Integration of curriculum defines the way forward for education

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Adding new chapters is not enough
Thus far, education has been about imparting knowledge in standalone subjects. NEP talks about integration of curriculum, for which just adding few chapters on the valour of brave Indian soldiers is not enough. Educators need to corelate these new chapters in History with other subjects such as Geography, Mathematics, Science and even English. Students should be made to understand that the additional chapters will not just be about new names they need to memorise but will act as a basis to understand various concepts across subjects.
Learning objectives matter
Education needs to move beyond textbooks, which should be connected with reality. CBSE has recently adopted a competency-based curriculum, the aim of which is to help students connect their course with real life. Adding chapters on the lives of brave Indian soldiers will increase students’ interest in subjects such as History. However, educators should ask students to draw upon their understanding of the chapters and elaborate upon the strategies, events, possible alternatives, and results to enhance learning.
Will benefit students
While changing the curriculum, educators must consider whether the change will benefit students’ attitude, aptitude, and values. Adding chapters on brave Indian soldiers ticks all these boxes. Rani Laxmibai’s story has always been a much-loved chapter in History. Adding chapters on the lives of other Indian soldiers will also be well-received. This will impart a more wholesome view on a topic like the Armed Forces, which has little clarity till date.
Need to rewrite textbooks
For any school, helping students attain academic excellence is the ultimate objective. While adding chapters on brave Indian soldiers seems like a good idea, this would mean a lot of added work for educators as this material will have to be integrated in History textbooks without affecting the quality of academics. An example would be that we educate students on the two World Wars, but there is never any mention of the Indian contingents who were also a part of these wars. It is time to instil pride in our History by rewriting textbooks.

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