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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 26 December 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

All Manipur Working journalists Union clinch all medals in Badminton events

All Manipur Working Journalists’ Unions (AMWJU), Manipur bags all the medals in Badminton events  in the 7th North East Media Sports Festival 2015 held today in the  Harthigar indoor stadium, Guwahati.
Manipur team bags men’s team event, women’s single, men’s single winner & runner up in the Arobindo Buragohain Memorial Badminton Championship held today in the morning, the only two medals of the badminton event was taken by the Prag news of Assam & DDK, Guwahati.
Imphal Times player, Nongmaithem Reena Devi representing AMWJU beats Aruna Chanu of DDK, Guwahati 11 – 8, 11 – 9 to open the first medal for AMWJU. This is the first time that AMWJU woman has bagged any medal in women badminton event since its inauguration of the NE sports meets. Sonia of AMWJU lost to Aruna Chanu of DDK, Guwahati in the semi final and N. Reena beat Rima of prag news, Assam in the second semi final.
In the men’s event final of the Arobindo Buragohain Memorial Badminton Championship held today in the morning, AMWJU team defeated Prag news of Assam by 2 games to 1 game. I. Ibobi of AMWJU lost to Manab Bora of Prag news by 11 – 9, 11 – 3, 8 – 11 in the first final match. In the second match, N. Vikramjit beat Asip Chutia by 11 – 6, 11 – 9. In the deciding match of the team event, Manipur pair Ibobi and Vikramjit beat Manav and Chutia pair by 11 – 7, 13 – 11 to clinch the winner.

In the last events of the championship, N. Vikramjit Singh of Mannaba beat Irengbam Ibobi of Sangai express to clinch the men’s single final. Bikramjit Singh beat Ibobi 15 – 9, 15 – 5 in the final.
All together, 14 women from Assam and Manipur participated in the championship & 29 men in the men’s badminton events.
7th north east media sports festival 2015 is organized every year by the Assam sports journalists union. During this festival, Cricket, football, badminton & chess competitions will be held and the prizes will be distributed on 30th December 2015.
Chess competition is going to start from 28th December at Guwahati town hall.

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Loktak Fishermen decries LDA; call them as gang

The officials of the LDA are a group of gang, they don’t have any idea of environmental diversity. The fisherman’s of the Loktak has been protecting the Loktak since time immemorial. The above statement was said by the secretary of the All Loktak Lake Area Fishermens Union MANIPUR (ALLAFUM) O Rajen singh in a press meet held at Manipur press club today.
He further said that the allegations made by the Loktak Development Authority are strongly condemned by the people of the Loktak Lake. He further said that if Loktak Lake is polluted by the floating huts of the fishermen then why not the LDA is not making decision to removed the Ethai bridge which is the main reason for the pollution of the Loktak lake and why the LDA is allowed to make dams, and why not punish the Nambul river area people which is directly flowing into the Loktak lake.

He further added that LDA has claim that 87% of the phumdi are cleaned which is totally a false claim. He further appeal that the state government and CSO to investigate by a fact finding team.

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KCP (MC) Liberation claims responsibility to the placing of the grenade at RIMS

Armed group KCP MC (Liberation) has claimed responsibility behind the placing of the hand grenade at the entrance of the X-Ray room on Thursday evening. In a press communiqué of the outfit, signed by Lanchen Meitei, Secretary, Information and Publicity, Military Affairs, the armed group stated that the placing of the hand grenade was to prove the ability of the outfit to act at any time. It said the outfit is even preparing to turn the RIMS into a war-field in its effort to open up the curtain of the RIMS authority. It also warns of intensified action against the RIMS authority if it fails to follow the dictate of the outfit against the recently concluded recruitment examination of 116 staff nurses. The outfit also said that the committee of enquiry being conducted by authority of RIMS is nothing but to fool the people of the state and this will not be allowed.

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Ratan Thiyam urges to include Thang-ta in school curriculum

Chairman of National School of Drama, New Delhi, Ratan Thiyam has categorically stated that if martial art or Thang-ta is included in the Education syllabus of Manipur which has its own identity, it will be immensely helpful in enhancing moral quality and discipline among the students in particular. He said this during the inauguration of a two- day 1st Leiteng Thang-Hai competition held at Uripok Achom Leikai basketball ground. Registrar of Manipur University of culture, L Joychandra, renowned teacher of Thang-ta, Saikhom Nodiya Mangang, Khaidem Manmohon, L Khelchandra were also present at the function. Around 60 students participated in the Leiteng Thang-hai competition. Ratan Thiyam who graced the function as Chief Guest said, compared with other performing arts, Thang-ta is inseparably connected with our identity and culture. He expressed confidence that in the upcoming Manipur University of culture, Thang-ta will be given its due place.

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Christmas spirit

The festive season brings with it the mandatory greetings and wishes from and to our dear and near ones, to let others know that their well-being is thought about. The feeling of hope and positivity increases with the anticipation of an approaching festival and revelry- and that perhaps answers the question as to why Manipur and its people always embrace festival and celebrations with such intensity. Not to be outdone, the heads of the state are greeting the people with much fervor and seemingly heartfelt sincerity. Never mind the unfinished activities and development works which started in and around Imphal with amazing alacrity- but then the fate of many such rushed jobs have been a foregone conclusion, and once again the representatives of the people does not disappoint. Cheer up, because the people can predict their moves and moods- an increasing effort in transparency? And never mind the increasing instances of armed security personnel and their responsible officers, with prodigal offsprings of responsible and prominent politicians who are too busy looking after the welfare of the people to mind their issues, being caught with mammoth caches of narcotic substances. Maybe they are just trying to correct the negative balance of trade by exporting these immensely sought after items, one of the very few things they are really adept at, so cheer up, because we have security officers who also showed enterprising talents. And never mind the increasingly common cases of extortions and attacks on innocent persons and working professionals in the state by the self-styled guardians of the freedom and independence of the downtrodden people of the state. Maybe they knew secrets the simple public is not privy to. Or maybe we should not be questioning the moves of those who wield death in their hands and lofty ideals in their speech, all the while garnering supplies and contracts, not to mention the periodic obeisance in cash and kind for their mercy and leniency shown to us lesser mortals. Maybe they are trying to bring about a resurgence of the brave and fearless state where the meek and the humble does not find a place in the society. Cheer up, because we are going back to our roots at last, the fabled times when men and god intermingled and myths are a part of everyday life. Who cares about the development and the race for progress in other parts of the world? And never mind the rising crimes against women, children and the weaker sections of the society. Their woes and difficulties are part of life and life is never perfect. Cheer up, because maybe they will come out stronger and wiser from their ordeal. Let nature take its own course. Never mind the worsening public facilities and deteriorating basic amenities. Man had survived without purified drinking water and electricity centuries ago, and we now can really appreciate their endurance and perseverance. Cheer up, because we are being given a valuable practical lesson in appreciation. And if not for anything, cheer up, because we are being thought of in these times of happiness and celebration.

Dogs loyalty to humankind elaborated in Festival of dogs

Manipur Dog Lovers Club (MDLC) organized a Festival of Dogs, Canine Carnival at Hapta Kangjeibung, Imphal on Friday under the theme “Stop Dog Meat’ and ‘Health First”.
B.Bandrinarayan Sharma, Commissioner (GAD &AE) and Dr. R.K Nimai attended as Chief Guest and President respectively.
B.B Sharma stressed on the importance of Dog and its immense loyalty towards mankind. Giving examples from comic Tin- Tin and movie “Hachiko” he gave a clear picture on the loyalty and faithfulness of a dog who is men best friend.
Dr R.K Nimai clearly said, “One should breed dogs not for show off, they are like us who need love and care. One should never forget the only thing on earth that loves you is dog. He would even sacrifice for his master”.
Dogs like Labrador retriever, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, English Mastiff, Rottweiler, St. Bernard, Bull Mastiff, Tangkhul hui and Meitie hui were some of the breeds who came for this carnival.
As part of the programme, Talent shows, free veterinary camps, talks by animal experts, photo exhibition  felicitation of the Samaritans and book release were also held. Some of the dog experts conveyed to the public to discourage the habit of consuming dog meat. Countries like Europe, Russia, Africa, Latin America, China, Philippines and South Korea consume dog meat. Disease like Rabies, infection by parasites like salmonella and bacterial infections like anthrax, hepatitis, leptospirosis can be spread through the meat to the people. Once these parasites are in human body then they can cause inflammation in blood vessels which leads to hemorrhaging in the nail beds and eyes, in addition to severe muscle weakness.
Dog meat has highest cholesterol present .Due to the excessive amount of lipid present in it human body can’t metabolize it easily. Let’s stop the culture of having puppy meat.  If we turn them for our consumption then it would be a greatest joke on mankind. This could have a negative impact on human health if they are not addressed at right time. DSP Brinda in her words said, ‘How could one consume a faithful animal like this? Knowing they would be guarding you for life time’. Is dog meant to be our companion or its meat fit for our consumption?
One of the most debating question is: are we going to make all our local dogs meant for our consumption and imported dogs to breed? One should not forget its capability since it has been here for ages and now have well adapted with our climatic conditions one should not treat our local breed cheaply. The belief of local dog being “dumb” was proved wrong by Jone’s (local breed Meitei hui).
Presently MDLC is fighting against cruelty of animal by spreading more awareness through its activities. In past they have adopted some stray dogs which were later taken away by their owners.
The chilly evening ended with several talent shows which were brought in by the trained dogs. They won our hearts and also made us all feel that they are meant to be our companion and “not for our consumption”.

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3 bailed accused apologize to SUK

The three persons who were arrested by police and later got bailed today turned up to the office of SUK and apologize to the student body. The 3 persons mostly non-local were arrested along with 3 another local people for assaulting 2 students volunteers of SUK near Budhachandra College on December 16 at around 7 30 pm. All the 6 were reportedly drunk and locals of the area rounded up the six persons and handed over to Porompat police. Among the six accused 3 non locals were  released on bail and SUK has threaten serious consequences over their release.
The three persons who are presently detained in police custody will be produced to court on December 28. SUK appealed the police to sent the three accused to Jail so that such incident are not repeated in future. As for the 3 person who had apologized to SUK office has been handed over to Police. 

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Former DGP reacted on Ram Krishna Mission private school

Former DGP of Manipur Y Joykumar, who had recently joined the BJP today questioned the reason for attaching the word “private School” to Ram Krishna Mission School when it is not attached at other part of the country. Speaking to a press conference at his residence at Naoremthong, Joykumar said that he was also a student of Ram Krishna Mission School. He appealed the govt. authority to consult the ex-students of Ram Krishna Mission before any such school is being established in the state. He further added that the government is not in the right track to abolish the Tombisana School and convert it into Ram Krishna Mission.

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Prof. Felix Padel to deliver speech on Ojha Sanajaoba memorial lecture

Globally acclaimed Anthropologist cum activist Prof. Felix Padel, who is also the great great grandson of Charles Darwin is visiting Manipur to deliver speech on the Ojha Sanajaoba Memorial Lecture to be held in concomitant with the 70th Birth Anniversary of Late Prof. (Ojha) N. Sanajaoba on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at the Court room of Manipur University at 11 am. Prof. Felix Padel will speak on the topic – Human Rights and Self determination as prerequisites for Real Development”. Other noted personality which will attend the memorial lecture of Late Professor N Sanajaoba are Suvojit Bagchi, Chief of Bureau, The Hindu, Kolkata , Prof. Vishwanath, Registrar, Manipur University and Prof. N. Rajmuhon , president Ojha Sanajaoba Memorial Trust, Manipur. Interested intellectuals and other academicians, activists and students can attend the lecture programme.

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Kanarjit Kangujam selected for Commonwealth Young Leader Award

State’s youth  Kanarjit Kangujam (25) S/O K. Ibotombi Singh of Bashikhong Wangkhei Loumanbi Mapal, Imphal East, Manipur has been announced as the winner of The Prestigious “Commonwealth Young Leader Award 2016”  by the ESHO INTERNATIONAL FEELLOWSHIP chaired by Mr. Rubangakene Kenneth, on 24th December 2015 in recognition of his outstanding selfless service to empower youths of the world specially for the Commonwealth nations. He is the only one selected from the whole 53 Commonwealth Countries.
The Award consists of a Cash Prize of 10,000$ ( Rs. 6.5 Lakh), a trophy and a certificate. It will be honored on 16th May 2016 in a prestigious functions of the ESHO INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM at the Hotel Free Zone, Gulu, Uganda. It will be handover in the presence of the high level officials and leaders of Commonwealth Youth Council,  various social philanthropists , icons of the commonwealth nations, etc.
Currently, he is working as the Advisory Board Member, Youth School of Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE), Dhaka, Bangladesh, Honorary Member of World Peace Mission & Human Rights Academy, Ukraine, , Coordinator of Mitsubhishi Asiana Children Enikki Festival, Japan, Director of UNESCO Club Manipur, President of International Youth Committee (IYC), Founder and Secretary General, Club25 International Manipur, State Coordinator, Youth Disaster Response Team, Manipur, etc. He is also the man behind the Global Youth Meets and World Youth Summit which is giving a big platform and also taking an important role in transforming youths of the world to be a social entrepreneurs in their respective countries or the region. He involves in various social issues, donated bloods 26 times in 25 years of age and also had donated all his organs (cornea, kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, pancreases) to Dr. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Mumbai on 13th August, Organ Donation Day 2015 initiated by The Time of India, growing up as as a social leader in the state of Manipur. He is working to stop human trafficking, to promote rural education and to create awareness for disaster management. His main work is with the youths to create awareness of Blood donation, to donate blood 25 times at 25 year of age, and also move to rural villages for the awareness of drugs and HIV/AIDS.
He was also awarded with number of awards and recognitions like Pride of India 2015, Dr. BR Ambedkar National Award 2014, “Global Youth Award 2014”, “Indo – Nepal Friendship International Award 2013”, “Health Minister’s Shield Award 2013", “North – East Social Impact Finalist Award 2015”, nomination for “Global Youth Icon Award 2015”, etc.

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