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Earning our keeps

The rising sense of desperation in the state as a result of the increasing scarcity of day today need is threatening to spill over into agitations and unrest. Studies have shown a direct connection of rising crime rates with the rise in temperature, and the people in the state is indeed reeling under the wilting rays of the sun, while everyone is hoping for even the briefest of respite with their eyes on the sky. Various organizations and civil society bodies have started conducting seminars, discussions and conferences to try and find a sustainable solution to the problem which is poised to get worse in the future. While it would be easy and seemingly natural to put the blame squarely on the Government, the fact stays that we, as a society have played a large part in making the situation what it is today.
The civic sense of the society or the lack of it has been for everyone to see and experience. The overwhelming stench of the drains and gutters, the liberally littered roads and lanes, the over polluted rivers- evidence of a collective mentality that does not consider cleanliness as important or necessary as proper personal grooming or constructing resplendent residential buildings. The result, as expected although undesirable, is the receding green areas and shrinking percentage of the water bodies which are usable and safe in the state, once abundant.

While it cannot be denied that the efforts of the Government to address the present situation is neither sufficient nor timely, it would do ourselves more harm to sit back and whine about it. There is still enough opportunity and resources with us to make the change. It is time for us to take the initiative and realize the power of collective effort. Cleaning up our sources of water such as the rivers, lakes and ponds which are still in abundance and making them fit for use, making sure that the drains and rivers are connected to ensure that precious water is collected and stored properly and not let go to waste etc are some of the basic steps we all can take up to ensure that the scarcity of water is reduced. Rain Water Harvesting is another practice that can ensure availability of water all year round. The Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), the Government body entrusted with carrying out activities relating to distribution and management of water resources in the State can play a big role in the effort by ensuring that the consumers keep their taps properly closed when not in use, and by ensuring that the water for distribution are properly treated to prevent diseases to the consumers. Proper disposal of waste products also decreases the chance of spreading of wildfire and prevents spreading of diseases and reduces stench.
These seemingly inconsequential steps can definitely add up to making a big difference in our own lives. We should make all possible efforts before taking to the streets demanding for things we have taken for granted. We need to learn to earn our rights and privileges.

Road accident: Police Gypsy collide Maruti car

Are police vehicles utilised by bootleggers?

Imphal, Aug.19: A tragic road accident, but an exposure on the probability of police vehicles being used by bootleggers for smuggling of local brew for supply at various illegal liquor vendors in Imphal. The incident happened when the police department under the directives of the state government has been conducting drive on the sales of illicit drugs and liquors in and around Imphal city.
At around 10 am today, a speeding police vehicle (Gypsy, IW Team No. 2) coming towards Imphal from Sekmai side met a head on collision with a maruti wagnor car coming from the opposite direction at Khonghampat Mayai Leikai in NH- 2. Both the vehicles were severely damage but those inside the vehicles survived with minor injury.  The registration number of the Police Gypsy is MN O1X 1245 and the registration number of the ill fated Maruti Wagnor Car (blue colour) is MN01X6293.

People of the area gathered at the accident site and everyone were surprised to find the Gypsy loaded with plastic packs of local brew.

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Wangjing to Salungpham IVR road in grave condition; Students stop attending schools

Thoubal, Aug 19: Locals of Salungpham area in Wangjing Tentha Assembly constituency in Thoubal district expressed resentment over government failure to look into the condition of the Inter Village Road between Wangjing Keithel to Salungpham village.
“Potholes have now fielded the road stretch, and when it rains people have to face hardship due to mud and water accumulated on the road”, said a villager.
The situation is getting worst this year that people face extreme inconveniences in going to the road which is also a lifeline for the villagers.
The IVR road which has been left unnoticed for so many years is only the only route to reach Salungpham, Keirembikhok, Wangjing Tekcham Leikai, Wangjing SK Leikai and other schools located in the area besides being the only route for reaching Wangjing Keithel. Due to the mud and pot holes students who were on their way to school on bicycle slipped and fell down many times and had to return back home without attending school. Some parents had told their wards to stop going to school as there is no assurance that they might not fall as the condition of the road stretch is terrible.
Local MLA has also turn blind eyes, and complaints from the locality for repairing of the road stretch has been not listened, a local of Salungpham said. He urged the concern state government to look into the problems of the people of the state and urged immediate intervention for immediate repairing of the life line of the villagers.
Drivers of the passenger service vehicles – like Auto and Tata Magic openly said that the road stretch between Salungpham and Wangjing Keithel is the worst road in valley districts. They too are considering for suspension of service along the route due to the deteriorating condition of the road.
Talking to Imphal Times locals of Salungpham urged state government authority to immediately take stock of the condition of the road and to do the needful at the earliest possible time.

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Nobody can hold the govt to ransom: CM

Imphal, Aug 19: Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that the present Government is fully aware about the issues besieging the State and it has been putting in serious effort to resolve all these issues before people resort to any agitation. However, no organisation/individual should hold the Government to ransom to fulfill any demand, he asserted.
He was speaking as the chief guest at the State level Sadbhavana Diwas celebration organised by the State Government at the Banquet Hall of 1st Battalion Manipur Rifles today.
Reminding that Nungei violence was reported during the time of the previous Government, the Chief Minister clarified that the file process of providing compensation to the victims was initiated by the then Government.
The compensation amount was fixed as per the reports submitted by the DC and SP concerned, and there was no question of supporting a particular community or discriminating any other group, he added.
Asserting that the Government is meant for all the communities, the Chief Minister said that he even requested his Cabinet Ministers not to bring any community-based or region-centric matters to the State Cabinet meeting.
The Government does not belong to any community or region, and it ought to work towards bringing uniform development across the State, he observed.
N. Biren further opined that Manipur would not be able to march forward towards progress if people keep on remembering the past mistakes and discussing it repeatedly.
He said, “We need to keep away distrust and give up self-centric and community-centric ideas if we aspire to project Manipur in the global race of development.”
The Chief Minister expressed hope that the civil society organisations of the State would extend co-operation towards this end. Stating that Sadbhavana Diwas is celebrated on the birthday of the youngest ever Prime Minister of the country, Rajiv Gandhi every year, the Chief Minister opined that the celebration assumed lots of significance in a State like Manipur where people of diverse communities have been settling together harmoniously.
During his speech, the Chief Minister remembered the works and achievements of the late Prime Minister.
Speaking at the occasion as the president, Agriculture and Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Minister V. Hangkhanlian remembered Rajiv Gandhi as a leader who dreamt of building a new India.
He had the acumen of detecting all the inside and outside challenges in advance which could pose threat to the integrity and development of the country.
Maintaining that resolving all the discords on the negotiating table was Shri Rajiv Gandhi’s policy, Hangkhanlian said that he was instrumental in inking Punjab Accord in 1985 and Mizoram Accord in 1986 that brought peace and tranquillity to these two States.
The State also needs to follow his idea of peaceful negotiation in order to restore normalcy, peace and tranquillity, V. Hangkhanlian observed.
Later, the Chief Minister administered Sadbhavana pledge to the gathering.
Ministers, MLAs, top civil and police officers and Government employees also attended the function

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