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When this type of distance learning was initially started, the teachers were learning and there was a natural curiosity among the students.  Now that the teachers have learned a lot, the interest of the students is fading away.
There are many psycho-social reasons for this, which certainly must be being studied somewhere, but the school or college system cannot wait for those researches to become public.  However, this research also comes with its limitations.  Due to the urgency of the problems in educational institutions, the results and the process of improvement cannot wait.  In such conversations, it is often the teacher in the courtroom that it is your responsibility to make the class such that the readers will look forward to your class.
It is the job of the teacher to make the classroom interesting and effective, but in the present scenario all these are not working.  Attendance in interesting classes is decreasing.  The materials available on the net are becoming helpful to the students.  They are getting the summary of a chapter in less than a quarter of the class.  And if something like ‘screenshot’ has saved you from bothering to write it, then the whole game is left with ‘data pack’.  According to the way the examinations are being done online, they are helping ‘screenshot’ and ‘google’.  Usually students who do not open their mouths in the class are getting a lot of marks and a common teacher concern is why the examinations should be conducted at all!
Online education has been seen as a new field by big capital companies.  They are investing heavily in not only creating content, but also in increasing the tendency of students to acquire ‘Knowledge’, cooked at home, from the comfort of their homes.  There is no problem in that students learn from different sources in their own appropriate way, but with this it is also a great fact that there is no substitute for classroom learning.  The prevalence of learning materials on the Internet gives readers a certain amount of certainty that they will be read at any time.
There is no harm in this too, but the quality of the materials, the social value being given through it, etc. cannot be confused.  From simple youtuber to large education company providing lesson material, the emphasis is on learning concepts, summarizing and solving questions etc.  There is no connection of common life with the subject, present and immediate questions of society, no sources of individuality etc. are found there.
It can be said about this type of education that it is useful in the subject of mathematics, science etc.  Being there objectively ‘gets points’.  But this teaching-learning process is problematic.  This is the situation when situation-based questions are being asked in subjects like science and mathematics, where students’ understanding of link to link is being tested, understanding of social utility of rules, principles is being seen.
Then what about the subjects like language, social science, commerce, arts etc.  The materials available are not such that one can connect history with geography and understand its politics.  The readers are learning the laws of science, but these materials are silent on how much benefit the common man can be from them.
First of all, due to the lack of resources, there are very few students taking online type of education in the country, the study materials available to them are not trustworthy.  The Internet can be an adjunct to classroom-based lessons, but it has not yet reached the point of rendering the teacher ineffective.

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Vijay Garg

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