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Mirage over the horizon

Progress and development are inherent rights of every human, and even when the most reluctant of authorities take a benign interest on the various necessary and essential efforts and services, the march towards development cannot be halted permanently, although there will possibly be instances where negative impacts have been felt. The present conflicts and political crisis in the middle- east and Africa are instances that once again drive the point home. Closer home, things aren’t as rosy and cheerful as it is made out to be. The undercurrents of intolerance and inefficiency has been a constant threat to the efforts and attempts to steer the country forward where inclusive progress and developmental efforts are given precedence over religious superiority or social and financial hierarchy. Back home, things are still more complicated and confusing than ever before. On the one hand, claims of serious intents towards progress are being lauded and trumpeted as if the very proposal is as good as its achievement, while on the other, the very social fabric that has hitherto kept the diverse and often conflicting communities together has started to fray, raising serious concerns about an outbreak of confrontations and violent hostilities amongst the coexisting indigenous groups and communities which will definitely drag the state back further from the rest of the world and civilization. Yet there are lights at the end of the tunnels, literally. The construction of Jiribam-Tupul-Imphal railway line- one of the most challenging projects by any standard- is slowly but surely inching towards completion. The opportunities and relief this will provide the

people of the alienated state will be enormous. Meanwhile, the trial run for the Imphal-Mandalay bus service is also drawing to a successful closure and if things go according to plan, the people from the two regions can hope to travel and commence trade in as early as a year. The two projects, amongst the many being envisaged or are currently in operation in the state are being followed with heightened anticipation by the people, prominently because they represents the aspirations of the people to explore places and discover cultures and experience different ways of life- an opportunity which has long been hard to avail owing to the unfavourable geographical, political and social conditions. The sense of euphoria and optimism should however be tinged with caution and restraint. Things which would have done immense good for the people if allowed to progress without the inexplicable delays and obstructions have turned out to be reasons for protests and agitations. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the public has become acutely cynical and suspicious of the development projects being carried out in the state, and with valid reasons. Half-hearted efforts, shoddy and unregulated workmanship, frequent cost over-runs and behind- schedule works, dubious quality of materials and management are some of the more common occurrences in the state in all spheres of public works. As happened enough times in the past, the expectant wait might very well turn out to be a mirage on the horizon unless we stay alert and ready to voice our concerns at the slightest hint of foul play.

Advertisements & its impact on children

Via the magic of multimedia brings us closer to the other part of the world. With the stroke of a button we can update the happenings around us. In the contemporary society one cannot do without multimedia and advertisement goes hand in hand.
 Click on the T.V., internet and any sort of multimedia, from the morning breakfast till the late night, be it soaps ,movies, reality shows etc. What pops up is advertisement ,here and there. Advertisement  has become so integral part of our life and society that we cannot imagine any event; news paper, magazines, T.V. soaps, cinema etc. without advertisement.
 As I saw my kids glued to T.V, I went  to my memory lane ,where as soon as I came back from school, had evening snacks and ran with my friends at ‘lampak” playing games ,  Gone are the days where children went out together at Leikaigi Lampak and play games. Like we used to play during our childhood. Above all no lampak are to be seen, community halls replaced the indegenious lampak. What they do today is watch t.v, surf internet or play games on mobiles or playstation etc.
The impact  on adult may be problematic but outcome is devastating for children. . In the 80‘s the target were housewives ,then to youth and now the focus shifted to children. Most of the  advertisements especially Television are targeted to Children: with powerful messages from various media to woo their mind and heart . Television is no longer a source of entertainment for children. They showcase the must haves for a kid making them a consumer even before they have reached the age of 3. Advertising to children is a sensitive and emotionally charged
Issue because they are easily influenced and like to experiment with new things whether it is a product or the way it is advertised. Children today live in a multimedia world. There are more 10 channels, and periodicals along with number of FM channels in India moreover the internet. Whenever T.V. is on in the home it teaches the young viewer so many things about themselves as well as about other. All over the world children have this natural affection from television. It not only entertains them but also is the most powerful teacher of the various programmes like soap, movies, documentaries.
Children are more attracted to advertisements since it tell them a story stuffed in a few seconds, which take them to fairy world of the strongest, wisest, coolest and simply the best.
More recently, advertising is also accused of being a factor in causing children’s obesity .

 The Medium of marketing of most advertisements are of celebrity famed where children are attracted to.  Soft drinks, which contain pesticides almost 27 times higher in India according to the finding of Delhi Based Ngo, Centre for science & Environment Intake of such products is found normal with the growing Children who take it as a part of regular diet instead of nutritious homemade juices like lime, and other fruit juices .And Since children are very fond of clowns and cartoon characters which form the advertising mascot for the target audience.
The early onset of diabetes is mainly due to the changing food habits. A couple of years ago, people in the age group of 20-35 yrs Used to suffer from diabetes. But now children aged anywhere between 3 moths and 17 years are also developing diabetes, which is a causes for great concern. Obesity is not a serious health problem, but it is a prime precursor of many non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases gall bladder ailments, cancer, psycho- social problems breathlessness, sleep disorders, asthma, arthritis , weak bones and reproductive hormone  abnormalities .
Children nowadays decide on what kind of clothes they want to wear or which are influenced by the advertisements shown all over media, billboards & magazines.  But cause a threat to the parents who have budget constrain to satisfy their children‘s need causing  emotional distress among them.
Ask a girl, who would you like to look like? Obviously the answer would be – A Barbie doll. All the girls want to a Barbie doll image & or some  stars who has a stick like figure  , by doing that they hamper their physical health , and ads are also responsible for the problem of child obesity for promoting energy drinks and food products that have relatively high fat and sugar and salt.
Children are more vulnerable to advertisement ,therefore its a great concern for the parents and teachers  to develop the will power and self esteem in children, so as to bring the kids to judge and criticize them. They should also be taught how to become less influenced by the messages in the ads., and also Parents need to teach their  children the importance and value if money.


By : Nandita. Maisnam.
Assoc. Prof. Biramangol college.
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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Pangal Political forum decries ignorance of Pangal women’s participation to Nupilal

In commemoration to the upcoming Nupilal day, Women Society of Pangal Political Forum (PPF ) today observed 76th Nupilal Memorial Celebration, 2015 and paid tributes to the Pangal Women martyrs who had joined the Nupilal but ignored by the government at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, Imphal.
The observance function was attended by P Bimola Devi, Adhakshya IE Z.P, Nazima Begum, President of Women Society (PPF), Sitara Begum, Chief Advisor of Women Society (PPF), MI Khan, VP of MPTCC and Spokesperson of PPF, AH Khan, Retd. C/E President of PPF, Sheikh Kheiruddin Shah, Retd. PPSMT Assembly, AR Khan, IAS and Retd. Chief Advisor and Alhaj Islao Rahman as dignitaries.
Speaking at the function, MI Khan, VP of MPTCC and Spokesperson of PPF said that the historic women’s war which is known as Nupilal is the most important movements in the history of Manipuri women. During the movement, women folks of Meitei Pangal also took part but the government has forgotten their names which is a very unfortunate for the minority Pangal communities, he added. MI Khan further said that more than 30 women folks of Meitei Pangal which took part in the 1939 agitation against the oppressive economic and administrative policies ruled by the Manipuri Maharaja and the Political Agent Mr. Gimson of the British Government have been left behind. Their names have not been mentioned by the State Government so far while organizing the Nupilal celebration every year on December 12.
Drawing the attention of the Government, MI Khan appealed to look into the history of Nupilal so that the left out names of the Meitei Pangal women could be included in each year while observing the function.

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CC Meet - SSU cornered NISA

SSU registered a narrow 2-0 victory over NISA on today’s match in the ongoing 59th Sir Churachand Singh KCSI, CBE Memorial Football Tournament 2015, organized by the All Manipur Football Association (AMFA) at Mapal Kangjeibung.
Both the goals were scored during the first half of the match by SSU player sweater no. 10 L Gogocha Singh and sweater no. 15 Th Roshan Meitei. Despite many attempt no goals could be made so far from the NISA side.

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Philately exhibition IMPEX 2015 underway

A 3-day District level philately exhibition named IMPEX 2015 organized by Postal Department, Manipur begins yesterday at the Centenary Hall of Manipur University.
The exhibition is being held on the themes of social security, especially ‘Beti Bachao’, ‘Beti Padao’ and ‘Wildlife protection’.
Secretary (Tourism) Nidhi Mani Tripathi, Chief Guest of the function released a special cover on Siroi Lily during the inauguration of the program.
Delivery her speech Nidhi Mani expressed her delight to the Department of Posts for making wonderful efforts in the areas of social concerns like empowerment of woman and betterment of girl child through its schemes like Sukanya Samridhi Yojana, said a press statement released from the department. She further said the exhibition as an additional link will endeavours in making people aware about benefits available for better future of girl child. 
A good number of philatelists and students from various schools in and around Imphal took part in the exhibition and displayed their unique collections of stamps.
The released further said, speaking to the gathering Vinod Kumar, Director (Posts) appealed to all students and parents to avail this wonderful opportunity to be mesmerised by beautiful stamps of cine stars of India, flora fauna, art & culture, heritage buildings, Swachh Bharat, Gandhi, Nupee Lal, Sagol Kangjei  etc. He further motivated students to find Special Covers signed by the people’s president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former army generals and other renowned personalities.

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Film Forum staged protest against monetary demands

Members of the Film Forum Manipur today staged sit-in-protest in front of the office of the Forum at Lamphel, Imphal against monetary demands by some underground groups of the region.
Various proscribed group including KCP (MC) Paikhomba, NRFM and URF (Lalheiba) groups had served monetary demands to the Forum as well as to other Guilds of the Film related activities. Laimayum Surjakanta Sharma, President of the Film Forum Manipur urged the groups not to consider Film Art as business and appealed them to withdraw the monetary demands served by them.
Following the monetary demands and threats all film related activities including screening of film, film shooting etc. Has been suspended since last Wednesday.

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KCP lifted ban on MU

The proscribed outfit, KCP (Poirei Meetei) has lifted ban imposed on Manipur University after giving assurance by MU authorities to follow the directives given by the group.
In a press statement released by one Malemnganba Meetei, Publicity Secretary of the outfit said the group has been warning the University authority to take up the constructive works and other welfare works for students & teachers with quality. In response to the group’s initiative to make the varsity a better one, the University authority has assured to give sincere efforts in making the varsity a quality educational place. 

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AMMGSU celebrates Intl. Human Rights Day

All Manipur Muslim Girl Students Union (AMMGSU) celebrated the International Human Rights Day in commemoration of the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Thursday.
The celebration which was organized at the premises of the Muslims Girls Hostel at Minuthong Hatta Imphal East Manipur was inaugurated by the Honble MLA of Naoriya Pakhanglakpa Assembly Constituency Shri RK Anand Singh, State Nodal Officer of RUSA under the Directorate of University & Higher Education Government of Manipur Shri Th Oliver Monsang, Manipur College Assistant Professor Dr. Janatun Begum and the AMMGSU President Ms Ruksar Chowdhury as Chief Guest, Guests of Honour and President respectively. The main attraction of the celebration was the Open Discussion on the theme – Manipuri Women:Rights & Harmony held in the evening sessions. Dr. Moirangthem Priyobarta Singh of DM College of Arts, President of EEVFAM (Extra-judicial Execution Victim Families Association, Manipur) Renu Takhellambam and Dr. Saikhohao Kipgen of Manipur College participated at the Discussion as Resource Persons. Manipur College Principal and Dhanamanjuri Community College Nodal Officer Dr. Md. Raheijuddin Sheikh also attended as moderator in the Discussion.
The speakers not highlighted the importance of celebrating the day also discussed on the fundamental rights of women, Role of Manipuri Women for promoting peace & harmony for a better Manipur “with an aim to provide a platform for women, their facilities, policy makers and other key stakeholders to come together to celebrate and highlight the contributions of women on International Human Rights Day. There were 200+ people in attendance with participation and presence from womenfolk, students, stakeholders from various fields.   

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UDWJA condole the demise of Ngathingkhui Hungyo

The Ukhrul District Working Journalists’ Association (UDWJA) has expressed profound sympathy and heart-felt condolences to the sudden and untimely demise of the founding Editor of The Aja Daily-a Tangkhul-English bilingual newspaper Mr. Ngathingkhui Hungyo in the wee hours of 10th December, 2015 (Thursday).
“During this hour of grief and mourning, our deepest thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved family’ said a message of the Union.
It added that all members of UDWJA join all the near and dear ones in sharing a deep sense of sorrow in the sudden loss of an enterprising man amongst the elders and better of the Tangkhul community. Ngathingkhui Hungyo was a man of vision, perseverance and accomplishment. Confronting numerous challenges, he founded and edited the first Tangkhul daily newspaper ‘The Aja Daily’ way back in the early 1990s when technical resources and journalists were scarce amongst the Tangkhul. Today, the successful establishment of this newspaper stands testimony to his sincere endeavors to reach out to the unreached through dissemination of news.
“Through Mr Ngathingkhui Hungyo, today we, the district journalists’ fraternity, are left with a legacy of inspiration and labour. Although he is materially no more, his pioneering vision will remain etched to our memory forever”, the condolence message said.

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Mob Justice Practice in Manipur deliberated on Intl. Human Rights Day observance

The Criminal Justice Fellowship (TISS, Mumbai) and Eastern Sporting Association, Top Awang Leikai observed the International Human Rights Day under the theme Mob Justice Practice in Manipur at the community hall of Top Awang Leikai on Thursday. Contemporary trends of mob justice and criminal justice system in the state were deliberated during the observance function which was attended by around 40 youths.
On the occasion, Damudor Arambam, a legal research fellow at TISS, Mumbai stated that Human Rights are lawfully guaranteed by human rights law, protecting individuals and groups against actions that interfere with fundamental freedoms and human dignity. However the practice of mob justice denies the accused person a right to a fair hearing before a competent court and in many cases, a right to life.
He further said that mob justice should be condemned no matter the justifications thereof and it is a violation of human rights. There is need to allow proper justice to take its course even though justice is sometimes delayed and therefore invariably denied. Mob justice is against the principle of the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty.
Briefing some cases of mob justice happened in the state, Saikhom Nikol, a lawyer stressed that, in most cases of mob justice, the punishment meted out do not correspond with the crime committed. Even petty thieves are condemned to death and this is not acceptable as it deprives the victims their rights to live. Mob justice may also result to victims being tortured, their property destroyed and they are denied the right to a fair hearing as guaranteed by various International Human Rights Conventions that India is one of the signatories. Stating the role of media and its ethics, Pibathoi Naorem, an independent journalist condemned the present trend of media trial and glorification of the violence related by various media houses. Taking a note on the ethics of journalism, he said, it becomes very normal in the state where media houses disclose the identity an accused person and convicted of the same.
The programme was moderated by Guna Takhelambam of Eastern Sporting Association. Dr. Thingbaijam Sukumar and Athokpam Raghumani Singh were seated in the dais as president and guest of honour of the programme.
The participants in the programme raise about why people resort to such violence. Many of them shared that people have lost their faith in the present criminal justice system. The participants agreed to draw some resolutions in the form of recommendations to the state and other competent authorities.

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