Good student can be the future of the country

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A good student is one who pursues education with hard work and dedication and achieves his goals.  Brings the name of his country bright.  The main duty of the student is to get education and learn something.  This is the age of learning.  They should not waste their precious time in idle pursuits. It is not wise to focus on education.  A good student should have a loving, respectful attitude towards his parents and teachers.  It is often seen that the only students who succeed are those who have worked hard in their lives and India needs such citizens who can take the country to the pinnacle of progress with their hard work.
Only a respectful, disciplined and hardworking youth who can respect the elders and the Gurus can lead the country towards progress.  In daily life it is seen that many students fail and soon lose heart which diverts them from the path of progress.  But to be a successful student, you need to have hard work, discipline, punctuality, a positive attitude and many other qualities.  The use of all these good qualities will definitely make the student a good student.  Only a good student avoids bad company and acquires the virtues of good conduct.  Therefore, a good student is one who understands the importance of education in schools and colleges and is preparing for the struggle of his life.  He should live his life perfectly, because it is on this life that the outline of his future life will emerge.  A good student is always worried about his future.
Sweet talk is a virtue of a good student.  He should pay attention to the words that come out of his mouth when speaking to adults and children.  He should never give up his sweetness and humility.  It is said that speaking sweetly can win everyone’s heart.  Students should not become a textbook-reading bookworm.  In fact, by reading books and newspapers and magazines other than his own textbooks, the student should gain maximum knowledge about the latest inventions in politics, economics and science, but he should also be actively involved in politics.  And this precious time of his life should be spent in studying the principles of politics, gaining in-depth knowledge of various movements, political parties and world politics, so that when he finishes his studies and leaves school or college,  He should be fully capable of fulfilling his political responsibilities.  The political struggle, struggle and leadership of such a politician can be beneficial for the people and the country.  A good student should be a good leader.  A good student must have ethical values.  Such as truthfulness, honesty, virtue, respect for elders etc.
A good student should not waste his time.  He must be punctual.  He should set a time for everything he does.  Only a good student can be the future of the country.  The student must also be disciplined.  He should do all his work regularly and follow the rules set in the school or college.  A student who always respects teachers and serves the society can become a good citizen.  A good student should spend this time of his life in making himself more knowledgeable, improving his health, serving the society, overcoming illiteracy and getting maximum education and making himself responsible for the future.  Prepare to form a political leader because it is in the interest of the student body, the entire young generation and the country.
The present conditions of our country, now we must do something for our country and the part that a well-educated person can do in doing something for the country cannot be done by an illiterate or semi-educated person.  Today the situation in Punjab is such that every section of Punjab has to take to the streets to demand their rights even from the democratic government.  Unemployed people of Punjab are on the streets today even after getting education and degrees.  These future teachers are being mistreated by the administration.  So today’s young students can play their special role and make the government aware of their rights.

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Vijay Garg

Vijay Garg is a regular contributor of Imphal Times, mostly related with Education. Vijay is a resident of Street Kour Chand MHR Malout-152107 Distt Sri Muktsar sahib Punjab. Vijay Garg, Ex.PES-1 is a retired Principal from Government Girls Sen Sec school Mandi Harji Ram Malout -152106 Punjab. He is also the author of Quantitative Aptitude, NTSE , NMMS, Mathematics of XII, ICSE numerical physics and chemistry many more books.

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