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Open Letter to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Manipur

Hon’ble Sir,
With due honour, I, the undersigned Convenor, FPS, 43-Phungyar A/C, Ukhrul/Kamjong District, Manipur would like to bring to your kind notice through this paper:
1.That, S.A. Salim who was posted as DSO, FCS Ukhrul has collected Rs 21,64,845/- (rupees twenty one lakh sixty four thousand and eight hundred forty five) only from FPS agents of three constituencies, namely, 43-Phungyar A/C, 44-Ukhrul A/C and 45-Chingai A/C for the month of August, 2016 and has also collected the required amounts upto June, 2017 before dated 12 of every month.   
2.That, S.A. Salim issued a notification dated 10-08-2016 whereby all FPS agents of the districts were asked to deposit of cost price of rice again for the quota of August, 2016 which was extended upto 12-08-2016. The notification further asked the FPS agents that the cost price of NFSA rice for the month of September 2016 quota may also be deposited in the C/A A/C No. 0257050012801 on or before 25-08-2016. Again it was also reiterated that no extension would be given for the month of September, 2016 as the October month’s quota deposit should be made on or before 12-09-2016.
3.That, the former DSO, FCS, Ukhrul before S.A. Halim, DSO FCS has already done draft/RTGS on 16-07-2016 for the month of August, 2016 and there was no need to collect the money again by S.A. Halim from FPS agents. However, S.A. Halim has collected Rs 21,64,845/- again by cash for the month of August, 2016, without doing the draft/RTGS which is illegal. When the Officer on Special Duty, Chief Minister’s Office, Imphal, anti corruption cell, Manipur  asked the reason for collection of Rs 21,64,845/-, he said that it was for the month of September but he has collected again Rs 21,64,845/- for the month of September, 2016. Hence, S.A. Salim, DSO, FCS has wrongly pleaded.      
4.That, S.A. Halim posted at Ukhrul from August 2016 to June, 2017 and FPS agents deposited for all the months from August 2016 to June, 2017 (eleven months) as cost price of  NFSA rice as per his Notification every month before dated 12. The total months of deposit of cost price is 12 months whereas he gave rice only for 11 months. The action of S.A. Halim has spoiled the scheme of NFSA rice 2013.
5.That, I have repeatedly submitted my complains in this regard, to the following authorities.
i.Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul and DGRO dated 03-12-2016
ii.Superintendent of Police, Ukhrul dated 21-06-2017, Receipt No. 1963, FIR No. 13/2017 OC, Ukhrul Police Station.
iii.SP Ukhrul, Ukhrul Police Station, Rejoinder to the reply dated 10-07-2017 given by Shri. S.A Halim, DSO, Chandel, R.R. No. 2239, FIR No. 13(6)2017. The same copy was also served to         DCAF & PD, Sangaiprou, Imphal, R.R. No. 744, dated 14-07-2017.
iv.Hon’ble MLA, Phungyar 43-A/C dated 19-07-2017.
v.Hon’ble Minister, PDS & Consumer Affairs, Government of Manipur dated 17-07-2017.

vi.The Officer on Special Duty, Chief Minister’s Office, Imphal, anti corruption cell, Manipur R.R. No. 86 dated 17-07-2017.
vii.Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur (Meeyamgi Numit), R.R. No. 366 dated 16-08-2017.
6. That, the Hon’ble Chief Minister has written a letter to anti corruption cell, Manipur on 17-08-2017, R.R. No. 100.
7. That, S.A. Salim stayed in Ukhrul as DSO, FCS for 11 months (from August, 2016 to June, 2017) and he made deposited of cost price of rice for 11 months (if the previous DSO draft/ RTGS for the month of August, 2016 is added, it is 12 months) which is an excess of 1 (one) month, and done drafts only for 10 months.
In the above facts and circumstances, I, hereby appeal to all the general public of Manipur to know the truth and the concerned authority shall take disciplinary action against the erring officers for fooling the FPS Agents and AAY/PHH Card holders under NFSA, 2013. As such, the excess amount for a month has to be returned to the FPS agents at the earliest. I have all the necessary documents.   

With Warm Regards,
Convener, FPS Agents,
Phungyar-43, A/C.
# 9774580313 

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State Kabaddi team left for Jharkhand

Imphal, Nov 2: Manipur state Kabaddi team led by Mukundo, President, All Manipur Kabaddi Federation of Manipur, today left Imphal for Dungka in Jharkhand to take part in the 29th Sub –Junior National Kabaddi Championship which will be held from November 4 to 7. The team comprises of 12 male and 12 female players.

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A rebuttal to Imprudence of ATSUM

Apropos “A rebuttal to Imprudence of ATSUM” appeared in the media yesterday, and I presume — issued by ATSUM, I am to say that I made two points to which ATSUM takes strong exception.
Now what I have said was, one, that the Meiteis are no less tribal than any of the tribals listed in the schedule tribe lists of the fifth schedule of the Indian constitution from anthropological angle.
Two, that it is absurd to say that if the Meeteis are included in the schedule tribe list of the constitution it would “bring more inequality in the state in all respects”
I have stated that the demand of the Schedule Tribe Demand Committee Manipur (STDCM) to include the Meiteis in the Schedule Tribe lists of the Constitution is to protect the Meetei from the threat of extinction in the face of unchecked influx of migrants into this beautiful Manipur valley of seven hundred square miles, which is the home to all sections of the Manipuri society —— Kuki, Meitei, Naga, Pangal and the rest of the people.
I have raised the question to the Government of India writing to the Prime Minister while enclosing a copy of my letter to which ATSUM take strong exception. I have drawn the attention of the Honourable Prime Minister as to what has the Government of India done to rectify the wrongs done to the Meeteis by the Indian Constitution. I have said that the unscheduled Meitei tribes should be given its rightful place in this great country of 1.3 billion plus people where their existence is not threatened.
I have also pointed out that the rationale for the demand to enlist the Meeteis in the fifth schedule of the Indian constitution is genuine and the state government too, must do its part without delay.
In my writing I have not criticized any community or any group of people or any organization including ATSUM. So why should ATSUM have any grudge against my statement.
Yes, ATSUM might have been offended when I call their statement — “it (ATSUM) will fight to the end against the inclusion of the Meiteis in ST list” —— stupid. But frankly, tell me how should I call your statement  — hatred, communal venom, a war cry against the Meiteis — you choose.
My dear ATSUM friends you may be smart but you are students; you are not an army to fight a battle. Do not allow yourself to be carried away by sentiment and hatred because that will take you nowhere. Even if you are hostile to the Meitei heaping all the blames for all the ills on the Meeiteis — Meitei Manipur history, Meeitei government, Meitei hegemony, Meeitei exploiting the hill people — these are uninformed, unknowledgeable and ill-conceived world view.
True, in every community there are unprincipled and ignoble people who by their sheer position in power do more disservice than anything. But you cannot curse a community for those obnoxious and unscrupulous crooks.
 Lastly as an elder, I would like to appeal to you to be civil in your approach in this regard because it involves the future of your fraternal community, even when your own future is safe and secured.
I believe we can talk; have meaningful dialogues, debates and discussions. This is the way the world moves forward.

With regards
yours sincerely,
Heikrujam Nabashyam

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RFYS debuts in city, OM Roy School win first match

Shillong, Oct 10: The highly successful Reliance Foundation Youth Sports national football tournament made its debut in Shillong on Tuesday, with OM Memorial Higher Secondary School registering the first victory.
As many as 55 schools and colleges have fielded 72 teams in the four categories this year. The Junior Boys section with 40 entries has seen the most number of registrations while Senior Boys has also attracted 19 teams. Six teams will be seen in action in the College Boys and 7 in the School Girls categories to make it an impressive lineup.
The winners in each category will represent Shillong in the national championship to be held later this year.
In the inaugural match at the JN Stadium, OM Memorial rode on a late strike for their 1-0 victory over Brookside Adventist Higher Secondary School in a Junior Boys’ qualifying match. Sumarbha Bareh fired the winner in the 64th minute to win the man of the match award.
The RFYS tournament was launched last year in the eight cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Guwahati, Pune and Goa. It has extended to eight more cities this year, with Jamshedpur, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Shillong, Aizwal, Imphal and Hyderabad competing for their respective city titles. The RFYS, with Mrs Nita Ambani as the power and force behind it, is steadfastly working towards making Indian football a major force with the Indian Super League initiative at the senior level and the Reliance Foundation Young Champs at hte grassroots level.
Over 60,000 kids will be seen in action in 30 centres across the country. By December this year, a staggering 6 million children are expected to be touched with this grassroots initiative.
RESULT (qualifier):
Junior Boys: OM Roy Memorial Higher Secondary School bt Brookside Adventist Higher Secondary School 1-0.

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Indian paddlers win Junior Boys team title in Serbia Open Junior and Cadet Open

By: Monsum Hazarika Belgrade, Oct 8: India’s new generation of table tennis players continued making waves on the world circuit, with the Junior Boys clinching the gold medal in the Team Event of the Serbia Open Junior and Cadet Open here on Saturday evening. Earlier, Manav Thakkar claimed two silver medals and Manush Shah and Archana Kamat won a silver and a bronze each to make it a true bonanza for the Indian contingent. The Indian team, featuring Manav Thakkar, Manush Shah and Ishaan Hingorani, beat the US-Canadian team of Sharon Alguetti, Gal Alguetti and Jeremy Hazin 3-1 in the final to win the coveted title. Mumbai’s Manav began the medal hunt by winning the silver medal while Vadodara’s Manush claimed the bronze in the Junior Boys’ Singles category. They then combined to win another silver for India in the Junior Boys Doubles Bengaluru’s Archana too showed her mettle as she raced to the silver in the Junior Girls’ Singles and a bronze in the Girls’ Doubles with Serbia’s Dragana Vignijevic. Manav, the top seed at the championship, went down fighting to USA’s Sharon Alguetti in an epic final to miss out on the gold in the Singles. He did well to recover from a two-game deficit to take the match all the way into the seventh. But he failed to drive home the momentum and lost lost 3-4 (7-11, 10-12, 11-6, 12-14, 11-8, 11-8, 7-11). Manav was in his elements in the doubles too, in the company of Manush Shah. But the CanadianRomania duo of Jeremy Hazin and Paul Mladin proved to be a notch better than the Indian pair, winning 3-2 (11-7, 9-11, 11-6, 11-13, 12-10). In the Junior Girls’ category, top seeded Archana put up a valiant battle but couldn’t get the better of Serbia’s Sabina Surjan. She lost 3-4 (11-9, 4-11, 7-11, 13-11, 11-3, 7-11, 8- 11. She and her local partner Dragana Vignijevic lost to the German pair of Sophia Klee and Yuki Tsutsui 2-3 (5-11, 11-7, 11-8, 6-11, 5-11).

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Imprudence of ATSUM

The press statement of the All Tribal Students Union of Manipur(ATSUM) that came out in the media on Oct 5, 2017 saying that “ it will fight to the end against the inclusion of the Meiteis in the ST list “ of the Indian Constitution, is stupid.
ATSUM’s reason for their stand is “The Meiteis have no criteria to be in the ST list”. They are also very worried that if the Meiteis are included in the ST list it would “bring more inequality in the State in all respects”.
Now, talking about the criteria for being a tribal – the fact that the social mores of the Meiteis such as the absence of respect or reverence for the leadership – political or otherwise which is so profound & natural within the Meitei community is an unmissable trait of any tribal community not only in India but in all the seven continents on the earth.
The myth and the reverence for natural objects such as stones, trees or a particular spot like a hilltop e.g Koubru, Khallong, Thangching or a water body e.g Poorook shoubi in the foothills of Nongmaiching  hills etc., which the Meeteis, including the Meitei hindu believe to be sacred, tell the stories of a tribal society.
Laiharaoba – the ceremony of genealogy for the Meiteis which is observed since time immemorial where the Maibee(s) – who in some way similar to the shaman of the Native Americans – take an essential part is a Meitei ritual that still connects man with the God who creates us even today. This Laiharaoba ritual is observed every year during a specific period of the year. During the ritual ceremony God will come among us and we can hear the voice of God through the mouth of the Maibee.
These are some of the important characters of a tribal community which are still found in the present day Meitei community, even though some among the Meitei hindus do feel shy to admit it openly. I believe the committee constituted by the Manipur government in this regard could have easily found these tribal characters of the Meiteis. Therefore the committee can unambiguously come to the conclusion that the Meeteis are no less tribal if not more, than any of the scheduled tribe groups of the northeast.
Regarding the fear of ATSUM that if Meeteis are included in the scheduled list it would “ bring more inequality in the state” is absurd. Because Meeteis’ asking for the ST status is to get a level playing field in the national context. Secondly, since Manipur becoming a part of India in 1949 the Meeteis, having a few lakhs population are competing in every field with the mainland Indians having an estimated population of 1.3 billion plus, without any protective gear. And lastly, Meeteis are not rightful citizens in their own home state. The Indian Constitution forbids the Meiteis to reside rightfully in ninety percent of the land areas of Manipur. On top of it, the remaining area where Meeteis can reside, that is the valley is flooded with unchecked influx of Bangladeshis, Nepalis and other non-indigenous migrants and threatened the indigenous population, particularly the Meiteis with extinction.
This is a very serious injustice done to the Meiteis by the Indian Constitution and the government of India. Any community would not tolerate such an injustice done to them. Come what may, the Meeteis should be fighting for their survival. The Meiteis’ asking the government of India to include them rightly, in the scheduled list is because it is the most effective means to protect themselves from complete annihilation in the face of unchecked and unhindered influx of migrants. Anybody including ATSUM should be doing the same if they are placed in the same position.
Therefore it would be in the best interests of all of us not to create any room for animosity among our people in the matter of the very survival of the Meiteis. Let there be no doubt in everyone’s mind that the Meeteis would not take any move from any quarter that would help or assist or cause to threaten its existence lying down. We all know, divided we fall, so why should we go to fall.

Yours faithfully
Heikrujam Nabashyam  
Ex-Candidate, Singjamei AC

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Jadonang Memorial Football Tournament, 2017

Imphal, Sept 28: The 11th edition “Jadonang Memorial Football Tournament, 2017” organized by the Zeliangrong Football Association (ZFA) will commence from 8th November next at THAU Sports Complex, Thangmeiband, Imphal West.
For this year tournament, the Winner Team will be awarded with cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh with Trophy, Runner-up Team with Rs. 50,000/- and Third Place Winner Team with Rs. 25,000/- along with a Trophy each. Other Group and Individual awards consist of “Best Disciplined Team, Best Parade Team, Best Player, Best Keeper and Highest Scorer”. A cash prize of Rs. 10,000/-  and Rs. 5000/- along with cup will be awarded for Group and Individual player(s). All Zeliangrong village Youth clubs are entitled to sponsor not more than one team for the tournament. Entry Form will be issue from 30th September, 2017. Any Zeliangrong village youth Clubs willing to participate in the tournament can download the Entry Form & Rules and Regulations (RR) from facebook group: Zeliangrong Football Association (ZFA) or visit on www.facebook/groups/ZFA2017. For further detail information can contact its Head Office, Kakhulong, Paona Bazar, Imphal or Hony. Gen. Secy. ZFA @ “DIGIX CYBER”, Majorkhul, Imphal at office hours between 10:30 am to 4:30 pm except on Sunday and Holidays. The Entry Form Fee is Rs. 500/- and the Registration Fee is Rs. 3000/- and the last date of form submission is on or before 30th October, 2017.

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Letting go

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

One a rupee, two a rupee;
Worth Counting by all every single morning;
Dreaming upon stepping the wide opening jaws of existence;
I dream of personage,
I dream of actuality,
Curtaining the same old dark green clothing;
Wallowing Walking down this narrow lane!
Making me too dutiful every day attending,
Up and down, down and up,
Sliding hastily, bagging books heavily;
Dreaming the line worth wild is unique;
Study and study, the fashion I indulge in without fail;
Still, how weak I am? Jumbling and confusing,
The chapters within, the materials’ suggestion;
Helping self reading through off-track puzzling;
Alas! If only I have attended tutorial,
Alas! How easy would be, if I have own a tutor;
All’s well with struggling, all’s well with aspiring;
All’s well with just letting go.

One a rupee, two a rupee;
Worth Counting by all every single morning;
Dreaming upon stepping the wide opening jaws of existence;
I dream of personage, hardship and well content;
Never try giving up, still paddling amongst;
I wanna go, I wanna see, I wanna have wings;
Exhaustion! I forget either way,
Feeling out arms stretching helpless empty;
Wandering! Searching and pleading; Dreams capture me within; too many
Hear me! Hear me saying,
Speaking thousands thinking, losing all in the air;
Let me say, father! I beg
No! Never did they listen;
All’s well with goodness, all’s well with morality;
All’s great with principle;
And all’s well with just letting go.

One a rupee, two a rupee;
Worth Counting by all every single morning;
Dreaming upon stepping the wide opening jaws of existence;
I dream of personage, seeking I should be!
Trying figuring out how should I be?
Chasing every want, fancy to capture ever little;
Chances comes and scatters, never try holding one,
Reasoning how rational it is?
Opportunities flashes off too soon,
Self Hesitating and nervously, relying upon still;
Relying again and out, time is still young;
Bargaining within consciousness, shall I and shall I not?
Ah! I lost it, lost every slot
Help me father! Help me mother!
Pay money for my rank! Go buy for my knowledge,
It’s too much hurting inside;
How difficult I grasp this opportunity?
Easily it goes away;
I wish, I wish I have a plenty to pay! Consoling
All’s well with just letting go.

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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Wonder she was the daughter of the earth goddess!
Wonder she was the adopted daughter of King Janaka!
Wonder she was the consort of Lord Rama!
Wonder she was an avatar of Sri Lakshmi!
Wonder she was the paragon of spousal and feminine virtues!
Wonder she was the goddess denoting good sign, good fortune,
Prosperity, success and happiness!
Wonder she was the was the elder sister of Urmila and
Cousin’s sister of Mandavi and Shrutakirti!
Wonder she was known for her dedication, self-sacrifice, courage and purity!
Wonder she was abducted by Ravana!

Wonder she was not burnt undergoing a trial by fire to prove her chastity!
Wonder she was not accepted by her people for long captivity!
Wonder she was forced into exile during her pregnancy!
Wonder she delivered twin sons, raised them as single mother!
Wonder she witnessed the acceptance of her children by Rama!
Wonder she plea for release from an unjust world a life!
Wonder she finally sought refuge in the arms of her mother!
Oh! What a life that took away
Oh! She still is a fertility, abundance and well beings
Wonder she was an ideal daughter, an ideal wife and an ideal mother.
Wonder how cruel the mankind!
Wonder how many more Sitas’ born and abandon!
Wonder how many dutiful fathers will adopt ‘her’!
Wonder how many royal ‘man’ be her willing ‘consort’!
Wonder who she becomes!
Wonder how she represents to this life living!
Wonder she is more of de-feminity and bad fortune!
Wonder how many brothers and sisters she being the eldest!
Chaoba, tomba, thoiba , thoibi, leima,
Wonder how courageous she breathes speechless!
Wonder she is besieging by her own man, own father!
Wonder she is thrown away in grasses and in the river water!

Oh! Breath less soul
Oh! Little goddess of virtues,
How courageous and purity you comes into form?
Cold and dark, so innocently soft unaccepted;
Wonder you being not royal being, hated and unwanted!
Wonder you prove wrongly of pure ‘love’!
Wonder you’re denied by ‘her’, your birth mother!
Wonder you’re ‘Sita’ Sita of Sitas’!
Wonder how many more of you will be dumping!
Thrown dumping in canal waters, river waters, river banks
Layering with your thin muslin birth clothes;
Tangling and twisting thy string of cord!
Releasing from this unjust world of lei!

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Reality of the real fact nobody wants to tell the naked truth.

Dear respected and honorable PM Narendra Modi, Manipur CM Biren Singh, Tamenglong district segment MLA Samuel Jendai, MLA Awangbou Newmai, MLA Gaikhangngam Gangmei, Tamenglong DC Armstrong Pame, Tamenglong District Council CEO Dipu Gangmei, Commissioner TD Manipur Thaithuilung Pamei, Chairman ADC Tamenglong Namsinrei Panmei, ZSU and ZYF.
Today I would like to share some of my experiences and doubts of Tamenglong district (included Noney district) of Manipur, India. Things are taking place but none of us may be serious about the happenings. It may also that we may not be able to get or have any data on these happenings which I am going to share with you all and I believe, these
happenings are also neither legal or neither they are being legalize by any legal authority for not to do the work properly.
1. In the whole of Tamenglong district I have not come across not even 4 government schools which are properly functioning without any substitute teachers or having sufficient students and proper school buildings, etc.
2. Where are the government schools today in Tamenglong district in reality? How many of the government schools’ teachers in Tamenglong district know or seen where the school they being posted? Or have they ever gone and seen the schools and students where they are being posted as teachers or headmasters for teaching? Or have they given for substitution to someone else?
3. In the whole of Tamenglong district not an Anganwadi Center in the villages or in the town are seen functioning as per the center should run or function.
4. Is there a single properly function or properly equipped Hospital or CHC or PHC or SPHC with all the posted Doctors and Nurses stationed without keeping any substitutions in Tamenglong district. I have seen or find not one in the whole of Tamenglong district.
5. In the whole of Tamenglong district apart from NH-37 I have not seen nor I have travel on any road even with 5 kilometers properly black topped (concrete).
6. Is the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur pay bills and salaries according to the paper reports that were or are being received from the concern departments and not seeing to the actual ground reality of works which are done or not done before any payment are being done? 7. Have the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur not allotted and not given sufficient money for the public developmental work for Tamenglong district?
8. If the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur have allotted and given sufficient money for the public developmental work for Tamenglong district. Than where are the money gone? Where and how are the works done for the amount of money allotted and given for the work?
9. Is it that the Government departments have instructed the staffs, employees, contractors and public leaders not to do a proper work and not to evaluate the work in Tamenglong district and that the district should remain so call backward and the people’s moral should be hold down?
10. Can the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur start taking up the task of investigation, proper evaluation of the works done and fact finding task team with action force with regard to the past and present work done in the whole of Tamenglong district. And if anybody is found to be guilty than start booking them for every single legal action to be taken on them regardless of what position or office in the past or at present is holding or in what department it was or it is.
11. I believe that all the money that the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur is giving out for the public to have sustainable development and progress of the people in Manipur is of people’s money. Therefore, every one of us has the full constitutional and personal right to enjoy the fruit of the work done and not to be deprived of it.
12. If I have said, which are not true, than please tell me so that I can also believe what I have not believe and can stop my doubt too. And if these, which I have shared are true than reach this sharing to the above mention important and power holding persons for the benefit and for the sustainable development, progress and transformation of
Tamenglong and Noney districts.

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