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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 15 December 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Food perils

One rather curious and perhaps disquieting revelation which is incidental but nevertheless important to the reports of the ongoing Food Festival not conforming to the guidelines of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) as disclosed by one of the officials is that of the reports of various bakeries and food production units including hotels, restaurants etc. operating in filthy conditions without the fear or concern for authorities, with a large number of them being run by non-locals. Pictures of such unhygienic manufacturing conditions, as well as irrefutable evidences of these manufacturing units of deliberately fooling the customers by packing the products with post-dated labels is a serious issue which has been increasingly revealed through the efforts of proactive student groups in the state. There had also been previous instances of edible oils being dumped in dilapidated warehouses and repacked. What is baffling the general public is the role of Food Safety personnel employed by the state Government to put a check on these very practices. Although the efforts made by the civil society organizations and students bodies in revealing such harmful and potentially dangerous unhygienic practices is to be lauded, yet going ahead and destroying properties and dispensing street justice should be viewed as an extreme step, something that needs to be reined in. This is exactly where the state Government needs to step in and take hold of the situation, something we still have yet to witness. Timely and prompt action by the authorities authorized and expected to deal with the issue could have definitely prevented these social bodies and organizations from taking the matter into their own hands. The hesitation and indifferent stand apparently taken by the Government on the matter has only emboldened every Tom, Dick and Harry to carry out their own interpretation and system of punishment, turning a case of food safety issue into a vendetta tainted with shades of racism, something the society has abhorred and avoided for so long. It would not be much off the mark to state that the Food Safety Department has been one of the least known units of the Government, mainly because of the way it functions. So far, it’s main, and perhaps, the only function has been more of damage control exercises where exposures by the media and other concerned organizations is taken over, not with the intention to prevent further aberrations, but to take the heat off the pubic glare. This very attitude needs to change to one which is proactive and alert to the dangers. The heads of the department as well as the heads of state need to instill a sense of pride and importance to the employees to encourage them to be proactive about their duties. Incentives and rewards are a very enticing way of bolstering their morale. Whatever the state Government does to smoothen its machinery, it should be result-oriented. The impatient public will not hesitate to take the law in its own hand if the Government fails to take the hint and spruce up its act. Damage control exercises should give way to damage prevention measures. The alternative can only create more chaos, mayhem and lawlessness.

Tourism and Job Creation

Job is one of the most important things in our life. If we think and act something differently we can create a lot of job from tourism like in Thailand. The mantra is simple-Serve tourists and make money! This is what Thais do, so why not possible in Manipur? Tourism creates lots of jobs and huge income in Thailand. Lately people seem a bit aware of it in Manipur too. Government started organizing Sangai tourism festival every year. Good idea, but it is not enough for prime time and income generation in the state. How many tourists are attracted by the festival? Truly speaking it is failed. Why?
There are many reasons of failure in tourism sector in Manipur. There is lack of long term policy. There is short vision planning regarding to any construction. The festival might spend lots of money for temporary set up, pavilions and it will be gone when the festival is over. Why don’t we build those pavilions and constructions to stand permanently? And we can use them the following years as we wish if we construct them at suitable locations around the state. That will be our standing and long lasting property.
We need to change our thinking and attitude so that we can create jobs and make money just like in Thailand. We (writers of this article) have been living in Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, and Laos for the past 15 years and we see reasons why people are so much in love traveling in these countries. Thailand attracts lots of tourists every year -international and local tourists. Travelers enjoy so much in Thailand regarding to foods, drinks, safety, easily accessible services, warm welcome, friendly people, nicely talk, free movement without any threat or fear from local people whosoever. In 2012, any tourist who came to Thailand contributed to Thai economy by spending roughly about Rs 10,000 per day per tourist. And their average length of stay in Thailand was around 10 days. So, by simple math calculation it shows that average expenditure for each tourist is roughly Rs100,000 (1lakh) per head. There are millions who contributed such big money in a short time. Local people are aware of it and they see tourists as their income, and they care outsiders. So local people as well as government authority come forward together, they take care tourists very well and they know tourists are their income provider. They do not intimidate outsiders. They speak softly and nicely. They know exactly what they are doing. Thais are very smart. Serve people, make money. That’s it. Easy! We can achieve this to some extend if our government and local people come forward together. Today, there are more tourists than the year 2012 and more money is spent per head. They build resorts in cities, in towns, and in far villages. They convert rivers, ponds, and lakes as floating market which is famous and very typical Thai style. They make artificial water body, they manage it as floating market by setting up shops, food court, boating facility, selling local produce/products. It is recreational centre. Cleanliness and hygiene is one of their keys to success. This is how they do business. Different jobs are created from tourism sector. We need lessons from them, we need to send planners, observation team to see how it works, how they manage it. Jobs created from tourism sectors are related to hotel, restaurant, cook, street food vendor, transportation-taxi, bus service, tour guide, market/shopping, selling local products, money exchange service, courier service, museum, entertainment and cultural exhibition etc. Exposure to outsiders is the beginning to open the door of business and demand for local produce and products will be increased. Here are some of the reasons we fail in our tourism sector.
1. Feeling of Safety. Safety is no.1 concerned for failing tourism in Manipur. There is bomb blast, shooting, killing almost as daily basis. Who will take risk for their lives in this situation as holiday maker? Without providing proper safety, no one will come. Tourists like to enjoy and have fun during their short stay. We need to stop act of violence in order to generate income. Are we freely driving from one place to another, day and night? No. We are too much fractional in structures in the society, and too much fractional in thinking. We are also too much communal. Crossing your village boundary, you cannot enjoy the freedom without fear. This problem is zero in Thailand. Thai People mind their business, and they know their business well. We also need it.
2. Security. Police personnel, private security, and guides are doing their best to protect and to promote tourism in Thailand. We need this in Manipur too. There is less public confidence on this context in our Manipuri society. We need to change the behavior of security personnel. Even carrying some money in the pocket is life threatening in Manipur. We need friendly, approachable security personnel that people can contact them any time without fear. Authorities need more work to train their workforce, more work to convince people, give sense of safety to people to attract tourists.
3. Road and Transportation.  We have really very poor infra-structure of roads and transportation. Our national highway cannot catch up the standard of Thailand’s local road or farm road. Please put money on road construction, and we would like to request the contractors to take less in their pocket. It is open secret. It is time to stop game of percentage reservation for every construction. Tourists will not enjoy on our muddy and dirty roads. We need excellent road and transportation for happy tourism.
4. Toilet. Foreigners commented India as a big toilet. Don’t be upset with our words. It is personal experience. Let us accept the truth. Let us stop our open toilet and urinary system. We do not have proper and enough toilet. As a student in Delhi, I still remember the experience that I left my new socks in toilet to clean up myself after toilet. As a local resident myself, it is nightmare to think where we can find toilet if we go out. Public toilet and sanitation is almost zero. It is extremely difficult for outsiders to find toilet anywhere in Manipur. We need something to do about it. Again if there is toilet, there is no water. Provide the very basic things. Let us copy good somethings from Thailand and let us learn how they manage public sanitation.

5. Cleanliness. Our hygiene and cleanliness is zero level. we are sure some people would not like our comment, and might protest against our language. But it is true that our Imphal city is not better than garbage dump of other countries. Here is Thailand, a big river called Chao Phraya is passing through Bangkok city. The water is very clean. No one throws dirty inside the river. We cannot manage our Nambul river. Water in Nambul river is literally no water. As holiday makers, people will not come to smell this stink, smell of garbage scattering everywhere. Municipality authorities need something to do about it. In Thailand people are not allowed to throw plastic, paper, or whatever on the street. If caught, you will be fined. Let us do the same thing. Let us stop spitting of chewing petal-nut on the floor, on the wall, on the street. Beauty will attract tourists. Tourism will bring income for the state, and for the local people.
6. Foods and Drinks. People come and enjoy for a few days as tourists. During their stay make them happy, make them free to eat and drink. Let them spend money on the food they like,  have them enjoy the drinks they like. Thailand encourages local food, local brewing and drinks. They make money. Government collect tax, and the money goes to public construction work. we personally feel that our local brewing, and local whiskey can bring lots of income to government as it does in France, Japan, and Thailand or any other parts of the world. Civil society also need to re-think about it. Goa government generates huge income from local drinks in India. Let tourists taste it and have them come back again. That is our income.
7. Stop Bandh and Strikes. Bandh, strike, non violence movements are typical characteristic of any Indian states. We are part of it. Non violence however it harms too much to our economy. Any civil society, any organization will come up, declares general strike, economic blockade any time, anywhere they want. Then people talk about our land, rich and beautiful. But if travel far and wide, we will see we are surrounded by different kinds of insufficiency. Bandhs and blockades bring too much harm to our economy.  Have we thought how much it hurts to our economy? Nobody cares about it. People do what they like. There were colour fractional politics in Thailand in the past few years but no one disturbed tourists. They minded their business, they never crossed protest site to hurt civilians’ business. They tried to minimize the damage in economy and tourism, but nobody cares how much it hurts, how much it damages by bandh and strike in Manipur. People need to change thinking. In developed countries people work and they are paid based on number of hours. We work and we are paid our salary as yearly system, not monthly. Nobody cares wasting an hour or a day. We do need working hourly system to make work efficient.
8. Change Market Focus. We need to change our market focus. If we can produce what people may like, we can sell it in big volume in and outside. There are many local dress makers. Just to highlight an example, as a traditional dress, how many phanek (Manipuri women’s dress) can we sell or export to generate state income? we are sure we cannot export even a single piece to Thailand or Singapore or anywhere. But, how many T-shirts do we import from Thailand? Millions. They make what people might like inside as well as outside Thailand. We also can sell and export millions of T-shirts if make it, because there is more people out there who wear T-shirts. We need to change our target market as well. we are not trying to discourage our tradition and traditional dress or costume. It is true and we cannot deny the fact. We need to change our perception and thinking. Business and money speaks a lot in modern world. It is time to wake up. We cannot survive by our self praising literature-Sana Leipak, Mani-Mukda, Golden Land so on and so forth. Let us open our eyes together.

1. Chingakham Dina (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

2. Arambam Karamjit ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
3. Khwairakpam Sunita

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AMWJU & Editors’ Guild condemn Bomb threat to Impact TV News Editor

Joint meeting of the Editors’ Guild Manipur and the standing Committee members of All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union today strongly condemn the placing of a Hand grenade at the residence of IMPACT TV Editor Yumnam Rupachandra by unknown miscreants claiming to be a members of an armed group.
The Joint meeting held at Manipur Press Club was presided by Editors’Guild President Ahongsangbam Mobi and AMWJU President Wangkhemcha Shyamjai.
The meeting taking the attack seriously has resolved to stage pen down strike tomorrow as the state government machineries too cannot assures the life of the journalists. The journalists’ fraternity of the state will also staged a sit in protest at Keishampat tomorrow.
Narrating about yesterday incident Yumnam Rupachandra said that some miscreants called him at his mobile phone at around 7.30 when he was busy convening a TV programme . As he did not give reply to the phone call the said miscreants again called to the land line number and then informed about the placing of the bomb at the gate.
Rupachandra said that earlier about a month back three unidentified persons came to his residence and asked him why a press note sent by the outfit has not been published by any of the newspaper. Rupachandra instead of talking further told the three unidentified person to talk about the matter after consultation with other members of the editors guild.
Later, some of the members of the AMWJU including the President Wangkhemcha Shyamjai also received similar calls from the similar persons. The caller threatened to publish the news of their organisation which they stated to have been formed recently. All those members of  AMWJU replied that there are certain ethics of the journalists working in the region and there are certain restriction in publication of any news.
The grenade placed at the resident of Yumnam Rupachandra was collected by a team of Kakwa Police station yesterday evening at around 8.30 pm.
He further said that after the incident he received another called from the outfit saying that that is the beginning and the party will follow more action if the press statement issued by them is not published.

Protest staged
Women folks of Thongju Pheija Leitong and club members of the locality today staged a sit-in-protest at Pheijaleitong Ground in protest against the  placing of hand grenade to the residence of IMPACT TV News Editor Yumnam Rupachandra. Various placards denouncing the placing of the bomb were displayed during the protest.
A protestor appealed those responsible in placing the bomb not to repeat such act in future.

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1 killed in gun fight

A fierce gun battle took place between Assam Rifles and NSCN (K) today since 6.30 in the morning at Nampong Lanka under Changlang District of Arunachal District. One NSCN(K) cadre was killed and one AR personnel sustained injuries from a rocket-fired grenade (RPG) explosion of the rebels during the encounter. Following the encounter  additional troop of AR rushed to the spot and conducted mass search operation. As of now no reports of any arrests are forthcoming.

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1 killed, 1 injured in road mishap

One person was killed and another seriously injured when a two wheeler Activa vehicle accidentally collided with a running passenger bus at Wangjing Bazaar at around 7.30 pm yesterday. The person killed in the road mishap has been identified as Naorem Krishnananda (46) son of krishnamohon of Kakching Senapati leikai. He was returning back along with one of his friend towards kakching in the Activa Vehicle. The pillion rider, which is yet to be identified, has been undergoing treatment at Shija Hospital Langol. The registration number of the bus which collided the Activa vehicle is MN-01 1633. Police has registered a case and the bus has been detained in their custody.

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Missing woman found dead suspiciously

A woman who has been reportedly went missing since December 12 was found dead suspiciously hanging at a tree but her knees touching the ground. The dead body was found at around 1 pm at a forest near Sangluipung Village in Chandel District. The deceased woman is identified as Wanglun Samjoily (28), wife of W. Achan of Sangluipung Village in Chandel District. Her husband has been reportedly out of station but return today after hearing about the missing of his wife. The dead body has been collected by a team of Chandel police and deposited at JNIMS Morgue. Post mortem was conducted today in the presence of MLA Nunglun Victor.

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ST Demand Committee urges govt. to convert Meitei to ST; memorandum submitted to CM

ST Demand Committee Manipur today staged a protest demonstration at Keishampat Lairembi Community hall urging the state government to discuss about the inclusion of Meitei community into scheduled tribe category. 
Speaking to the media persons Retd. Colonel Laishram Lokendro, General Secretary of the demand committee said that the issue for inclusion of Meitei to schedule tribe status was already put up by MLA NG Bijoy and the Chief Minister had assured to discuss about the matter in the last state Assembly session. He urged the government to discuss about the inclusion of the Meitei to ST in the upcoming state Assembly session.  A reminder memorandum containing 21 points was been submitted to the Chief Minister of Manipur today evening.

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Language Research centre open

Declaration ceremony for the opening of Kuurkam Memorial Research Centre for Tribal and Endangered Languages at South East Manipur College, Komlathabi Chandel District cum Thanks Giving Ceremony of Upa Roel JindaShing Moyon,  newly appointed Chief of Kapam Moyon village of Chandel District was held today at the residential venue of Dr. Th Chandramani, Korou, Thongju Part II, Imphal from 10 pm onwards. The programme started with the invocation of the blessings of the almighty, Shidaba Mapu, with the chanting of religious hymn by NK Puthiba . Shri. Th. Bishwajit Singh Hon’ble MLA, Thongju Assembly Constituency. Dr. Monoranjan Khuman, National Energy Scientist & Advisor (Internal Security) NE Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI, Col. JC Hajarnis, 12th Assam Rifles, Thoubal, Prof. Ch. Yashwanta, Head, Linguistics Dept., Manipur University (MU); Dr. Arambam Anil, State Coordinator cum Joint Director, Sarvashiksa Abhiyan (SSA), Govt. of Manipur; Kh Loyalakpa, Editor, Naharolgi Thoudang; Brojendro Ningomba, Editor, ISTV News; N. Rajendro, President, ICHAM (Information Committee Hill Areas Manipur), Ambition Angthangmi Thangal   attended the function as the Chief Guest, President and the Guest of Honour respectively. Prof. Ch Manglem Singh, Former Head, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dept., RIMS), Dr. N. Aruna (Assoc Prof., English Dept., Oriental College), Dr. Irom Gambhir (Former President, MUSU /AMSU &soc Prof., English Dept. MU), Dr Th. Dilipkumar (Former Chairperson, Imphal Urban Cooperative Bank ), Md. Alam Azad, Asst. Project Officer, GoM attended the function as special invitees.

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Illegitimate shop tenant threatened owner using police

In an apparent case of misusing power by individual who have acquaintances with the people in the high places, one owner of a shop located at Masjid road of Paona bazar alleged that the tenant have threatened him with dire consequences when asked for monthly rent. In a press meet at Wangkhei, Pebam Kenjit Mangang (46),son of P Mangi Mangang of Kwakeithel Khongnembi informed media that the illegitimate occupant identified as Wahengbam Jet (45) son of late W Ibohal of Wahengbam Leikai demanded security deposit which he have not taken. According to Kenjit he bought the shop on 23 July 2014 from the first owner of the property identified as Ph Munindro Sharma(63) son of Ph Bimola Devi of Keishampat Thokchom leikai in which the first owner of the shop rented to one Likmabam Sharat. Later the tenant Sharat rented it to one the W Jet. When the current owner Kenjit tried to complete the formalities which he ignored and verbally abused and threatened the owner by saying that ‘do whatever you like and i am not going to move out’. Later he knew from the TV News that the shop has been dismantled by some unknown for which at early morning of last 13 however, his tenant Jet alleged that it was done by him and even a team of City police raided yesterday midnight and asked his family member to come him to the police as soon as possible. He said that he is not going to the police as they are playing foul to him along with him and he does not rely with OC and SP of city police anymore.

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Army recruitment rally at Leimakhong

PRO (DEFENCE) Imphal, Dec. 15: An Army recruitment rally to is scheduled to be conducted at the Football Ground, Kendriya Vidayalaya Leimakhong, Imphal West (Manipur) wef 27 December 2015 to02 January 2016 for enrolment of Sportsman NCC certificate holder, Sons of Servicemen/ ex- serviceman/war widows  as soldier General  Duty (GD), Soldier Clerk/Store Keeper, Cook, Inventory Manager, Soldier Technical, Soldier Tradesman into Indian Army for all district of Manipur.  The date for online registration of Army recruitment rally has been extended till 17 Dec 15.  Nearest Army or Assam Rifles post could be contacted for further assistance and guidance.       

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