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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Always I do, as always I did,
I stand aloof silently, cool and calmly;
I love the way, I was and I am and I use to,
On one seems understand ‘me’ and desire motifs;
Understanding far left behind; some seems awkward,
Some seems hopeless; friends with foe, surprisingly!
Left out alone nowhere; sitting, standing and waiting;
Come closer no body, alone I draw my path;
I choose not, stay ‘away’, nor I design living,
My ‘moves’ an ‘attitude’ too biased;
My ‘looks’ an ‘attitude’ dull and boring and wicked;
What may comes, which may goes, I intrude lesser;
Neither I seek the truth; I may be dismay,
Numbers countless, wandering hither and thither;
Should I? Should I not? Silently I do concern.

I pray enough dutifully; healthy and wise
I suggest staying happy and join ‘them’ loudly;
I smile for a cause; and I laugh bitterness, just as I do
Morning’s a friend, smooth and serene, I witness much;
I think not a cause and not for a cause; silently as I stay,

I cried no bloody; No vicious I choose to friend;
Help me not merrily; Held me not harshly; I bray
Understanding! ‘They’ took away from me,
My ‘gestures’ an ‘attitude’ motionless and mindful;
Lone I walk, distant as I go, I carry ‘attitude;
Swinging all my way, I pursue dreams living high;
 I bother not any, friends and family,
Still, they doubt ‘me’ in, I have ‘attitude’ silently.

Asking myself hundreds and thousands,
Lesser the words, I speak of humanity’s kindness;
‘They’ knows me little effortless, I doubt all egos,
What makes ‘them’ so? I know nothing,
How carefree I am? Wrap within those solitude;
Seclusion! I know some; still I company all peace,
‘Think’ all I could, walking through the rhythm
Judging onto, fancying and engaging I go wildly;
 Lie! Lie ‘me’ not to; I hate the worse
I see friendship and all a lot best friends,
My ‘No’ to an ‘attitude’ simply,
My ‘yes’ to an ‘attitude’ so daring unfair;
Have I touch them sharing? Crazy I go unpopular;
Freaking out sadly I console ‘me’ soothingly,
How may? What may I be? I have ‘attitude’ silently.

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An open letter to the Chief Minister of Manipur; Border area of Ukhrul demands government attention

By: Ringphami A Shimray
Hill areas of Manipur palpably remain relatively lagging far behind in all dimensions of development. One such developmentally retarded hill region lies in the eastern hem of Ukhrul district along Indo-Myanmar border. This frontier region, known for its extreme backwardness and remoteness, has remained excluded from development processes. People living in this region are leading a miserable life bereft of hope for a better future.
This border area is comprised of twenty two villages namely: Pushing, Mapum, Zingsui, Rusheah, Sahamphung, Roni, Matiyang, Hangaokaphung, Chamu, Khayang, Khayang Phungtha, Kachaophung Tangkhul, Kachaophung Kuki, Maokot, Chatric Khullen, Chatric Khunou, Chahong Khullen, Chahong Khonou, Chahong Pharung, Chahong Chingthak, Chahong Chingkha.
Being remote and hilly, infrastructure has been the most essential aspect of development in this border area. Unfortunately, the successive State Government has failed to give the attention the area deserves. Non-availability of proper physical infrastructure such as transport and communication facilities, electricity, irrigation facilities and poor social infrastructure like medical and health care facilities and education infrastructure have remained the key constraint for socio-economic development of the area. For instance, roads have been under deplorable condition, motorable only in summer. The area remains cut off throughout monsoon as the unfriendly topography and climatic condition of the region make the hilly terrain highly vulnerable to landslides and soil erosion causing restrictions on free movement of people, goods and services for the entire period of monsoon which normally stays for nearly six months. This border area has witnessed a large number of premature deaths pertaining to preventable diseases. Villagers have to carry the sick and travel long distances, often on foot, to reach hospital in the district headquarters. The pathetic situation continues to exist even today. The services provided by the government health agency are indubitably far from meeting the growing needs of poor and illiterate villagers. Lack of adequate medical and health care facilities in the villages leads to deepening the existing poverty and creates a new poverty. In many instances, treatment is deferred owing to financial constraint exacerbating the bad condition of the patient to worse. In many cases, patients are taken to hospital only when their condition became beyond healing. Government schools in most of these border villages do not have enough classrooms, adequate furniture, sufficient teachers and lack access to resources thereby adversely affecting effective delivery of quality education to students leading to dismal outlook for the upcoming generation. In some of the villages, the number of students attending in government schools is insignificant. Statistical reports of many government schools of this border area are deliberate exaggeration. Students migrating to private schools in pursuance of better quality education are on the rise. If the present trend continues, then the government schools may not have even a single student in the near future. None of the villages have electricity until today despite the fact that electricity poles have been erected in some of the villages a couple of decades ago. In the absence of power and other alternative source of lighting in their homes, students have to read their books in dim light emitted from burning pinewood. Besides, most of the villages are yet to have access to telephone network and internet connectivity.

Poverty refuses to go away from this border region. It is another grave issue causing unemployment among youth. Young people, the most powerful resource of the nation, remain very unproductive, frustrated and in a state of total hopelessness. They are susceptible to any form of anti-social elements. Alcoholism and substance abuse is rife among youth resulting in the hapless victims of dreadful diseases. Skill development training for rural youth under current BADP is markedly far from catering to the demands of growing number of village youth. Educated unemployed village youth though willing to take up industry and income generation activities for self-reliant or any other viable projects for sustainable village economy, there is none to support them to develop their potential. In the absence of any other alternative source of livelihood, the villagers remain fully dependent on agriculture for subsistence and their primary activity is Jhum cultivation which is characterized by low productivity. Jhum cultivation is not only utterly uneconomic but is a threat to ecology, bio-diversity, water resources, climate and natural environment.
Deactivation of Sahamphung SDC office has been a great deficit for this border area. Sahamphung SDC headquarters, located @ 50 km. from Ukhrul headquarters, was established way back in the eighties. But unfortunately, this office has remained in abeyance for almost thirty years; the office buildings were completely demolished following Kuki-Naga clash in the early nineties. People from the area have been clamoring for resumption of the said office. Though it was approved to revive the office in 2014, the then State Government had initiated no follow up action on its part to resume the office to fulfill the decades-old demand of the people. None of the successive MLAs of the area, too, was audacious enough to get involved into the matter thereby miserably failed to carry out the task entrusted to them. The failure of the past leadership has resulted in loss of people’s faith in political leadership.
Another distinct disadvantage of the area is the ununiform distribution of the villages under different assembly constituencies and different development blocks. The villages currently fall under two different assembly constituencies, partly under 43-Phungyar A/C and partly under 44-Ukhrul A/C. The villages that fall within 43-Phungyar A/C are under Kamjong Block whereas the villages falling within 44-Ukhrul A/C are further fragmented and partly placed under Ukhrul Block and partly under Kamjong Block outside the ambit of the same assembly constituency. This is extremely unfair and is detrimental to the interest of the villages concerned. Besides, few border villages which were earlier under BADP have been excluded from its purview of late to the disadvantage of the villages.
The situations of extreme socio-economic backwardness of this particular border area and untold hardships being experienced by the deprived villagers demand special attention of the State Government. Therefore, immediate reactivation of Sahamphung SDC office, proper maintenance of the existing roads, enhancement of medical and health care facilities, improvement of educational infrastructure, electrification or alternative energy sources, development of minor irrigation projects to facilitate agricultural diversification, promotion of small-scale agro-based industries and cottage industries, implementation of self-employment generation schemes, telephone network and internet connectivity may be suggested as critical imperatives to facilitate rapid development of this remote border area and to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants.

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WEMSA Sports Meet-2018 Begins

Thoubal, Feb.12: The 3rd Biennial Sports Meet of The Western Maring Sports Association (WEMSA) kick -started  involving 15 teams today at Kwarok Maring village playground, Tengnoupal district in the presence of Ph.Heramani Member Charangpat Zilla Parishad as Chief Guest, Kh.Sanakhomba Nominee Pradhan Lourembam Gram Panchayat as functional president and K.Boby Social Worker as guests of honour.

In the also presence of Ch.Meshil ADC Member and Kh.Morung EM ADC Chandel and a hundreds strong audience comprising of clubs, sports officials, sports lovers and residents of the neighbourhood.

Men and women of maring community residing in the Western maring Area will take part in this sporting event which includes football tournament, Sepak Takraw and volleyball tournaments during day time.

The sports meet began with a football match between KKYC Koijam and LKUWYC Kangsang village.

A part of the sports meet which will carry Rs 40,000 cash for the champions and Rs 30,000 for the runners up team of Football event, Rs.20000 and Rs.15000 of Volleyball and Rs.10000 cash for the champions and Rs.7000 for runners up team of the Sepak Takraw event.

The sports meet which also witness cultural programmes and religious rituals during night time. The sports meet will culminate on February 17.

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33rd SASA Sports Meet-2018 begins at Larong

Chandel,Feb.3: The much awaited Sulam Area Sporting Association 33rd Sports Meet-2018 was opened with a bang by Lhukhosei Zou Chairman ADC Chandel at Larong Khullen Public ground in Chandel District on 3rd February, 2018, in the presence of a 1000 strong audience comprising of clubs, sports officials, sports lovers and residents of the neighbourhood.
The Chief Guest of the 33rd Sports Meet-2018, Lhukhosei Zou also hoisted the flag of SASA. Th.Joy Lamkang Vice-Chairman ADC Chandel, Ts.Willingson Executive Member PHED ADC Chandel, Nula Warngam Member ADC Chandel, D.Kawar Special Contractor and Ss. Mohring Ex.ADC Member Chandel, were the other dignitaries who graced and spoke the big day of SASA as Guests of Honour, while Ts.Kanlun Anal Executive Member Agri & Horticulture ADC Chandel warmed the event as Function President.
To add to the solemnity and festivity of the auspicious occasion, a cultural programme of Larong Cultural Troops were Present in.
The SASA Meet kick-off involving 12 teams will begin tomorrow, the 4th Feb, 2018. The edgy spectators are itching to see the first goal netted.

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It is indeed a great lost for his family in particular and the journalist union in general. On this fateful day of January 29, 2018  morning, a news reporter /Correspondent from Tamei, and member of Manipur Hill Journalists’ Union (MHJU), Mr. Abing Mathew  s/o Souding of  Tamei, Tamei Sub-Division, Tamenglong  left this world for eternity.
The Manipur Hill Journalists’ Union (MHJU) express our deepest condolence to the bereave family members and pray for them. He left behind his wife along with two sons and a daughter. He is currently the reporter/Correspondent of Tamenglong based daily newspaper, The­ Cham.

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Badminton Tournament at Yairipok

Yairipok,Jan.24: Yairipok Badminton Association(YBA ) is organising Non-state Open Badminton Tournament,2018 from January 18 till February 4 at the indoor stadium of Yairipok Badminton Association at Bishnunaha under the supervision of the Manipur Badminton Association(MBA).
There will be six category in the tournament a statement by the Association said. In category - single open double open, category 2 - under -19 single open double open, category 3 -  35  years plus single open double open, category 4 – 40 years plus Single open double open, category 5 – 45 years plus Single open double open , category 6 - 50 years plus Single open double open.
Players interested in taking part in the tournament can get the form from the DM College Canteen or from the office of the Manipur Badminton Association or Yairipok Badminton Association. Last date for form submission is January 19.

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1st Singngat Cup (Jr)   Inter School  Football tournament begins

Imphal, Jan. 24: To celebrate the auspicious 69th Republic Day of India, 2 Assam Rifles in conjunction with Singngat  Football Club organized a Four Day   at Singngat  Football Ground. The aim of this Tournament is to bring peace, prosperity, harmony and friendship between the Assam Rifles and the local populace. The Tournament begin on 23 Jan 2018 and is scheduled to culminate on 26 Jan 2018 which will be witnessed by various dignitaries of the area. The opening day begins with speech by Commandant 2 Assam Rifles followed by Battalion Pipe Band giving their performance. A total of 8 teams from 6 different Schools namely Ray Burn School (Singngat), St Mary High School (Beheng), Suangdo High School (Suangdo), Hill Model High School (Singngat), Standard High School (Singngat), and St Joseph High School (Singngat) are taking part in the event. The opening day match took place between Hill Model High School (HMHS), Singngat and St Mary High School, Behang in which HMHS beat the later 3-0.

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Open Letter to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Manipur

Hon’ble Sir,
With due honour, I, the undersigned Convenor, FPS, 43-Phungyar A/C, Ukhrul/Kamjong District, Manipur would like to bring to your kind notice through this paper:
1.That, S.A. Salim who was posted as DSO, FCS Ukhrul has collected Rs 21,64,845/- (rupees twenty one lakh sixty four thousand and eight hundred forty five) only from FPS agents of three constituencies, namely, 43-Phungyar A/C, 44-Ukhrul A/C and 45-Chingai A/C for the month of August, 2016 and has also collected the required amounts upto June, 2017 before dated 12 of every month.   
2.That, S.A. Salim issued a notification dated 10-08-2016 whereby all FPS agents of the districts were asked to deposit of cost price of rice again for the quota of August, 2016 which was extended upto 12-08-2016. The notification further asked the FPS agents that the cost price of NFSA rice for the month of September 2016 quota may also be deposited in the C/A A/C No. 0257050012801 on or before 25-08-2016. Again it was also reiterated that no extension would be given for the month of September, 2016 as the October month’s quota deposit should be made on or before 12-09-2016.
3.That, the former DSO, FCS, Ukhrul before S.A. Halim, DSO FCS has already done draft/RTGS on 16-07-2016 for the month of August, 2016 and there was no need to collect the money again by S.A. Halim from FPS agents. However, S.A. Halim has collected Rs 21,64,845/- again by cash for the month of August, 2016, without doing the draft/RTGS which is illegal. When the Officer on Special Duty, Chief Minister’s Office, Imphal, anti corruption cell, Manipur  asked the reason for collection of Rs 21,64,845/-, he said that it was for the month of September but he has collected again Rs 21,64,845/- for the month of September, 2016. Hence, S.A. Salim, DSO, FCS has wrongly pleaded.      
4.That, S.A. Halim posted at Ukhrul from August 2016 to June, 2017 and FPS agents deposited for all the months from August 2016 to June, 2017 (eleven months) as cost price of  NFSA rice as per his Notification every month before dated 12. The total months of deposit of cost price is 12 months whereas he gave rice only for 11 months. The action of S.A. Halim has spoiled the scheme of NFSA rice 2013.
5.That, I have repeatedly submitted my complains in this regard, to the following authorities.
i.Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul and DGRO dated 03-12-2016
ii.Superintendent of Police, Ukhrul dated 21-06-2017, Receipt No. 1963, FIR No. 13/2017 OC, Ukhrul Police Station.
iii.SP Ukhrul, Ukhrul Police Station, Rejoinder to the reply dated 10-07-2017 given by Shri. S.A Halim, DSO, Chandel, R.R. No. 2239, FIR No. 13(6)2017. The same copy was also served to         DCAF & PD, Sangaiprou, Imphal, R.R. No. 744, dated 14-07-2017.
iv.Hon’ble MLA, Phungyar 43-A/C dated 19-07-2017.
v.Hon’ble Minister, PDS & Consumer Affairs, Government of Manipur dated 17-07-2017. vi.The Officer on Special Duty, Chief Minister’s Office, Imphal, anti corruption cell, Manipur R.R. No. 86 dated 17-07-2017.
vii.Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur (Meeyamgi Numit), R.R. No. 366 dated 16-08-2017.
6. That, the Hon’ble Chief Minister has written a letter to anti corruption cell, Manipur on 17-08-2017, R.R. No. 100.
7. That, S.A. Salim stayed in Ukhrul as DSO, FCS for 11 months (from August, 2016 to June, 2017) and he made deposited of cost price of rice for 11 months (if the previous DSO draft/ RTGS for the month of August, 2016 is added, it is 12 months) which is an excess of 1 (one) month, and done drafts only for 10 months.
In the above facts and circumstances, I, hereby appeal to all the general public of Manipur to know the truth and the concerned authority shall take disciplinary action against the erring officers for fooling the FPS Agents and AAY/PHH Card holders under NFSA, 2013. As such, the excess amount for a month has to be returned to the FPS agents at the earliest. I have all the necessary documents.   

With Warm Regards,
Convener, FPS Agents,
Phungyar-43, A/C.
# 9774580313 

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State Kabaddi team left for Jharkhand

Imphal, Nov 2: Manipur state Kabaddi team led by Mukundo, President, All Manipur Kabaddi Federation of Manipur, today left Imphal for Dungka in Jharkhand to take part in the 29th Sub –Junior National Kabaddi Championship which will be held from November 4 to 7. The team comprises of 12 male and 12 female players.

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A rebuttal to Imprudence of ATSUM

Apropos “A rebuttal to Imprudence of ATSUM” appeared in the media yesterday, and I presume — issued by ATSUM, I am to say that I made two points to which ATSUM takes strong exception.
Now what I have said was, one, that the Meiteis are no less tribal than any of the tribals listed in the schedule tribe lists of the fifth schedule of the Indian constitution from anthropological angle.
Two, that it is absurd to say that if the Meeteis are included in the schedule tribe list of the constitution it would “bring more inequality in the state in all respects”
I have stated that the demand of the Schedule Tribe Demand Committee Manipur (STDCM) to include the Meiteis in the Schedule Tribe lists of the Constitution is to protect the Meetei from the threat of extinction in the face of unchecked influx of migrants into this beautiful Manipur valley of seven hundred square miles, which is the home to all sections of the Manipuri society —— Kuki, Meitei, Naga, Pangal and the rest of the people.
I have raised the question to the Government of India writing to the Prime Minister while enclosing a copy of my letter to which ATSUM take strong exception. I have drawn the attention of the Honourable Prime Minister as to what has the Government of India done to rectify the wrongs done to the Meeteis by the Indian Constitution. I have said that the unscheduled Meitei tribes should be given its rightful place in this great country of 1.3 billion plus people where their existence is not threatened.
I have also pointed out that the rationale for the demand to enlist the Meeteis in the fifth schedule of the Indian constitution is genuine and the state government too, must do its part without delay.
In my writing I have not criticized any community or any group of people or any organization including ATSUM. So why should ATSUM have any grudge against my statement.
Yes, ATSUM might have been offended when I call their statement — “it (ATSUM) will fight to the end against the inclusion of the Meiteis in ST list” —— stupid. But frankly, tell me how should I call your statement  — hatred, communal venom, a war cry against the Meiteis — you choose.
My dear ATSUM friends you may be smart but you are students; you are not an army to fight a battle. Do not allow yourself to be carried away by sentiment and hatred because that will take you nowhere. Even if you are hostile to the Meitei heaping all the blames for all the ills on the Meeiteis — Meitei Manipur history, Meeitei government, Meitei hegemony, Meeitei exploiting the hill people — these are uninformed, unknowledgeable and ill-conceived world view.
True, in every community there are unprincipled and ignoble people who by their sheer position in power do more disservice than anything. But you cannot curse a community for those obnoxious and unscrupulous crooks.
 Lastly as an elder, I would like to appeal to you to be civil in your approach in this regard because it involves the future of your fraternal community, even when your own future is safe and secured.
I believe we can talk; have meaningful dialogues, debates and discussions. This is the way the world moves forward.

With regards
yours sincerely,
Heikrujam Nabashyam

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