Pre-Board 2023: Tips and Tricks to Prepare for the exam

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As the summative Board exams loom near towards the end of the academic year, the students of grades 10 and 12 start gearing up for the pre-board exams in December and January, because there is no looking back after this!
Both Indian public and private universities, as well as foreign universities, demand at least an 85-90% aggregate average for even the least subscribed courses of study unless the course of study grants admission based on an entrance test. The Ivy League colleges in the USA, UK, Singapore and Australia demand well above 90-95% scores.
With such high competition, the road ahead is anything but easy. One difference between a student who doesn’t score high and one who does lies in the fact that the latter starts his or her preparation early, working consistently throughout the year, instead of rushing to revise at the very end. It’s those small steps towards prep for the first semester exams that determine whether a student will be able to achieve the much-desired score or not.
But this doesn’t mean you spend hours on ends buried in your textbooks. The way knowledge is absorbed, processed and retained can differ from an individual to individual, but here are some simple guidelines that each student can follow to make their preparation for the pre-board examination more effective.
Firstly, one needs to develop a stress-free environment around one’s study space by preparing well from the beginning of the year, eating a healthy diet, getting eight hours of sleep and exercising for at least 45 minutes daily to be able to concentrate better. For some students, collaborative revision works well when they can bounce off their understanding of concepts with a mindful friend.

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Vijay Garg

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