  NSCN/GPRN UT-I through its secretary, Mr. Ghokuto Chishi, informed all the Hotels and Restaurants to serve hygienic food stuff; to sell commodities according to MRP (Maximum retail price) and to practice good moral activities. As per the pollution Control Board on the plastic waste (Managing and Handling) the business establishments, shops, and vendors, can use 40/50 micron bio-degradable poly bags. On violation of the above mentioned any Hotel/Restaurants/business establishments/shops/vendors would be penalized and stern action would be initiated.

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Mass Social Awareness Programme held at Kangpokpi

PIB Defence
Imphal, Oct 7: A mass awareness programme was org at Brig Thomas grnd, KPI by Jwalamukhi Battalion, Senapati Brigade under the aegis of Red shield division on 06 Oct 2017. The aim of this programme was to spread awareness and enlighten the general public regarding various Central and State Govt schemes that are in vogue for the welfare and overall development of the people.
The programme was attended by approx 590 people incl students from various parts of kangpokpi district. A no of stalls from various dist level govt depts including forest, medical, social welfare, Supply, Industries, transport, Cooperative society, MSPDCL, Food safety, Vety & AH, Horticulture & soil conservation, Krishi vigyan kendra, Youth coordination, Child development, handloom & textiles, Seri culture, TA & Hills, SBI, Aadhar cell, Fire stn etc were setup to educate the general public on matters related to role of each depts, schemes in vogue and schemes planned for future. Employment guidance cell ex 38 AR was setup for registration cum career counselling of youth population looking for various job opportunities. A free medical checkup was provided by the medical team exercised by Jwalamukhi Battalion at the venue. The Pipe band display by the Band platoon of Jwalamukhi Battalion received tremendous appreciation from the public. The awareness programme provided the common mass a platform to interact with the district level government officials face to face. The programme was attended by Brig Dipankar saha, Cdr 59 Mtn Bde, Mr Ranjit Singh(IAS), DC KPI district, Shri T Haokip ex IRS from Saitu, Chairpersons of KSO and KWO, Chairmen and village chiefs of approx 85 villages.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Ranjit Singh(IAS), DC KPI dist thanked the Jwalamukhi Battalion and Senapati Brigade for organizing this programme and urged the locals to make full use of this opportunity and empower themselves. He also thanked the KPI district government officials for taking tremendous interest and setting up very informative stalls to educate and empower the public. Brig Dipankar Saha, Cdr 59 Mtn brigade during his address motivated the public to take active part in the programme and advised the Army and Civil adm setup to work together for achieving sustainable growth and everlasting peace in Kangpokpi district.
The programme was a major step in increasing the interaction between the security forces and the locals with an aim to facilitate amelioration of day to day problems of the locals especially people residing in the far flung areas. The people expressed heartfelt gratitude to the security forces for organizing such a programme as it provided them a platform to express their concerns directly to the officials.

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Interactive session with the Centre in-Charges Of Urdu, Arabic And CABA-MDTP held

Imphal, Oct 7: The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) has organised today ‘One day interactive session with the centre in-charges of Urdu, Arabic and CABA-MDTP centre of Manipur’ at Hotel Imphal, North AOC.
In the inaugural session of the interaction, the Governor of Manipur, Dr. Najma Heptulla graced as the Chief Guest. Director of the NCPUL, Prof. Syed Ali Karim and Social Activist Mohd. Afzal were also on the dais. It is worth to mention that NCPUL is an autonomous regulatory body in the Government of India. It is the main authority of Urdu language and education in India. And CABA MDTP is one of the significant initiatives of the NCPUL. It has been the transformation of Urdu speaking population into part of the employable technological workforce in the age of technology and computer. It not only provides job opportunity for Urdu speaking people but also increases computer literacy rate of the country including Manipur. To transfer the information technology to language and making Urdu speaking boys and girl’s part of employable technology work force of India, NCPUL establishes Computer Applications, Business Accounting and Multilingual DTP Centres (CABA-MDTP) across the country.
It is said that there are around 40 centres in the State.

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MLA Dr. Sapam Ranjan steal the show by waiting in queue to cast vote for Panchayat Election today

Imphal, Oct 7: MLA Dr. Sapam Ranjan, who was elected from Konthoujam Assembly constituency today steal the show by standing in queue at the polling station to wait for his turn to cast vote of the Panchayat election today.
MLAs in Manipur are given privilege, if not officially to go ahead of those standing in queue considering his busy schedule, but for Dr. Ranjan he treated himself as no difference from any of the voters.  
“That’s a very good example for non VIP culture’, wrote Samarjit Sanjenbam at social networking site Facebook at which the photo of the MLA standing in queue was posted .
Another person Akoijam Ibohal wrote, “ Standing in the queue just like a layman speaks volumes of your simplicity Tamo (brother). May you achieve greater heights in your endeavours.” People in the state have been fed up of the so call VIP culture at which MLAs or bureaucrats often overridden common people just because they are having the power.
Earlier, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh was seen carrying an umbrella, which indeed was a rare sight.
DC Tamenglong Armstrong Panmei, an IAS officer had also enthralled the spectators through his noble gesture by not allowing anybody to hold umbrella for him while delivering speech on Indian Independence day.
“If this culture flourished then there will be no room for criticism to VVIP or VIP, people will have more respect for them”, Ningthoujam Sanatomba said.

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‘Research Line’ released

Imphal, Oct 7: ‘Research Line’, a book edited by Arambam Babina, Senior Research Fellow, ACEE, Manipur University was released yesterday. A function organised by Manipur University Research Club, for the occasion, at the conference Hall of the Anthropology department, Manipur University was attended by Prof RK Hemakumar, Former Dean students welfare MU & Principal,MIT,Imphal as Chief Guest, while President MURC Hemam Nandakumar Manipur University attended presided over it. Prof MC ArunKumar , HOD Dept of Anthropology MU attended as Guest of Honour.

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15 cadres including 2 Deputy Kilonsors of NSCN-U return back to NSCN-IM

Imphal, Oct 7: Naga rebel group NSCN-IM today said that 15 cadres including two deputy kilonsors of the NSCN-U have returned to the NSCN-IM. In a press statement released today the outfit said that a joyous reunion between comrades from different camp returning to the present NSCN was organized at the Camp Moba at Mon Nagalim.
Brig.Yanpho Konyak received the comrades returning so called from Unification Camp, the statement added.
While expressing its gratitude over their manly and resolute decision to reunite with the Naga-based political Organization, the Brigadier reminded the Naga Army that such a bold move symbolizes the Naga solidarity as it was the launch for rights to self determination was the first flagged off several decades ago today. “Nagas will soon script a history of triumph over forced occupying forces. Your home return today will soon follow suit. Nagas can never remain fettered by whims of visionless leaders. Government of India is committed and therefore has boldly and loudly announced that Naga’s case is unique political history and that GoI truly understood the situations of the Naga peoples as a whole and not the situation in Indian created Nagaland state”, Brig.Yanpho Konyak was quoted as saying.
Lieut.Col.Khoiwang Konyak who return to the party briefly narrated how they have been through thick and thin confused by the statements of so many professed Naga leaders. The true nature of leadership came into spotlight when those leaders zero down their issue to the case of present Nagaland state. The Lieut.Col. reiterate that, they now understood the reason why Baba Kholi abandoned his former camp to join hand with the true Naga National organization that holds the issue of the Naga peoples.
“Many are still in the dark side of the whole story” the Lt.Col. said. “To identify the true leader is extremely necessary. And we are here today. We are confident now that our return journey will surely harvest from the seed sown the true patriots”. He furthermore expressed profound gratitude on behalf of his comrades who have joined the mainstream for the state of the arts welcome home arrangements accorded to them on the 5th October 2017 by the Commander, Moba Brigade.

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