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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 04 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

UNC eco-blockade worries CAF&PD; appeals IOC to transport fuel along NH-37

Directorate of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution (CAF&PD), Govt. of Manipur is worried about the stock position of fuel in the state as UNC’s general 10 days economic blockade has severely affected transportation of fuels and other essential commodities along  NH 2. The UNC economic blockade enters 2 days and as no oil tanker truck arrived along the NH 2. The fuel stock was already running dry as no goods truck were allowed to travel during October 18 to Oct 31.
Regarding the matter the CAF & PD has written the Deputy General Manager of Indian Oil, Noonmati Guwahaiti to allow the transportation of fuel along Imphal-Jiribam route.
The content of the letter written by the Director CAF& PD  is produced below:
“As you are aware that stock position of Petroleum Products of IOC and other oil marketing companies in Manipur has been affected much in view of blockades called by different organisations along National Highway – 2 (Imphal – Dimapur) which is the main route for transportation since 18 October, 2015 till 31st October, 2015 of Petroleum Products and other essentials commodities.

“Another economic blockade along the same NH-2 has been imposed by UNC till 10th November, 2015 w.e.f. 2nd November, 2015. Only one and half day (part of 31st October and full day of 1st November, 2015) only were available time for transportation of Petroleum Products along NH-2 towards Manipur.
“The little amount of stock of Petroleum Products which had not been inducted for 12 days cannot be compensated by transportation in one half day & one full day. While the stock is inadequate, it has to last for full 10 days without any induction during the blockade period of 10 days. Then, it will be difficult to manage for rationing the delivery of Petroleum Products to the Public. Meanwhile, Consumers will need Petrol & Diesel for operating private vehicle/passenger services and also LPG Gas for the incoming biggest festival of Ningol Chakkouba in the State due on 13th November, 2015.
“Considering the need of the public who have been suffering shortage of Petroleum Products for about a fortnight, it is advisable to IOC to ensure that all IOC tankers/bullets ply along NH-37 (Imphal-Jiribam Route) at the earliest and to make specific arrangement at the nearest refuelling station to supplement the existing deplorable stock of Petroleum Products in Manipur in public interest.
“It is also proposed that one time induction of MS and LPG in bulk from Guwahati may be made in addition to the present transport tankers in Manipur to ease out the fuel concern in the State. The IOC officials at Imphal may also be directed to coordinate with State Police Department to provide escort to resume the fuel transportation along NH-37.”

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The ‘talk’ matters; but be careful Mr. Ravi

If it is all about recognising the ‘history’ than there is nothing to worry about the outcome of the ‘Frame work’ agreement signed between the government of India and NSCN-IM. The sixty years of bloodshed could have been avoided had the then ruler of the free India have equal respect for all communities of the country. Over thousands had been killed, many are maimed and many women still survive a shameful life after the fellow soldiers in the name of suppressing the secessionist movement in this part of the country. It is a fake that Nagaland, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh were never a separate state as these states are curved out from Assam. However, Manipur and Tripura were recognized as kingdoms by the then British government who had ruled the country for over 200 years. It is easily presumable the kind of forces or factors that had make the alien rulers keeping the vast land as their colony. After the then British conquered Manipur in 1891 the politics of Manipur was directly supervised by the British, and this is known to every one of us.
Adoption of Hinduism by Manipuri and its failure to penetrate to the Hills of Manipur is perhaps a best opportunity for the alien ruler. And the chieftainship culture of various communities both in Hills and plain area of the state make them easy to divide them and ruled without much headache.  After the alien ruler left by keeping all the princely states and country as one country called India, the most unfortunate part is that the so call leaders of the free India adopted the similar policy that the alien ruler had adopted to suppress the people.
Now it is about the conflict of North East India, which comprises of seven states now eight including Sikkim. First the armed movement had its root at Manipur and then Nagaland and the magnitude of the movement now spread almost all over the entire north east India excluding Mizoram and Sikkim. Meghalaya, the once insurgency free state is now having over 4 rebel groups fighting for recognition of the people residing there. In Nagaland the two Major insurgent group had grown so strong that the India government was left with no choice but to signed peace pact. The same is with the state of Manipur, over 30 rebel groups operated in the region some allegedly established by state actors to utilize as counter force to the activities of the insurgence group. The government succeeded in taking control of the NSCN-IM and some of the Kuki rebels in the name of peace talk or suspension of operation, but it still has not taken any step ahead to deal with other rebel groups.

Effort to wipe out the separatist movement from the soil of NE region using different policy that the British government had once adopted has now put the entire NE region into a hot bed.
The concept of the India government at which they assumed solution of NScN-IM is the only solution is going to pour fuel to the region soon. When the leaders of the country Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Framework agreement signed between the NSCN-IM and GOI is the first step to solved the issue of NSCN-IM, he failed to remind that the kind of proposal that the NSCN-IM is putting up may be another headache for the country. If the outfit demanded separate election, flag and separate currency and besides separate land, what will the government response. And if these major demands are not put up then the NSCN-IM will not be accepted by even its own cadres. Then what will be the government response if in case such demands are put up.
Mr. Ravi is here in Imphal to talk with CSOs of the state and they had consulted over the matter. One thing that the people need to closely watch the Indian interlocutor is that whether he is visiting the state to collect the opinion of the people of Manipur or Is the Indian peacemaker here to see the possible opposition that may happen in the state if in case the demand of the NSCN-IM is fulfilled.

KHUKYO appeals UNC to lift eco-blockade in view of Ningol Chakouba fest

Khundrakpam Kendra Youth Organisation(KHUKYO) has appealed the United Naga Council to lift the 10 days economic blockade in view of the ensuing Ningol Chakouba festival, Manipur’s biggest festival slated on Nov 13.
According to KHUKYO statement issued by its publicity secretary I.Tony, calling of economic blockade on the National highway by UNC on the eve of Ningol Chakouba is very unfortunate. ‘Ningol Chakouba’ is a special day for the married daughters in Manipur which strengthens fraternity and love. On this special day, a grand feast of ‘iinjang mathen-mathen’ (various cuisines) is prepared in the honour of the daughter at her ‘mapam’ (mother’s house).It said that the festival belongs to all community both living in hill and valley.
However, calling of blockade has shocked the people particularly the people in the valley. As such, we appeal UNC to lift the blockade in view of the cultural festival. Calling of bandh, blockade for a petty demand has been a fashion in Manipur. Although, bandh, blockade targets the government, the innocent people become the victim of such agitation. Manipur Government and centre should come out with a policy to prevent bandh and economic blockade culture in the state to avoid unwanted happenings. It may be recalled that a 10-day economic blockade was called by United Naga Council (UNC) against the three bills passed by the Manipur government. The blockade was effective from Monday midnight. The UNC decision on imposing the economic blockade came after a meeting held on October 29, which seriously reviewed the overall political development and situation prevailing in the state of Manipur particularly Nagas and tribal’s in the hills.
In the meanwhile, Naga People’s Organization (NPO) which will be spearheading the blockade has made known its strategies on imposing the blockade in the district.NPO sources said that its volunteers will not allow any movement of commercial goods carriers, tankers, trucks and inter-state buses to carry commodities during the blockade. The apex body of the district informed that following the directives of the UNC, volunteers will be deployed in different locations along the National Highway -2 to enforce the blockade effectively.”Any violation of the economic blockade by any vehicle or attempting to do so will be doing on their own risk, for which any consequences will not be the responsibility of Naga civil bodies or tribe hohos” said NPO sources.
The NPO’s decision came after UNC issued another statement ahead of the blockade instructing all Naga bodies to strictly observe the bandh. The UNC had earlier issued a directive to all civil bodies in hill districts and tribe hohos to impose the 10-day economic blockade. However, as per the UNC’s decision, life saving items will be exempted from the purview of the blockade. The UNC on October 30 had announced imposition of the economic blockade and the banning of all national and international projects in Manipur.

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Myanmar-Manipur conference on conservation of cultural heritage

Myanmar-Manipur conference on conservation of cultural heritage will be held at Chorus Repertory Theatre in Imphal, Manipur from November 23 to 25, 2015 organised by Imasi Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi Foundation.
The Conference will bring together artists and scholars from Myanmar and Manipur to discuss the challenges and issues of cultural heritage conservation. It is open to the public but seating is limited and prior registration is required. The event is organized in association with Laihui and supported by the Department of Tourism, Government of Manipur; Asian Cultural Council of New York; and Chorus Repertory Theatre.
International participants- Dr. Shobhana Chelliah (US) on Old Manipuri dance, Dr. Pyiet Phyo Kyaw (Myanmar) on Bagan architecture, sculpture and art, Grace Szh (Myanmar) on Film and Cultural Conservation, U Thaw Kaung (Myanmar) on Myanmar Manuscripts, Dr. Tin Maung Kyi (Myanmar) on Shamanic Performance, Francois Tainturier (France) on Shwe Nandaw Monastery Conservation, Kathryn Deyell (Australia) on Reclamation of Tangkhul Culture Jessie English and Eric Feigenbaum (US), Documentation.

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AITUC blames Union Home Ministry for failure to establish HW Protection Force

All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) today alleges Union Home Department for interrupting to the setting up of National High Way Force. Speaking to the one day political conference of the AITUC, Imphal East District held at Irawat Bhavan Auditorium today, General Secretary of AITUC L. Sotinkumar said that even though the people of the state has been demanding High Way Protection Force from a very long time the state government under the directives of the Union Home Ministry has not taken up any initiative to establish the High Way Protection Force as they fear strong opposition from the NSCN-IM.
He further added that the demand for setting of a National Highway Security protection force in national highway is for the security of the drivers as the route is frequently blocked by anti social elements. 
Sotin termed Modi led government as anti worker by re-establishing the labour law which extended the working hours from 6 to 12 hour per day. As a part of the conference, a  book called “Modi sarkerna sinmisingbu meenai oihanaba thousil” also release.
President of Imphal East district   AITUC  Tomba Meitei and president of TUCC Manipur Kh Gyaneshor Singh also attained as main speakers.

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Bishwajit files nomination today

BJP Candidate for Thongju Assembly constituency, Thongam Bishwajit files his nomination to the Election Returning Officer at Porompat today. The candidate was accompanied by BJP Manipur Pradesh President Thounaojam Chaoba, General Secy. Ashini, Media Secretary  Basanta while filing the nomination paper. Congress candidate Bijoy Koijam had earlier filed his nomination from the same constituency.
This by-election is going to be a tough fight between the Congress and BJP as no other political party candidate has file nomination till today. According to BJP source some of the central leaders are coming here in Imphal  to campaign for the by-election in both the constituencies. Khumukcham Joykishan is fighting as BJP candidate in Thangmeiband AC by-election.

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State to take financial assistant from World Bank and ADB

State government of Manipur has invited executives of Asian Development Bank and World Bank to visit the state to have an interaction with the chief functionaries of state government to seek financial assistance for taking up developmental works. Official source said that the initiative is being taken up as several other states are being benefited by external aided projects that support development effort of their respective states. For the matter these bigger states have already taken advantage of funding from financial institution like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and JICA etc. For the purpose all the IAS officers of the state and head of departments has been given strict direction to formulate schemes ad programmes for their respective department before the scheduled visit of the world bank authority.
For strike compliances of the said programme all IAS officers of the state and other head of department has been advice to reflect their performance in the Annual Performance Appraisal Report (PAR).  The decision was taken during a meeting held at the Secretariat Conference Hall regarding the access to external funding for projects or programmes in the state on November 3, said an official source. The source added that the decision was taken in accordance with the guidelines on PAR, wherein targets of the IAS officers shall be set by Reporting Officer at the beginning of the years i.e. the period of reporting.

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Assam Rifles distributes sports items

IGAR(S) 45 Assam Rifles of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) distributed Sport items to the youth of Sekta village under Assam Rifles Military Civic Action Programme for the year 2015-16 on 03 Nov 2015. During this event, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Basket ball and Badminton equipment along with accessories were distributed to Youth of Sekta village.  Assam Rifles has played a stellar role in promotion of sports in Manipur. Keeping the same tradition in view, the sports items were distributed to the young people of Sekta village. Sekta is a famous village in a remote region of Manipur which has produced renowned sportsmen like Padmashree Phijam Baishanop and Padmashree Dingko Singh. The noble gesture of Assam Rifles will assist in promoting sports among the future generation of Manipur and in addition wean them away from insurgency and drugs.

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