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By- Dr.  Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Open and airy; wide and empty;
As I remember again and least;
Somewhere in the corner; somewhere at the edge’
Down far distance, away from house into the bush;
Into the wilderness, into the bamboos, into the woods;
Into the shrubs, into the forest and into the back mound;
And behind the banyan tree and behind the mango tree;
This places a sacred one, that spots a secret entity;
Swiping across time; those places’ a good storage;
Men! Never bewildered, changes too quickly
One upon the other, one upon another;
Heaps into heaps; pile upon pile;
How fascinating I was into those days;
Wasn’t available any latrine hut, a close one;

No wonder, all see through all empty still unseen;
Into the leaves guarding; standing tall trunks,
Into the ground, behind the mound occupying;
Holding tightly grasping onto as never let go off;
Firm and quietly; sitting and holding onto as never fall off;
Steps so clear, steps too committed step upon not;
Behold! And secure those edges boundary,

Spot them through not into the leaves;
Notice them through not into the wild greens secret;
Seeing all prohibited; seen is unseen and ignored,
Watch them clear; aware them exactly;
Oh! Those hanging piece of cloth,
Phanek! A signal, a truth of compromise
It’s an engage; and it’s a reservation
How fascinating I was into those days;
Wasn’t available any latrine hut, a close one;
I still recalled those memories, so heavily concern;
One part to be performed without fail,
All once at a day, all while privately and discreetly;  
Oh! That entity, feeling too awkward, can’t imagine
Sunny day still a foul day all dried up still in the sun;
Strong pungent breeze carried across sharing;
Flooding! A disaster to them
Pouring out all those full heaps into the road;
Scattered out into the lane, it’s a tragedy dilution;
Water its agency, floated and carried away,
Wet and bubbly, dare step upon them too many;
So wild and so barbarian, I doubt not;
Too primitive as we grow so naïve natural;
How fascinating I was into those days;
Wasn’t available any latrine hut, a close one;

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5 state players selected for training at Indonesia for the 18th Asian Games

IT News
Imphal, June 17,

5 state penchak Silat players including a girl were among the 22 Indian team players selected for getting advance training at Indonesia to prepare for the upcoming 18th Asian Games , 2018 scheduled from August 18 to September 2 at Palemband in Jakarta.

The Indian team will attend 10 days advance training camp from June 20 to June 30 at   Padepokan-Tamii-Pencak Silat of Jakarta.
The five state players ate Naorem Boynao Singh, Phijam Australia Singh, Huidrom Bishan Meetei, Thounaojam Johnson Meitei and Ahongshangbam Sarjubala (the lone girl player).
The 22 players including the Coach and officials is scheduled to leave India on June 18.

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The bridge

By-Dr.  Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Over looking to the eastern side of Imphal;
Upon crossing the Imphal river banks isolating;
One of the side miniature local birdies resides;
So panicky so stubborn, themselves amour affairs;
One on the other stands the majestic damsels;
Beauty Sheila so picking blooms randomly behind;
Connecting the two barriers so differently;
Long it stands; dare to cross this sole bridge comfortably;
Strong it stood firmly; connecting these two natives;
Scattering calls Echoing through within banks;
Hatred and love blooms on either bank;
One a marriage, two a marriage;
Wedding happens amongst these inhabitants;
With those music bands lifting palanquin,
This bridge, negotiating native’s dull of all times.

Happy crossing when in marriage processing;
Lights and music and drums, all jingling;
Left and right; left and right marching forward;
To those land of bride, to those home of groom;
Lonely and secluded; private and sheltered;
No rain stopping them; no storm blown them away;
Thunder and lighting, caress their tiptoe; Sunshine making their day happy and contented;
This bridge, a nameless one untitled;
This bridge bordering and connecting two natives,
Half a ‘koirou’ half a ‘bashikhong’;
Driven by those ethics, a ruthless connecting tall;
No motor neither car stops in the middle,
Straight it goes towards that land of grooms;
This bridge, negotiating native’s dull of all times.

Courageous as they slay misunderstanding;
Strong as they argue discontented;
Kill them and kill all; exploit them and punish all;
Hatred and disliking each other either banks;
This bridge, a colorless one standing strong,
Symptoms of bitterness over generation;
A symptom of flourishing love and peace;
This bridge, a maiden bridge standing tall,
No flooding rooted its pillars collapse slip;
No lighting rooted its arms fall and sink;
Alone she stands amidst disputes,
Holding toughness villain’s miscreants;
Night so deserted crossing her worry;
This bridge standing firmly in nowhere,
Connecting those inhabitants fast and fury;
This bridge, negotiating native’s dull of all times.

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A rainy night

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Leaves patting taap taap and taap!
Pleasing Fresh as monsoon rain showers;
Cold and chilling, rain drops patter and taping;
Dark and fuzzy, days’ becoming shorter;
Alone I stand weakly; alone I sit down aimlessly;
No dreams are counting: no days work is busy;
Cold and numb my hands, trembling bitter my feet;
I tried comforting warm my holy body,
With those entire one ply ‘phanek’ and ‘phi matek’;
Shaken as I step out in the breezy verandah;
Open and cold, drizzling rain scatters flashing;
Eagerly waiting for ‘his’ return back home late evening;
My body’s trembling, three months post natal period.

Never did I worry, cold and calmly I pretend;
The night’s too young, can’t sleep mesmerizing;
Captivating and bewitching, entrance door unlocked;
Hugging around my sleeping child I stayed up night long;
Eight o’clock, ten o’clock, twelve o’clock;
Where will he be? I puzzled hundreds
The ‘hour’ of the night is haunting me one after another;
Alone and afraid, I walked up and sit down,
Electric lights gone off too early, darker as blind outside;
‘Feeding and tending’ my whole night duty;
Every single minute I watched over again and in;
Every single sound I did trap hearing attentively;
Tick- tock tick- tock, three o’clock struck the clock; Oh! No he wasn’t here, with a lantern in my hand;
I peep outside and stand cold.

Tried and exhausted, I give up waiting ‘him’,
Feeling sleepy, when its dimmer the cloudy sky;
Its three pass half minute, I heard banging steel gate;
I startled completeness and my veins blood flowing,
Looking outside, I saw a shadow coming towards in;
I tried brightening up the lantern and throws light brightly;
No one coming inside home; he isn’t home yet,
Open door remains quite still awhile,
I walk down the stairs and tried searching for;
No objects moved and no living swinging,
Ah! He was there lying, all wet and all muddy,
All drench and all whimpering with those low voices;
I heard ‘him’ but I fear ‘him’ not;
I stand still and I call him to eat dinner.
Angry as he busted, tangle as he stand up;
He fell down slipping thousands thump thump and thump;
Crazy as he to something, started throwing objects,
Flower pot and fire wood and grasses and plants he could reach;
Here and there scatter, broken earthen flower pots,
Courtyard a dumping ground in a minute,
Startled the baby, I tried putting him back to sleep;
I dare afraid to hit by; I walk and I caught hold him comfortably;
He fell down muddy as he throws cracking;
What a night I had to deal with? Faster my heart beats,
Swiftly I took cleaning up into the rain, before dawn;
It’s all a truth covered up, sweeping ‘shumang’.

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By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

That’s very unusual; I never thought it would happen;
That incident, perhaps wasn’t a mistake, still have to;
Dirty and dusty day it was; hot and weary unplanned;
There wasn’t any I could go getting, still this dump one
Secluded and scary; I waited till crowd comes up gathering;
What on the earth! That’s the only place I could visit
Far and narrow, unearth and uneven littering all over;
Dark and thick; those streaming waters running actively;
Oh! That smelling gutter, still I can’t take my nose uncovered;
I tried and I tried habituating, I still being an alien
To that far off land, to that piece of area I put up.

Hot streaming waves after waves, blows the wind;
Those slum dwellers’ souls, how practically brave! If I could say
Dirty hairy and unwashed, tinted teeth adoring those charitable smiles;
Damp and un cleaned, with those feeble and failing torn sandals;
Sitting over those smelling gutters, selling fishes for the day;
When in 5 o’clock evening, riches hands reached out buying out all;
Cars and scooters, rickshaws and motors, bicycles and paddlers;
Ah! Can’t take off my eyes seeing those rotten bodies;
Crows and stray dogs swamping over and around actively;
Scattering all over places, each one has to pass through those;
Still dirty and dusty, torn clothes pieces flying in and out,
To that far off land, to that piece of area I put up.
Gentle Crowds gathered, clean shaven and clean clothe;
Sobering around, oh! What an air? Justifying and confirming;
Those senses, those ethics, those living and those priorities;
Standing by those stalls, I tried peeking through them;
I looked as I follow after my ‘man’ one stall after another;
Choosing and picking, pleasing and electing, selecting and preferring;
Calculating over and pricing; standing tall by those stall,
Comforting safety, I tried never to rush into dashing;
Sensing around what may happen, I observe some still unaware;
That hard ‘thing’ lingering and nagging around tightly;
‘Up and down’ it scratched harassing my possessing ‘thigh’,
What on earth! I could perceived that emotions sooner;
To that far off land, to that piece of area I put up.

Grasping those rhythms, I threw eyes discerning;
Half wide open chain, he was fleshly naked;
Quivering he was forsaken, Shivering as he leave;
“If you’re willing, show your thing to everyone” I shouted
“Stop running! If you’re ready, let everyone sees you” I yelled
Quicker the moment, ‘he’ instilled uneasy and sickening;
I throw up sentiments, thousands easing and unguarded;
“What happened’? He asked cleanly
Unnoticed by my ‘man’, unexpectedly and unattended awhile;
That was too unprotected for those securing moments;
That was too unprotected for those covered parts;
To that far off land, to that piece of area I put up.

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AR conducted trials for selection of football team for “Oorja” Under - 19 Talent Hunt Football Tournament- 2018

IT News
Imphal, May 27,

4 Assam Rifles of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis og HQ IGAR (South) conducted open trials for selection of “Sajik Tampak” team to participate in “OORJA” Under - 19 Talent Hunt Football Tournament- 2018 on 25 May 2018 at Assam Rifles ground in Sajik Tampak. The selection of the team was done after co-ordination with Chandel Football Friends. A total of 65 youth of Sajik Tampak, Sugnu and surrounding areas under Chakpikarong Sub - Division participated in the trials with great spirit and zeal. The Sajik Tampak Football Team will be one of the four teams which will represent Chandel District in the upcoming State Level Football Tournament to be held in Imphal in June 2018. The teams and players selected during State Level Tournament in Imphal will be directly participating in the National Level Tournament at New Delhi. The Unit was always sanguine of the aptitude and passion of local youth for Football and has now provided the right platform to showcase the skill of very talented boys of Sajik area.
The efforts of Sajik Battalion towards providing necessary administrative assistance and training was well appreciated by locals and the youth of the area. This is the first time an Under-19 team will represent Sajik Tampak at the State events, which
marks the beginning of new era of peace in the region.

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AR conducted open trials for selection of football team for “Oorja under-19 talent hunt football tournament - 2018”

IT News
Imphal, May 24,
18 Assam Rifles of Headquarters 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of Headquarter Inspector General Assam Rifles (South) along with Chandel Football Friends conducted open trials for selection of football team for “Oorja Under-19 Talent Hunt Football Tournament - 2018” over a period of two days from 21 May 2018 to 22 May 2018 at Maha Union Hr. Secondary School of Chandel District.
The youth of Chandel town and surrounding areas of Chandel District showed remarkable enthusiasm to be part of the trials. A total of 154 boys participated in the open trials conducted by 18 Assam Rifles and Chandel Football Friends. The selected players will form a team to represent Chandel District in “Oorja Under-19 Talent Hunt Football Tournament - 2018” being organised in Imphal from 17 June 2018 to 24 June 2018. Players selected during the tournament in Imphal will participate directly in the “Oorja Tournament” to be conducted at National level at New Delhi from 16 July 2018 to 25 July 2018.
18 Assam Rifles provided all requisite support for the trials to select final team for the mega tournament. The efforts of Assam Rifles and Chandel Football Friends were widely appreciated by the local populace, parents and youths of the district.

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An untold story

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

I still know how it feels like, those uncomfortable;
Trying to take those moments away, I blend
Easy, undisturbed, safe and secure and comfortable;
Sunny brightly, serene compose that evening, calm and quietly;
I walked down the street swinging up and down beholding;
Fresh as a morning lily, I stood tall by the roadside;
Sweating softly as though morning dew drops shivering;
That lofty hair of mine swings across covering my face;
I took measures of those blue sheathe rapidly now and again;
Hanging down my spirit, veiling and masking my temple;
With that smooth half peeping blouse I adore;
I still remember that Phanek I carried a mystery to me.

Eager and hurried I glanced again and again distant apart;
Wanting a ride to some unknown place I ever visited;
I know it’s just a distance apart, handy but I doubts often;
I waited and waited, it never turns up that easily;
Securing myself, I was keeping ready for that excursion
Knowing not what may happen, I fasten couples of self potions;
Far distance I saw that beast riding sluggish towards me;
Ah! No vacancy, Seats all occupied, I hesitate;
Come! You can sit here, I doubts one and again inactively;
How! How can I sit in front by your side? I asked I may fall off easily! How safe the sitting is on the side? I inquired

I feel a little dismay; I know something is going to happen;
Uneasy as I was, feeling uncomfortable, I was quite concerned;
Restless and uneasy, unsettle and watchful, I took the ride along;
Oh! What an incorrect situation I was involving in?
Sitting by ‘his’ side, I thought I’m Stupid and false;
Securing myself out and again; I try sitting little on that seat
Should I have known ‘his’ confidence, that auto driver a frail;
Trying to connect those soft velvety white sheets of mine;
Attempting Pressing and nudging, folding and patting;
How may he do? I wondered ‘his’ insecurities all rubbishes;
‘His’ emotions all a lie; ‘His’ reach a failure held.

Should I stop the vehicle? I thought twice and thrice
Should I jump off that running beast? I meditate deep;
I feel quite easy riding that distance, a child’s cradle holding tight;
How alluring I was to him? I question self five,
My Simplicity a pride; uneasy lies on ‘his’ beholding;
Now and again ‘he’ tied to capture ‘his’ attention tense;
With those dirty elbow of ‘his’, nudging wrought emotions;
‘Riding’ and ‘rubbing’ ‘patting’ and ‘connecting’
Sooner I observed calmly enduring what may ‘he’ do?
 Silly old beast! Inside ‘his’ insensible stupid maneuver;
Keep gazing ‘me’ still far apart, when in I fall detach;
I still recall that evening bizarre, an untold story of mine.

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8th Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior state level Jeet Kune-Do

IT News
Imphal, May 15,
The 8th Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior state level Jeet Kune-Do tournament is going to be held from 15th May, 2018 to 17th May, 2018 at Senapati District H/Q. The following Technical Officials will conduct the championship smoothly. Statement by Jeet Kune-Do Association Of Manipur.
Dr. M. Ibomcha [International Jugde, (IJKDF)], Dr. O. Sanayai Singh [International Judge, (IJKDF)], K. Ningthem Singh [National Judge, (JKDMAFI)], S. Kananbala Devi [National Judge, (JKDMAFI)], Kabita Longjam [National judge, (JKDMAFI)], L. Geetanjali Devi [National Judge, (JKDMAFI)], Md. Mujibur Rahaman [State Judge, (JKAM)], L. Rajendro Singh [State Judge, (JKAM)], M. Malemnganba [State Judge, (JKAM)], M. Soniya Devi [State Judge, (JKAM)], Priya Loitam [State Judge, (JKAM)], Moses Khekho [State judge,(JKAM)], Ningshung Hungyo [State Judge, (JKAM)]

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In The Annals of Time

By-Parthajit Borah

I move after the second
I hop after the minutes,
I swing after the hours
when the verse forms
in the pages of my bosom.
Years are the uninvited alarm of life.
which reminds my past
in a foggy spring night.
You borrowed my evening as I lost the spirit of life.
Tiring mind for chasing the clouds of emotion I become the washer
of your grief clothes.
washing with the detergent of warm tears.
I gradually lose your green smile
in the annals of time.
Fallen ring of your finger sparks me.
Now, I am dying by your bright eyes
in the annals of time.

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