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Kabui women complaints high handedness of MLA’s security escort

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Imphal, March 31: Konthoujam Mamang Tribal Women society (KMTWS) vehemently condemned the attitude of security escort provided to MLA K. Sarat of Konthoujam Assembly Constituency. The escort allegedly scolded to a group of women using unparliamentarily words to a group of Kabui lady on March 26 at around 9.30 pm near Free Progressive School in Konthoujam area.
Speaking to media persons, secretary of the KMTWS Chingdinlui Kamei said the matter has been complained to the wife of K Sarat on the next day. She further condemned the attitude of the MLA’s wife for not taking the matter seriously.

The group of Kabui ladies were returning to their home wearing traditional attires after attending a customary programme at Konthoujam Maning Village.
The KMTWS drew the attention of the government into the matter and urges immediate action against the escort personnel before any untoward incident occurred.

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Heingang women call to stop organizing immoral event during Yaoshang at Route 39

Alleging the proprietor of Route 39 restaurant, Mantripukhri for instigating youths to indulge in immoral activities in the name of celebrating Yaoshang, Women of Heingang Kendra have banned organizing immoral type of event at the restaurant.
The splashing of water and colours event held in front of Route 39 restaurant on the second and  last day of this year’s Yaoshang was condemnable. In the event scantily clad girls, who were soaked, were seen dancing and enjoying the splashing water and playing with colours while boys who are along with them are openly looting the dignity of woman by touching any part of their body in broad day light, W Bormani, Spokesperson of Heingang Kendra Meira Paibi Apunba Nupi Lup said while addressing a group of pressmen at Manipur Press Club.
While appealing parents to allow their daughters to celebrate Yaoshang outside their homes after checking their nature of dress, the Spokesperson of the Nupi Lup said that local clubs are organizing Yaoshang sports across the state to attract youngsters towards participation and arrangement of sports. However, defying the goodwill of organizing games and sports at localities some of the youths roaming around with girls in their vehicles and performing what they want along with girls.

The Nupi Lup has also resolved to ban organizing such immoral event at Route 39 from the next year and will prevent participation of teenagers in such similar event.
It also warned the proprietor of the restaurant not to organize such event further and take the responsibility of any untoward incidents.

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Politics of power- Will it bring good

AICC has responded too fast. Gaikhangam is now replaced by another Congress leader TN Haokip as the president of the Manipur State Congress Committee. The incumbent Congress government led by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh is once more in the news but not for the good works it had done for the people but because some of the MLAs are angry as they felt that they are being deprived of their rights.
During the sitting of the state assembly session it was often noticed that some of the non-congress MLAs had expressed strong resentment over the attitude of some of the ministers. The leader of the house tried to calm the anger of the members requesting the concern ministers to spare some moments for the MLAs. The similar discontentment is also a major issue with the ruling Congress MLAs. Many of the congress MLAs had expressed displeasure over the attitude of some of the ministers.
It may be true, or may not be true but ministers are not meant for the congress MLAs or the opposition MLAs only or for their constituency which they represent. They are for the government and responsible for taking up welfare programme of the government. The ongoing impasse in between the congress legislators showed something unseen that has been running in the election business. It showed how important is procuring a ministerial berth once he or she has been elected. Earlier, the people of the state had witness many MLAs merging to the ruling party after being elected from different political parties. The merging of the MLAs was nothing but a sign of desperation as they felt that nothing could be done by remaining as an opposition MLAs.
This issue is mentioned here as it is also not a sign of healthy democratic government. The elected representatives of the state seem to have forgotten that the success of healthy democracy lies in the presence of a strong opposition. It is the opposition that will control the obsessive culture of the ministers as it is seen in our today’s government.
Now the big question right in front of us is that - will the Congress party which has been in power for three consecutive terms will be able to come back to power in the next general assembly election. The change in party leadership as a result of the revolt by dissident MLAs had already shown the indifferences among the congress legislators. Gaikhangam who has been playing a balance politics is now left with the ministerial berth only. But it is not only a matter of time that the dissident MLAs will directly pour their anger to the one who is leading the government. Because everyone knows that the real issue with the congress MLAs is the dissatisfaction over the attitude of their leadership. Let us hope a good stitched among the congress legislators to bring good for the state of Manipur. 

BJP ridicules cabinet’s decision to set up Technical University

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has lambasted the Ibobi-led Congress government for its ‘visionless and adhoc’ mode of running the government.
Welcoming the state government’s announcement to establish a Technical University in Manipur, BJP State Secretary (Admin), Moirangthem Asnikumar informed the State Cabinet has resolved to set up Manipur State Technical University with an Ordinance after Manipur State Technical University Bill 2016 is introduced and the same is passed by the Manipur Legislative Assembly.
However, the BJP leader ridiculed the decision to establish a University through Ordinance and the new found urgency of the government to put the Ordinance in right earnest before the state general election 2017.
The present government has not yet been able to put in place other institutions and universities. The best example is the case of a National Sports University for which the funding would be borne by the Central Government, Asnikumar said. Second, the government colleges as well as the State-government aided college in Manipur are in dire situation with issues of underdevelopment and lack of teaching staffs. Third, the Cultural University recently established by the Government is yet to be found where it exists through there have been certain appointments for it, Asnikumar observed, while he appealed the government to first control and develop dying educational institutions before making another joke with false assurance to set up Technical University though an Ordinance.
The government has not been able to perform anything positive relating to improvement of education in the state. The government, which cannot even make the colleges properly functional, is now on a spree of establishments of new universities. The only rationale for the hurry to establish University can be the appointment of new Vice-Chancellors, other teaching and non-teaching staffs before the General Elections.
The state is severely failed in all sectors including essential services. Due to the lack of education policy of the government, the educational system in Manipur has been deteriorated. The inability to frame education policy of the state is the most unfortunate part of the people, he lamented.

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